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How and where do you find the item Razor Claw in Pokemon Platinum?

I need the Razor Claw to evolve my Gligar into Gliscor. ( Sorry I spelled Gliscor wrong.

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dillo9000 answered:

Razor Claw evolves Snesel to Weavile
You need a Razor Fang
Razor Fang on Rt. 214
it is hidden so you need to you the dowsing app
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Kraleck answered:

You need to have Gligar Hold a Razor Fang and Level Up at Night (20:00-03:59 on the Digital Clock Poketch App).

To get a Razor Fang, use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App around Route 214 (I believe it is in the bare spot behind a fence past a loop of grass) or buy one for 48 BP at the bottom-left Battle Frontier Shop Stand.

Razor Claw is for Sneasel to evolve into Weavile (same evolution method as Gligar to Gliscor).
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hitmontop18 answered:

Route 224, Victory Road, Battle Tower/Frontier, Team Galactic HQ (hidden in Cyrus's room)
thats where you can find one
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tul3 answered:

Um. I think I found mine in the desert on the way to the Survival Area. Oh, sorry i'm not much help, but that's what I did.
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14tim4 answered:

Buy on in the battle frontier, I think its about 50+ BPs.
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Grindpower answered:

There's one on Route 214 which needs a dowsing app and one in the secret section of victory road (have to pass the pokemon league for that) you go in the secret section then on the outside you will find a mini version of sinnoh somewhere there will be a razor fang that's where I found my first one.
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