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How do i get the HM Defog?

Pls help.

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There should be a hiker-type guy hanging around in the Solaceon Ruins.
Just talk to him and you'll get it.

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Go to Solaceon Ruins and go down to the deepest chamber. It is in an Item Ball there (the Hiker here just gives you a reward for letting him borrow it for a second).

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First u go to the safari zone its rite next to the water type gym and it will cost u 500 yen then after you go in and there would be some guys u can see in the begging when u enter and u talk the the ones in the left i think he is a guy after that u can leave or catch pokemon

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Just go to solaceon ruins which is located in solaceon town, and go to the deepest floor and then you should find 4 pokeballs and one of them contains defog

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Go to the safari zone and as soon as you get in there is a guy to left and talk to him and he will give it to you.

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Sorry to the right.

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All the people who have said to look in the Great Marsh (Safari Zone Game) are wrong as that is only for Diamond / Pearl. As other people have said HM05 is in the solaceon ruins and in the first chamber there is a message spelled in Unown language giving directions to find HM05

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