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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Assistance with my pokemon party to beat the elite 4? 7
Can I still get Arceus, Darkrai, the Secret Key, and the Regis? 7
Can't beat Cynthia, help? 3
Cyrus final help (distortion world)? 14
Does anyone want to trade me a darkrai...? 20
Does anyone want to trade me a mew , manaphy or a phonie?.... 17
Help for Elite Four Training? 3
Help with 100 wins? 4
Help with my final team? 6
How can I get deoxys ? 5
How could I make my team better for the elite four for the second time? 6
How do go to the 4th gym leader? 3
How do I beat (Pastoria Water Gym Leader)? 2
How do I beat Arceus? 2
How do I beat Cynthia? 2
How do I beat Cynthia? 1
How do I beat Fantina in Platinum? 2
How do I beat Fantina? 1
How do I beat Holga? 1
How do i beat leader crasher wake? 5
How do i beat leader maylene? 2
How do I beat Maylene in Platinum? 4
How do I beat the Elite 4?? 2
How do I beat the elite four in pokemon platinum? 11
How do I beat the Elite Four? 11
How do i Beat The Pokemon League Champion The First Time? 6
How do I catch Giratina? 1
how do i defeat the the battle tower Tycoon? 1
How do I get a Bagon? 1
How do I get a Growlithe in Platinum? 1
How do i get to the veilstone gym leader? 2
How do I level my luxray and such up? Also how to beat crasher wake 3
How do I make the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs appear? (Please tell me if I'm missing any requirements.) 1
How does my team look for the elite 4/general competitiveness? Any suggestions on changing or adding other pokemon? 2
How would you rate this elite four team? 8
I need help beating the Elite 4??? 1
Is my team a good pokemon choose? 4
Is my team good enough for the elite 4? 8
Is my team good enough to beat the elite 4 and cynthia? 2
Is my team good enought for the elite four? 3
Is this a good team for the battle frontier? 2
Is this good for the Battle Hall? 3
My Team anygood for the E4? 3
Please rate my team?ALL HELP WILL BE APRECIATED 7
Question Regarding Frontier Brains? 1
Rate my team for the elite 4? 7
Ratings needed? 8
Rival trouble? 1
Training my team. Help please? 2
What is a suggested team for beating the eighth gym and the EF? 12
What modifications should I bring to my pokemon party in order to defeat Cynthia? 7
What team is good enough to beat Cynthia? 2
What team is good for beating cynthia? 4
Where are the three legendaries? 1
Where should I train my pokemon? 10

Item Location Help Answers
Adamant and lustrous orb?? 0
What is the earliest badge can you get before getting an ice type? 0
Anyone willing to trade the 3 regis? 10
Arceus Plate?? 4
Can any one give me the secret key and/or the membership card or just Darkrai and Shaymin? 9
Can someone give me a charmander? 14
Can someone give me an event shaymin? 6
Can someone trade me a Totodile? 4
Can someone trade me an event shaymin? 7
Chikorita and Totodile Eggs? 2
Cranidos for Rayquaza? 2
Darkrai and giratina platinum ? 10
Does anyone know when the event lv. 100 Regigigas is coming to Canada? 5
Game wont give POKERADAR? 5
Hello can somebody trade me a stat reducting berry please? 5
How can I get leaf stone? 7
how do i evolve Roselia? 11
How do i get the event items for the legendaries? 6
How do i get the HM Defog? 8
How do I know when a shiny pokemon shows up in pokeradar? 8
How do I transfer the Secret Key? 7
How do I use seals? 2
How do i use the odd keystone? 1
How do you get the romtom mistery gift????? 4
How do you get the swarm to change without waiting a day? 2
How do you make battle videos? 2
How do you use the radar and where? 4
How do you use the Vs. Recorder? 4
How I can get Pokeradar? 1
How maney ribbons do i have to get to enter that house in the resort area? 3
How many shards needed to teach pokemon moves ? 1
I cant get action replay event item cheats do i need the national pokedex? 7
I need these pokemon on my pokedex help? 1
Is it possible to give event items like the membership card? 3
Is it possible to re-obtain Roost and Stealth Rock? 6
Is it possible to share my Secret Key with my friends? 5
Is the wi-fi mystery gift for New Moon island still on or is it over for good? 2
Omgggg need helpppp? 3
Pal Pad help? 2
The 3 gigas please? 1
What are the pokemon that go in spots 039 and 040? where can i find them? 2
What comes evolves into sandslash? and where can i find it? 3
What do the colors in the Pokedex mean? 7
What does Up-grade do? 2
what is an Enigma Berry? 4
What is number 16 on the pokedex and where can i find it? 1
What is number 64 on the pokedex and how do i find it? 2
What is pokemon 151 and 191 what trainers have them? 2
What is the percentage boost for the different incenses? 2
Whater stone? 3
When are the events EXACTLY???? 7
Where can i catch spiritomb/what is ar code? 3
Where can I find (...)? 8
Where can I find (azure flute)? 2
Where can I find (Azurel Flute)? 3
Where can I find (coplete sinnoh pokedex)? 2
Where can I find (electakid)? 2
Where can I find (electriver)? 4
Where can I find (itemfinder)? 3
Where can I find (storage key)? 4
Where can I find 151 in the Sinnoh pokedex? 3
Where can I find a lightball? 3
Where can I find a Mew? 4
Where can I find a thunder stone? 3
Where can I find a way for my pokemon to forget an HM move? 7
Where can I find all the regis and the darkrai with out using cheat codes? 4
Where can I find azure flute in Pokemon platinum? 3
Where can I find Black Sludge? 3
Where can I find Choice Specs? 2
Where can I find darkrai without using the action replay? 3
Where can I find Ditto? 2
Where can I find electizer ? 3
Where can I find electric type pokemon? 4
Where can I find energy roots? 3
Where can I find Fluffy Bed? 2
Where can I find following pokemon? 3
Where can I find Grass Knot (besides Gardenia)? 2
Where can I find healing herbs? 1
Where can I find heart scales? 7
Where can i find Hippopatus? 3
Where can I find legendary pokemon? 3
Where can I find membership key item? 4
Where can I find more ethers? 1
Where can I find No.152 in the Sinnoh Pokedex? 1
Where can I find pheonie? 3
Where can I find Pokemon # 152? 2
Where can I find pokemon tracking device? 1
Where can I find Pokeradar and the National Dex? 2
Where can I find ponyta? 3
Where can I find PP ups?(Pokemon Platinum) 1
Where can I find rare candies? 11
Where can I find Rock Climb? 3
Where can I find sea icense in platinum? 2
Where can I find sea incense? 3
Where can I find shaymin in thhe game (US version)? 2
Where can I find shell bell? 1
Where can I find swablu? 2
Where can I find the bicycles? 1
Where can I find the Galactic key? 2
Where can I find the heaven's pipe to get to ARCUS? 2
Where can I find the hotel key? 2
Where can I find the lucky egg? 1
Where can I find the move blue flare? And what pokemon learn it? 1
