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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you breed a shiny pokemon and a non shiny one?

I got the shiny pikachu colored pichu from the event in the USA and it won'y let me breed it with a normal pichu. why?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I do not think you can evolve it. Must it be a pickachu?

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You can't breed baby pokemon. Bonsly, Mime Jr., Igglybuff, Cleffa, Togepi, Pichu, Magby, Elekid, Wynaut, Azurill, Budew, and Happiny are all baby pokemon. Note, that I may have missed one or two, so this isn't the complete list.

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Pichu cannot breed. I wouldn't evolve the Pikachu-Colored Pichu unless you plan on NOT getting HeartGold/SoulSilver's Notched-Eared Pichu.

It doesn't matter if a parent is shiny or not. Shiny babies are the same 1 in 8192 chance as shiny Wild Pokemon unless you breed Pokemon from 2 different countries (then it is a 1 in 2048 chance).

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