Infinite Space FAQ/Walkthrough

By Alex Lee “dragonknight387”


Complete version
Copyright 2012 by Alex Lee on 11/25/2012
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Hello everyone, this is my Infinite Space FAQ. This is my attempt to write a
sillier, full length walkthrough that also gives advice on how to play the game
as you go. Now, there are a lot of spoilers in the walkthrough because these
events make it easier to find the part of the walkthrough that you need to use.
Also, I will write down when to set flags to recruit characters and make
reference to various characters giving stat increases. If you don’t have the
character, check into the character recruitment list for details. As for ship
and blueprint modules, you’ll have to look at the sections set aside for
those to find those blueprints you’re looking for. Ship and modules that you
can buy in stores are NOT covered by the flags. You have been warned.

In case I didn’t do so later in the walkthrough, I give a lot of thanks to
Katal1.His preliminary work was incredibly helpful in finding a lot of


Commands [CMND]
	Act 1
Chapter 1 [A1CHP1]
	Chapter 2 [A1CHP2]
	Chapter 3 [A1CHP3]
	Chapter 4 [A1CHP4]
	Chapter 5 [A1CHP5]
	Chapter 6 [A1CHP6]
	Chapter 7 [A1CHP7C]
		Kalymnos [A1CHP7K]
		Nova Nacio [A1CHP7N]
	Chapter 8
		Kalymnos [A1CHP8K]
		Nova Nacio [A1CHP8N]
	Path rejoins [A1CHP8C]
	Act 2
	Chapter One [A2CHP1]
	Chapter Two [A2CHP2C]
		Rebels [A2CHP2R]
	Chapter Three [A2CHP3]
	Chapter Four [A2CHP4C]
	Chapter Five [A2CHP5]
	Chapter Six [A2CHP6]
	Chapter Seven [ATCHP7C1]
		Normal route [A2CHP7N]
		Starburst route [A2CHP7S]
Sidequest [QSIDE]
	Ropesk [SIDE1]
	Lutzk [SIDE2]
	Central [SIDE3]
	Kalymnos [SIDE4]
	Regeinland [SIDE5]
Blueprint Location [BPRINT]
Ships [BSHIP]
Modules [BMOD]
Fighters [BFGHT]
Characters [RCHAR]

Commands [CMND]


Typically gets your ship into range for your weapons to work. A weapon will
fire if the blue icons above your ship(s) HP are, well, blue. If not, they will
be red. This command is necessary for attacking and in some cases, defending.
You can also press A.


Moves the ships(s) away from the enemy. Both commands work to help keep your
ship(s) within optimum firing range. Your opponent will also be moving around
in the same way. You can also press Y.


This command makes your ship wait in one spot. The only reason to do this is
so that your command gauge fills faster, which is necessary to send orders.
You can also press B.

The Command Gauge

This gauge governs your ability to issue orders. This bar’s rate is heavily
affected by the fatigue gauge.


Allows you to avoid Barrage, but normal attacks will hit more often.

Normal attack

All weapons that can fire will fire one attack. Even if a weapon shoots 2 or
3 per salvo, it still only counts as 1 attack. The X2 and X3 are damage
multipliers. This attack is accurate and will usually hit.


All weapons that can fire will fire three times and is quite devastating. If
the enemy is Dodging, this command does no damage. The best way to use this
command is right after the enemy attacks or barrages. Right after the attack,
they are unable to dodge, which allows you to launch your own devastating
counterattack.The AI likes to activate dodge as soon as possible, so your
normal attacks will be quite effective. The best strategy for you is to also
activate dodge, retreat until you have a full command gauge and once they
attack, you can barrage them to death.  While normal attacks will do more
damage to you, barrages are capable of sinking your ships outright, so
leave dodge on!


Board the enemy’s ship. It’s only available after the first encounter with
Valantin. You must be right next to the enemy in order to use it. It activates
a rock paper scissors battle, but the commands are leader<shoot<slash<leader.
There really isn’t much to do except equip security modules, have more crew
cabins, and characters that have high combat. The only other thing is to time
your commands so that they DON’T sync up with the enemies. Issue your orders
when your opponent’s command gauge is about half to do as much damage as you
can. Some characters have special commands that are upgraded melee attacks.
Commander=leader, Deathblow=slash, Marksman=shoot.


Launch Fighters from every ship that has them. Fighters start off weak, but
become beastly near the end of the game.  There are several reasons why you
should use fighters.
1. D.P.S. They are the poison element in this game and will continue to do
damage to the targeted ship until they are forced back by enemy fighters or AA
guns or run out of flight time. They also ignore fleet formation, so the ship
in the rear will take as much damage as the one in front.
2. They hold enemy fleets in place. Even though they’re only attacking one
ship, the entire fleet will keep in formation. Also, the AI will activate their
fighters or AA commands, so you know they’re not dodging. It makes them easier
to predict and barrage.
3. It is the best way to repel enemy fighters. If two fighter squadrons meet,
they will start duking it out and dislodge your fleet from the fighters,
making it easier for you to retreat.


The other way to dislodge enemy fighters is to use the ship mounted AA guns
you installed. However, they are a liability for a couple of reasons.
1. They take up one weapon slot. AA guns typically go into the small or medium
size weapon category. Since these guns are only use against fighters and never
against capital ships, these weapons will always be red unless fighters are
attacking. So this reduces the amount of attacks you can launch against the
enemy ships.
2. They take a while to kill enemy fighters. And the nastiest part is that you
are not dislodged from the fighters the entire time you have AA guns firing.
You are just one big sitting duck vulnerable to barrages in the meantime. If
the game allowed you to move while AA guns are firing and shooting down enemy
fighters, this command would be useful, but as it stands, completely

Final Roar

Special command 1 functions like barrage, but at a higher critical rate.
Only available after settling the dispute between Alatyr and Druitesk. Very
powerful command as a critical hit ignores armor and does the weapon’s full

Special command 2 varies from character to character. Ones that have a C next
to their skill will be able to use this command and must be placed in the
first officer position.

Special command 3 is the ship's ability. Certain ships have a C command listed,
which functions like a barrage, but hits all ships and is really pretty to look
at. It also has infinite range.Unfortunately,after using this attack, the
command gauge freezes up for some time. What's worse, the damage for this
attack quickly becomes outdated and regular attacks end up being more


Learning to target is very important because the enemy’s evasion rate varies
on where their ships are. Under the enemy ship classification
(e.g. m, dd, cg, cv, bb) there are three arrows. The highlighted arrow
indicates the position within their fleet. Ones with the arrow on the left
side are in front. Ones to the right side are in the rear, and of course,
ones in the middle are, well, in the middle. Target the ones in the front
first, as they have the lowest evasion. Typically, their flagship, ship 1,
is at the rear and is hard to hit. So, when attacking, it’s best to take out
the ships at the front to reduce the evasion rate of the ships in the center
and rear. The AI also does the same thing and will typically attack your ships
in front or your weakest ship. But never EVER put your flagship in front, for
it blows up, it’s game over. It’s best to put it at the rear.


An attempt to flee from the battle. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it’s
worth a try. If you reach the very rear of the combat zone, this command will
appear in place of back. Note that if there’s no escape from a battle, this
command will not show up.



Chapter 1 [A1CHP1]

Now that you know the basics of combat, we’ll finally play as the protagonists
of the game. What? You mean that pirate ship that just blew up that fleet all
by itself isn’t my ship? ‘Fraid not. Nope, you’ll be working with much humbler
ships for quite a while.

So now we’ve following Nia as she is in a dogfight with a much smaller
government’s ships. Fortunately, the Daisy can handle this bunch. This is so
easy as one normal attack is enough to take him out. But wait a minute.
Weren’t there two other ships? Oh wait, here they are. They cinematically
shot you down!

So now we’re reading the narration of the protagonist-dare I say it-hero of
our story. Many parts of this game have dialog so we’ll being seeing this sort
of thing a lot. Just enjoy the story. Me, I just enjoy Nia barely wearing a
top. And the use of the word “Grus.” Grus is a constellation, but everyone in
this story uses it as an expletive. Fans of Battlestar Galatica have a similar
word called “frak.” I don’t know what that collection of stars did in order to
earn the ire of all of humanity, but that’s neither here nor there. Don’t
worry about money, it’s paid automatically. And what do you know, Yuri’s a
mechanic!How convenient! Don’t worry about those strange, tall figures with
the eerie music playing. Surely they can’t be that important?

So, Nia asks Yuri if he’s scared, and you can have a choice in your dialog.
Choose “Yeah” to get a bonus +20 EXP to ship management.

So, now we’re at the map screen. You can scroll through depth by pressing up
and down or the shoulder buttons. But let’s just go to Bagut. Now, on the way
to places, you can be ambushed by other enemies in random encounters. If it’s
marked “no escape” it’s probably an event battle and I’ll write down what we
need to do. At any rate, seceding is not an option.

Two more ships just like the one that Nia took out. You don’t have to worry
about a cutscene that shoots you down again and just blow them up.
Pew pew pew!

Now that’s done, we hear about the political situation on Ropesk and the rest
of the sector. Sheesh, the Panilov guy really needs to loosen up.


Now we’re in dock and all ships are repaired for free, and everyone gets to
relax too. I would too if I had to listen to that song over and over. Y’know,
for a planet that has over a billion residents, you’d think they’d have more
than just one tavern. Oh well, I guess we’ve got no choice but to go in. And
we have more dialogue choices.

Tavern-“Talk to Nia” to advance the story. Let this be a lesson, be careful
about showing rare things in public. You never know if some thug wants to take
it. Select “Go to Grus” to get a +5 bonus to combat. Either way, we get a new
plasmic sword and a body suit. Though I suspect the reason Nia can’t fit in
anymore is because of her fantastic knockers. Enter the tavern again. Now that
Yuri’s got that plasmic sword, they’ll back off and Torlo will be a lot more
helpful to you from here on out. So, let’s head out for Hapsal. But before we
get there, Panifov threatens you by holding a hostage. What a charmer that guy
is. Don’t you think that it’s odd that Yuri said he there wasn’t anyone else
he wanted to say goodbye to and now suddenly he’s got a sister? Well, that’ll
be explained in due time.


Tavern-So, looks like we need to talk to Nia. She has a plan, but she’ll
execute it after we get to Toropets.


So now we have 10000 G from the Epitaph. Well, whatever we’re buying is
still better than Nia’s junky Daisy.  Buy both blueprints. They’re both cheap
and the more blueprints you have, the better. Go to Shipyard to build a ship.
It doesn’t matter whether which one you choose; the stat differences are
negilible. Now that you own it, you can add modules and weapons to it.
After you’re done remodeling, Nia will work under you. She has natural
affinity for Navigation because of her Ace Helmsman skill, but she can handle
artillery positions too. Just remember that whenever you’re assigning
positions, fill up all the assistant positions so that Yuri will add his
skill if the lead position is empty. For example, place Nia as a Helmsman,
not as Chief Navigator so that her score plus Yuri’s score will add up. If
she’s in a lead position, only her score will be used.

Boss Battle Panilov

So now we blast Panilov out of the sky! First, target one of his escort ships
to quickly get through the first phase. Two attacks should take it out or a
barrage. The second phase has him use that oversized laser cannon. It’ll count
as a barrage, so activate your dodge. Then just after he fires it, use your
own barrage on him and the other escort ship. One barrage and one regular
attack should be enough to take him out.

Well, now that you’ve saved the damsel in distress, let’s see where she’ll
most useful. She can work in the kitchen with her Amateur Chef Skill, but
she’s far more useful as First Officer. “But her leadership score is so low!”
you say. That’s true, but she comes with one of the best command skills in
the game, Medic (it’ll eventually upgrade to Mercy Angel, an even better
skill). What this skill does is repair some durability to your ships,
making it the only healing skill you’ll have for a good long while. Now, off
to Hapsal.


Tavern-Remember when Torlo was telling you about the gate guard, well, now’s
the time to cross that gate. The guard won’t take bribes, but he’ll take
“something like a 100G.” Talk to your friends to get a bonus to +1 artillery
for Yuri and Kira.

Once you’re on the way to the void gate, Torlo shows up and becomes a member
of your crew. You don’t need to assign him now, but when you get planet side,
stick him in an artillery position in the meantime. Once you get to the gate,
you can talk to the guard or fight him. If you talk to him, he’ll act like he
wasn’t bribed at all. That ass, we bribed him fair and square! Shoot the ones
in front and work your way to the flagship. 2 normal attacks for each ship
ought to do it.


Chapter 2 [A1CHP2]

Character flags: Radamir, Rufina, Zakhar/Dedon, Poplo, Gadina, Karlo
Module flag: Shield Frame 1, Navigation Bridge 1

Crossing the void gate seems to give Kira and Yuri headaches. How weird when
no one else has ever had that happen to them. Well, let’s head to a nearby
planet to rest up. Now, you have to avoid random encounters because right now,
you are outclassed by the Novigorod Pirates. Your fatigue bar should be really
high about now, so we should head over to Popash.


Tavern-the bartender will tell you about the current political situation
withinthe Lutsk sector. Do so to continue with the story.


Tavern-Talk to the old man. Keep talking to him until he offers to teach you.
Doing so gets you Fleet Leader 2. Now you can have both the Daisy and your own
ship working together. Remember what I said about sticking your flagship
behind your other ships. Now that you have two ships, you can start shooting
those Novogorod pirates down. After taking three squadrons down in random
encounters, you’ll be attacked by Dedon Galkin.

Boss Battle Dedon Galkin

It doesn’t even matter if you win or lose this one. His ship is quite powerful
for you right now. You could beat him on new game+ because you’d have much
higher stats and Final Roar. In any case, the Elgava forces will arrive to
assist, but they won’t capture Galkin. The Commander will invite you to Lutsk
Base, but we don’t have to go that far yet.


Tavern-You’ll get Tatiana, who’s useful as a control operator. Recruit her and
we can go to Lutsk base.

Lutsk Base

HQ-If you don’t recruit Tatiana before you get here, you’ll be turned away at
the door. After getting her, you’ll be able to speak to him. Keep talking to
all the officers. Aside from Vladykin, they sure are standoffish and not at all

Lodgings-Come to his quarters to get more information and a mission and the
blueprints for a new ship. Now you can replace that Daisy with a real ship.
That is, when you’ve scraped up enough money to do so.


Tavern-“Talk to the military man.” If he’s supposed to be a spy, he sure could
look more pirate-y. If you don’t say “We’ll buy you a few drinks” you will
literally buy him drinks, which cost money. After getting the data chip, head
back to report in. If you recruited him, talk to Polpo for a +1 Navigation to
Yuri after you fight Dedon Galkin a second time.

Dedon Galkin 2

Same as before. But he doesn’t seem all that interested in fighting. Go figure.

Lutsk Base 2

Lodgings-After being told you can do whatever, you should just wander around
for a while. At some point, Nia will tell you about the encrypted message. I
don’t know, if I were Yuri, I would have let her off, but then we’d have one
less crew member. Good call I guess. After this cutscene, head back to Lutsk
base for your next mission. Oleg will give you a choice to take the direct
route or the indirect route. Whichever you choose will start the mission.

Onward to the Pirate Base

Looks like an ambush. Vladykin will order you to proceed without him, so it’s
going to be your fleet that will actually raid the pirate base. Just as it
seems hopeless, Galkin saves the day and lightens your load. The only
interesting thing to note is that his flagship uses a special similar to
Panilov, but with missiles instead of lasers. It still counts as a barrage, so
dodging is more useful than in normal battles. Once you get planetside and
inside the building, take the first right to continue the story. Depending
which whether you took the indirect route or not, Zakhar will either die
outright or fall into a coma.

Lutsk Base 3

HQ-Mission accomplished! Now talk to Vladykin will give you the blueprint for
Galkin’s ship. I don’t recommend building it right now, if at all. Tatiana
will join up as a crew member. But before we head out to Central Elgava, let’s
do some sightseeing. If you’ve recruited Karlo, head back to Perekop and visit
to make missile weapons available. Do some sidequests if you want. Just as
soon as you try to leave the Lutsk sector, the pawnshop on Toropets will tell
you thatyour epitaph has been stolen, so you’ll be heading back to Ropesk


It looks like your epitaph was taken by Novigorod pirates and it’s up to us to
follow the trail. Unfortunately for you, that pirate with the big ship in the
tutorial battle took them out and now he has it. The only good news is that
he’ll board your ship and start a melee battle. The first one teaches you
about melee combat. After winning that one, Valantin will come at you full
force.There’s no way you can win this fight, but that doesn’t matter. Ouch,
looks like Yuri won’t be watching 3D tv for a while. Actually, I wouldn’t have
minded Yuri with an eyepatch, but looks like they can regenerate eyes now.
Well, now you can go to Central Elgava now.