Where can i find the plate for Arceus? 1
Where can I find the poketeck app? 2
Where can I find the tm thunderwave? 3
Where can I find the two orbs for palkia and dialga and where is the water fall ? 2
Where can I find The yellow shard guy ? 1
Where can I find Thunderstone? 2
Where can I find Trapinch? 1
Where can I find Turnback Cave? 3
Where can I get a haircut? 4
Where can I get an arceus because I missed the event? 1
Where can I get darkri? 3
Where do I find TM 50 Overheat? 1
Where do I find TM 53 Energy Ball? 1
where is HMwaterfall?????????????? 1
Where is the best place to get money? 6
Who can use the thunder stone, water stone, dawn stone, and firestone? 3
Why cant i trade griseous orb? 1
Why does Dawn always give you the vs. seeker? 1
Will the membership pass event come back? 4
Would someone give me a list of all the locations of each plate? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Can you rate my platinum team?? 0
Please rate my team? 0
What is a good team? 0
What is the best strategy for my team moves? 0
2 Questions, Elite Four Team and Training Help? 6
2 Questions? 6
?Help for my 6th pokemon!!! 3
A good Pokemon set??? 4
aaaa Can u recommend a good physic, grass and dark type pokemon? 7
AAAAAAAAa i need help to get oaks letter and the thing for darkrai will some one help? 3
Absol? 7
Acton Replay for Mewtwo? 1
Affects of Destiny Bond? 1
Any help with my team? 4
Any tips for catching giratina? 10
Any tips on the sinnoh dex? 4
AR/Pokesav Problems? 2
Arceus Move Set? 3
Are a Pokemon's EV stats maxed when you feed it enough Vitamins to get the Effort Ribbon? 7
Are my EV's resetted after trading? 3
Baton Pass Question? 5
Battle Frotier Tactics? 5
Battle hall help? 4
Battle tower team?? 4
Beauty Contest Master Rank? 2
Best moveset for Gyarados? 17
Best moveset for mamoswine? 6
Best Pokemon Team? 3
Can anyone rate my team? 3
Can anyone rate/help my teams? 4
Can I clone pokemon and items? 2
Can I get more berry by sprinkling more water after the fruit appear? 1
Can someone give me a shiny magicarp or garidoes? 3
Can someone help me with a good eevee team moveset? 1
Can this team be better? 5
Can you help me make a good team? 3
Can you please rate my team? 5
Confused about evs? 1
Cradily? 2
Defeat Cinythia? 1
Do EVs transfer when swtiching between Giratina's forms? 4
Do EVs?... 5
Does anyone have a spare charmander? 1
Does evolving my magmar late hurt his stats? 2
Dragon move: outrage? 4
Drayano's Faq/Walkthrough BUG? 3
Drugs on my pokemon? 1
Electivire moveset? 5
Embargo? 4
EV failing? 1
EV Training Help? (needs a question mark) 4
Ev training? 2
Evolution questions!!!!!!!!!????? 8
Evolving?? 1
Execute and the great marsh mystery? 2
FINAL team update? 22
First Time playing? How do I make a good team? 2
Froslass? 3
Good double battle team? 3
Good electric type pokemon for my team? 11
Good idea? 4
Good Normal types? 6
Good team for battle frontier? 17
Good team for elite four and Battle frontier? 5
Good Trick Room team?? 3
Hariyama? 3
Helo with pokemon platinum team? 1
Help my team? 6
Help with my shuckle for wifi? 3
Help with my team please? 5
Help with my Team's stratergy? 1
Help with party? 1
Help with team? 2
Help!!!! Deciding whether to keep cresselia or not? 1
Help?! 4
How can i get an electivire? 4
How do I defeat Volkner in Sunnyshore city? (Pokemon Platinum) 1
How do you get to Sunny Shore City? 1
How does competitive battling work? Pros please =) 2
How good is my team? 3
How often should a Leppa berry be watered when using growth mulch? 1
How should I beat the elite 4? 5
How should I put together my team? 3
I changed the team. Can you give criticism? 3
I have 5 Pokemon. What do you recommend as the sixth? 19
I need a good team? 12
I need a wall in this team... Help? 16
I need help choosing Battle Frontier team? 1
I need help on my frontier team? 7
I need help with a move/TM? 5
I want to build a contest team with milotic can anyone help? 2
If you give vitamins(Proteins,etc) to a egg that just hatched, is it still UT? 3
Is Gastrodon worthy of being in my elite four team?? 6
Is it better to raise a chansey or a happiny at first? 2
Is it worth it to teach my togekiss fly?? 9
Is my brellom good or bad? 5
Is my party good ? 7
Is my platinum team good enough to take on the elite four after training to sixty? 1
Is my pokemon team good enough for the PL? 8
Is my team any good? 11
Is my team bad? 5
Is my team fit for battle tower? 1
Is my team good and useful? 2
Is my team good at all? 7
Is my team good enough to face the elite four??? 6
Is my team good enough? 6
Is my team good, or should I make adjustments? 1
Is there a way or technique and helps or makes it easy to catch pokemon esp legendary? 4
Is there any rare or good pokemon that i can get before elite 4? 8
Is there something else pikachu can have for good coverage besides hidden power (ice)? 1
Is this a good future pokemon team for online or wireless battles? 2
Is this a good Pokemon group? 2
Is this a good pokemon team for pokemon platinum amd what moves should i teach them? 3
Is this a good team against the ice gym? 4
Is this a good team for Elite 4? 7
Is this a good team for the elite four and champion? 1
Is this a good team to face the elite 4 & Cynthia? 1
Is this a solid team for pokemon platinum? 1
Is this good? 4
Is this team for Pokemon Platinum alright? 1
Is this team good enough for now? 1
Kingdra and Amnesia? 2
Leveling up? 2
Looking for friends to trade via Pal Pad? 15
More EXP + Money's? 7
Moveset Help? 2
My team for elite 4? 2
Need help for a balanced pokemon team? 1
Need help with EV? 2
New to pokemon, what would be a good team? 1
newly-affected Pokemon with Pokerus effective on the 1st battle it received? 2
Oh god! Another Team Rating? 5
Platinum, Action Replay, and Friend codes? 3
Please give me a strategy to catch a legendary pokemon!?! 4
Please rate my Platinum team ? 2
Pls help my Gallade?!?!?!? 7
Poffin Help...? 3
Poke Radar help? 1
Pokemon Platinum Sinnoh Region: Help with building a team? 2
Potential Team? 2
Pressuredactyl? 4
Pro Help 2? 4
PRO help please? 8
Question on EV training? 1
Rate my BF team please? 3
Rate my competitive batlling team please? 6
Rate my pokemon team please? 5
Rate My Team 4 Badges? 5
Rate My Team For the Battle Frontier? 4
Rate my team need advice for items and pokemon I should use? 5
Rate my team plz, constructive criticism wanted? 6
Rate my team so far, honestly? 6
Rate my team, please? 5
Rate this Team plz? 1
Reccomendations for my pokemon team? 6
Screwing up on EV training can you help me? 1
Shaymin's different attacks? 8
Sleep Talk? 2
Slow training? 2
Slowking Help? 3
So can somebody please tell me how to Ev train? 1
Staraptor's moveset? 4
Suggestions for a Garchomp? 2
Suggestions for Lucario? 3
