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Where can I find rare candies?

I need to level up my Staraptor.


jafar0892 answered:

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gamesmaster1990 answered:

Rare candies? well they are often hidden in the corner of ponds/lakes. use dowsing machine on land and hopefully you can find them! also in the 5-maid knockout challenge the "boss" 's blissey is holding one. just hit the target number of turns and use thief on it. it is unlimited but only once per day. just watch out because blissey can use fling.
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andibad answered:

Rare candies can get in many place, in floroma town, chetau, and more i no remember yet, you can see in faq.... but you must train for get best team, using rare candies make you pokemon is no max EV and Iv.
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Kraleck answered:

Rare Candy can be found
-Invisible (use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App) or in the open at Routes 214, 218, 224*, 225*, and 230*, Wayward Cave, Solaceon Town (outside Solaceon Ruins on the ledge"), Mt. Coronet, Victory Road, and Stark Mountain*
-Use Thief/Covet/Trick/Switcheroo on the Blissey at the end of the Exact Turn Challenge at Backlot Mansion (Route 212 (North))
-Bought in the Battle Frontier* for 48 BP (each)
-Use the Pickup Ability^ of a Level 21 (or higher) Pokemon (Level 21-30 is Rare, Level 31-40 is Very Uncommon, Level 41-100 is Uncommon)

* National Dex Areas
" Catch all 26 Letter Unown then use the Ruin Maniac's Tunnel from Route 214 to reach the area with ! and ? Unown (4 other items inside), the Rare Candy is right outside
^ Meowth, Aipom/Ambipom, Teddiursa, Phanpy, Zigzagoon/Linoone, Pachirisu, and Munchlax can have Pickup Ability (Only Phanpy is guaranteed to have it, Only Aipom/Ambipom, Pachirisu, and Munchlax can be found in the Sinnoh Dex)
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ashlietherocker answered:

You can buy them at the battle tower.
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originsteven answered:

well there is one by an electricians house thats invisible past the fight pretty sure of blissy boss of maids is holding one,the ruins maniac once done digging....for 48 bp at battle tower.....around the lakes,either a tm or rare candy,one hidden by the spikes of galactic building in veilstone( yay porygon O,O ).....victory road.....the pickup thing.......little pieces of crap are everywhere. but seriously. WHO LEAVES CANDY LYING AROUND SINNOH?!
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rogglydoo answered:

Why is there a Blissey All they have are clefairys.
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Im_Awsome answered:

Battle frontier left trader 48 bp ea.
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Origin_Forme answered:

rogglydoo after you beat ALL 5 maids you will battle the boss with a blissey
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InfinteRokk answered:

I am not sure with the visible ones and i remember the ones for Dowsing Machines.
snowpoint city, victory road(the part with marley), Mt. Cornet(Foggy Path), the route above orbergh city( the one you need the bicycle),
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mariopupli answered:

In za gamE.
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