Chapter 3 [A1CHP3]

Character flag: Feodor, Larrisa, Ratai
Ship flag: Novik, Gnevny
Module flag: Shield Generator 2, Sick Bay 2, Observation Room 1, Analysis
Room 1


Central HQ-Vladykin will give you a couple of missions and incentive, but not
information, about the epitaphs. He’ll invite you to his quarters for a private

Lodgings-Vladykin will teach you Fleet Leader 3 and the blueprints for a
Borodino class Battleship, arguably the best ship for a long time. I highly
recommend grinding G to pay for it, as it will make the mission against Argun


Medic organization-Coming here now will consist of having to donate 500G. The
first time will add a +2 Medicine to Nia, Kira, or Tatiana. I would go with
Tatiana myself, but it’s pretty useless given that all their positions are not
in sickbay. The third donation will get you blueprints.

Tavern-“Talk to Dedon Galkin.” You’ll get Ian as a new party member. You could
make him first officer, as his command ability raises accuracy or stick him as
an operator. I’d go for the latter so that Kira can still use medic. Galkin
will give you more mission details. He’ll tell you to recruit Gen Nadiy.

Nazhatin 2

We’ll just have to backtrack all the way to Nezhatin to pick up Gen. If you
makea stop at another spaceport, Ian will ask you if you’re qualified to be
captain. Say yes to get a +30 EXP to leadership.

Tavern-Gen will come along after you talk to him. He’ll want you to go to


You just have to drop him off here. Seeing as how he told you not to interfere,
you might as well make some progress against Argun by going to Gorodok. On the
way, pirates will tell you about how the Driutesk forces are hiring mercenaries
for their war. News of it has reached all points in this sector.


Tavern-Still, let’s get some information on Argun. Sabik will tell you about a
meteoroid storm. Basically, you’ll need to have deflector module 1 to traverse
it without taking damage, which they’ll make later. Ian will get kidnapped, but
you can still catch them before they enter the storm. Melania is not so lucky
and is on the planet Medyn. We can’t rescue her yet, so let’s check in on Gen.

Deviagorsk 2

Tavern-Talking to Gen reveals that he and Alik are the ones spreading rumors of
mercenary work. He’ll also join use as a temporary crew member. He’s quite
useful in a number of positions. He’s a better operator than Ian or Tatiana,
he has some anti-ship skills, and his Formation Foe will make ships in the back
row as easy to hit as ones in the front row.

Now that he’s done that, it’s time to attack those mercenaries. You’ll have to
fight three battles in the local area. The only catch is you cannot destroy the
regional ship or its game over. Once that’s done, the mission will be complete
as Central Elgava steps in. For a large government, they sure do need a lot of
help to resolve disputes. At least Gen will teach you Final Roar.


There aren’t that many sidequests to do right now, but you might as well do
what’s available during your money grinding. Argun’s base of operations is
difficult to attack without a Borodino-class battleship. If you don’t, you will
incur heavy losses.

The first battle is against 5 ships, lead by the same ship Balik had. Just work
your way through the cannon fodder, then the destroyers, and then the flagship.
After this battle, you can retreat back to Gorodok for repairs before the
second battle.

Boss Battle Balik 2

Ian sure is panicked by the enemy flagship. Still, the same measures you used
in the first fight should be fine. Still, this fight is more difficult because
your fatigue bar is so high. Use hit and barrage/Final Roar attacks as that is
the safest way to take down his support ships and his flagship. This is a
battle of attrition and heavy losses will be received without the use of Medic.

Medyn Landing

Melee fights require preparations in order to get things going your way. Assign
Gadina or Torlo in the secondary security post (you can have them occupy both
posts, but Yuri’s score will not be added). Install security rooms for higher
fight values, and add crew modules for more people. All of these preparations
give you a higher margin of error against the enemy. Borodino comes with 600 to
start, which is another reason to buy it. Keep going up to the third floor to
receive 300G. On the fourth floor is Balik and his melee fight. After you cut
down Balik, continue on to the fifth floor and one more melee fight. Argun is
a coward and will beg for his life. Choose “show him no mercy” three times. If
you choose to spare his life at any time, he will give you a keycard to
Melania, but it’s a trap as she’s wired with explosives, severely injuring you
and killing her. If you show him no mercy, he’ll hand you the explosive card
and only Yuri is injured. Either way, Kira will avenge him by blasting Argun’s
head off. You’ll have to head to the right-most ??? in area 1 to find the Medic
Organization ship. Looking up to see Kira and Nia’s faces sure is a sight for
sore eyes. Torlo’s not so much.

Zvengorod 2

Lodgings-Speak with Vladykin. Now he’ll finally give you information on
Elgava’s work on epitaphs. He’ll tell you the last known coordinates of that
ship. It’s quite far away, past Ostrog, so your fatigue bar will be quite high.
When you feel like you’re ready, stop at Ostrog for a pit stop, and then head
further in. Note that your fatigue bar will rise if you head further in, so if
you want, install modules that increase livability and assign crewmembers to
the chef positions.

Boss Battle Tefed Mudakov

He has five ships under his command, with four destroyers and his cruiser
flagship. Combined with your high fatigue bar, this fight is very similar to
Balik 2. Heal if necessary and have patience; that command gauge is not going
to charge quickly. If only some of your weapons are in range, use Final Roar
instead of barrage. That extra critical will make up for less number of

After defeating Mudakov, it turns out that he wasn’t the one who attacked the
probe ship. So who could it have been?


There’s a module shop here, so buy up all the blueprints. Once you get to the
Tavern-Talk to the oddly dressed man to continue the story. Nia will ask you to
leave them alone. After you’re done wandering, talk to Semias to find out what
happened to the probe ship.

Forest-you can take a walk here with Kira.

Meadow-You can also wander around here.


Lodgings-Speak with Vladykin. Boy, he sure does spend a lot of time in his
quarters. One would assume he’d be at work in Central HQ, which he’ll head to
after your report. Once he puts you on the trail to Heraklion, he’ll allow you
to enter the ship design company on Chernesk. Katal1’s guide also points out
that visiting Ketryzn allows you to get +5 EXP in ship management in exchange
for 300G. He’s right; it is useless. Before you leave Elgava for Kalymnos, Gen
and Alik will leave your party. Don’t worry, we’ll see them again at some

Chapter 4 [A1CHP4]

Character flag: Marjeno, Nobelo/Garni, Rhea, Leo, Nerissa, HELP
Ship flag: Volos, Selene
Module flag: Anti Aircraft control room 1


Tavern-The bartender will tell you about current events about the Kreios
pirates are running amok. Somehow, Kreios’s group keeps getting stronger
despite their leader being imprisoned. As a result, this situation has put the
Sector Security Agency on edge and they’ve set up blockades. I highly recommend
doing sidequests now because one of them sets flags for recruitment for a new
character. If you talk to your friends long enough, Karlo will ask you to
sightsee. Ask “why?” to get +1 Science for Yuri.

Tavern-If you recruited Gadina, she’ll beat up the champion of the tavern brawl
and give you 500G. Isn’t that nice of the gorilla lady?


Minas’s Lab-This is the place to pick up Professor Minas. He will give you a
long-winded lecture about what needs to be done next. Just listen to Kira; she
knows what we’re supposed to do. But because of the pirates, we need to be
cleared to go to those ruins. Minas is an excellent researcher and is the only
character you can get in the main game that has Mad Scientist. He’s also
necessary to recruit another character.
Note: Until you’re invited to the Sector Security Agency, the ??? between
Heraklion and Dodecanese is blockaded. To get to Dodecanese, you must use area
2 right-most ??? and scroll down to get there.


Tavern-Some guys are picking on a guy from a different country. Select “Let’s
help him!” to get +20 EXP to combat for Yuri and Torlo. This brawl will also
attention from Pappas; He sure is easy-going for a cop. Talk to the trader and
refuse his 100G three times to set his first recruitment flag.

Once you’re on your way to Veroia, you’ll run into a battle in progress. You
can choose to attack the pirates, which sets Adorinda Nobelo’s flag or help
defend the passenger ship for Nikolao Garni’s flag. Either way, Delis will
invite you to Veroia and Sector Security Agency’s headquarters.


Security Agency-So, it looks like the military doesn’t want to help the Sector
Security patrol, and they sure seem flustered about what to do. The commander
will ask you if you can make it on your own. You can say you’re not to continue
with the main story, but it’ll lock you out of recruiting two new members, so
say that you are. If you say “I’m confident,” it will clear up the blockade
that’s been keeping you from using the direct path between Heraklion and
Dodecanese. Now that you’re not confident, Ioannov will let you in on the
secret plan.

Tavern-Just talk to Pappas, Delis will just tell you to speak to Pappas. He
wants you to find Celina Soufias. He’ll also allow you to access the design
company on Volos. I’d strongly replacing your weakest ship with either an
Askold or Eudora cruiser, as they allow for hangars, which will be useful
later in this chapter.

Area around Zante

Go to one of the ??? around Zante to find Celina doing battle against an LMC
ship. Yuri may want to talk to her, and it’s a good thing she’s not
interesting in fighting you. And that other captain doesn’t seem thrilled that
you interrupted their fight. Can’t get much recognition huh? After that scene,
come back to the same ??? to find Celina. She won’t listen to Yuri, but Nia
certainly has a way with words. It sure is weird that Celina wants to be
arrested and sent to prison, but that’s what she wants.

Veroia 2

Security Agency-They’re going to use Celina’s plan, just to see what Kreios is
doing, and Nia will leave your team temporarily to keep an eye on her. Say “You
can’t do that!” to get +20 Leadership EXP for Yuri. So, head over to the upper
left ??? for the next event. That Oort interception cloud is quite impressive,
but warden Glaucus is less so, though I can’t exactly blame him for staring.
Now, you’ll have to wander around ports for a while. The first 3 will activate
a scene with Celina and Nia breaking out. The next 3 will inform you
something’s gone wrong. Good thing that Ian has a plan to find out.

Area around Zante 2

Basically, he wants you to capture a Krieos captain and interrogate him. So,
head to the area near Zante where you found Celina and look for a five ship

Boss Battle Terzi

You’ll know it’s the right one if a Eudora cruiser is the flagship. You can
destroy the other ships around him to make an easier time of it, but you have
to get right next to him to activate the melee command. Honestly, I really
hate melee battles because there’s really no way to predict what the
opponent’sgoing to do. You just have to outnumber them and try your best.

Veroia 3

After capturing their captain, Yuri will *ahem* interrogate him. Don’t worry;
all that happened to Terzi is that his arms have scars on them now. He’s no
amputee, just a hostage that you will use to invade Skantzoura. You should head
to Veroia to inform the Sector Security agency on this news. Ioannaov will hand
you the blueprints for Hangar 1, Maintenance 1, and AA weapons. Earlier in this
guide, I recommended the Askold or the Eudora to your fleet. Adding fighters is
the reason, and Gadina can finally put that Ace Pilot combat skill to use. I’ve
already explained the importance of using fighters over AA guns, so I’ll just
cover the part about invading Skantzoura.

Invading Skantzoura

After saying “yes” to Ioannaov, you’ll be locked into a course. If you can
avoid any battles, do so, as you need to keep your ships in tip-top shape for
the mandatory battles ahead. Good thing our ships have plot armor or they’d
never have made it through that interception cloud.

You’ll be up against a five ship fleet. I used 16 Grif fighters and they’ll be
able to repel the enemy’s. Not sure if you can use less fighters or ones not
focused on interception, but this combination will definitely work. If you can
use barrages against ships using AA, do so. It’s a hit.

Now that you’ve landed on the planet, you’ll have a few melee battles to deal
with. Don’t worry about running out of troops, as they’ll be restored after
every battle.

West-This building contains 700 guards, but no Nia or Celina.
East-700 guards, and if you’ve recruited Rhea, you’ll get Leo now. Another
group of 700 guards and Pappas as a prisoner. He’ll tell what was really going

Admin-You should head to the Obsevation room to find secret passage, and then
Warden’s office to go in and find Nia…and Krieos. It looks like he’s been here
a while. It looks like we’ll be following Celina. Be sure to add all your new
crewmembers before you leave.

Boss Battle Glaucus

This fight is similar to the last battle except for the high fatigue bar. It
seems like the only time they want to make a boss fight is to make your party
tired first, not by sending in ships that are more powerful than their rank and
file. Oddly enough, you don’t have to melee to capture him; you can just fight
him normally.

Investigating Mytilene

After than long fight, you can head to Mytilene. But stop by at Veroia to pick
up blueprints for a Volos cruiser, Selene destroyer, and 5000G. You can talk
to Leo to get blueprints of AA control room 2. The trip to Mytilene is a long
one, and will fill up your fatigue gauge. Despite the place being abandoned,
there’s a spaceport here. Boy, those AI really are autonomous. Minas will tell
you that you need to go to Tineo in Nova Nacio.

Chapter 5 [A1CHP5]

Character Flags: Beleko
Fighter Flags: Skoryi, Orlan

Tavern-but likely on any tavern in Nova Nacio, Nerissa will get into a fight
with Torlo. “Make Torlo apologize” for you to get Leadership EXP +30.
Guard Post-Only available after you decide to invade Spetses. Talk to Valso to
get access to the fighter design company.


Tavern-Pay the bartender 500G to unlock the guild here. If you’ve recruited
Soneto, she will start talking about how she was sexually harassed. Say “I’m
sorry to hear that” to get +5 fame.


Observatory- Aminda will review the information you’ve gathered on Mytilene.
It’s going to take a while, so explore the rest of this sector.

If you go to the ??? between Shelo and Riveli, you’ll pick up a Kalymnos ship
heading for Populara. If you go to a tavern right now, Ian will lecture Torlo
into a +1 to Ship Management.


Lanco Hotel-Find out what the Sector Security is doing here. Seems like they
don’t want our help even though they know we can handle it. Well, you’ll just
have to wander around until Vladykin will tell you to head to Zvenigorod.

Back to Zvenigorod

Central HQ-Vladykin will finally tell you what the probe ship saw and we see
A MASSIVE FLEET. Nia grows pale at the sight of it, I wonder why. Nia advises
Vladykin to form an alliance with Kalymnos and Nova Nacio, but he’s not
completely convinced of the threat. If anything, the Elgava government still
thinks they can assimilate this new fleet, despite their incompetence at
managing the planets they have now.


Tavern-Meet with Semias. Looks like this Lugovalos just keeps getting more and
more dangerous the more we learn about them. She’ll want to put the Daisy under
maintenance. If it’s the only ship in your fleet, Semias will give you a
Perekop and you will lose 1000 fame. This Perekop will have its name written
in katakana writing, which means that the localization team thought that you
wouldn’t be silly enough to sell all your ships and have the Daisy as the
flagship. It says jiyumee, for the curious.


You can’t go back to Elgava after this point, so if you want to do sidequests,
now’s the time to do so.


Observatory-The analysis should be done by about now…well, almost. But at least
we can stay at that swanky hotel on this planet. Visit Nia’s room, as the other
two are asleep, and a sweet, somber scene plays between the two. The next
morning, Aminda will tell you that she may have found a way to locate epitapts.
The projected location of the nearest one is in the Spetses sector.
Along with Ioannov’s murder, that just gives us another reason to head over


Hotel-Speak with Pappas, as you can only go to Kalymnos right now. He’ll brief
you on why they allied with Celina in the first place. But despite all this
evidence, the Security Agency doesn’t want to risk a diplomatic incident.
Frankly, declaring war against a country that supports slavery doesn’t sound
like a political disaster in the first place, but I suppose that’s just me.

Tavern-Come here after talking with Pappas to discuss what you’re going to do.
I suppose a little vigilantism isn’t such a bad thing in this case. When you’re
about to leave port, Garni shows up if you saved the passenger ship earlier in
the game, and Nobelo shows up if you attack the pirates instead. Personally,
I think Nobelo is the better crewman as she has the Amateur Chef skill, which
is rarer than Garni’s Abacus skill. We can leave for Spetses now, but I’d
recommend going to Rivelli to talk to Valso to pick up new fighter blueprints.


Guard post-Valso will give you permission to buy the fighter blueprints on this
planet. Make sure to prepare your ship to have some form of anti-fighter
defense, preferrable fighters.

Campaign of Spetses

The best preparations that I can think of is to have fighters of your own to
avoid fighter lock. Also, this campaign is going to raise your fatigue meter,
so start buying modules that increase livability, such as the mess hall,
crew quarters, sickbay, and so on. While we’re on that thought, have as many
crew members as you can for the chef positions.

