Review by Stormkid5

"How can they improve?"

Every time I read a new topic on the boards, about this game, I think to myself "If this is the current state of Pokemon, what else can they do?"

I bought this game the day it came out. I had played Diamond before, but this was the first Pokemon game I got serious about. Sure enough, I have done most things. However, what else can they add? 493 Pokemon (482 obtainable without events) means that any more than 60-70 new Pokemon in the next Generation could make too many Pokemon. Competitive battling would just get ridiculous, who wants to battle with 600-700 Pokemon running about the place? The story is great (although it could have been improved some-what) the music is catchy, and the ability to make a team to beat all others teams keeps many people hooked for hours. Obviously, Nintendo shouldn't just pack up shop here, because A) They wouldn't lose a big money maker like this B) They will have about 1,000 angry fan-boys will be biting their legs off and C) Many people would turn away from Nintendo. If they do make a Generation 5, it would have to be 3D, and it would have to end there. Just stick with 5 Generations, but every time they could update the systems in Pokemon, re-release the previous games 1 Generation at a time. Heck, I would still buy them, if I could get my hand on a fully 3D Generation 1.

Really, Pokemon has neared its climax. After the next Generation, there will be just too much to do in these games that it would be ridiculous. I seriously think remakes are the only way to go. With Heart Gold and Soul Silver on their way (my personal favourite Generation) they look fantastic. If the be all and end all of the Generations of Pokemon has to be the next one, so be it. At least don't add 100+ Pokemon next time, Game Freak. I will still buy Pokemon games, even if they are getting silly, just because I like the series, but I find more and more that certain things stop me from picking the game up and playing it. Competitive battling and the Frontier are the only things that keep me going.

I rate this game 10/10, purely because I can't find a flaw that's big enough to take it down to 9. I hope you enjoyed this review.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/25/09

Game Release: Pokemon Platinum Version (EU, 05/22/09)

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