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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can i find the 3 regis?

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Lolz but i stay in a country where there are no promotional events

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From: HughJaHead 5 years ago

First of all, u had to get the regigigas that was given out at Toys' R Us prior to platinum's release and transfer it to platinum. This would activate a special event in platinum. After u beat the elite 4, new caves will crop out in sinnoh.
These caves hold shrines for the regi's, You will need the special regigigas in your team while u go to these caves. And plus they're all at lvl 40. I suggest u bring a pokemon that normally would knock them out (even with non-effective moves) that knows false swipe. And one final thing, u have to solve a puzzle in the caves.
The locations are:
Regirock Route 228
Regiice Mt Coronet Route 216 exit
Registeel Iron Island

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Sorry one mistake they're lvl 30

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Without the Events, the only method you can only obtain them by, is by migrating them from the R/S/E pokemon games

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