You can use planets to rest up as light defenses are covering the beginning


Tavern-If you’ve recruited Feodor, he’ll give you a chance of gaining 100 fame
for 500G.

As we get further in, it looks like the guy that fought Celina is now fighting
Valantin. This cutscene battle ends much like what happened with Celina.
Well, now we get to see this brash captain’s face.


Tavern-“Talk to the young man” for his help with Ian’s plan. It’s not a bad
plan, but it all hinges on whether both teams can survive long enough for
Valatin to do the heavy lifting.


Tavern-If you have Barberis, talking to the zero-g dog will increase his skill
in artillery, navigation, or ship management.


Now, this is where the battles become more difficult and complex. Ian will
tell you we need to lure them out. That means that we just retreat to the very
end of the map and never fire a single shot until the invisible timer runs
out. Do this two times and only after you reach the Kilkis sector are you
allowed to fight back with Pappas, though he doesn’t join your fleet or
anything like that. A five ship fleet attacks. Take out the destroyers first
and save the carrier for last. In fact, I’d recommend healing with medic
until the boss fight to preserve as much fighting strength as possible. Once
you’re saved by the Corsair’s cutscene powers of mass destruction, we can
proceed to the boss fight.

Boss Battle Beleko

Head to Alonnisos for the boss fight against Beleko. What’s unique is that his
ship is in the middle, which makes for a tempting target. Destroying the
flagship before all others ends the fight. Don’t do it if you want to recruit
him later. Take out his other ships and leave the flagship alone to set his
recruitment flag. His special ability is Iron Wall, but it’s not that big of
a deal, especially with Final Roar. This is a long battle because of that
fatigue gauge, but if you’ve raised livability, it should be fine. Assuming
you destroyed his escort first, the second stage of the battle starts, where
Belenko will try to fight solo in his carrier. Because the carrier has weak
anti-ship weapons, you should have the advantage.

Fort Cadmus-400 troops
Prison-400 troops

Cadmus is too much of a coward to lead his men and flees into the desert ruins.
Once you corner him, the campaign is effectively over, as Cadmus dies
regardless of Yuri’s actions. Seems like everything should be fine, but then
Valantin shows up. At least he’s not coming for the other eye, but now we have
to follow him into the dead gate next to the blockade. Choose “go through the
gate” for Leadership EXP +30.

Into the undead gate

Well Yuri, if you’re definition of safe is some weird space where there’s space
screaming and disappearing gates, then I guess we just have different standards
of safety. “Ask Gavril Minas” for Leadership EXP +30. Now, this choice is
important. Choose “Look for Valantin” to continue the story. The other two
choices will be game over by non-existence. Valantin will give you that little
hint that’ll keep you alive. For someone that stabbed Yuri in the eye, he sure
is surprisingly helpful.

Chapter 6 [A1CHP6]

Character flags: Katida, Marjeno, Lotuso, Sceptro

Irvest Sector

So we’ve now ended up in a new, recently explored system that has many
inhabitable planets. I guess they’re in a different part of Irvest. Set course
for NN-005. It looks like Kira and Yuri are the only ones that even remember
the Flux sector, the same people who get headaches. Interesting coincidence,
isn’t it?


Desert-Receive a science lesson on terra-forming, which results in Yuri’s
science skill to increase by 1. It costs 1000G.


We will be unable to head back to any previous areas after entering the
Magellanic Stream.To continue out of this sector, talk to Cico. He’ll join you
on a temporary basis and come with his own, overpowered ship. I wish a lot of
other characters came with their own ships on a temporary basis, like Pappas or
Vladykin. When you try to leave port, we find out that we have to take Katida
to Kashtano for the rare medicine we need.

Just an important note, while traveling through the Mangellic Stream, we need a
ship like Cico’s in order to deal with the random encounters; without him, we
might as well be throwing rocks at those jackals. And traveling near a
supergiant star will reduce the durability and crew of all your ships. If you
have maintenance officers and a staffed sickbay, it shouldn’t be a problem, but
Nia wasn’t kidding when she said this place was dangerous.


Out of the frying pan and into the…okay, yeah it’s pretty safe here at this
trading outpost.

Trader’s Guild-Meet with Pipra. Okay, maybe we did land in fire anyway given
her lecherous attitude. Pay your respects in the form of 2000G to gain access
to the Red Bazaar on Kranio. Talk to her again to gain access to Zefiro. You
can also sell fame to her for money. Her rate is 20G per 1 point, so:


Personally, I don’t find her fees worth it. Fame is much harder to accumulate
than money. Money can be easily and consistently be found in enemy encounters,
doing sidequests, installing holds on your ships, and selling ships. The only
way to consistently find Fame can only be gained from enemy encounters.

Tavern-You can talk to your friends after talking to Pipra for Nia and Tatiana
to start talking about beauty products. Yuri’s Ship Management skill +1 as a
result. Talking to Nia will continue the plot. We need to sneak into that
trade convention. Maybe someone in the LMC will take the threat of Lugovalos
seriously, but to do that, we’re going to have to travel to all the planets
in the area to get the items we need.


The Black Bazaar-Only really accessible after Katida temporarily joins your
party. This is where we can get fake IDs. You can come here earlier without
Katida, but all the forger will say is that he needs a good copy to work from.


The White bazaar
Daily necessities-Cleaning supplies for 500G. Grants Yuri Ship Management +2
Medicine-The first time, the clerk will refer you to the hospital for the drug
that Katida needs. She will be hospitalized and recovering after you find out
about it. Nobelo will leave your crew at this point. Come back to the shop to
buy some actual medicine for 800G. Grants Yuri Medicine +2
Clothes-The first item is a party dress 1200G. This is a quest item so you’ll
have to buy it sooner or later. The second item is a bunch of boxer shorts for
50G, which increases Yuri’s Ship Management EXP +50.

Blue Bazaar
Marjeno, the trader you may or may not have saved in Kalymnos has his shop set
up here. If you’ve set his recruitment flag, he gives you his equipment at
50% discount.
Research equipment-1000G can be reduced to 500G. Increases Yuri’s
Science skill by +2.
Sports equipment-400, can be reduced to 200G. Increases Yuri’s Combat by +1
Flowers-These can only be obtained after talking to Katida in the hospital.
He has two kinds of flowers for sale, real ones for 300G and fake ones for 10G.
Buy the real ones to set her second recruitment flag.

Once you’ve bought everything from his store, he’ll join if you’ve also
rejected his reward twice earlier. He’s a decent accountant, and odds are you
don’t have anyone in that position yet.

Hospital-You can visit Katida in the hospital. Seesh, she sure is a ditz. You
can yell at her to set the first of her recruitment flags. If you lecture her,
she can’t be recruited at all. The second flag is to buy the real flowers
Marjeno is selling. Whatever it is you decide to do, you’ll have to come back
here after learning that you need fake IDs to enter the trade conference.
Don’t worry if you decided to be cheap about the flowers, she’ll still be
happy enough to help you out with that.


Scenic Tower-Cico will want to put the moves to Kira, and you literally have no
choice but to agree. He’ll just keep pestering you until you do. When you try
to leave the planet, Yuri will want to check in on Kira and Cico. Good thing we
showed up, huh? And now we can access the Black Bazaar on Kranio, which is
necessary to get the fake IDs.

Tavern-You should talk to the bartender to find the location of the trade

Trade Hall-When you do learn the location, you’ll get clues as to how to enter.
Basically, you need to have the party dress and fake IDs. Once you have all
these things, you can enter the trade conference. I’m tempted to say Nia looks
fantastic in that dress, but then again, I always think she looks incredible.
Anyways, talk to the Young Man in Black. The other two aren’t interested in
hearing about Lugovalos. Unlike Vladykin, at least Bastian is actually taking
this seriously.

Taking Katida home

Now that we’re done all that we can here, it’s time to head back to the void
gate in area 1. On the way back, Cico will get mad at you and leave your fleet.
That fight was totally his fault. You also can’t go back to Kashtano to
reorganize your fleet. Unfortunately, without Cico, you’ll have no choice but
to flee every battle. Set course for the RG sector. Kira will think there’s a
spaceport around her. Look for it until you find it. Then you’ll be able to
reorganize your fleet for the upcoming boss fight.

Boss Battle Oisin

The first part of this battle will trap your fleet with mines. You must use
your fighters and/or AA guns to take them out. Don’t worry about Oisin; he’s
all the way on the other side of the map so his weapons won’t hit you. Once the
mines are taken care of, Cico will show up and distract him so that you can
start this boss fight in earnest. I’d rather that Cico just blow him up just
like the last few jackals earlier. Course, your weapons will do just as well
against his ship. One to two final roars will be enough to take him out.

Chapter 7 [A1CHP7C]

We’re almost about to drop off Katida, but then Pappas will call us about an
emergency, something that affects an entire nation. What could it be?


Tavern-If you talk to your friends before dropping off Katida, she’ll offer
you an entire star system. Answer No thanks to avoid -30 to fame.

Lanco HQ-come here to drop her off. She and Nobelo/Garni will leave your crew
and you won’t have the chance to recruit them again until much later in the

Lanco Hotel-Lanco will tell you what has happened to start the war between
Kalymnos and Nova Nacio. He will give you 20000G as thanks for saving Katida.
After talking it over with everyone in the tavern, now you’ll get to choose
which side to take. Now, there’s a fork in this path: Nova Nacio or Kalymnos.
Nova Nacio provides the opportunity to recruit some excellent officers but
less impressive ships. Kalymnos gets you mediocre officers but better ships.
Nova Nacio gets you more modules, but some whould say Kalymnos has a better
story. If this is your first playthrough, I recommend taking Nova Nacio
simply because the missions are easier.

Kalymnos [A1CHP7K]

Character flag: Terzi, Xenakis, Pappas
Ship flag: Thalia, Adrasteia

If this is your first playthrough, I see you decided not to listen to me. Very
well, I’ll give you advice on getting past this part without the benefit of
New Game plus. Beleko will join you if you’ve set his recruitment flag. He is
a really good character best suited for security or artillery.


Tavern-Talk to your friends to talk to Palmo. His navigation skill will
increase +2. Talk to him again to get Artillery +2.

Allied HQ-You’ll briefed on what missions you’ll need to do. Delis will join
your crew, but he isn’t all that useful. Glavanis will give you 5000G.


Tavern-Some guy will hit on Soneto and because of her, Yuri, Torlo, or Ian
will get Artillery +1.

Irvest Sector


HQ-Terzi is here as a mercenary captain. He’s a recruitable character, but we
won’t reap the benefits until much later in the game. Delis will tell you to
escort a transport ship. Yes, another NPC ship. Unlike Cico, this ship can’t
fight worth a damn. You’ll have to take it to CL 617 and then come back. To
recruit Terzi, go to the ??? next to you first. If you finish your mission
before investigating, you’ll be too late to save him from Pavlov. If you do
save Terzi, you’ll set his recruitment flag and if you decide to “see what we
can retrieve,” you can, you’ll get blueprints for a Thalia class battleship.
Complete the mission for 3000G.


HQ-Verga will order us to retake CL 665. Before we leave, unequip any weapons
that can hit multiple targets, such as the MRV missiles. On the way there,
Delis will tell us to take down a transport ship. We can’t shoot it down.
We need to rely on fighters and single targeting weapons. You will capture
Villo, but Delis’s racism gets the better of him. “Stop him” to get Fame +20.

Once you reach CL 665, the battle is already underway and you’ll have to fight
a carrier and two cruisers. It’s nothing you haven’t already fought before. We
won, but Abato shows no mercy. But before we leave to collect our reward of
5000G, check in the tavern.

CL 665

Tavern-talk to the middle aged man with Sceptro. Give Delfeno 500G to increase
your fame +50.

Final days of the war

Once you’ve completed those two missions, Verga will tell you about project
Stelalumo actually is. Maybe Bush should have been looking for WMDs here
instead of Iraq; he would have had a better chance of success. It looks like
the lynchpin of their defense is a Paradizo-class carrier. Once you get to
Najbaro, the battle’s already underway and you’ll immediately have to take out
Nova Nacio’s best ship.

Nacion carrier

It looks like the lynchpin of their defense is a Paradizo-class carrier with
two battleships. What’s worse is that even the carrier does decent damage. It’s
best to have as many fighters as you can carry to takes care of its fighters
and to use Final Roar to take out the battleships as quickly as you can.
After defeating the enemy fleet, Verga wants you to evacuate so he can use his
Thalia class ships to knock the moon out of orbit to destroy the laser. Looks
like Verga likes to fight fire with fire. “Talk to Deacon Verga” for Yuri
Leadership +10 EXP. Verga won’t listen. “Talk to Vlasis Delis” to get fame +50.
But before you can get groundside...

Boss Battle Abato

Abato will attack you with his one ship. Unfortunately, there’s no time to rest
and he has many powerful long-range weapons at his disposal, and he also can
use Final Roar ON YOU. The best you can do is to use fighters and close the
distance so he can only use his weakest weapon against you. Just use normal
attacks close range and you should be fine.

Once you’ve taken care of him, you will be aiding in the evacuation and so will
Terzi if he’s alive.

Control Center-600 troops will attack you in two waves. Turns out the control
room was empty. Torlo’s right; it does suck to be them. “Evacuate without
Delis” to get fame +30.

Leave the planet as there’s nothing more you can do. It turns out that Pappas
stayed behind to help out. Now, we just take the civilians to Byzantium. Don’t
worry, you don’t have to escort an NPC ship this time.


Shelter-Come here to talk to Terzi. Turns out he actually does care for people.
I think this is also a recruitment flag for him, but I’m not entirely sure.

Joint HQ-Pappas is alive and recruitable, but Delis is not. Verga will still
insist he was in the right about dropping a moon on a colony. Glavanis will
tell you to patrol the area for a while. “A while” consist of three random

Nova Nacio [A1CHP7N]

Character flag: Letero, Merita, Luko, Pavlov
Ship flag: Paradizo
Module flag: Deflector 4, Mess Hall 2, Deflector 4, Mess Hall 2


So you decided to listen to me and go with Nova Nacio. Lanco will give you
10000G and as you leave port, Beleko will join you if you’ve set his
recruitment flag.


Tavern-A zero-G dog will hit on Soneto and she’ll make him teach Yuri, Torlo,
or Ian artillery skill +1. Talk to your friends to get a conversation between
Minas and Leo to get Yuri Science skill +2.


Tavern-Palmo will gain Navigation skill +2 upon entry.

Irvest Sector


Joint HQ-Captain Valso is here. He will introduce you to Letero, who will be
keeping an eye on us. He’s decent in maintenance with his machine geek skill.
Please Letero, stop using a bowl to help cut your hair. Valso will brief you on
a couple of missions to harass the enemy.


This planet is very successful for terraforming, but why is this place so
strategically important? It must have something to do with Project Stelalumo.

Najbaro HQ-Merita will order you to take out 3 battleships around CL-665.
Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. The only thing to point out is
that the Pallas and Ianthe have lasers that function like Panilov’s ship.
You can always use CL-665 to rest up in between battles. The Thalia class
has a five ship fleet, but one to two Final Roars should be enough to take
it out. Abato will show up, but the same basic strategy applies. Fortunately
Abato isn’t all that interesting in fighting us to the death and will flee if
you do enough damage to him. “Don’t go after him” to get Yuri leadership EXP
+50. Letero sure is a coward. Come back when you’re done to get 3000G.


Universala HQ-Pavlov will start talking to you. Letero will order us to destroy
4 transports around CL-617. This mission is even easier than taking down the
battleships. Pavlov will race off. Go after him to find that his ship was
wrecked by a group led by a battleship. If you have at least 5000 fame, he
will join you. He’s a pretty good navigator because of his Ace Helmsman skill.
You’ll also get deflector 4, which is the best deflector in the game. Come back
when you’re done to get 2000G.


Tavern-If you’ve recruited Sceptro, he will want Yuri to give 500G. You’ll get
Fame +50.

The final days of the war

After completing both mission, Kalymnos will begin their offensive against
Ermeno. The fleet admiral will order Valso’s team to reinforce Najbaro.


Two waves of Thalia class ships are here, but the strategy remains the same.
After breaking through and seeing that their plan is to crash the moon into
the planet, Abato attacks.

Boss Battle Abato

Now he’s interested in a fight to the death. He has many long range weapons
and Final Roar. The best strategy is to close the gap and hit him with close
range weapons. His ship can take a lot of punishment, but as long as you don’t
take as much as him, you can win through attrition.

“Talk to Letero” to get Fame +10. We find out that this Stelalumo is a high
powered laser that has enough firepower to destroy the moon.

