Question from Valkryie_Falcon

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Old Amber?

I know that it's in the Underground, but if someone has the Find Rate for it...

I need it for my E4 team. >_>

Accepted Answer

From: laide234 5 years ago

You'll only be able to see it after you get the National Dex. As far as the find rate goes, I think its pretty common. But It may vary from game to game, as I have dug up about 20 Old Amber fossils and am yet to find one Claw Fossil.

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Submitted Answers


Laide: As far as I know, I've got Root Fossiles, which means Claw Fossils will be rare... meaning I should be able to find Amber commonly? >_<

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That would be my guess. As the other fossils come in pairs; Dome/Helix, Skull/Armor, etc.

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