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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I catch the legendary birds?

I can already guess that these birds have VERY low capture rates. So far, I have gotten all of them in the red and paralyzed them. What now?

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From: Phantasmguy 5 years ago

As fortunate as I am to have these answers, I just happened to catch them all soon after I posted this. It took me less than 30 Ultra Balls to catch them all, using ONLY Ultra Balls. Increased chances with a Lv. 100 Weavile with False Swipe and let it escape the same turn. Sorry.

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See another question here, see:
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See answered some one and pick it you best.
But you can't get this pokemon, you must have usefull move for this pokemon not run (roaming pokemon).

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Your question have many problem, i can't pot my answer and i have link. copy this link and see another question. i bored answered same question.

1. use pokeapp : marking map
2. see icon is always change at you change town/city/route/house/ect !!
3. mark one only in some place.
4. get it use ball (see link).

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Use a strong Pokemon with Mean Look (e.g., Haunter, Golbat, etc.). Use that attack to keep the birds in place. The attack should hit because 1) they're paralyzed and will only be able to attack/respond after you've completed your turn, and 2) Mean Look always hits.

Then, all you have to do is through Poke Balls at them. It's your choice what kind of balls you use--Poke, Great, Ultra, Quick, Timer, Dusk. As you said, capture rates are low. I used up most of my stock of Ultra Balls--which I picked up along the way, not bought, and it was about 50 total--to capture the three birds. What made it harder was that I had to frequently stop throwing Balls in order to either heal my Pokemon or reduce the birds' HP again (they kept using Roost).

Good luck!

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