Najbaro 2

Najbaro HQ-It looks like Merita knew about the project. Unfortunately, it
wasn’t complete and it’s output is at 50 percent.

Control Bunker-unlocks after talking to Merita. There are two waves of 600
troops to defend an empty bunker. Letero will volunteer to stay behind to get
it working. “Evacuate without Antonio” to gain Fame +30. He’ll have trouble
firing until Merita fixes the problem. I guess Letero isn’t as good as he
thinks he is. Come back here to pick them up and have both of them join you.
Merita is a decent Operator with her cool & calm skill.

Chapter 8
Module Flag:Captain's Cabin 2 (Nova Nacio only)
The path is still split, but will rejoin later on when you need to head through
the Magellanic Stream.

Kalymnos [A1CHP8K]

Katal1’s guide says to avoid visiting Bascilisus during this chapter as there
is a glitch where Delis will be recruited again and because of this glitch,
the gates randomly decide not to work and some story events won’t trigger. I
don’t quite know about the full effect of the glitch, but do we really want a
zombie Delis on our ship? Maybe if he was maxed out with ComeBackKid then I’d
consider it.


Shelter-Come here to talk to Terzi. Turns out he actually does care for people.
I think this is also a recruitment flag for him, but I’m not entirely sure.

Joint HQ-Pappas is alive and recruitable, but Delis is not. Verga will still
insist he was in the right about dropping a moon on a colony. Glavanis will
tell you to patrol the area for a while. “A while” consist of three random
battles. Kira will collapse and you will be forced to take her to Byzantium
hospital. The weird thing is, she’ll still be in whatever position you’ve
set for her even though she has broken ribs. What a trooper!

Hospital-You enter automatically. Kira will leave your crew, as well as
Tatiana, Torlo, Minas, Ian and Radamir if you’ve recruited him. Glavanis
will tell us that Elgava was essentially subjugated by Lugovalos. Odds are
there’s no one in the SMC that can stand a chance against them now. The only
hope is Regeinland, but that means going through the Magellanic Stream. We’ll
let’s hope Nia called on some good backup. Villo will join you, but he’s
pretty mediocre.


Nova Nacio [A1CHP8N]

Ermeno 2

Torlo suggest giving 2000G in food.

Shelter-If you’ve given the refugees the 2000G Torlo asked for, you’ll get some

Joint HQ-Valso will brief you on how the battle went and Ulmo is annoyed at
Yuri’s sense of honor. He’ll order you to patrol the area and take out three
enemies in random encounters. Kira will collapse and you must take her to the
hospital. Despite her broken ribs, she’ll still function as a crew member. That
little girl is tougher than she looks.

Hospital-This event activates automatically. Several members of your crew:
Kira, Torlo, Ian, Tatiana, Minas, and Radamir if you’ve recruited him, will
leave. Valso will run in and tell you that the Central Elgavan navy has been
completely defeated. The only hope left if whether Regeinland will send aid,
so Nia tells us we need to get to Kashtano. Hopefully the back-up she ordered
will be as good as Cico.

Common Route[A1CHP8C]

The fork comes together after entering the Magellanic stream.

On the way over, Celina will be the NPC ship escorting you. I’m with Yuri,
what embarrassing secret could she have? Now preparing for the next few battles
will be somewhat weird. Select your two best ships and equip them for high
livability and the best weapons you can get. The high livability is not for
the Act 1 battles, but in preparation of Act 2.

Kashtano 2

Trader’s Guild-So the response of most of the nations was to surrender, except
Kalymnos. Fortunately, Lugovalos isn’t insane. Like Rome, they only kill those
who oppose them. Nia will make the call for reinforcements and Pipra will tell
us that Semias is around the area.


Tavern-“Talk to Semias Alastar” to find out that there’s a hidden starlane.
Eremon seems to jar Nia for some reason. Semias will join, and he’s an
excellent navigator or security chief.

Kashtano 3

Trader’s Guild-Eremon will make a personal appearance, along with several
dozen members of his goon squad. Looks like even Eremon needs help in
travelling through the Magellanic Stream, but Nia will stop him by threatening
to kill Pipra. No real loss, in my opinion. Nia, “a weathered old crone”? You,
Niall Eremon, have no taste in women! Good thing Regeinland showed up, and
judging from Desmond’s reaction, their technology is formidable enough to
warrant concern.

Tavern-After finding out about Regeinland’s reinforcements, “talk to your
friends” to prompt a conversation with Beleko. Yuri will get leadership EXP

Battle against Lugovalos

Set course for Abandoned if you’ve unlocked it. The Lugovalian fleet is in the
RG Sector and that’s where you can start your flanking attempt. It looks like
the Elgava military is supposed to hold up their flank. With Celina with you,
you can just blow past them. Nia will yell at Yuri about the realities of war
and then plants a full kiss on the lips. I’m so jealous right now. Once you
hit the RG sector, you’ll be attacking the Elgava ships guarding their flank.
 You’ll be able to blow past them without too much effort.

Boss Battle Eremon

The first stage of this battle is brief. Just attack him once to find every
non-critical hit only does 1 damage or not attack at all. With cutscene power,
Yuri will declare that the ship is impervious to damage. Then Valantin uses his
own cutscene powers of mass destruction and make Eremon’s ship vulnerable.
Unfortunately this is the time that Celina will leave your fleet and you’ll
have no time to replace that empty slot. Much like Abato, his ship can hit
hard and from far way, so you’ll just have to rely on fighters and close range

After you win that fight, Nia will board Eremon’s ship by herself and Semias
will force us to retreat through the void gate. Nia Nia Nia, the first rule
of killing people is to shoot first, not talk to them. That’s why you got
sliced. Bastian will fire the Exalaser, and buy the LMC some time to prepare
for Lugovalos. Let’s hope they prepare accordingly.

And to be absolutely clear…


You will not be able to return to any of these areas for a good, long time,
and even then, the sidequests in Act 1 can’t be completed in Act 2.

Act Two

Chapter One [A2CHP1]

Character flags:
Module flag: Security 7

Ten years have passed and Yuri and all of his crew have been arrested for
knowing about the Lugovalian threat. Wow, Yuri became a giant. Now this whole
prison part makes very little sense to me as apparently its co-ed and the
prisoners don’t appear to be wearing a uniform.

Day 1

Take a tour of the area before visiting the East Block.

Go to Franny Porollo’s cell-She sure does try to throw herself at Yuri, but
it’s pretty neat she has surveillance on the prison complex.
Go to Semias Alastar’s cell-Semias will tell us about a useful cellmate that
might have some information we can use. Talk to him again to get Yuri’s Combat
Go to Gen Nadiy’s cell-So, it looks like old man Gen and Alik have also been
arrested for the same crime Yuri was. Talk to Gen to learn Fleet Leader 4,
which allows us to finally have four ships in a fleet. Wish we had it sooner.
Return to Yuri’s cell when you’re done talking to the other inmates.

Day 2

Franny will pass a schedule of transports to Yuri for us to deliver to Alik.

Gen’s cell-Alik is busy working on figuring out the intervals between plasma
storms for us to pass through safely.
Franny-Not only can she hack their security, she also knows where our weapons
are stored.
Semias-he’ll introduce us to Thomas, who knows where our ships are. How
convenient for us.
Return to Yuri’s cell when you’re done. Alik will tell you his findings.
It doesn’t sound like good news, so if we plan to escape, it’ll be based on

Day 3

Prison complex-Regardless, we attempt to break out of here. The path is linear,
and once Yuri gets his sword back, he’ll gain combat +2. There’s 800 guards
standing in your way. You only have 1000 crewmembers to work with, but this
fight is perfectly winnable. Then Dodungo will block your escape. He outnumbers
you with 1200 men, but you should be able to outdamage him pretty quickly. What
a meathead…or lack of a head for getting in our way instead of helping us
escape. Yuri’s gotten ruthless now. Guess he learned Nia’s lesson pretty well.
But we still have the problem of the plasma storms appearing at random
intervals. What could the solution be? Apparently, it was mostly an illusion
and that shooting at it solves the problem. Kinda wish a lot of problems were
just that simple.

Set course for Labico and on the way, we can attack a transport fleet with one
destroyer. If there’s any difficulty in this fight, it’s the lack of
preparation and a high fatigue bar. If you’ve had high livability modules set
before act 1 finished, then the command gauge should be fine.


Don’t build any new ships just yet, at least until you can access the
blueprints on Acerenza.

Tavern-“Talk to your friends” to get Franny to sew you new clothes. Apparently
they’re so hideous that Yuri would rather stick with his prison clothes.
Yuri’s ship management skill +1 regardless.

Union HQ-Pay 1000G to enter the HQ where Jovani will greet you. Sure he’s a
heavy-set guy, but I think the weight’s all in his hair. Jovani will ask you
what happened to Kashtano. Don’t tell him to get Yuri’s ship management +1.
He’ll get you access to the chart bank on this planet and access to neighboring
Acerenza. Now, when he says to only land on Acerenza and Labico, those are the
only two places you can visit. Any other place will simply gun Yuri down as he
gets off the ship.
Chart Bank-You don’t have to come here, but you can to find out the basic
political situation within the LMC. But there’s no information on where the
penal colonies are.



Check out the Clothier-Mariana will make you a new suit for 1000G. When she
says that it’ll take her time, it’s just three random encounters. Once you
pick up you new suit, it turns out that Mariana is Pipra’s granddaughter. Ugh,
that means that at some point, someone actually had sex with her to give birth
to Mariana’s mother. I’m not sure I can get that out of my head. Anyways,
she’ll tell us that we need to take a VIP hostage to get us the leverage we
need to get the rest of our crew members back. When you’re ready, head over
to the ??? next to Cino.

Check out the arms dealer-his first product is sell guns to either Franny or
Alik for 500G or both for 900G, which increases their combat +1. Neither
crewmember is likely see combat, so just pick whoever. The next offer is
to sharpen Yuri’s sword, which gives Yuri combat +2 for 3000G.

Boss Battle Shildo

This battle flat out demands you to board their ship for melee combat. It is
impossible to go ship to ship as their weapons are far too powerful. Use
fighters to hold the ship in place while you close the distance. The simple
fact is that you will lose at least one ship rushing the enemy. Give all your
ships security modules and as many crew modules as you can install. Also add
Semias as the assistant security officer so that his score adds with Yuri’s.

1600 initial force
800 led by Shildo. He’s quite good at melee.

After defeating Shildo, Yuri asks Glorinda to be their hostage. Regardless of
your choice, he’ll let her go as she threatens you with suicide. What a
gentleman to keep her from needing to do that. Glorinda will tell you the
location of your crewmembers. Hopefully, Franny’s wrong about it being a trap,
but why would Yuri want to get trapped in one?


4 ship fleet, but their weapons aren’t all that dangerous provided you have
deflector 4. I accidentally left my Eudora ship in front because of the fight
with Shildo, and it didn’t sink in this battle. If you don’t have it, well,
they can do decent damage, but they’re still not much tougher than the
pirates you’ve been fighting.
After this, we get most of our crew members back! It’s time to put our crew
back in their proper places.
As so as we leave, Regeinland and Libertas will trap us. They both want us to
surrender to them, so there’s only one logical choice…surrender to Regeinland.
At least we have reason to believe that Regeinland is willing to fight
Lugovalos. It seems as though surrendering is part of Gen’s plan. I sure
hope we don’t land in prison again for that.
Chapter 2 [A2CHP2C]

Character Flag-Andreas, Basadre and Jimenez/Ochoa and Lozano, Mariana,
Ship flag: Castilla
Module flag: Navigation Bridge 8, Lookout 2


If you have the money, build an Agrell battleship. It is quite possibly the
best battleship for half of this act and a good support ship for the other

Tavern-“talk to friends” to prompt a conversation with Karlo to get combat +2
for him.
Alpha Quadrant HQ-It looks like Regeinland needs our help and makes Yuri a
special officer in their forces to finally take measures to fight Lugovalos.
Seems like they should have done that from the get-go instead of waiting ten
years. We’ll be free to travel without the fear of being gunned down at the
spaceport, yay! After wandering for a while, Scneizer will ask us back. We
don’t have to go immediately so do the sidequests first.

Rentinen 2
Alpha Quadrant HQ-Scneizer will tell us to resolve the Escondido Civil war,
now we have a choice between supporting the government forces or the rebels.
I recommend the government forces on the first playthrough as the rebel forces
are faster to destroy. Visit Canopus and Octans for information about the
rebels. Dietrich may be accompanying us, but he never joins our fleet like
Cico or Celina. Some escort he is. Anyway, Escondido ships have a great deal
of armor and will be able to shrug off just about every non-critical hit.
Rebel Route [A2CHP2R]

Character flag: Arturo and Jimenez

If this is your first playthrough, I see that you have decided not to listen to
me and join a rebel who fights for the pride of their nation. I’m guessing you
also chose Kalymnos just to spite me. Very well, I’ll help out as best I can.

Agua Clara

Before you get here, Gen will feel quite sick, more so than usual. Lozano,
Ochoa’s second in command will tell you to meet at the Zaga House.

Zaga House-Ochoa will tell us to go to Adis void gate and to take the
government’s capital, Dorado. He knows about Yuri’s interest in epitaphs.
Maybe he knows more about them and if there’s one nearby.

Wandering around this part of this sector, you may run into a shield ship. This
ship is nearly impervious to ship weapons; if an attack hits that is not a
critical, it does about 1 point of damage. Fighters seem to do normal damage to
it, but the best strategy is to use formation foe so that you can target the
ships behind the shield ship with no penalty. We’ll be seeing a lot of these
shield ships during this campaign.

Seizing the void gate

A five ship fleet is holding position here, but there’s nothing special about


Tavern-“Talk to the laborer” He’ll charge 3000G for some technology that sets a
flag for a new type of ship. Well worth the price I think. It also sets the
recruitment flag for him and you can get Emiliano at Labico’s Union HQ. He’s a
pretty good navigator to boot. Suddenly 3000G isn’t all that expensive, now is

The battle of Dorado

The defenses at Dorado also have a shield ship, and the best way to take it out
is with formation foe and to take out the support ships quickly so that you can
use fighters indefinitely. After clearing out the forces stationed at Dorado,
Ochoa will set up his base on this planet. Gen will be even sicker. Well, the
man is 80 years old...


Tavern-“Talk to the merchant.” He will have difficulty with projections and
will ask for an experience accountant. Anyone in the accounting department will
be eligible for ship management +2.

Talk to Osvaldo Ochoa-This is unlocked after talking to Lozano once at Front
Line HQ. Ochoa will tell you more about their relationship and why it became
frayed over the years. Talking to him will set a recruitment flag for a couple
of officers.

Front Line HQ-Ochoa is not in right now, getting anxious at having to fight
his best friend Arturo. Ochoa’s orders are simple; take down their flagship.
His ship is escorted by four shield ships. Gen’s formation foe will make this
battle easy, but if you take his help, you will lose 200 points of fame.

EE-ZZ sector

Boss Battle Basadre

The Navarra is surrounded by 4 shield ships, but they have none of their ships
have anti-fighter capabilities. Assuming you didn’t bring Gen, the safest
course of action is to use fighters only to do damage. Gen’s formation foe is
the easiest option which is why taking his help is such a steep penalty. This
battle will take a long time, but extremely easy otherwise. I guess that’s why
it’s call the EE-ZZ sector. I suspect that the enemy plans to bore you to death
in order to win. The Eberlin carrier is the best ship for this battle because
it can carry 60 fighters.

Now that you’ve won, go back to Dorado to collect your reward, chiefly among
them is an epitaph. There’s nothing left to do here, so we might as well leave.
Arturo and Jimenez will join if you set their recruitment flag in this chapter.
Arturo comes with Iron Wall and Jimenez has no skills. The Holy Nation of Adis
and the Federation decide to team up to subjugate Escondido, rendering Ochoa’s
victory meaningless.

Government Route [A2CHP2G]

Character flag: Ochoa, Lozano

Set course for Presidio. I prefer this route because the characters that can be
recruited are better, the battles aren’t as tedious, and the only way to
complete the sidequest on Cino has to be with this route.


Jimenez will greet us as we approach the planet. Basadre will tell us to clear
out the fleets on Guadalajara and Agua Clara. Both fleets have five ships with
one battleship. All of their ships can take a lot of punishment, so use Final
Roar to expedite the process of blowing them out of the sky.
Tavern-“Talk to friends” eventually, if Letero is in your party, he will give
you 800G.