Suggestions for Metagross? 2
Sunny day team help please? 1
Sweepers?? 2
Taking out the Pokemon League? 2
Tangrowth help? 4
Tangrowth move? 4
Team Advice? I hate answering these also, but please answer!!! 3
Team choice? 1
Team choice? 1
Team Criticism? 2
Team help 2.1? 2
Team help 2? 1
Team help~~~~~???? Pls help me!!!! 3
This a good team? 1
Tips on training Leafeon? 1
Togekiss Help? 7
Tower Team? 3
Trade to Evolve? 1
Troubles with a team? 1
U-Turn? 3
Uxie's moveset? 4
VS seeker trainers' pokemon don't evolve/lvl up higher after facing them a few times. Is there a missing step? 9
What are all the moves a pokemon can baton passed? 3
What are Some good pokes i could pick up along the way? 2
What are the best Fashion Items to use on Pokemon during the Visual Contest Themes of the Pokemon Contest? 3
What do you think of my competetive team? 4
What I'd the best set of pokemon to use AFTER u get the national pokedex? 3
What is a good team for Platinum? 5
What is a good team for the battle frontier's tower, arcade, palace, and factory? 5
What is the best level for my pokemon? 5
What is the best moves for Bastiodon? 5
What is the best moveset for Espeon? 3
What is the best moveset for Kingler? 6
What is the best strategy for (pokemon platinum version)? 1
What is the best strategy for (strategy beat the elite four )? 1
What is the best strategy for a Pokemon team? 2
What is the best strategy for a Pokemon team? 1
What is the best strategy for an ice type party? 1
What is the best strategy for beating Fantina? 1
What is the best strategy for catching Ditto? 2
What is the best strategy for catching spirirtomb? 2
What is the best strategy for evolving an eevee into a vaporeon? (using EVs training) 2
What is the best strategy for getting Shaymin? 3
What is the best strategy for Me? 4
What is the best strategy for Porygon-Z ,Tyranitar and Aggron? 2
What is the best strategy for the Pokemon Contest? 3
What is the best strategy for winning a contest? 3
What is the best team i can have??!! 4
What is the easiest way to breed a shiny? 2
What is the Movie/TRU Regigigas Code for UK/Europe? 1
What legy pokemon can we capture in the game? 1
What moves are best for gardevior in the smart contest? 1
What moves should I let my Gliscor learn? 1
What moves should I teach my team? 5
What pokemon should i get, Ludicolo or Gyarados or Wailord or Roserade or Any other for my team to be better? 4
What should my elite 4 team be? i need help!! 4
What should my team be? 2
What specialty can I get from breeding? 1
What Trainer is a good source of attack EVs? 2
What would be recommended for my espeon? 1
What's a good team? 3
What's the best place to level a pokemon by using exp share and fighting wild pokemon? 3
When my rhyhorn going to evolve? 3
When will the guide book be released for singapore? 1
Where can i find a strong electric pokemon? 2
Where can i find Grass pokemon? 4
Where can i found a Pikachu??? 2
Where can I train my Pokemon the best? (can be more locations) 1
Where is a good place to train Riolu? 2
Where is the best place to level up a lvl 33 Prinplup, lvl 32 Gabite and Torterra, lvl 37 Staraptor , lvl 32 Rampardos? 1
Where is the best place to train my Yanmega and Empoleon? 1
Which attack is better? 2
Which is the best three man team? 1
Who should I have? 4
Will the Arceus given away at toy's r us have different iv levels? 2
Will the critical hit boost given from Focus energy be passed on to the next pkmn using Baton Pass? 1
Wise to teach Giratina Fly??? 9
With what pokemons should i go to the E4? 6
Would this be a good sandstream team? 13

Technical Help Answers
can someone give me a AR code to reverse the effects of the Walk threw AR code? 0
In Veilstone game corner, How do I exit the slot machine game? 0
My ds keeps turning on and off when in sleep mode? 0
.SAV Gamesaves? 1
Accidentally turned off ARDS while saving. All my codes are erased and I can't put it back in.How do I to fix it? 10
Action Replay? What is it. 2
All my Pokemon are disappearing!!!! Anyone know why? 3
Any way for multiple game files? 2
AR Code for 999 Life Orbs? 2
AR questions? 1
AR weirdness? 1
Arrrrrggggghhhh!!!? 1
Can i use a GBA Pokemon Pack game to transfer pokemon ? 4
Can Pal Park Pokemon be put on your team? 2
Can u use ar with a dsi? 1
Can't connect to Pokemon GTS/Plaza, advice? 3
Can't migrate from my LeafGreen? Help!? 1
Do i need to wait for european mystery gifts on and american game cart? 4
Does this work? 1
EDGE doesnt work when i use action replay code for event regigigas? 2
G.Trading Glitch any solutions? 5
Game reset? 1
Global trade station problem? 3
GTS Error????? 2
GTS trading issues? 1
Has anybody battled Marriland?? 10
Help me! would emulators savedata works on DS? Rate my team! 2
How and Where can i find the different colored pokemon? 5
How come they took out the way to cut grass? 1
How do i fix my ARDS? 1
How do I get an automatic Update for my AR? 2
How do I go into the Wifi Plaza? 1
How do i set my NDS Lite Wi-Fi Connection ? 2
How do you destroy the mural in Mt. Coronet? 1
How do you get the cheats up.? 1
How do you get the green guy to go away after turning an ar code off? 2
How the hell can i get a blaze kick - crunch riolu? 2
I can't get on the gts but can get into wi-fi plaza ? 1
I cant import Platnium version save from here onto desume??? 1
I cant trade? 3
I used a National dex code that didn't fill the sinnoh dex and now i can't get to fight area ect? 3
Is it possible? 3
Loading PokeSav code into AR? 2
My game won't keep saved data? 6
My item bag won't add new items, why is that? 1
Mystery Gift - Get from a Friend...but how do I send Mystery Cards? 3
Not actually running the game, but about trading. Help? 2
Not cheated azure flute not working? 1
Online Play help? 1
Platinum AR help? 2
Pokedex? 2
Problem trading with other players? 1
Problem with the GTS....? 1
Save File Corrupted, what can i do? 1
Shaymin flower help? 5
Something wrong with my action replay? 1
Sound problems? 2
Trading?? 1
Transfering Japanese save to US version? 1
Ugh Action Replay problems..? 3
Underground tech problem? 3
Union Room without saving? 1
What is the device i need to trade between gamecube and platinum? 1
What is wrong with my AR!? 2
What...? 4
When I choose 'Continue', my screen just stays black. A little help plz? 2
When I start up my AR is the game ID supposed to say CPUE-3811DEF6? 1
Where can I find de latest AR database? 4
Where can I find usb connector software that doesn't require decompressing? 1
Why am i sliding instead of running? Also why do i have 999 master balls? A pokemon called missingno. and its shiny?? 6
Why can I not connect to the GTS? 2
Why can't i do GTS trades? 2
Why can't I use Game Sync? 1
Why do I encounter a black screen when I do something in the Global Terminal? 3
