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Asked: 5 years ago

What are the best move set for empoleon ?

I want him to be a powerful attaker

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Drill peck, hydro pump, brine or surf, water fall. Hydro cannon can you select but you must get from tm.

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Specials (Recommended)
Surf (HM), Flash Cannon (TM), Ice Beam (TM), and Hidden Power (TM, I recommend Flying Type) or Grass Knot (TM) or Signal Beam (Tutor)

Steel Wing (TM), Aqua Jet or Waterfall (HM), Avalanche (TM), and Drill Peck

Aqua Ring (Egg), Agility (Egg), Iron Defense (Tutor), Stealth Rock (TM)

Empoleon's Egg Moves:

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Here's a good move set DrillPeck Surf IceBeam Flash Cannon or SteelWing

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