Tavern-“Talk to the laborer” He’ll charge 3000G for some technology that sets
a flag for a new type of ship. Well worth the price I think. It also sets the
recruitment flag for him and you can get Emiliano at Labico’s Union HQ. He’s a
pretty good navigator to boot. Suddenly 3000G isn’t all that expensive, now is

Agua Clara

Tavern-“talk to the navigator” to learn that Ochoa’s ship has a cloaking


HQ-Talk to Basadre to tell him about the cloaked ship. Then, if you haven’t
already, arm your ships with weapons that have Multi-Atk listed to hit an
entire fleet at once. He’ll order you to patrol and find Ochoa.

Boss Battle Ochoa

The Alfonso is invisible and can’t be targeted. The only way to hit his ship is
to use weapons that attack an entire fleet, such as Particle lasers or MVR
missiles. Formation foe is useful because Ochoa’s ship is in the center.
Fighters are useful for locking him down, but because they only attack one
ship, don’t use them to destroy the ships. If the Alfonso is the only ship
left, he will flee and your crew will complain. You can choose to take a hint
on how to destroy Ochoa’s ship, but you will receive a penalty to fame.

You’ll get an epitaph for your trouble once you report in to Basadre. Now that
the civil war is settled, head back to Regeinland in triumph. But as you’re
about to leave, Arturo was assassinated with a car bomb, most likely by the
Federation or Adis. Ochoa, if he’s been recruited, will howl at the news.

Chpater 3 [A2CHP3]

Character flag: Formich
Ship flag: Erebos
Module flag:  Analysis Room 2

Rentinen 2

Alpha Quadrant HQ-Regardless of whose side you took during the civil war, Sankt
is pleased with the result and their evaluation of us is complete. It appears
that the wreckage of an Elgavan ship, which means there’s a void gate to the
SMC. It seems the reason why the Federation was focused on silencing everyone
who knew about Lugovalos because they didn’t have a plan in place to deal with
the eventual invasion. “Talk to Dietrich Schneizer” if you’ve bought Emiliano’s
information back in Guadaiajara to get plans for the shield ship; it’s can be
useful in defending your other ships. “Talk to Lord Roth” and he’ll add Nele
and Dietrich to our crew temporarily.


Until we complete our mission of investigating the SMC, we will be unable to
return for a while.

While passing though this sector, we will encounter a flux zone. Apparently
they’re becoming more and more commonplace. Head to the Unstable Gate to see a
gate fluctuate. Answer “Video he saw on Rentinen” to get Yuri science skill +1.
So, we need to use the epitaph we got on Escondido to fix the gate.

Spetses Frontier

Boss Battle Valso/Glavanis

Whoever you fight is determined by whose side you chose during the Irvest war.
He will attack us under orders from Lugovalos. Their ships, while a definite
improvement over Act 1 ships, are no match for yours. The officer will die and
“accidentally” leave some data behind to help us.


You’ll have to fight 50 Lugovalos troops. Their attack is enormous and if
you’re not careful, you really could lose this fight. Dietrich will say that
they’re “amazing specimens” and given that they were knocking around hundreds
of your troops around, he’s got a point.

Tavern-“Talk to the bartender” He’ll start talking about a woman pirate that
is still resisting the empire. He’ll point you to an informant on Oenus


Tavern-“talk to the bartender” here to find the informant you’ve been looking
for. Then “talk to the informant” to find out where Celina is. Miltos will
start talking trash about the resistance, and Yuri will cut him down and not
pay the money. That was some Grand Theft Auto action right there. You should
head to the Sardis belt to meet up with Celina. She’s got some good news about
the crew members we’ve left here. Semias will ask where Nikitas is, and he got
captured. “No rescue Nikitas first” to engage in a sidequest. Choose “Okay…”
to avoid it.

Spetses (optional)

This sidequest really pays off if you chose Nova Nacio during the Irvest War.
Those who chose Kalymnos will get something too, but it’s not nearly as good.
We have to hunt down Baranga’s fleet, destroy it, and rescue the prisoners he
has in Fort Cadmus.

At the blockade, there is a 5 ship fleet, all cruisers and destroyers. It’s
nothing you haven’t fought before.

Boss Battle Baranga

Baranga’s fleet consist of his Erebos and four Eudora cruisers. Seeing as
how most of his fleet consist of SMC ships, focus on taking them out. Normal
attacks should be sufficient to bring his support ships down. One Final Roar
should be enough to take him down. I don’t see why Celina had so much
difficulty with him. I think she was just asleep on the job for losing to
such a weak bounty hunter.


Fort Cadmus-“Search the second floor” to rescue Mihhaelo Luko/Xenakis Luko has
Ace Pilot 3, which makes him fantastic. Xenakis is a decent navigator, but
you’ve probably got three navigators if you like to recruit characters, so he’s
“Search the great hall” to find Nikitas and return to the Sardis Belt to drop
him off.

Kalymnos Junction

This place is a lot emptier than it used to be, probably because Lugovalos
implemented a scorched-earth policy to subjugate them. Check out the planets
to pick up some modules, ship designs and a new character, but for the most
part, go to Skantzoura.


Prison (west)-This is the only part that is open. The resistance fighters
fight you with 800 troops, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to take them out.
After settling that problem, the resistance force will join up. Wow, Kira
got hot, Torlo’s been hitting the gym, and Tatiana…has eighties hair. Not
only that, but Kira’s medic skill gets upgraded to Mercy Angel. And if
you’ve recruited Radamir, he and Rufina will join you. Radamir is as useless
as always, but Rufina has the Amateur chef skill, making her the perfect chef.
Also, if you’ve set the recruitment flags for Zakhar and Terzi, they will now
join you.

As for Ian, he’s missing and Minas and Aminda are held prisoner on Mytilene
to research the epitaphs, which is where we’re heading to next.


There’s a five ship fleet of Elgavan ships. Seeing as how you’ve been taking
down Elgavan and Nova Nacio/Kalymnos ships on the way over, they’re hardly a
threat. Once you get to the surface, Ian has turned traitor and is leading the
ground forces (1200). For some reason, the troop he commands isn’t half as
toughas those on Orion. Some chief of security he is if his men aren’t even
the best at fighting.

Desmond’s lab-two waves of 1200 troops will attack, but they are no tougher
than Ian’s group. If you’ve set Katida’s recruitment flags, she will join after
this point. Another group will attack, but they’re only as difficult as the
first two. Desmond will hold Minas hostage like the coward he is. He’ll start
rambling about the artificial epitaph and activate it, but all it does is fuse
him with the gate.Well, Minas and Aminda will join. Aminda is an okay character
who might have been more useful if she was just a bit nuttier and had the mad
scientist skill. Oh well, at least her base science skill is high.

As soon as you leave, Ian will tell you that a massive fleet is heading our
way, so we need to make tracks straight to the void gate. If you make paths
that do not go straight to the void gate, you will get trapped and it’s
game over. You are also barred from using spaceports, so there’s no way to
heal the fatigue gauge. Katal1 makes the recommendation of using Kira’s Mercy
Angel to combat this gauntlet of about 5 SMC fleets. I also make the
recommendation to install sickbays on all of your ships and use crewmembers
with Machine Geek to repair the ships outside of battle.

Boss Battle Cico

Because Cico can only use SMC ships, he doesn’t actually pose a threat to you.
He doesn’t even have fighters so you can just fighter lock him and blow his
ships up with impunity.

After entering the void gate, they’ll give up pursuit. Lucky for us they don’t
want to take a chance and start a premature invasion. On the way back, Torlo
will tell Nele that he wants to give us a blueprint. Enter the tavern BEFORE
you leave the sector or you will not get it. Yuri will get new clothes that
make him look like a giant wolf. And I was just getting used to his pirate
captain clothes.

Chapter 4 [A2CHP4C]

Character flags: Phyllis, Hanno, Galatas, Anchjo

Module flag: Mess Hall 6 Shield Frame 4 or Shield Frame 6
Now that the Federation knows about the Lugovalian threat, the assembly is
panicked and Orders wants to seize control over the Federation to firmly place
it under Libertas’s thumb.

Rentinen 3

Tavern-“Talk to friends” to talk to Dietrich. He will be reviewing his report on
Lugovalian ships. Yuri’s control skill +1 as a result. Choose “good luck with
that” to increase Dietrich’s control skill +1. Needless to say this happens
before going to Alpha Quadrant headquarters.

Alpha Quadrant HQ-Apparently Lord Roth is a celebrity, much to Nele’s chagrin.
She’ll leave your crew to clean up after Lord Roth’s mess. Weimar and Sankt
will brief you on the political situation. We will be allowed to travel all
throughout this sector, although Dietrich will leave the crew. Now is the time
to do some sidequests. As always, character recruitments are found in the
walkthrough, but quests offered by NPCs are found in the sidequest section.


Kallas & Co.-This place is locked until you rescue Kallas, who is in the ???
next to Noldau. He’s under attack by pirates. After blowing them out of the
sky, he’ll be thankful enough to allow you access to his company. Visit again
and Poplo will think about leaving your crew. Choose “I’d like for you to stay”
to keep him.


Tavern-If Rapiro and Xenakis were recruited, they will get into a fight over
Xenakis owing 3G. Tell Xenakis to pay up to get Fame +50 and leadership EXP
+30 for Yuri.
Rental Lab-Despite your friends’ protest about the fee, Minas desperately wants
to use the lab here. To create the module blueprint, choose “go for it.” Well
worth it, in my opinion. Subsequent visits cost 1000G the first two times to
get science +1 for one member of your R&D team. It will increase to 3000G for
the next three times. After that, it increases to 5000G permanently. These
visits, clearly, are not worth it.

General HQ-Followers of Adis are protesting, and a brief explanation of their
religion is given. Basically, they live in fear of their god’s wrath and demand
that no one will go out into space. Well, we’re here to see Dietrich to relax
with some ten year old liquor. As we leave, Libertas has begun their invasion
into smaller, weaker nations. Wander around for a short while before heading
back to Retinen to find out Regeinland’s position.

Retinen 4
Alpha Quadrant HQ-Regeinland has decided to head up the coalition to fight
Libertas. Before fighting Libertas, Zenito and Enemonzo will have to be
brought to heel. While it is presented as two choices, ultimately it is three.
Enemonzo Government [A2CHP4G]

Character Flag: Teodore or Adolfo, Aria.
Ship flags: Impero, Pola

I think this route is the easiest one of the bunch. It also has the worst
characters to recruit, although the Impero is an excellent ship. Capture Lavena
to select this route. To give you an idea of their ship capabilities, you’ve
actually been fighting their regularships at Beligrate. With the ships you have
now, the enemy is even more unimpressive, with the exception of Teodore

Boss Battle Teodore
Teodore is their best commander, and while you’re making progress, he will
ambush you and start melee combat immediately with 3200, but no gameover.
Instead, he will deplete your troop numbers to reduce your command gauge.
If you do beat him, he becomes recruitable. Assuming you can’t beat him,
just install sickbay modules so that your crew members can be healed during
battle.  Don’t feel too bad if you lose the first time, his troop numbers
don’t replenish afterwards, so it is possible to beat Enemonzo’s troll without
the benefit of new game+. If you defeat him, you gain 200 fame.


Tavern-“Talk to the bartender.” He needs a caterer, so choose someone in the
chef positions to get +2 to ship management and 100G.


Tavern-For 500G a game, the bartender will play a gambling game. He wants you
to choose between spades, clubs, and hearts. It’s all random, so there’s no
way to game the system.

The enemy has been massing forces on their home planet.. I defeated Teodore
on a regular playthrough with the attrition method stated above, but if you
didn’t feel like doing that, he’ll be here. Having Mercy Angel might be a
good idea because your maintenance crew won’t have time to make repairs in
between battles.

Boss Battle Aldolfo (and maybe Teodore)

There are three waves in this battle.The first wave consists of a 4 ship fleet.
Mostly cruisers. This would be Teodore’s fleet if you haven’t
defeated him. If Teodore’s alive, he will add his own ship to this fleet. If
Teodore is here, he’s a very good ship commander as he likes to use barrage
right after you attack, just like you probably do. You can go for Teodore’s
ship to end the battle quickly.

Second wave. Also mostly cruisers.

Third wave. Aldofo’s fleet. He can use Inciter to raise his critical hit
percentage. He can also launch fighters, but only as a defense against your
own. As usual, use barrage, fighters and final roar to take out the support
ships before going after the flagship. Aldofo’s just not that tough. You can
also take out the flagship without taking out its escorts.
After defeating Aldofo’s, Ettore will hastily surrender, as he is a coward
without any commanders. Enemonzo’s forces are now under Regeinland’s control.
While Lugovalos is still assembling forces in the SMC.

Enemonzo Orsino [A2CHP4O]

Character flag: Beltrone, Gino
Ship flag: Lepanto, Minerva
Module flag: Observation Room 2, Battle Sim 2

Choose "Invade Mezenzana" for this route. Zanetti seems to be talking about the
ZR, whatever that is. Something that might be too powerful for the defense of
the system. Again, most of the enemy forces focus on the defense of their
capital instead of going out to meet you. Personally, I’ve felt this route to
be the most canon out of the three as it effects the story more than the other


Tavern-The bartender will warn you about con artists. Well, the Orsino Employee
is just that type of person. Yuri’s fame will -100 to fame if you don’t give
him the money, but you lose 1000G if you do help him.


Gino will be panicked at your quick pace. He will cower and focus on defending
his ship instead of actually fighting. As such, the first two waves are largely
unimpressive as they are just the random encounters you’ve fought earlier. As
you approach Gino, he will cover the escape of the Impero, as it is the control
ship for the ZR.

Boss Battle Gino

This ships around him are a bit tougher than usual, so use Final Roar to
quickly dispatch them. The Zanetti can do decent damage, but overall, it’s not
that impressive.

It turns out that Orsino HQ wasn’t even important to Zanetti and he plans to
cut and run, which means Gino was defending a strategically unimportant area.

Orsino HQ-Well, we might as well investigate why that large ship left the
battle area so quickly. On the second floor, there’s 1000G. Naughty Yuri, you
stole someone’s check. Check the second floor after checking the basement to get
a company ID. This card unlocks the basement. This area looks like the place
where they built that ship. Beltrone is also here and will tell you about the
purpose of the Impero and the ZR. Well, I guess I can understand Kira’s
apprehension given that he looks like a scarecrow. You can also recruit him now,
but according to Katal1 guide, it also affects what blueprints you’ll get.

Tavern-After recruiting Beltrone, talk to him to modify the R&D equipment to
make it easier for him to use. This also makes it harder for other crew members
to use and Yuri’s -100 to fame.

Head all the way to the void gate past this sector. I would assume that if you
don’t, the ZR fires and its game over.

Boss Battle Impero
The Impero is a formidable ship with the same escort ships that Gino had. It
can also launch fighters and can take significant amounts of punishment.
Despite that, this fight is just a longer version of fighting Gino.
Despite the loss of the Impero, Zanetti’s going to fire anyway. The ZR is
overloaded and the ships that were caught in the blast. The ships are
spaceworthy, but everyone inside was microwaved.

Zenito [A2CHP4Z]

Character flag: Georgo, Etoso
Ship flag: Crepuscolo, Nahab, Absoluta
Module flag: Control unit 4 or 5

This route is really meant for new game+ files, though it is technically doable
now. The ship and module blueprints are considered to be the best out of all of
them, but the boss fights are the most difficult. Schneizer will tell you to
search for a Zenitonian ship. Check the upper ??? in area 1 to find a lone
Zenitoian ship fleeing pursuit. It will take damage and you’ll have to take
out two destroyers. Torlo will find one survivor, but seeing as how it was
manned with one person, he saved one hundred percent of the crew. The survivor
will start panicking, but Kira will give him a hug and he’ll calm down. I could
sure use a hug, I’m just as lonely as he is. Well, now that that’s settled, set
course for the void gate to Zenito. Once you’re there, the Zenitonian, Georgo,
will talk to you, but finds it difficult due to a lack of practice. He’ll tell
you and the other Regeinland officers that Zenito wants to be neutral, but
there are two factions vying for control.


Ampule Bar-The rough equivalent to a tavern, but with synthehol instead of
alcohol. Talk to Letero and he will tell you about their technology, gaining
Yuri’s Science skill +2. Head further in and you’ll be attacked by Rubriko’s

Boss Battle Rubriko

He comes at you with a five ship fleet and all of them use plasma weapons.
These weapons are advanced forms of solid ammo weapons and can do significant
damage. To give you an idea of how much damage he can do, I was using a shield
ship, and it went down to less than half HP from absorbing those hits. Their
large cruisers, Kajto class, are practically battleships given how much damage
they can absorb. His flagship, the Absoluta can also launch fighters. Angel
Mercy is practically a requirement given how much damage they can do to you.
Also, because of the Absoluta’s NOS control system, the evasion rate of his
ships is higher than normal. The only way to do consistent damage is to use
fighters and the Eberlin would be best way to do damage as it’s the first
carrier to be able to launch 60 fighters.

