Question from noruta

How do I beat tsunade?

How do I beat tsunade?


wenruto answered:

Do you have to fight her ?
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narutozsakura answered:

Have you watched her moveset carefully? Because it may help to what her moveset very carefully, but then again i don't have the game so i just know from exp.
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mochico88 answered:

I don't recall fighting her. Did you mean unlock?
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Blak2497 answered:

I don't think you fight her. As far as unlocking her goes, I don't think can do that either. I have talked to her A LOT and she still said the same things. This didn't change even after I had all of the scrolls
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Blak2497 answered:

Ok I jsut found out that to get Tsunad, you have to find a unique item
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