Question from Rikuxlove

Asked: 5 years ago

Pokemon Friend Codes?

I really get bored all the time T^T
And I love to trade, chat, and battle with ppl.
So if you wanna talk sometime here's me code.

Name: ASHLEY ((with a heart beside it, all in caps)
Fc : 3352 3538 3057

My e-mail is :
E-mail, me anytime to tell me to get in the Wi-Fi club, to battle and stuff. Hope i get your Friend Codes back ^^

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GAME: Pokemon Diamond
FC: 0345-2438-9791

GAME: Pokemon Platinum
NAME: Rose
FC: 4769-3358-1657


I hope to see you too!

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I play with you !!
pokemon platinum
FC:3438 3016 7607
name: SOR

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forgot the a

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I have BOTH of you on my friends can u put me on yours?

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MY name is Carlos FC: 3223 5594 9163 email: would deff love to battle message me if anything

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My name is Percy and my friend code is 3739-1816-0923.
I really need to trade with someone

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My name is in all caps

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Marcus(All Caps) FC:0990-0717-2507
i trade more than i battle

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i gt plat.

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I have plat. and my name is tom friend code is 2493 9226 7194

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I dont have a frind code

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Hey all, my name is Andrew and I've added you all yo my Friend list anyone else wants to add me my code is FC: 3440 0251 4570

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