As you wander around this sector, Rubriko will attack you for the second time.
Because he can transfer himself into new bodies, he is practically a zombie.
“Talk to Georgo Zinko” to get Yuri’s Leadership EXP +50. Keep count of how
many times you’ve defeated him.


Pirate’s Lair-This is unlocked after speaking to the zero-G dog on Nederand.
The pirate captain here will ask you to leave. Call him a “liar” and you’ll
fight 1600 troops who seem to want to give you every advantage. Further in,
there’s 1200 in the next room. All this death for only 2500G.


Rubriko is also here. The only difference is that his destroyers are in the
rear, but it’s the same boss fight otherwise.

Sensorium Tower-This place is the server for all Zenitonians to communicate
with each other. Go to the third floor to speak with the Queen. She’ll also
explain how Rubriko keeps coming back to life. Talk to Georgo after she tells
you to keep casualties to a minimum and she’ll unlock the basement facilities.
As soon as you leave, Yuri will compare and state his preference between
Zenito and Lugovalos.


Rubriko will be defending this planet. Give your other officers something to

Qualia Net-Georgo will think that Rubriko may have more servers than this one,
but Franny has an idea. Check the basement before heading to the top. Check the
central terminals on the top floor for Franny to hack the system to keep
Rubriko from coming back.
Once you leave, the Queen will tell you the location or Rubriko’s base on Juna.
If you haven’t decided to get an Eberlin, now would the time to do so. Also,
replace all your weapons that attack all ships with single attack weapons.


The Regeinland fleet has assembled for their assault on Juna. Rubriko’s main
force is here, with the largest ship he has available: a giant hexagonal donut.
I could go for one with sprinkles. You are allowed to retreat to Marshalo in
between battles.

3 ship wave of cruisers.

4 ship wave of cruisers.

Boss Battle Rubriko

This is the last time you’ll have to fight him, but his ship is quite powerful.
The most notable thing is that he has the comeback kid. This skill is the most
broken skill in the game as it REVIVES destroyed ships. He will use this skill
if any of his ships are destroyed. He can launch fighters. Because there
is no way to destroy his escort, you have no choice but to take out his
flagship. The most reliable way is to use fighters, as many as you can get
your hands on. The other is to use Gen’s Formation Foe so that your ships can
shoot at him. Just be careful, as Rubriko’s fleet can sink your ships and can
tear through even a shield ship. If you are making no headway by trying to take
out his escorts first, Dietrich will destroy the escorts and stop his comeback
kid skill. However, you will fame -50.

Qualia net-enter to take the 620 troops stationed here. Turn left to get 800G
and turn right to continue. There’s another wave of 620 troops. Once you get to
the fifth floor, Franny wants to know how many Rubriko clones have been killed
so far. The wrong answer results in your death. The answer is four. Now that
you’re in Rubriko’s secret lab. He has no idea that his system was hacked and
transfers out, only to kill himself with…himself.
Regardless of whether you recruited Georgo, the Queen on Nederand will give you
a prototype module and ship blueprints.

Chapter 5 [A2CHP5]

Character flag: Sombra or Naturo, Gardner Twins, Etoso or Aldolfo
Module flag: Observation room 2, Simulation Room 2
Ship flags: Lepanto BB, Minvera O
Fighter flags: EOF-006 EIT-2000


It seems that Yuri is just as popular with the ladies as Lord Roth is. Kira is
staring daggers as if she was Yuri’s ball and chain. I have no idea why incest
is such a popular hentai idea these day.

Tavern-talk to Nerissa to gain Yuri Maintenance +2.

Alpha Quadrant HQ-Now that Enemonzo and Zenito have been defeated, Regeinland’s
policy is to invade Libertas and defeat Orders, which is a daunting prospect
and one that will weaken the entire LMC in the war with Lugovalos. Fortunately,
the regular Libertasian forces are unsure of what to do, which leaves the forces
under Orders to be the ones to defeat. Lord Roth will invite you to Royal Fleet
HQ on Ambach.

General HQ-what you get here is dependent on what choices you’ve made during
the last chapter.

Orsino-If Beltrone was recruited, he will give you some module blueprints. If
not, you’ll get ship blueprints from Orsino's COO.
Enemonzo-If Teodore was recruited, choose “that won’t be necessary” to increase
fame +50. If not, you can get a new character. If not, Aldolfo can be
Zenito-you can get a new character or set a flag to get new fighter blueprints
later on.


Royal Fleet HQ-Lord Roth may say that Nele is just is adjutant, but really,
she’s as close to a wife as he’ll get. He and Yuri will have a heart to heart
about Yuri’s motivations for unifying the LMC. Come back in to set a flag for
a new character.

Wander around for a while and Celina will tell you that Lugovalos is ready to
invade. After that, wander around some more and you’ll be told to head back to


Alpha Quadrant HQ-Sankt will order the majority of Regeinland’s forces to fight
Orders. He will assign Yuri to find Orders’ base of operations and take it out.
We know it’s a station known as “Taurus.” Head over there by using the void
gate near Canopus.


A joint Regeinland-Enemonzo fleet is here and will follow us. We don’t get to
command them unfortunately.

Any planet in this sector

Stop by any planet in this sector and Anchjo will ask you if he can leave his
post to keep his appointment. Agree to get Fame +1000 or refuse and get Yuri
Leadership Exp +30. You can also visit Gen on any planet. Choose “talk to
Thomas Veil” to get Yuri’s leadership EXP +50. It turns out he’s a spy for
President Brian, who was the one who arranged for our ships to be in Lari in
the first place. Thomas will tell us to head to Arenberg. Despite him being in
a hospital bed, Gen is still usable as a character. How a bedridden man reports
to work every day is a mystery to me.


Tavern-It appears that Lennox isn’t here. Ask the bartender and he’ll act like
he’s hiding something. You can pay him 100G or rough him up. Either way, you’ll
suffer fame -50. He’ll tell you that he’s been captured by pirates on


Tavern-If Phyllis and Luko were recruited, Phyllis gets piloting +1 after
losing to him in a game. Also, according to Katal1, after the events at the
smuggler’s base have been completed, talking to Luko gives Yuri piloting +2.
Smuggler’s base-The first wave is 1200 troops. It’s just a warm-up for the boss

Boss Battle Zachman

Ugh, enough with the bone jokes! 1600 troops and is very skilled in melee, so
it is very important to prepare with high level security modules, the best
characters that have the Space Warrior stat like Torlo or preferably Ochoa if
you have him. As always, try to enter your commands so that they don’t sync up
to do the most damage. Unlike with Teodore, you must defeat him on your first
go and can’t wear him down with attrition tactics.

After defeating them, they’ll flee and you’ll be able to bust Lennox out. He’ll
tell you they’re using a hidden starlane and the ZR 2. Zanetti had another one
of these weapons of mass destruction lying around and sacrificed the first one
as test data for this one. Dubya really should check into this game; he’d have
a higher chance of finding WMDs here.

Now, the route you take to attack the Taurus is very important. Until the ZR 2
is destroyed, you MUST take the right-most starlanes down. When you get to the
right most ??? in area 3, there will be a transport ship. Back all the way up
and secede to follow it. Destroying it gets about 1040G. It looks like the
route is hidden with holographic asteroids. I guess those boneheads are
actually smart. Oh no! Now they’ve got me doing it!

Tavern-You can sell it to the “dangerous-looking man.” You can find the ore at
the nearby Phermeon mine. You can sell it him for 5000G and fame -500.

ZR sector

So the Taurus and its fleet are defending the ZR 2. There are two 5 ship fleets
defending the WMD. They are aggressive in their use of fighters and their
plasma weapons are also an upgraded version of missiles and can do significant
damage. I recommend liberal use of Mercy Angel to keep your ships’ durability
and crew numbers up. You can also engage in hit and run tactics by heading back
to Mensa after each battle. Be cautious and use Mercy Angel, fighters, and
Final Roar to take out the two waves.

As soon as the ZR is down, Regeinland will begin to attack en masse. Not only
that, but after you take out the ZR 2, you will be able to explore most of this
sector. For example, if you head up to the middle of Area 4, you’ll be able to
find Rastaban, where you can pick up the Garner Twins.

Taurus Sector

Once you’re ready, it’s time to take out Chairman Evans. He has a sizable
fleet presence to defend his fortress, which is a giant solid ammo slinging
fortress. Its first volley will knock out Schneizer/Serreno’s flagship out
of the fight. 2 five ship fleet, similar to the fleets you’ve fought earlier.
Remember to be cautious, use Mercy Angel and fighters, and you should be able
to preserve most of your fighting strength for the boss battle ahead.

Boss Battle Evans

The Taurus is a lot like the fight with Abato, he has many powerful long range
weapons that can obliterate ships without excellent defenses. Worse of all, he
has medic that heals for 4000 and AA guns which reduces the power of your
fighters. Basically, the strategy is to get as close as you can for cover and
back up just enough to use most of your weapons to Final Roar him with your
small to medium range weapons. Long range weapons aren’t useful because to be
in range to use yours means you’re in range of his weapons. It’s a long boss
fight, but you’ll wear him down eventually.

Without Orders, his fleet will begin to scatter, which gives Lord Roth the
opening he needs to rout the enemy forces. We’ll be ordered to head to the LMC
capital Merylgild.


Tavern-you should go “talk to the old man” with Beleko to get medicine +2 for
any one member in sick bay.

Chapter 6 [A2CHP6]

Character flags: Festono, Marshalo, Kitson, Nobelo/Garni, Barbero
Ship flags: Evstafi or Independence and Freedom, Spohr, Alliance, Regal,
Bastian, Renkonti, Tigro, Aglo, Patrolo, Najtingalo, Mayr
Module flag: Study Hall 3, Training Room 2 Enemonzo Bridge 2, Battle Simulation
Room 3, Captain’s Cabin 3, Zenito Bridge 2, Studio level 2 reference Room 3
Fighter flag: Manovro, Kometo (2nd play through only)

The flags for characters, modules, and ships are quite strict in this chapter.
It is highly recommended that you cover these flags as soon as possible in the
ship (especially the Evstafi and Spohr), modules, and character indexes. Also,
unlock the Trade Hall by going to the Nacion embassy ASAP. Since they are
technically sidequest stuff, they aren’t mentioned in the walkthrough.

Now that Regeinland is the top dog of the LMC, we’ll need to head to the
capital of the Federation to finally organize for the war with Lugovalos.
The president will call for a summit with every nation in the LMC. Libertas
backs down on their seizure of the government and finally unite to fight
Lugovalos. Tatiana will call us over to Gen’s deathbed. His last gift to Yuri
is his treatise on strategy, which gets us Fleet Leader 5.


Star Child (unlocked with Garner Twins)-“check out goods for sale” to see
Thomas buying as much music as he can. “Leave him alone” to fame +20.
Galactic Federation HQ-enter the president’s office, as he also wonders what
Lugovalos’s ambitions actually are. Adis seems to be the first nation to be
established and they might know something about epitaphs, but we’ll have to
deal with that later.
Tavern-After talking to Sankt, talk to Thomas to talk about Evans. Say
“prodigious, wasn’t he?” to get fame +20.
Now that we have some free time, we should visit the embassies in this sector.


Tavern-“Talk to the SEGA employee” to get +2 to artillery for anyone in the
artillery posts.


Libertas Embassy-Come here to find out if there are any Orders stragglers out
there. “Offer to shake hands” with Bernard for Fame +50. Indeed there are
Orders remnants near Garlen. Bernard will offer to board your ship to talk the
rebels down. The choice here affects whether you can get a new ship or a new
character. Check the respective indexes for more information.

Boss Battle Kitson

Kitson can use final roar, but his fleet only consists of three ships, with his
carrier upfront! Destroy it first so his fighter abilities are severely
weakened. Aside from final roar, he’s not much of a threat.

Regardless of whether Kitson is alive or not, the mission was a success. Wander
around for a bit and Sankt will tell you to head back FSN. The Lugovalian
invasion has begun and has wiped out Admiral Carrol’s fleet. Eremon may have
killed Nia, but he really is an excellent admiral.


FSN-There are more Adis protestors here giving a giant cold shoulder to
everyone. Visit Sankt on the second floor for the briefing. Sankt will order
us to find Zanetti because he’s afraid that some of the LMC nations will
switch sides if morale plummets any further.

Gibraltar Sector


Frontline HQ-Horton will give you the extra details. They figure that Zanetti
is nearby because he’s drifting towards enemy territory. Do a couple of
sidequests while you’re here, but don’t go past Annon until you’re ready to
track Zanetti down.


Tavern-Talk to the soldier with Andreas in your crew to get +2 to navigation
foranyone assigned to those posts.

Boss Battle Zanetti

Zanetti did not bring a sizable escort with him, just his ship and two
cruisers, none of which can launch fighters. With your significant fighter
presence and superior numbers, you should be able to sink his fleet quickly
even without the use of final roar.

After getting the ZR 2 blueprints and possibly Gino if you went the Orsino
route, you’ll have to head back. Rest up at Annon and make any last-minute
preparations you need to make, as you’ll be intercepted by Eremon’s fleet.
Yuri will try to run, but will be penned in. If Katida was not recruited, she
makes herself known here. She got hot in a crazy sort of way. Yuri will have to
make a choice. “Surrender” to get Yuri leadership skill +2 or “Fight to the
death” and get Yuri leadership -2. Before Yuri gets to answer Eremon, the
Desmond Gate will start rampaging here and give us an opening to escape. You
can stop at Berge for a rest, but for the most part, this place is a gauntlet
of unavoidable battles. The greatest threat is when a fleet is lead by Sirona
Cruisers. Depending how powerful your weapons are, they can take up to 2 to 3
final roar attacks and can launch fighters.

About halfway back, the crew will feel exhausted. You can than ask Kira for
onion sandwiches to recover by whatever the chef’s skills are. Tatiana heals
for 50 percent by giving us energy drinks. The Garner Twins will do a show and
restore fatigue completely.

Once you pass Wiseman, you’ll be ambushed by Ursula. She’ll engage you, but you
only have to wait her out a short time before Torlo says that we can’t do any
actual damage. Bernard will sneak up on her and save us with his cutscene
powers and scare her away.

Tavern-after the battle, talk to Festono and say “no” to get Yuri’s navigation
skill +1.


Now, your crewmembers will say they want to take a break, so just head back
here to rest up.

FSN HQ-there are still Adisists protesting, creeping out the crew. Talk to
Sankt to give him the ZR 2 blueprints. He’ll also tell you that more
demonstrations like that are occurring all over the Federation. If Adis is
planning to backstab the Federation while it’s busy dealing with the invasion,
then Sankt is right. Head over to Lennox’s office and you’ll hear that he went
missing on Luzir. Damn, that chrome dome seems to disappear a lot. Hopefully,
he hasn’t been kidnapped again.


Tavern-fortunately, he wasn’t kidnapped. He’s investigating a void gate
accident where a transport ship failed to appear at the other end. It could be
that the gates are becoming unstable, but this is the first time this sort of
thing happened.

Once you pass through a void gate, Minas will speculate that the headaches
related to Yuri’s ability to use epitaphs, believing that there’s a correlation
between the two.


Regeinland Embassy-Lord Roth is feeling better now that he knows he’ll be
getting a new ship. The only reason to talk to them is to move the story
along; they don’t have anything useful or interesting to tell us other than
that Enemonzo forces like having wine at every meal. Perhaps their state of
inebriation was the reason why they lost to Regeinland.


LMC Observatory-Minas and Aminda know the director here and he’ll say that he
also recorded the Drone Higgs reaction. With this link to the Desmond gate,
Alik thinks he can figure out a way to predict when it appears. Alik and Franny
will leave the crew for a short while. You’ll have start wandering around until
Sankt wants you. Then go back to Lenoi to pick them up with the key to defeat


FSN HQ-Merril has succeeded in launching an attack on the Andalucia sector and
it’s only a matter of time before Libertas panics and lets their frontline
collapse to defend their home turf. So we just need to go past the Gibraltar
sector to get to the battlefield.

Andalucia sector

This sector also has a flux zone which has served as a bunker for Beyer’s
forces.Yuri’s plan is essentially the same as Merril’s. So we just need to
liberate the planets in this sector. You can pick up some ship and module
blueprints on these planets, as well as new characters.


