Question from player160

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can i find the hm surf?

I have the fen badge and i can't seem to find the hm surf.

Accepted Answer

From: ShinyFlygon 5 years ago

It took me ages to figure this out too! :p

I finally got it by doing this...

Use Cynthia's SecretPotion on the Psyduck, and walk to Celestic Town.
If you have done this already, Fly there :)

Now you're there, give Cynthia's present to her Grandma, if you have done that, go into the ruins to the North of the city.
Make sure you heal you Pokemon before this! You're going to be in for a battle with Cyrus.
When you beat Cyrus, Cynthia's Grandma will thank you and give you Surf. :D

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I think youve got to beat cyrus at celestic town sorry i couldnt help anymore than this

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Defeat Cyrus at Celestic Town and Cynthia or Cynthia's Grandmother (forgot which one) will congratulate you for saving the town with a gift: HM03 (Surf).

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