Question from player160

Asked: 5 years ago

How many pokemon do i have to see before i can get the national dex?

I've seen 199 and i was just asking when i'll get the new one.

Accepted Answer

From: KlydeVividarium 5 years ago

210 IIRC.
Maybe more, maybe less.

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210. You only need to see them, not own them like the previous versions required. Challenge every trainer in every place to get the remaining 11.

The legendary Lake Fairy Trio (need Surf to reach all 3 and Rock Climb to get to Lake Acuity), Unown in Solaceon Ruins (by Repel), Manaphy's picture in Mr. Backlot's book, and Rotom in Old Chateau are the 6 most commonly missed because there are no Trainers with them.

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Karleck right. 210. Thurtwig - giratina. See this link. Yes just see only to get national pokedex.

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