Tavern-“talk to the zero-g dog” to gain artillery +2 for anyone assigned to the
artillery post.
When you’re ready, set course for Pedan and Merril will find you. Alik wants
you to go to five waypoints before heading to the ??? in area 2. So go to the
waypoints in this order: ???, Pedan, ??? (3) then Pedan, area 2 ??? (2)=5
waypoints. After he catches us, Merril will give us 10 seconds to answer, but
the Desmond gate will show up at just the right time.

Boss Battle Merril

With his carrier, he can launch many fighters. If you don’t have a lot of
fighters, his can overpower you and leave you trapped. His AA guns are also
pretty effective, so your fighters will be acting more as a supporting fire.
His cruiser escorts are the most dangerous and should be taken out with one to
two final roars. Without his escorts, Merril just doesn’t have the firepower
to be dangerous.

After we’ve taken out Merril, it looks like he was able to sneak in a few hits
to our engine, leaving us stranded. Franny gets out and fixes the engine while
everyone else is panicking, but a stray piece of rubble smashes into the ship.
Like bugs on a windshield!...okay, that was too soon. Now Yuri wants to set
course for the flux sector next to Quraso. He’ll fly in and wish the Desmond
gate and the flux sector gone. Alik will be unavailable for a little while and
if Franny was assigned to a post, you’ll have to assign a replacement. At least
Beyer can handle the rest in securing the sector. You might as well head back
to the Central sector for now.

Central sector

A series of events will occur while you wander around. Torlo and Tatiana will
get married and Yuri actually will consider doing what was recommended, as he
will ask Minas to test if Yuri and Kira are actually related. Then, visit any
planet to view Minas’s report. Turns out their not, which means the incest vibe
we’ve been getting isn’t there anymore. But leave it to Yuri to look at a gift
horse in the mouth.


If you want to set the third flag for the Evstafi, come here after you’re more
famous than Lord Roth (he’s 38th in the rankings). Lord Roth will greet you and
show off the new ship he got. If certain requirements were not fulfilled, he
will give you the blueprints for his ship. If not, he’ll let on that you’ll get
something better later on.
Once all of these events have been fulfilled, go to Oz. The game doesn’t give
you explicit orders but that is where you’re supposed to go.


Front Line HQ-Norton will tell you that Ursula’s fleet is charging headlong
against the front line. Because of her shield ships, the Libertasian forces
can’t do any damage to it. Alik will gain the confidence he needs to truly be
Gen’s protégé. Alik’s stats will increase Leadership +5, Navigation +3 Control
+3 Artillery +3 and use Formation Foe. He also starts looking up instead of
Tavern-Alik will flat out tell you to use Formation Foe to fight Ursula. Choose
“That’s what I plan on doing” to get Yuri leadership skill +1.
Head to Annon to find Ursula.

Boss Battle Ursula

If you fought against Basadre, this fight is very similar. If you didn’t,
basically you must only destroy the flagship with fighters. If you find the
idea of using fighters somehow distasteful, use Alik’s formation foe to make
it easier to hit the flagship. Her shield ships are invincible, so don’t even
bother attacking them.
Ursula will try to charge us, but one Yuri’s guns will take out her bridge.
Boom! Headshot!...err bridge shot…yeah. After Ursula’s defeat, Norton will
order an all-out attack and drive the Lugovalians back, forcing them to fortify
their positions. Ursula never was much of a strategist. After defeating Ursula
and viewing the random events, Director Lennox will send a message and believes
that Adis was behind the void gate accidents.


FSN HQ-The Adisist protestors are still hanging around, but they’re not doing
anything as usual. Go to the third floor to Lennox’s office. Lennox thinks that
Adis may have some type of special technology that allows them to manipulate
the void gates to malfunction. Coupled with run-of-the-mill terrorism, Adis
seems to be involved even though the evidence is circumstantial at best. Sankt
will order us to invade Adis. As such, we should prepare and visit the
embassies in the area.

Chapter 7 [A2CHP7C1]
Character flag: Glorinda or Shildo, Valenberg, Larson
Ship flag: Independence, Freedom
Fighter flag: Laterno (2nd playthrough only)
Much like the last chapter, recruitment for characters also have strict time
limits, so do get them immediately.



Tavern-Phyllis will ask you to play a game against her. Choose “Sure” to get
Yuri’s piloting +1. Choose “No thanks” to get Phyllis’s piloting +1.
Enemonzo Embassy-Ettore the 235th is here, and if Teodore is in your party,
he’ll give you 10000G. If not, he’ll act like you’ve recruited him and give
you 10000G. Perhaps Ettore is senile and that’s why he makes bad decisions.
When you’re ready, head to the void gate behind Lenoi. Go past the Adis lane
and head into Aids proper. Once you meet up the Regeinland forces here, you’ll
begin your invasion once you reach the Wolf-Rayet line. I recommend having
Mercy Angel as you won’t have enough time to repair between battles.


Answer “hit them swift and hard” to get Yuri’s leadership EXP +50. There are 4
waves consisting of cruisers. Then you’ll get to Vanbeleg holding the line with
synchronized fire.

Boss Battle Vanbeleg

His barrages can be devastating due to the oversized laser cannon ships flying
escort. Use barrages (but not Final roar) to destroy those cannon ships. Once
they’re out of the way, he’ll be no threat to you.
After defeating him, Roth will want to split forces.

Normal Route [A2CHP7N]

Character flag; Atlaso, Batdarga
Ship flag: Dalbaa, Lugshih

I recommend this route on a first playthrough as you don’t have to go out and
get another ship to fly through the area.
You’ll be ambushed by satellite weapons. Kira will find the control ship and
we’ll fight it on its own. The Hicheeh-class ships satellite attack is a
special, so dodging it will protect you from it.  Search around area 2 until
you find a planet.


Can anyone pronounce that name? Cause I sure can’t.

Tavern-you should “talk to the bartender” to find out that some crewmembers are
planning to mutiny. This information costs 1000G. Once you learn that, add
security modules on your ships to catch them before they act. “Talk to the
middle-aged man.” He’ll ask if you are from Regeinland. Answer “yes” to unlock
the pirate TV station.
TV station-say “Dochin sent us” to enter. You’ll get Atlaso. While she’s a
mediocre character, she can help you disable the attack satellites that you
fought earlier.


1 wave of cruisers and the boss battle. I suppose if their attack satellites
are working, this planet would be formidable. If not, it falls like a house of
cards…to giant battleships shooting giant lasers.

Boss Battle Batdarga

He has the Dalbaa and two control ships. Even if you destroy the control ships,
he’ll be able to use their special attack. If you’ve recruited Atlaso, he can’t
use the satellite special, which hampers his options. With only three ships, you
should be able to sink his escorts and flagship quickly.

Starburst route [A2CHP7S]

Ship flags:Tsahih BB

Before you go any further in this route, you must build a Danzi ship and set it
as part of your fleet. Otherwise, weapon range will be reduced to nearly half
and you suffer fame penalties the entire way.

Zaazhad will ambush you and engage in hit and run tactics. If you do not have
the Danzi in your fleet, you will suffer the fame -50 just after the boss

Boss Battle Zaazhad

He has an unremarkable 4 ship fleet. Scratch that, his ship is remarkable;
his ship looks ridiculous. He has a carrier that can launch fighters and a
cruiser front line. Once you destroy his cruisers with final roar, you can go
after the flagship directly or take out his carrier. The only difficulty in
this boss battle is whether you bring the Danzi in your fleet or not. If you
don’t, it will be very difficult to use your large guns to bear on him because
the effective range is tiny silver.


Tavern-you should “talk to the bartender” to find out that some crewmembers are
planning to mutiny. This information costs 1000G. Once you learn that, add
security modules on your ships to catch them before they act. Now, you can head
straight for Yanogoron, but I’d recommend heading to Suronzon, which is off to
the left side of area 4.

Suronzon (optional)

Before you head into dock, Zaazhad will make his last stand here with only 1000
ships. The boss fight’s the same as before.

Tavern-Say “I agree” for your first officer to get leadership +2.

Common route [A2CHP7C2]

With that hierarch out of the way, there’s only one Hierarch left to defeat.
Head to Yanogoron. If you’ve installed the security rooms after learning about
the mutiny to get fame +100. If not, they mutiny and you’ll have half
crewmembers and fame -400.


Myagmar is making his last stand here, and he has two waves of gravity cannons
at his disposal devastating the fleet. Activate dodge to avoid the special
attack. If not, your ship will be fighter locked. No, it doesn’t launch
fighters at you, but it kind of does. Just as we take out those two waves,
those gravity cannons use cutscene shots that would spell doom for us if Lord
Roth didn’t shoot those spheres out. He’ll flank the enemy and they’ll be
routed. If only those gravity sphere cannons lived up to their potential, then
we the players would actually afraid of them.

Boss Battle Myagmar

He can use inciter and has a full fleet to fight you. With two battleships, he
can do significant damage and absorb a great deal of damage. Mercy Angel is the
best skill to use to keep your ships in the fight. Focus on Ship 2 to take out
his tank, then take out his cruisers to reduce his firepower.

After defeating Myagmar, Adis will surrender to avoid further bloodshed. At
least Bogd isn’t petty like Panilov. But why demand the same thing if they’re
so different? Myagmar will hail Yuri and say that the patriarch knows about
his ability to use epitaphs. How does he know this if he hasn’t seen it
himself? Set course for Yanagoran to find out.


Patriarchal Court-“I’m ready” to continue the story. Yuri, Kira, and Minas are
the only ones allowed in. What occurs next is a very long conversation that
turns the story on its head. It turns out that Bogd had not been the one to
affect the void gates and does not have the technology to do so. It is the
sign of the universe coming to an end caused by the Overlords. It turns out
that the Overlords are the creators of the universe who gave humanity the
technology to travel though space. And he knows that Yuri can stabilize flux
sectors because he knows he’s an Observer and Kira’s is meant to observe him
and send information back to them. All of the patriach’s claims seem to be
loosed-brained nonsense, but he has proof at the Ark of the Progenitors.

Head to the void gate next to Yanagoran and search for Paramelia. Bogd and
Myagmar will follow you. There’s no penalty for wandering around, nor are
there any random encounters to worry about.


Ark of the Progenitors-There’s only one thing to do and that’s to visit the
Ark of the Progentors. This terminal has access to the Overlords and Bogd
reveals Taranis’s motivation to unite humanity under his rule and to find the
true void gate. Kira will hack it regardless of the dangers, but the Overlords
will discover her attempt immediately and activate their “phage program”
whatever that is. Kira has essentially been deleted from existence, leaving an
android and an epitaph.

As you leave, Cico will ambush you.

Boss Battle Cico
Cico uses a balanced fleet with a carrier and his battleship. He can also use
inciter to boost his critical chances. This battle is essentially no different
than with Myagmar.

Cico will tell us that the Emperor is sending his main fleet of a zillion ships
to crush the LMC. Yuri tells Cico to ask about the Overlords to broker a truce.
Head back to central to inform Lennox and the president about all that has
happened. Minas will also let you have a moment of his time provided it’s not
on Escranto (there’s not enough room to display the option).


The Coalition fleet’s finally been assembled.

Galaxy Federation HQ-time to meet the president. Weimar was sent to negotiate
an armistice, but Eremon turned him down. It’s just as well, as Taranis wants
to invade anyway.
Talk to Minas-Minas will float the theory that Observers are meant to stabilize
flux sectors into whatever the Observer desires. He will also want to examine
Kira’s body for information.

Once these two events occur, the president will tell you that Sankt is holding
a meeting at FSN headquarters.
FSN HQ-Eremon’s forces outnumber by over 2 to 1 and is using a two-pronged
attack to keep the pressure on. Coupled with Lugovalos’s main fleet, Yuri
will estimate that there are over a million ships. Yuri, just because Cico
said zillion does not mean that he has a million. Anyways, the only plan left
is to use a dead gate and use it to attack the emperor from behind. Roth and
Schneizer will follow with their own fleets.
Head to the dead gate in Andalucia to open it with the epitaph. Just as you’re
about to cross over, the enemy will attack and Dietrich will hold them off by
deciding to use the second Krebs. Like older brother, like...younger brother.
I guess that expression doesn't quite work here.


Until you defeat the emperor, there is no going back to the LMC. Also, this is
the last time you’ll ever be in the SMC. There aren’t any sidequests or
characters to pick up anyway. Head to the Spetses sector and run smack dab
into Eremon’s fleet.

There are 2 waves of enemies. If Katida is with the Lugovalian forces, she’ll
go after Roth and devastate his ship and crew. If she was recruited, then there
is no boss fight.

Boss Battle Katida
She has a full fleet, but if you have Alik’s Formation Foe, you can just take
out her flagship with one to two Final Roars.

If you have fought Katida, Roth will fire the hi-stream blaster to break open a
hole in the enemy formation which kills Katida. Personally, I think this scene
is one of the best in the game and a good argument against recruiting Katida.
If she was recruited, Roth fires the hi-stream blaster without a hitch and
tell you to take out Eremon.

Another 5 ship wave, built like Katida’s fleet. You must destroy all ships, so
this boss fight is a bit harder than hers.

Boss Battle Eremon

Finally, the moment Yuri’s been waiting for. This battle is so destined, it
gets its own music. You only need to take out Eremon’s ship so use fighters or
formation foe.

Eremon is so vain he’d rather not even think about Nia and try to ram Yuri’s
ship in a futile act, much like a certain Elgavan officer who did the same
thing. “I believe I felt a slight bump” indeed. If you’ve taken damage, rest
up at Oenus until you’re ready to attack the Emperor himself. I recommend
setting Alik as your first officer at this point.Once you’ve rested up, head
to the Sardis Belt when you’re ready.

There's one five ship wave and once it is defeated, Taranis himself will deploy
his own ship, which does not have that astral object smasher, as it's attached
to the living quarters. Apparently, when two observers engage, the Overlords
panic and decided to activate their phage system, which is seems to be an
escalation of their previous actions.

Boss Battle Taranis
The Abnoba and Epona are invulnerable. Therefore, you must focus your fire on
the Seonaidh only, the flagship. Alik’s formation foe and fighters are
excellent at doing just that. Despite that, his ship has high armor values, so
the most expedient way of doing damage is to use Final Roar only. Much like the
fight against Evans or Abato, he has many powerful long-range weapons, so
closing the distance would be preferable.

Macklin will sacrifice the Abnoba and the Epona to get the flagship out by
activating his gate system. Without the emperor, his troops’ morale plummets
like a stone, leading to an armistice.

Chapter 8 [A2CHP8]
Head to the gate and pass the Voyage cluster. Visit the new planets before
going to Annon, as going to Annon leads to



The peace talks are going well enough and a cease-fire was signed. Yuri
suspects that Ian may have been playing the long game all along, but he’ll
deny it. Cico will want to go to Federation HQ and will follow us.
Once you leave, the phage purge system takes effect and starts wiping out the
planet. They’ll do this to every planet and the void gates will malfunction and
cut off all sectors from each other. The fights themselves aren’t that tough
because they only come at you in limited numbers. Their weapons do fairly
decent damage, but seeing as how you’ve beat the Lugovalians, they aren’t all
 that tough. Valantin will once again save us. After crossing the void gate,
Minas will speculate that the Overlords plan to use the universe to serve as
raw material and the purpose of the Observers is to stabilize flux zones, to
the best of his, and our knowledge.


Federation HQ-The Adisists start speaking up, not that their words really
matter in the grand scheme of things. The home planets of every country are
being torn apart like Annon with no way to stop the phages. It’s a good thing
that Valantin has a plan. “Talk to Minas” to cut to the chase and have a
general idea of where the true gate is. All we have to do is pick up a part
from Adis to upgrade the Corsair’s gate system.

Head to the Adis lane and meet up with the Haruul being escorted by the
Emperor. This will go off without a hitch, but apparently Lugovalos can’t send
their gate ships to the LMC even though they have a few left.


Head back to Merylgild and the surviving Hierarchs will join you. Now is the
time to make preparations. Given that the journey will be long with no
spaceports, I recommend setting someone with the medic skill. Also, the recent
surplus you’ve received from all those boss battles can be used to build up as
many battleships as you need. Uninstall the security modules; there won’t be
any melee battles and focus on upgrading weapons and anti-ship accuracy. Having
the best armor for your front-line ships will help out too.

FSN HQ-come here when you’re ready to leave. Everyone that is important is here
ready to fight. There really isn’t a plan other than to go out and destroy the
gate with whatever’s available. The phages will arrive and there’s no choice
but to head off now.