Why does my game not let me migrate? 2
Why does the game freeze at my trainer card when i enter this AR code? 5
Why does the game get an error everytime I connect to the GTS? 3
Why does the game keep failing to let me trade a pokemon? 2
Why does the game keep giving me a communication error when trading? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (i cant connect? 3
Why does the game keep telling me I can't get the shaymin event? 2
Why is my game saying WiFi connection data does not match? 2
Why isn"t arceus apearing?? 2
Why won't it let me upload a video on Wifi? 3
WI-FI help ? 1
Wi-Fi help!? 1
Wi-Fi Idea? 1
Wi-fi not working only in the underground? 1
Wi-fi problem ? 1
Wifi help? 2
Will a US (region free) Platinum be compatible with an AU PBR for trades and/or battles? 2
Will This Work?? 1

Other Help Answers
How do I rng abuse 4th gen games with a dsi? 0
How to get rid of permanent shinny code? 0
I need help with my action replay and getting the green guy. Any help? 0
Money? 0
What should i add into my team? (No Trades) 0
(create your own question) Can someone trade me.? 4
(create youWho wants to trade?r own question) 1
12th Movie Arceus Action Replay Code? 1
? Online Trading ? 18
?Pokesav? 5
A + B + Down concept. Does it work? 2
A pokemon that knows Extrasensory that can breed with Ninetales? URGENT 1
A question about the Wifi Plaza...? 3
A selfish question. If you have a action replay, could you trade me some legendaries? 1
AAA Party Pokemon Help? and where can you find these TM's? 1
About not catching 1 of the 3 lake pokemon? 3
Action replay code for trainer id? 1
Action replay code generator? 1
Action replay Code? 3
Action replay codes i need inside? 2
Action Replay codes...? 4
Action Replay Help? please help me 1
Action Replay Help?american 1
Action replay pokemon creator? 1
Action replay...? 2
added AR codes to my AK2i, but data checker & 100% catchrate codes aren't working. help please?? 1
After i put in the I.D. what do i do? 1
All non-random pokemon? 3
Anticipation? 3
Any help with a AR? 1
Any Improvements for my team? Pls also Rate 6
Any known dates for the next events on the US platinum? 2
Any one want an arceus? 1
Any one want to trade with me? 1
Any strong trainers to battle in wifi? 2
Any strong trainers? 2
Any tips for getting a Munchlax? 2
Any tips on pokeradar chaining? 1
Anybody want to trade? 1
Anyone FC? 4
Anyone giving shinys away? 1
Anyone got a mew or...........? 8
Anyone got a typhlosion? 8
Anyone help me to find skull fossil? 1
Anyone Know Action Replay Codes? 1
Anyone trading shiny beldum? 4
Anyone wanna trade kyogre for mewtwo? 1
Anyone want to trade a female Eevee or Ditto with me? 1
Anyone want to trade me a mudkip? 7
Anyone want to trade me for a shiny ponyta? 1
Anyone want to trade or battle me? 2
Anyone want to trade/battle? 1
Anyone willing to trade the first 3 gen starters with me? 3
AR Changing Pokeballs code? 3
AR code help? 1
AR code? 1
Ar codes? 2
AR moding code help? 1
AR? help 2
Ar??? 1
Arceus anyone? 1
Arceus event? 1
Are Japanese gameboy advance games compatible with an English Platinum? 3
Are rotom,heatran,articuno,zapdos,moltres is legendary pokemon? 2
Are there any differences? 2
Are there any NON-BOGUS pokeball codes for Platinum? 2
Are these pokemon and moves useful??????? 3
ATTN GamerBuG78 re Phione? 2
Bad egg help?Please help me! 1
Base Stats? 2
Battle arcade? 1
Battle Video/GTS error. (?) 5
Battle, anyone }:D? 2
Beauty attacks for chimchar ? 1
Best move set for roserade? 2
Bibarel? 1
Board help please? 1
Breeding for Body Slam on Vaporeon? 1
Can any one help me getting the 2nd gen pokemon? 4
Can anyone give me a lvl 1 movie regigigas in a trade? 1
Can anyone please share a secret key with me? :( 4
Can anyone please trade me a feebas if they caught one? 2
Can anyone rate this team? And tell me if its a good team. 6
Can anyone tell me how to make my own codes on actionreplay? 1
Can anyone tell me where i could get pokemon number 209 and 101? 6
Can anyone trade a deoxys , mew or the legendary dogs ? 1
Can anyone trade at least a level 20 cyndaquil (male) with me? 1
Can anyone trade me a cyndaquil, chicorita, or totodile???? Please!! 2
Can anyone trade me a Ho-Oh, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and so on? 4
Can anyone trade me a Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Kyogre (just recently caught from shaphire no level up)? 3
Can anyone trade me a shiny eevee thats modest please?! 2
Can anyone trade me a typhlosion for a darkrai? 3
Can anyone trade me an Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai, Lugia, Ho-oh, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Mew, Mewtwo, Jirachi, or Celebi? 8
Can I ask you a very stupid question about wi-fi trading? 1
Can I do what I did in trophy garden? 3
Can I get a clone of this pokemon? 1
Can I go past the battle frotier into the areas behind it? 1
Can i insert non-original GBA cassette (Fire Red) to get few pokemon in platinum? 4
Can I search for random wi-fi matches like in PBR? 1
Can I trade....? 4
Can ne1 help my trading problem? 1
Can Pokemon Platinum receive the Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger 1? 2
Can Rate my future pokemon team? 7
Can seaking seek? 1
Can somebody help me with my party pokemon? 1
Can somebody plz rate my team? 5
Can somebody trade me a male Larvitar? 4
Can someone explain the slot machine in Veilstone city to me? 3
Can someone get my secret id for me? 8
Can someone give me a bagon? 2
Can someone give me the codes for Action Replay? 1
Can someone help me find my Secret ID? 1
Can someone help me work out my Secret ID? 1
Can someone help with my Secret ID(SID)? 1
Can someone help-me find my SID? 1
Can someone loan me an Arceus and a Shaymin? 2
Can someone make this ar code for me? 1
Can someone please give me these 4 pokemon on my dsi? 1
Can someone please rate my team, and help me fill in loose holes? 1
Can someone please trade me a Torchic? 1
Can someone plese let me borow their regigegas? 1
Can someone rate my 6 year old brothers team? 4
Can someone send me a shaymin and or rotom event? 2
Can someone tell me how to find a phione ? 4
Can someone trade me a Ditto? 4
Can someone trade me a shaymin? 8
Can someone trade me any starter Pokemon from other Pokemon games? 2
Can someone trade me any starters other than Sinnoh ones? 6
Can someone trade me my Giratina that is holding a Master Ball with a female Charizard? 1
Can someone trade me phione? 1
Can someone with an AR please tell me my SID? 1
Can this game trade with HeartGold/SoulSilver from the start? 1
Can u interact with someone to fish with u? 2
Can you breed a shiny pokemon and a non shiny one? 2
Can you chat with other trainers? 3
Can you get an infinite amount of eggs from 2 pokemon? 6
