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Asked: 5 years ago

Oak's Letter?

What is Oak's letter? Where and how can I get it?

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From: Master_Kenobi_7 5 years ago

Oak's letter gives you access to catching Shaymin.

You can get either by using an Action Replay OR through an event.

For the events keep checking

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Oak's letter is an event item involving to meet oak at route 224. This will then meet shaymin a pokemon.

you can get this by...

- mystery gift at a certain time in the year.
- use an AR to cheat and get it.

NOTE: the national dex because there's a guy blocking you way.

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The Oak's Letter is the Item needed to find and catch Shaymin. You can only get this from an event at Toys R Us at a certain time of year, through Mystery gift at a certain time of year, or with action replay.

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Its only just recently been released in Japan. But we'll probably get it in the US sometime later this year( prob. summer or fall)

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