Question from sage449

Where is the guy who teaches moves for heart scales?

I cant find him anywhere.


wongerman answered:

Go to Pastoria City (Town, wtv). Then head south towards the lake of water. The water will be on the right side of Pastoria. There is a house next to the water. The guy who takes Heart Scales for moves relearnt is here
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starknight75 answered:

The person you are looking for is in Pastoria City. He can be found in the home closest to the harbor. He will teach your Pokemon any attacks it once knew (or could have started off with) for one Heart Scale, except for any HM/TM attacks that you removed from your Pokemon that it couldn't learn itself on its own.

Also, he will only teach your Pokemon the attacks that it could have known or learned ONLY as it CURRENTLY IS. For example, if your Chimchar had the chance to learn Flamethrower but didn't, it can relearn the move. However, if Chimchar has already evolved into Monferno or Infernape, it cannot learn Flamethrower because that move is neither in their learnable movesets, nor in their starting movesets.
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