Can you get AR codes for pokemon platinum europe version? 1
Can you get event items(ex. azure flute) from AR in platinum? 3
Can You Give Me Action Replay That All You Know? 1
can you guys (and girls) Rate my Team? 4
Can you legetly use sketch to get dark void? 2
Can you plese give me some ar codes for this game? 1
Can you rate my dream team? 2
Can you rate my pokemon team? 3
Can you rate my team for the Second Gym Leader? 1
Can you rate my team please? 4
Can you rate my team? Thanx! 2
Can you rebattle legendaries in this game? 5
Can you tell me the best way to level up my team and the best moveset for it? 4
Can you tell me where to train my team? I am on Pastoria Gym. 1
Can you trade a TRU shaymin for mine? 1
Can you trade eggs before National Dex is obtained? 1
Can you transfer a Darkrai from Pokemon Ranger SoA USA to an EU Pokemon Platinum? 1
Can you transfer pokemon from d/p to platinum? 3
Can you use voice chat over NWFC even when you are not in an online battle? 3
Can't decide my last pokemon? 2
Can't Get Darkrai? 2
Catching a Pokemon? 1
Catching Munchlax? 3
Celebi? 2
Chatot? 1
Cherrish ball ? 5
Church? 2
Cloning Without GTS & AR? Using Cloning With Combined Buttons. 1
Complete tutorial of sendpkm for ubuntu? and some questions 0
Could someone trade me a shaymin so i can complete my pokedex? (i have rare pokemon) 1
Critical hits? 3
Cyndaquil(might be spelled wrong)? 3
Darkrai's island? 1
Deoxys and Darkrai? 2
Determinate of Hidden Power power? 3
Distortion world gone. need help? 2
Ditto????????????? 2
Do i have all the legendaries????? 2
Do i need to change my team? 1
Do you still gain EV points of (stat) even if you maxed out the allowed number for (same stat?) 2
Do you want a swinub? 2
Does any1 have the AR code for modifing EV ? 1
Does any1 wanna trade ? 7
Does anyone have a cyndaquil egg to offer or just a cyndaquil?? 1
Does anyone have a lugia, deoxys and/or mew to trade? 6
Does anyone have a reliable complete list of pokemon by route/area? 5
Does anyone have an AR Code for every Pokemon Lv.100? 3
Does anyone have an AR code? 2
Does anyone have event regigigas for trade? 1
Does anyone have the three dog legendaries, if so can I have them? 1
Does anyone have the TRU North American action Replay codes? 3
Does anyone have this game trade with me? 1
Does anyone know if Magic Coat will reflect entry hazards? 2
Does anyone know the Cloning Cheat?? 1
Does anyone Know the Iv Ar Code For Platinum? 4
Does anyone know why the the action replay codes dont work? 4
Does anyone want to share friend codes? 3
Does beating the E4 re-release roaming pokemon? 1
Does Exp. Share have something to do with boosted Exp. Points? 1
Does someone have the shiny suicune from the event? 3
Does the ability Klutz mean that the Soothe Bell wont work? 3
Does the GBA Dodling work with EZ-3in1? 3
Does the GPS evolve trick still work? 2
Does the leader of the battle factory change his pokemon each time you see him? 2
Does the other person you want to trade with have to add you tp their Pal Pad to trade with you if you already add them? 1
Downlaod Platinum? 1
DSpokeEdit? 1
Duel Anyone? 1
Duplicate? 1
Effort Value? 2
Elite four party? 4
EV help? Tried everything! 3
EV Viewer? 1
Evee breeding? 3
Event Legendary Pokemon - Am I screwed? 3
Event Mew Secret ID? 8
Every day when I go to the Great Marsh to find a Skorupi, none appear! Help please? 5
Evolving tangela? 3
Fast way to train lv 45+ pokemon? 5
Feebas Evolution? 3
Female Eevee? 2
Friend Code??? 2
Friend Codes Please??? 7
Friend codes pls? 6
Friend codes? 2
Friend codes?????? 1
Friendcodes pokemon d/p/pt/hg/ss? 1
Gamefaqs game saves? 1
Gamefaqs save game question? 1
Gamefreaks isnt working and i need to know the codes or the cheats 2 find the quick exp or the super exp. Can you help? 2
Giratina and Palkia and Dialga ? 3
Good Dragonite moveset? 11
Good movelist for Masquerain? 3
Good UU-NU team? 1
Gracidea? 3
Great begin to end game pokemon? 2
GTS and Pokerus? 1
GTS trouble pls help? 1
Happiness to evolve my Bunneary? 1
Has anybody battled MTGXerxes? 2
Heeelllllp!? 1
Help for getting sid ? 1
Help how can i get max friendship with a pokemon? 1
Help me pick some pokemon for competitive battle? 2
Help me pick the last pokemon in my team? 1
Help me pleasee?? 1
Help me with my team? 1
Help me, Pokedex Problem?! 1
Help me.............? 2
Help me? 3
Help please ?:{ 3
Help please? 1
Help With Cheats? 2
Help with SID? 2
Help? I need a any level Prinplup in wi-fi trading 1
Hey does anyone want to be pal pad friends? 8
Hey people i need help i need a hoho tell me what you want and ill try to give it to you? 1
Hey would anyone like to battle? I have a pretty good team.... 4
HG/SS Question? 2
Hidden Power? 3
Hidden power?? 2
HM slaves? 1
Hmm....................................? 7
Honey trees? 2
How and where do you get into Harbor Inn in Pokemon Platinum? 2
How and where do you get the 11th movie Regigigas in Pokemon Platinum? 16
How and where do you get the event for the legendary Pokemons neamed Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus in Platinum? 3
How are stats done in the Battle Frontier? 3
How can I change Giratina's form into origin form??? 7
How can I evolve my Evee into an Umbreon in Platinum? 2
How can I get a Vulpix? 1
How can i get Arceus? 2
How can I get Focus Punch from my Slowking to Breloom? 2
How can i get lugia? 1
How can i get messages on my email from GTS? 2
How can i use one of the .duc saves from this site and use it on my game? 1
How can I use the Wi-Fi Connection from my home to other countries? 1
How can we buy rare candies? 1
How can you get a arceus? 3
How did this happen? 2
How do fight Cheryl at the battle cafe? 2
How do i beat the team galatic member with what pokmon should be used? 2
How do i catch Diagla? 2
How do i change my pokemon abbility ? 3
How do I choose my favorite Pokemon for the GTS stuff? 1
how do I clone master balls? 2
how do I clone pokemon without action replay? 2
How do I copy and paste codes to my Action Replay? 1
How do i do this? 1
How do i edit my game with AR? (read info) 2
How do I evolve Beldum ? 1
How do I find a celebi on pokemon plantinum? 1
How do I find an access point so i can connect to wi-fi connection? 2
How do I find my trainer code? 2
How do I get a friend code? 1
How do I get a Magnetzone? 2
How do i get a porygon-z with adaptability abbility ? 2
How do i get aresus? 2
How do i get exp share? 2
How do i get pass the painting of the legenderys/painting on wall to spearpiller? 4
How do I get rid of the bad egg??? pls help! 3
How do i get to the ganto region and the johto region? 4
How do I make a pokemon happy? 2
How do i put a save file from here onto my game? 2
How do i see other pokemon such as Enti and Darkrai?? 2
