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What pokemon should I use?

Okay what pokemon should I catch for my first couple gyms, also what would a good starter be for me to use. Tell me some of the pokemon you used when you first started the game. Thanks for all your help.


wongerman answered:

Chimchar is a very good starter. Though, if you plan to use it, you need to evolve it to a monferno before the first badge (meaning raising it to level 16 before the first badge). It learns double kick at lvl 16, the only move that it has early on to defeat the first leader.

As for catching others. I suggest a Shinx and Starly in the early parts of the game.
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Kraleck answered:

As wongerman said, but Chimchar learns Mach Punch, not Double Kick, when it evolves into Monferno at Level 16. Go with Flamethrower (TM), Close Combat (Level Up), Thunderpunch (Shard Tutor), and Earthquake (TM) as a Pokemon League competitor.

Turtwig will do good against the first Gym as is, but there will be problems with Snowpoint Gym. Go with Earthquake (learned if you evolve Grotle into Torterra at Level 32), Crunch (Level Up), Energy Ball (cannot get Seed Bomb without breeding or a National Dex only Shard Tutor), and Stone Edge/Rock Slide.

Piplup will do good against the first Gym as is, but there will be problems with Eterna Gym. Go with Surf (HM), Flash Cannon (TM), Ice Beam (TM), and Drill Peck (Level Up) or Hidden Power (Flying Type) (TM + luck with the IVs).

Good story support, Non-Legendary Pokemon are Weavile, Alakazam, Gengar, Staraptor, Luxray (but only with Intimidate Ability), Crobat, Togekiss (but only with Serene Grace Ability), Garchomp, Houndoom, and Electivire.

Use Bibarel and Tropius for all of the HM moves.
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datenshi123 answered:

Turtwig or chimchar are dood, budew for roserade or houndour for doom would replace the other for me. You don't really need an electric a grass will be much more helpful in the elite four, however rotom shinx are early and good geodude, abra and machop are good if you can be bothered doing the trade evolve without trading trick. Eevee evolutions bar flareon and umbreon are very good not saying that those two are bad but there not as well built to me. gyarados can be gotten early and he's much better than piplup in my opinion
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