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Breeding a female eevee. Is it possible?

How do I increase my chances of breeding a female eevee? I know the percentage of breeding a female is around 12%. Is there anyway to increase that?

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Kraleck answered:

Short of saving before you receive an Egg or hatching multiple Eggs at once (i.e. leave the Ditto in the Daycare if you have a Male Eevee so you can hatch 4 Eggs at once with a Flame Body or Magma Armor Ability Pokemon), you really can't mess with the 1 in 8 (12.5%) chance.

I use a Slugma/Magby as my remaining Pokemon and wait for my Male Pokemon + Ditto to produce 4 Eggs then take back the Male Pokemon and keep riding the bike up and down through Route 209 through Solaceon Town and Route 210 until they all hatch.
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andibad answered:

Yes can, try same normal type, or with ditto, Is random to female or male, But trying first.
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Badali714 answered:

It also depends on the pokemon. for eevee, most of them will be boys, cause it's harder to breed them then. the rarer ones usually come out boys. i hatched 5 eggs, all were boys. rarity, does matter, i hatched 6 eggs from a ralts, 5 were girls, cause guys are rarer, cause they can turn into gallades.
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IvyX answered:

The chances of breeding a female evee increase when you are breeding a female evee with another pokemon.
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