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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get catch Palkia in pokemon Diamond?

How do I catch it?

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You can't.
Either buy platinum or pearl
or go to trade boards

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You cant.

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You cant and u can catch giritina i spotted him in some cave wich was a maze u can see him but i dont know if u could catch him if ur gonna catch him save it first because its level 100 here are the directions to catch him step 1 complete the game step 2 get a national pokedex pokedex or whatever its called step 3 go to route 214 and look around and the rest is up to u. LOL i beat him

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You cant
You have got 2 trade it from either Platinum or Pearl
U can add him 2 the pokedex tho by lookin at a book in Celestic Town after uve faced Dialga

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Palkia is exclusive to Pearl just like how Dialga is exclusive to Diamond. If you want Palkia, you have to get Pearl or trade. But you can get all 3 of the legendary dragons in Platinum, so its entirely up to you.

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Way.1: Buy either Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum and then trade it to your Pokemon Diamond
Way.2 Hack

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