Question from Coleian

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get Piplup and Turtwig in Platinum?

I choose chimchar. I want to get the other two without trading from one of the three games or restarting the file.

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From: K_M_N_H_ 5 years ago

The only possible way to to cheat/hack. Without trading, it is impossible to obtain in one game.

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If you had two ds's or you had a friend to trade with you could get all 3 in the beginning it would take you no time at all, but this depends on if you want good natures and etc. for them.

but like he said you can only get the other 2 via trading, or cheat/hacking (a.k.a.) action replay.

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You would have to cheat, which I wouldn't suggest because the Pokemon community tends to frown upon cheating. (except for other cheaters, of course)

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If you trade yes.

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I could trade you them.G

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