How Do I trade From A GBA Game To A DS Game Using The Same DS? 3
How do I use's event and WC downloads? 1
How do icatch deoxy/what proceger? 1
How do u input cheatcodes? 1
How do we get all the name of legenderi pokemon to trade in gts? 1
How do you change the pokemon beside you in the vs. recorder profile? 1
How do you change you're footprint colour in the Wi-Fi Plaza? 4
How do you check the SIDs of other people? 1
How do you clone a pokemon without cheats or action replay ? 1
How do you do Wi-Fi trades with Pokemon HG/SS? 1
How do you easialy level up? 4
How do you evolve snubbull? 2
How do you gat a some pokemon? 3
How do you get a mantine? 1
How do you get darkrai? 3
How do you get foreign dex entrees? 3
How do you get friends in the Underground? 1
How do you get happiny to evolve? 3
How do you get reggegis wiyh out the regis? 3
How do you get rid of the whirlpools? 2
How do you get the 11th movie Regigigas in platinum? 1
How do you get the pokeball code for action replay to work? 5
How do you get the two after burmy? 3
How do you get to B1 in WayWave cave? 2
How do you go in to beat your bestfriends dad in the fight area? 2
How do you trade? 1
How do you turn shaymin into sky form????? 2
How do you undo a ACTION REPLAY code? 4
How do you use action replay? 3
How do you use the Dual Slot after the Elite 4?(read description) 3
How does chingling evolve? 3
How does Drowzee evolve into Hypno in this game? 2
How does magnezone evole? 4
how does my Eevee evolve? 5
How does skorupi evolve? 2
How good is this group? 3
How i can go to the tunnel? 4
How is damage computed in a pokemon battle/ fight? 2
How many happinness? 2
How many of the TM's are reobtainable? 3
How many types of pokemon fossils are underground? 2
How much exp. points? 1
How much is pokemon platinum worth at gamespot? 2
How to calculate the Secret ID on Platinum? 2
How to catch? 3
How to change the time in Pokemon Platinum? (DS lite) 1
How to configure Pokesav Event-only pokemon? 1
How to copy game saves to my DSi? 1
How to enter the code for 999 medicine?? 1
How to get arceus? 1
How to get Entei, Suicune, and Raikou.? 3
How to put in the code for cheat??? help me confuse 2
HUGE problem help!!? 6
I am in old chateau next to tv but cant find rotom! please help!? 1
I can't find a Mawile on Platinum? 1
I can't find my Infernape and Luxray. I've checked the PC and daycare. Anyone know other locations where they can be at? 4
I cant find bagon in route 210 north grass area with my pokeradar? 1
I cant find Banett? 1
I cant find Chansey? 3
I cant migrate, can you help me? 1
I currently have an Infernape, Luxray, Gabite, and Gyarodos on my team. What should my 5th and 6th slots be filled with? 2
I dont know where to level up my pokemon? 2
I got a few questions? 2
I have Sapphire vsn w. 394 on the Dex and I am missing Mew, Deoxys & Jirachi, but I have Mew on the Dex.Can anyone h 1
I have TRU Regigigas, but Registeel isn't appearing. Why? 1
I messed up with my action replay and i'm wondering if theres an easier way to get it? 1
I need a all pokemon action replay code? 4
I need a arceus or shaymin+i need help!? 1
I need a darkrai? 1
I need a trade and battle partner? 1
I NEED AN arceus?????????? 1
I need event pokemon? 2
I need help getting a manaphy egg from the green guy.How do i do it? 4
I need Help to find my secert ID? 1
I need Help Whit my Action Replay?!?!? 2
I need help with the Team.Galactic werehouse? 1
I need pal pad FC to battle.Anyone? 2
I need some1 2 rate? 4
I need to battle on jan3 (will give out strong Poke if win)Anyone? 1
I need to find my secret ID on Pokemon Platinum, however I don't have an Action Replay. Anyone willing to help? 1
I need to trade my machoke to evolve it. Using wi fi. Somebody please help me out? 1
I really want a cyndaquil! Anybody? 1
I started a new game, so would my team do fine against the E4? 3
I still need help on my party pokemon. help? 1
I waiting for my message since Around 7:00 today and i still havent gotton a message Help? 1
I want people for trades and battles.baron 2450 3886 7069.? 3
I'm having trouble creating a team on my platinum what pokemon would be the best options? (in game pokemon only please) 2
I'm looking for an arceus? 1
I'm Looking for pokemon starters? 1
Ice Beam or Blizzard? 3
Ice shard on a donphan? 2
If i battle someone over Wi-Fi do i get their pokemon added to my dex? 2
If i get Giratina and Raichu up to lv. 80-100 will they destroy the four? 4
If i switch out a pokemon will it still gain Ev's? 1
If u have pokesav how do i put it in ym game? 4
If you have shaymin could you trade me it then i'll trade it right back to you? 1
If you re-start the game, you lose the wonder cards that youve alredy received? 1
Im just Wonderin? 3
Im trying to get to the second gym ? 1
In the game? 5
Is anybody willing to trade me a shiny pokemon? 5
Is anyone else having this unusual problem with their game? 2
Is cloning bad or is it okay? 2
Is Electavire or Pikachu with a Light Orb better? 6
Is EV training really necessary to 'toughen up' pokemon? 1
Is good team? {48 garatina/43 torterra/70 staraptor 2
Is it possible for me to complete the National Dex no cheats pal park or trades? 2
Is it possible for one to release one's starter Pokemon in this game? 1
Is it possible to get the event pokemon twice? 2
Is it possible to reset the "Met At" Level with Pokesav? 1
Is it worth it? 4
Is my pokemon team good? 5
Is my Rotom's moves good? 3
Is my team of legandaries good ????????? 3
Is my team ready for the elite four? 1
Is there a cheat code to get all of your party pokemon to level 60? 4
Is there a code for the action replay that gives u a 100% pokedex? 3
Is there a Differnce? 1
Is there a glitch in the GTS? 1
Is there a pokemon stat modifier code? 4
is there a shiny pokemon code for JUST your party? 1
Is there a site i can go to find when upcoming events are? 5
Is there a trainer who has a monferno in the game? 3
Is there a way to complete the pokedex without trading,looking,oraction replay? 2
Is there a way to get shaymin if I missed out on the events? 7
Is there a way to know which square is the Feebas square? 3
Is there an AR code for the National Dex? 1
Is there an AR code? 2
Is there an AR or codebreaker cheat that allows you to encounter any pokemon? 6
Is there an easy way to get POKERUS? 4
Is there any cheats without AR? 1
Is there any easy way to transfer items fast? 1
Is there someone mind to trade n battle with me? 1
Is there the surf glitch on this game? 3
Is this a good game? 1
Is this a good party? 2
Is this a good team for in-game use? 1
Is this a good team for the E4 rematch? 2
Is this compatible with PBR like D/P were? 5
Is this game good? 4
Is this game worth the cash and time? 3
Is this nidoking ev'd? 4
Is this team good or is it bad? 2
