Question from sonicxfan08

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find an Eevee?

I got an Eevee in Hearthome City and turned it into a Flareon. But now, I need a Glaceon! It's the only Pokemon I haven't recorded in my Pokedex, and I need it badly! Help!

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From: starknight75 5 years ago

If you are only looking to encounter a Glaceon to record it in your Sinnoh Dex, a trainer on Route 217 has one.

If you are hoping to actually possess a Glaceon, you have three options. First, if the Eevee you evolved into a Flareon is female, you can breed for it. Second, if you have the National Dex, you can catch more Eevee in Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden (you can also catch Ditto and breed Eevee that way) when he reports that they've appeared there. Third, also after you have the National Dex, you can import them via Pal Park.

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Breed, Trophy Garden, trade, or Pal Park migration.

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