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What is the cheat code for 999 rare candy for Pokemon platinum us version? 16
Where can I find a dawn stone? 9
What is the best eevee evolution ? 10
Where can I find the Move Deleter? 5
How do you get shiny pokemon? 20
If you breed a shiny pokemon, will it be more likely to be shiny than a regular pokemon breeding? 8
What Pokemon does the Oval Stone evolve? 5
Need some help chosing the best pokemon? 30
Where can I find a razor fang? 8
Any way to evolve without trading? 7
Recent Questions Answers
Dream Team? 1
How can you make your whole team shiny? 2
Caught a lvl 40 staravia. Can it still evolve into a staraptor? 1
What is the best team to use against the Elite Four and Champion Cynthia? 2
Help on Cyrus in Distortion World? 1
Team is infernape Luxor staravia floatzel. Which Pokemon should I finish my team with? 1
Cannot receive mystery gifts and having wifi problems, help? 1
team is monferno staravia floatzel luxio. Need help choosing last two? 0
Why doesn't it show up on the action replay? 0
Is my Pokemon Platinum Team awesome?? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where can I find Rock Climb? 3
What is the best and fastest way to level up my pokemon? 5
Where should I train my pokemon? 10
Where can i see happiny ? 6
What is a good team for Platinum? 5
Where can I find electric type pokemon? 4
Where can i found a Pikachu??? 2
Which level does Houndour evolve in or how does he evolve in Platinum? 6
Where can I find azure flute in Pokemon platinum? 3
Wot is the action replay code 4 complete pokedex? 2

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