Is this team good to win Battle frontier? 1
Is this team good? 1
Is this true? 2
IV and moveset rating? 2
Jordan blocking contest registration desk? 1
Just lucky? 10
Kanghaskan? 2
Legendaries and Riolu? 1
Lend me a gamesave? 2
Link to a competitive battling guide for beginners and another one for advance players? 3
Lookin for sumone who has an AR DSI with a save for pokemon platinum with all or sum of the event pokemon? 1
looking for a Rayquaza (Any level, preferrably shiny), trade ya for a shiny Deoxys or shin registeel or shiny regice? :) 1
Looking for Larvitar? 2
Looking for Shiny Jirachi? 1
Marrilands Pokemon? 1
Masterball? 3
May anyone upload an event- containing save ? 1
Metagross + PokeSav Platinum? 2
Mew glitch? 1
Mewtwo, Latios, and Latias? 4
Mind Blowing Ruler? 3
Missing Pokemon? 1
Move Cheat Codes? 4
Move for Leafeon? 5
Moves on Lucario? 2
Moveset for Steelix? 3
Mr Goods? 2
My 4 Pokemon team Rate Plz? 2
My A.R wont work? 1
My action replay dosn't work! Help me? 1
My ditto wont breed with any pokemon? 3
My Feebas is maxed out on beauty but wont evolve? 4
My Pokemon Ranch? 2
Mystery gift answers? 1
Name Help? 2
National Pokedex again? 3
National Pokedex? 6
Nature code and eggs? 1
Nature question? 1
Need a 12th movie Arceus? I got you 5
Need a few friends and some trading if possible, anyone interested? (plz no hacked pkmn or AR ones) 6
Need friends and friend codes? 3
need friends for pokemon platinum pal pad? ( my name is Taylor and the code is 2579 2557 1207) 5
Need help finishing my team, please? 1
Need help with a trade in pokemon platinum? 1
Need help with action replay save file? 1
Need help with my hackin? 1
Need the fateful encounter Regigigas, help? 2
New item FAQ? 2
Next event? 3
Nice team.? 4
Now about shaymin...what do i do? 2
now i have another AR problem..? 2
Oaks letter event? 2
Ok, when in the Pokemon TV show Dawn gained the Platinum outfit? 3
Okay Can You Please Rate My Team? 4
Origin forme on wifi? 3
Other Places in Trophy Garden? 3
Pal Pad codes anyone? 1
Pal pad id. anyone wanna battle? 8
Pal pads anyone? 3
Pickup ability? 2
Pikachu and Iron tail? 1
Pikachu and the trophy garden? 1
Pikachu Colored Pichu event? 1
Play as Cynthia? 2
Please help me? 2
Please help with my pokedex? 2
Please trade? 1
Pokedex colors? 2
Pokemon breeding problem? 2
Pokemon events? 4
Pokemon for charmander,bulbasaur,squirtle,your choice,plz help? 2
Pokemon Friend Codes? 12
Pokemon from gts? 2
Pokemon mod code? 2
Pokemon Platinum IV changer? 2
Pokemon trades??? 1
Pokemon version differences? 2
Pokesav - Is hacking in the storage the same as hacking in the party? 3
Pokesav: Do you have to fill out items, party, ect fields? 1
Pokesav?? 1
Polkia and Diolga? 2
Post-Distortion World Options? 2
Problem entering cheats? 2
Purchase Racks? 2
Question on my pokemon save? 1
Random wi-fi battle?? 1
Rare candies? 1
Rate my brand NEW team?!?!? 1
Rate my Empoleon? 1
Rate my pokemon team plz? 6
Rate my potential ultimate team? 2
Rate my soul silver Dragon team and help decide for the 6th pokemon? thanks. 4
Rate my team 4 battle frontier plz? 1
Rate my team for elite four? 1
Rate my team for the battle tower??? 2
Rate my team plz??? 2
Rate My Team? UU-OU 1
Rate team plz? :) Plus anyone want to battle? Pal Pad I.D. 4554 8923 6140 3
RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?:P c: 2
Regigigas AR egg? 1
Regional Wi-fi Events? 1
Release date?? 2
Rename? 2
Request trapinch? 1
Respawning Pokemon? 2
Revised - Is EV training really necessary to 'toughen up' pokemon? 1
Rhydon??? 1
Rng Method? 1
Rotom's forms? 1
Save game???? 2
Secret ID help? 1
SECRET ID Please Help ? 1
Shaymin help!?! 2
Shaymin is frozen forever? 1
Shaymin Question? 1
Shaymin? 4
Shinies on GTS? 1
Shiny Bibarel?????? 4
Shiny help ne1? 2
Shiny pokemon? I need afew? 4
Should I get the strategy guide? 4
Should I get this game? 2
Sinnoh Pokedex help please?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 2
Sinnoh Underground question? 2
Slot Corner Clefairy?! 2
Slot machine action replay codes? (eu version) 2
Sneasel? 2
So I am standing in front of Giratina...? 2
Some one plz help me,Any pokemon for phione? 3
Somebody please help me? 3
SOS! 3 SHINY SUCUNES please? 1
Spiritomb? 1
Sprite Mod? 2
Stuff to do? 2
Suggestions for my team ? 1
Suicune from event please? 2
Team help...? hopefully for wi-fi though... 2
Team rate, any changes? 1
Team Rating? 2
That shiny/mirror rock thin on route 224? 2
The next nintendo event? 3
The walk through walls code for AR? 1
Trade anyone? 3
Trade for johto starters? 2
Trade larvitar? 3
Trade!!!!!! please? 3
TRADE!!!!!q!!!!!q? 2
Trading Abra back? 1
Trading troubles? 2
Trading? 2
Tranfering pokemon? 3
Transfering? 2
Tropius? 4
Trouble underground? 4
TV show? 3
UnderGround problem ? 2
Unown's uses? 1
Unusual rainfall? 3
US Code for Movie-Gigas? 3
Want a deoxys hurry up? 1
We can catch them AFTER beat/catch giratina?! (the pokemon of the lakes) 1
What and how do you get a villa? 2
What are all of the Pokemon that have the Ability CompoundEyes? 1
What are all the pokemon you need to get a national poke dex? 2
What are Ev'd pokemon? 6
What are good Pokemon for my Pokemon Soulsilver Playthrough? 1
What are groups? 2
What are some DS games that have Voice Chat via Wifi? 2
What are the "save game" files used for on this website? 2
What are the best move set for empoleon ? 4
What are the egg groups and their match ups? 1
What are the red water tiles you sometimes find? 1
What are your top ten pokemon moves? 1
What city can you buy tm's in? 2
What do i need to do? 2
What Do You Need To Capture Diagla And Palkia? 3
What do you recomend? 1
What do you think of my Pokemon (no trades)? 5
What does mixing records do? 1
What does the Upgraded Vs? 3
What Event is this? 3
what fun should i do after the nat dex? Platinum* 3
What game stars Acreus as the main legendary? 1
What happens when you get all 5 trainer cards? 1
What if your brother ran from uzie am i still able to get palkia and dialga? 2
What if? 1
What is "trading by files"? 1
What is a shiny pokemon? 1
What is nintendo wi-fi hook up? 1
What is platinums AR #? 3
What is pokesav? How does it work? 4
What is secret ID? 2
What is special attack and defence? 2
What is the action replay cheat for the secret key and oak's letter? 3
What is the Action Replay Code for getting 999 Master Balls on Pokemon Platinum, US Version? 1
what is the Action Replay code to re-battle heatran? 2
What is the action replay easy capture code? 1
What is the action replay permenent shiny code for pokemon platnum? 3
What is the AR cheat code for having 99x all TMs and HMs in Platinum? 1
What is the best and fastest way to level up my pokemon? 5
What is the best eevee evolution ? 10
What is the best pokemon for contests? 1
What is the best pokemon to be on my team? 14
