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Asked: 5 years ago

How long will it take for my Magikarp to evolve into a Gyarados?

I've just beaten my 5th gym and I have a Magikarp who can't learn swim. I really have my sights set on a Gyarados. Anyone know how lond it'll take before Magikarp evolves?

Accepted Answer

From: starknight75 5 years ago

Magikarp evolves at level 20. Having gone through 5 gyms, I assume you have the Exp. Share hold item. I'm not sure what level your Magikarp is at now, but you might want to give it the Exp. Share, then fight through the Valor Lakefront restaurant with other Pokemon to build its EXP.

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LVL 20 it should evolve at.

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um i thopught magicarp evolved at level 15 but i could be wrong.G

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it depends on the level your magikarp is all will evolve at level 20.
A magikarp doesn't learn techniques till it evolves. The only techniques it will learn are tackle and flail other than that to get swim evolve it into a gyrados

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At LVL 20-30 it should evovle

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