What is the best stratagy to catch heatran? 1
what is the cheapest price to buy platinum?Im in Portland, Oregon. 4
What is the cheat code (AR) for Red and green aniversary pichu for Pokemon platinum us version? 4
What is the cheatcode for all items in the bag? 1
What is the code for entei???? An the other 2 dogs?? 3
What is the code? 2
What is the shiny stone on route24 do? 2
What is thebest move set for Lapres? 4
What is this AR cheat code for all pokemon in platinum? 1
What is Wi-Fi? 3
What is wifi? 1
What is your favorite 10 pokemon? 9
What level do Feebas evolve on when beauty is maxed out? 2
What level do pokemon evolve? 3
What level does Kadabra evolve at? 1
What level does omnymite evolve? 3
What level does Scizor learn Bullet Punch? 2
What level will Swuinub evolve? 1
What levels do Pinplup and Empoleon learn Hydro Pump? 2
What Lv. are the 3 Regi's? 2
What lvl does piloswine learn a move?? 2
What moves pokemon learn when they lvl up ? 1
What nature puts up speed and attack? 2
What pokemon are allowed in amity square for pokemon platinum? 4
What pokemon do not have legit shinies? 1
What pokemon do you use to breed ? 4
What pokemon should I use? 3
What pokemon would be good for me to use? 2
What pokemon would you reccomend? 2
What pokemon would you recconmed me use? 2
What teams did you guys use for the game elite 4? 7
What type should my number 6 Pokemon be? 6
What would be the best all around pokemon? 2
What you think of my pokemon? 2
What's a good 6th pokemon for my team? 2
What's RNGing? 2
What's the best pokemon in the game? 1
What's the best way to get battle points at the battle tower? 1
What's the strongest Pokemon of each type besides legendaries or arceus? 1
What's up with the Croagunk? 5
Whats a good team.? 2
whats AR code for any egg in daycare? 2
Whats different in Platnum? 1
Whats the best team for beating the elite four? 2
Whats the difference between AR Pokemon and legit Pokemon? 2
Whats the easiest way to get dialga and palkia and how do you get them? 3
Whats with the new Regigigas forme? 3
When and where do you buy the events to get the Membership Pass, get the Oak's letter item, and to get the Azure Flute? 2
When Does Haunter Evolve? 2
When Does Onix Evolve? 1
When I use Arceus, how can I switch plates during battle (using Action Replay codes if necessary)? 2
When is the Arceus mystry gift event for platinum ? 2
When is the Regigigas event for the U.S? 2
When will dmon post his walktrough? 1
When will Pokemon Platinum be released? 4
When your searching? 1
When? 2
Where and what are the legendary Pokemon in Platinum version? 4
Where and what? 3
Where are growlithes on this game? 1
Where are the shard guys? 1
Where can i catch shaymin? 1
Where can I find a gliscor or a gligar? 2
Where can I find a larvatar? 1
Where can I find a Petaya Berry? 2
Where can i find combee (female and male) to catch ? 7
Where can i find Shieldon? 1
Where can i find the location to find these three pokemon? 3
where can I get a mew without migrating or trading? 3
Where can i get a salamance? 1
Where can i get a wild Lapras? 3
Where can i get another Togepi? 1
Where can I get to the battle board? 1
Where can i obtain Action replay? 4
Where can i see licky licky and is there an easyer way to see garchomp than battle cynthia? 2
Where can you find groundon???? 3
Where can you see these pokemon In the game? these are the non-national dex numbers 3
Where do I get the TM for Brick Break? 2
Where do I go after defeating uxie azelf and mespirit? 3
Where do I see the evolution of haunter? 1
Where do you find a sitrus berry? 1
Where do you find the light orb? 2
Where do you find the stones to make dialga and palkia to appear on the spear pillar? 3
Where do you get the secret key? 3
Where do you put in the codes at? 3
Where do you put the cheat codes? 1
Where else do you get an eevee? 3
Where i can find aron/lairon/aggron ? 4
Where i can find these pokemon ? 4
Where in this game can i find Chicorita, typlosian or totodile??? 2
Where is a good place to train? 3
Where is a guy with porygon or porygon 2? 3
Where is legit checker? 1
Where is move rememberer? 1
Where is old chateau ? 4
Where is regigias? 2
Where is the best place to grind my pokemons? 1
Where is the best place to train my level 32 Gallade? 3
Where is the best place to train Speed EV's and Attack EV's? 1
where is the Distortion world? 2
Where is the game? 3
Where is the guy who teaches moves for heart scales? 2
Where is the loction of the battle frontier? 1
Where is tyrouge? 1
Where is, exactly, hidden power tm? 1
Where should I start? 2
Where to find regigigas? 1
Where to find this pokemon? 2
Where to get Zubat? 2
Where's a good place to train my pokemon up to level 80+? 2
Where's the best place to? 1
Which do you prefer diamond or Platinum?Why? 5
Which is the best legendary? 4
Which level does Houndour evolve in or how does he evolve in Platinum? 6
Which level does Lickitung, Yanma, Rhyhorn, and Piloswine? 2
Which level does Magmar learn the move Flamethrower in Platinum? 3
Which of the 3 trio of dogs is better or is it better to have one of the 3 birds? 3
Which One ? 3
Which ones to change? 1
Which Parent Pokemon passes on it's Individual Values? 2
Which pokemon can use scary face or any other move thats keps pokemon from escaping? 1
Which pokemon should I use to fill in my Empty Spot? 1
Who else is good? 1
Who is number 152 in the pokedex and how do you get it? 2
Who likes my team? 1
Who wants to battle me in the union room? 1
Who wants to trade me for a shiny ponyta? 3
Why can i not go through the lady in the pokemon mansion? 11
Why can't I advance to Route 214? 2
Why can't I trade in the union room? 1
Why does HM03 (Surf) keep going to the items pocket in my bag instead of the TM and HM pocket? 4
Why does the game only show one of two pokemon ability ? 2
Why does the Wi-Fi Plaza rarely let me play games? 1
Why won't my modifier cheat work? 2
Why won't the tutor teach the move? 5
Why wont the arceus code work to get the azure flute on my action replay? 9
Why wont they let me use dive outside of battle?????? 5
Wi-Fi Club not working for anyone else? 5
Wi-Fi Events? 1
Wifi Anyone? 2
Wifi appearance? 1
Wifi not working? 2
Will gained EV's transfer/copy to Shedinja upon evolution? 1
Will i be able to get my pikachu colored pichu back if i delete my currebt game? 1
Will some one blend some berries with me it would really help me out ? 1
Will someone trade me a cyndaquil, totodile, and/or chikorita? 7
Will the sky forme Shaymin be done if I trade it over from Diamond? 1
Will you rate my team? 3
Wot is the action replay code 4 complete pokedex? 2
Would anyone like to trade with me? 2
Would you like to have a wifi battle? 3

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