Once you get to Jupiter, everything will be restored, even though there’s no
need to. Yuri will call Valantin if he’s a Tracker. The real fighting starts at
Mars. After you take out the phages here, a few more come from the rear and
Valantin will hold them off.

Minas was right; the void gate is here, but it’s being powered by the sun
surrounded in a Dyson sphere. That sucks and blows…okay, that joke was
terrible. Two waves of phages will attack, but their numbers are low, so you
should be able to get through them with minimal damage. The crew may be
complaining about damage. I guess even one sliver is a concern, evne though
maintenance probably already repaired it. Then the largest phage
will gate out, dwarfing all the others. Taranis will focus all of his
firepower on the sphere while everyone else provides interference.

Boss Battle Elite Phage

This is it. The final battle. It’s heavily armored, so much so that anything
less than a final roar will only scratch it. Fighters, as always, will do full
damage. So long as your ships have the best weapons and armor you could afford,
you should be able to do enough damage to bring it down in three to four final
roars. If you lose too many ships, you may have no choice but to rely on
fighters and medic to heal.

Taranis will ram his ship to take out the sphere. Too bad he didn’t use his
astral object smasher laser. If he had brought it with him,that Dyson sphere
would have been cracked. What happens next is quite ambiguous. Personally, I’d
rather have the story end after defeating Taranis, but oh well. If there were
more players like you around, this ending would have been criticized just as
hard as ME3’s ending. Well, at least now you have a new game+ file. All money
and characters' experience is transferred over to the new game+, but not
blueprints or Fleet Leader rank.


Given that there are a lot of points of no return in this game, it is
recommended that you do these quests ASAP. Now, I wrote down where these
points of no return are in the walkthrough.

Ropesk [SIDE1]


Available: When you first get to Hapsal.
Radamir will ask you to deliver a package to Bagut. It pays 300G. A simple
mission as he gives you all the instructions.


Available: When you first get to Toropets
The bartender wants you to deliver cargo to Bagut for 250G.


Available: When you first get to Bagut.
Talking to the bartender for information reveals an event battle within area 1.
But this quest is only possible with your own ship, not the Daisy. This
transport ship will flee as quickly as it can, so the only way to take it down
is to use normal attacks every chance you get. 1150 G ain’t so bad for some
safe piracy.

Lutzk [SIDE2]


Available: When you first get to Perekop. The bartender here will ask you to
deliver some sensitive materials and it’ll pay 700G. The catch is, engaging
in battle will break the cargo, even if you don’t get hit. You’d have to pay
500G instead. So escape whenever possible.


Available: After Balik has been defeated.
The bartender here wants you to collect tabs on Ruza, Popash, and Lutzk. Talk
to the tough-looking guy, the male adventurer, and the adventurer. After doing
all that, go back to collect 1000G.

Central [SIDE3]


Available: When you first get to Chernesk.
Talk to the middle-aged man. He’ll talk about how his daughter is sick and she
needs medicine. So head to Zvenigorod’s hospital and get some from there for
150G. Deliver to get the blueprints for Novik and Gnevny destroyers.


Available: After settling the dispute between Alatyr and Druitesk
The bartender wants you to pick up Nadja Musin on Alatyr. But she won’t leave
work unless you help her with her work. Go to Buzhsk and select “the magnetic
field value.” Selecting the others will result in an annoyed Nadja, but she’ll
let you try again. Take her to Ostrog and someone will take a shot at her.
She’ll ask for you to take her in. If you don’t, the next time you visit the
lab, you’ll find out she had committed suicide. Either way, you’ll get 400G.
Recruiting gets you another character for Cool & Calm, which aids in
Operations, but with two other characters occupying those spots, you should
use her high science skill instead. Once you recruit her, talk to your friends
in the tavern for her conversation. Select "I wonder what he had to do?” to get
+20 to fame.


Available: After defeating the Novigorod pirates.
The bartender wants to find a missing ship near Ostrog. It’s a random
encounter, so keep running around Ostrog to find it. Once you do, Nia will pick
it up using the robotic arm. It pays 1100G. Not bad considering you didn’t have
to fight for it.


Available: After defeating the Novigorod pirates.
The bartender wants you to kill some pirates for 850G. So go to the ??? in the
center of area 3 to start the battle. Like he said, these guys are small fry
and after beating the Novigorod pirates, this is nothing.

Available: After completing the first sidequest on Driutesk.
He wants you to go to Paozero for 450G. Simple.

Kalymnos [SIDE4]


Available: When you first get to Kalymnos.
He wants you to go to Dodecanese for mining. This also set a flag for
Barberis’s recruitment. For this first job, he’ll pay you 500G. If this is the
second mining job, he adds an extra 100G


Available: When you first get to Kalymnos.
This is the exact same job, but to Zante instead. It pays 500G, If this is the
second mining job, he adds an extra 100G

Available: After completing the first Volos quest.
The barkeep wants you to go to Nerekhta to deliver a trunk for 1200G.

Regeinland [SIDE5]


Available: When you first get to Regeinland. The barkeep wants you to deliver
some cargo to Mindesfelde for 1800G.

Available: After completing the first Zeippern quest. The barkeep wants you to
pick some Fioros flowers to combat an illness affecting a school. It pays
3000G. Go to Daiano’s forest. Anastasia will yell at you until Semias tells her
about the job we’re doing. She’ll hitch a ride to Zeippern with us. Deliver the
flowers and Anastasia will leave the crew.


Available: When you first get to Regeinland. The bartender wants you to take
out some pirates near the void gate to Xeos Belt for 2000G.

Available: After completing the first Ischlausen barkeep quest. He wants you to
make Pipra deliver a package for 2300G. Go to Acerenza’s Bazaar and “Check out
the Clothier” to get Pipra to give you the package.

Available: Talk to the Merchant to find out about a pirates’ Lair on the
planet. Turn left and go forward on the second floor to get 1300G.
Right for a melee battle (800HP) to get access to the third floor and another
melee battle (1200 HP). You’ll get some module blueprints.


Available: Technically doable at any time, but can only be accomplished when
you first get to Escondido Government Side. The archaeologist wants you to get
an Arraigado pot. The pot cost 500G and recieve 8000G. If, on the other hand,
you bought the Presidio pot for 1000G, you get 100G.


Available: When you first get access to this area.
“Talk to the merchant” to find out about his missing briefcase, later on,
you’ll be able to visit the planet Nizia and ask the bartender. Return here
with it to pick to receive blueprints.


Available: When you first get access to this area.
The pirates’ lair on Treumark is linear and has 800 troops, then two waves of
1200. The loot inside is 1800G, 500G and 50G.


Available: When you first get to this area.
“Talk to the bartender” and go to Alpha quadrant HQ and General HQ on Rentinen
and Gunnitz respectively for 3500G.

Available: After the first Mondschutz quest.
“Talk to the bartender to deliver cargo for 800G. The bartender on Noldau will
give you 1500G. Don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but the actual amount
is 1400G.

Avaiable: When you first get access to the area.
The pirates’ lair is revealed by the drunkard on this planet, but don’t go in
until you buy the zero G dog on Noldau a drink. He’ll tell you that there’s a
trap inside. 1200 enemies ambush you. When the route presents you with left,
right, or straight, go straight.

Federation [SIDE6]


Available: When you first get to this area.
Talk to the merchant to hear that he wants an autograph of Lord Roth. Go to
Ambach’s tavern and buy them from the bartender for 100G.


Available: After speaking to President Brian.
The bartender wants you to deliver a package to Wahlstatt in the Hinwald sector
for 3000G.

Available: After the first Doleway quest.
He wants you to go to the ??? next to Doleway and eliminate the pirates for


Available: When you first get to this area? Definitely after defeating Kitson.
The bartender wants you to free a hostage for 5500G. Enter the pirates’ lair
on this planet. 1600 initial force. 2000 second wave. I found the second wave
to be about as hard as Zachman, but if you still have those modules you have
set up for the Zachman fight, you should be fine.

Gibraltar Sector


Available: When you first get to this sector. NOTE: after escaping from the
Lugovalian trap, you will not be able to get back to Annon for a LONG TIME.
The young man is worried about his girlfriend who’s stranded on Annon. Pick her
up at the tavern and head straight back to Boulog to get some blueprints.


Avaiable: When you first get to this sector. NOTE: after escaping from the
Lugovalian trap, you will not be able to get back to Annon for a LONG TIME.
Pirates’ Lair. 1200 pirates block your path, then you’ll get 3000G after the
first wave. 1600 pirates are further in. After that, you’ll get some module

Andalucia Sector

Available: when you first get to this sector. NOTE: this area is blocked off
after Merril is defeated, so do this quest ASAP.
On Satiada, talk to the “wealthy-looking man” and if you have Larissa, she’ll
cure him and he’ll offer you a gift, 5000G or a strange medallion. The
medallion is a key to a pirates’ lair on Nemetona, where you’ll get some

Blueprints Locations [BPRINT]

Ship [BSHIP]

Perekop DD
Otlichny DD

Lutzk Base
Orfey DD (Speak to Vladykin multiple times to receive one of these two
Derzky DD (Speak to Vladykin multiple times to receive one of these two
Rurik CG (after defeating Balik)

Borodino BB (Speak to Vladykin)

Novik (Complete the middle-aged mans quest)
Gnevny (Complete the middle-aged mans quest)
Skorry (After reporting on the Probe ship)
Askold (After reporting on the Probe ship)
Derkzy or Orfey (After reporting on the Probe ship and was the ship you did not
choose from Vladykin).


Ilithyia CG
Themis DD

Volos (After defeating Glaucus)
Selene (After defeating Glaucus)

Pallas BB
Eudora CG
Zephyr CG
Kalliope DD

Chloris CG
Daphne CV
Kolonio CV
Kamarado CG
Admiralo DD

Ianthe BB
Eudora CG

??? near CL 617
Thalia BB (must save Terzi and choose to salvage the wreckage)

Nejo (must side with Nova Nacio and go to Lanco HQ)

Act two

Junkyard (requires 6000+ fame)
Sodality (requires 7000+ fame)
Fellowship BB (requires 12000+ fame)
Agrell BB
Kraus CG
Seitz DD
Eberlin CV
Scheidt CG
Bruch O
Castilla O (only if you bought Emiliano’s information and talk to Dietrich

Palayo BB
Aragon CG
Churruca DD

Rapido DD

Navarra BB (after defeating Basadre)
Alfonso O (after defeating Ochoa)

Spetses (must defeat Baranga first)
Erebos BB

Chios (must be act two)
Thalia A BB
Daphne 2 CV

Any planet in the Voyage sector
Paradizo CV(must visit Torlo in the tavern before leaving Voyage sector and
have sided with Nova Nacio during the Irvest war).
Adrasteia BB (must visit Torlo in the tavern before leaving Voyage sector and
have sided with Kalymnos during the Irvest war).

Gluck GC
Homilius CG

Dandolo BBf
Fiume CG
Zara CG
Impavido DD

Roma CG
Trento CG

Kajto CG
Misio CG
Plugilo DD

Area next to Daiano
Pola CG (Must have defeated Teodore in melee combat).
Enemonzo (must have have defeated Teodore in melee combat)
Harmonio (must talk to the zero-G dog on Nederand and infilitrate the hideout.
You must spare the lives of the pirates here).
Crepuscolo BB
Nahab O

Nederand (given by the Queen after defeating Rubriko)
Absoluta BB

Merylgild (must have talked to Brad Lennox in his third floor office)
Alliance CG
Regal CG
Bastian DD
Evstafi BB (Bernard must talk to Kitson, you must talk to Bernard after he
saves you from Ursula, and you must have higher fame rating than Lord Roth
right after defeating Merril and before he shows you his new ship. Once all
three have been cleared, go to Merylgild and after you are ordered to invade
Adis, take the elevator to meet with Brian so that he will give you the
Haruul (given by Myagmar)

Impero BB (must have recruited Teodore)

Nizia (talk to Dietrich during the first time you’re in the embassy).
Janitsch CV
Graun O
Danzi O
Mayr BB (must not have locked the flags for the Evstafi)
Praetoorius BB (after visiting the Ark of the Progenitors)
Schop O (after visiting the Ark of the Progenitors)

??? just below Garlen

Spohr BB (must save the prototype before defeating Kitson)

Liberty CG
Bastian 2 DD
Escranto (unlocked by giving Kompaso the ZR 2 blueprints in the trade hall)
Renkonti CV
Tigro CV
Aglo BB
Patrolo CG
Najtingalo DD

Nebula BB
Galaxy CV
Magellan CG

Graymuth (must visit Orders HQ before beginning the Adis invasion and have
Independence CG
Freedom BB

Zuudnutag (must choose the normal route)
Ongots CG
Notsoh BB
Solongo CG
Lugshih M(get at the TV station after recruiting Atlaso)

Dalbaa BB (must have recruited Atlaso and defeat Batdarga)

Suronzon (must choose the starburst route)
Tsahih BB (defeat Zaazhad)
Shamdah CG
Demzhih CV
Yalah O
Buyan CG
Ayanga CG

Yanagoran (get from Myagmar)
Almas BB

Belenus BB
Toutatis CV
Sirona CG
Belisana O

Modules [BMOD]

Act One

Security 1
Accounting 1
Sickbay 1

Elgava Bridge 2
Crew Cabin 2

Fire Control Room 2
Anti-Ship Control Room 1
Radar Room 2
Amplifier 1

Shield Frame 1 (must recruit Karlo).

Pirate Base (must find it in the maze)
Navigation Bridge 1

Milesk Sector
Second Bridge 1 (after the fight with Valantin).

Shield Generator 2 (Donate 500G 3 times to Medic Organization)
Sick Bay 2 (Donate 500G 3 times to Medic Organization)

Alatyr (The entire store only appears after the dispute is settled).

Elgava Bridge 3
Fire Control Room 3
Radar Room 3
Engine Room 3
War Room 1
Deflector 1
Analysis Room 1 (must have recruited Nadja Musin and help move her equipment
from the science lab.


Security Room 2
Thruster Control 1


Hold 2
Crew Cabin 3
Mess hall 1
Accounting Office 2
Observation Room 1 (Ratai must be in your party and you must go to the meadow.)

AA Control Room 1
Engine Room 3
Sick Bay 3
Nav Sim Room 1
Science Lab 1
Shop 1
Deflector 2

Elgava Bridge 4
Navigation Bridge 2
Anti Ship Control Room 2
Briefing Ro 1
Study Hall 1
Shield Generator 1
Hangar 1 (before attacking Skantzoura)
Maintainence Room 1 (before attacking Skantzoura)
Anti Aircraft control room 1 (talk to Leo after rescuing him from Skantzoura)

Second Bridge 2
Lookout 1
Engine Room 4
Hangar 2
Captain’s Cabin 1
Thruster Control Room 2
Amplifier 2

Nova Nacio Bridge 1
Nav Bridge 3
Radar Room 4
Maintenance 2
Briefing Room 2
Training Room 1
Shop 2
Nature dome 1

Bascilicus (will open after visiting Allied HQ)
Elgava Bridge 5
2nd Bridge 3
Navigation Bridge 6
Hold 3
Reference Room 1
Security Room 3
Deflector 3
Shield Frame 2
Shiled Generator 3

Nova Nacio Bridge 2
Navigation Bridge 4
Navigation Bridge 7
Fire Control Room 4
Radar Room 5
Hangar 3
Hold 3
Crew’s Mess 1
Battle Sim Room 1
Science Lab 2
Thruster control Room 3

Around CL-617 (must save Pavlov)

Deflector 4
Mess Hall 2

Ermeno (must have given Torlo 2000G in refugee aid)
Captain’s Cabin 2

Act two

Nacio Bridge 1
Nacio Bridge 2
Fire Control room 5
Antiship control room 3
Engine Room 5
Crew cabin 4
Thruster Control room 4
Amplifier 3

Ischalasusen (on the third floor of the Pirates’ Lair).
Navigation Bridge 8
Lookout 2
Mess Hall 6 (if Radimir and Rufina were recruited)

Escondido Bridge 1
Cre Cabin 5
War Room 2
Security Room 5
Deflector 5
Shield Frame 3

Orion (act 2)
Lugovalos Bridge 1
Second Bridge 2
Engine Room 6
Maintenance Room 3
Sick Bay 4
Accounting Office 3
Deflector 5

Security 7(must have recruited Zografos and go into the tavern)
Analysis Room 2(Inside Minas’s lab and Leo must be recruited)

Shield Frame 4 (Must use the lab and approve Minas’s request).
Shield Frame 6 (Must use the lab and approve Minas’s request. Must also have
the information Emiliano sold you back in Escondido).

Regeinland Bridge 1
Lookout 3
Reference 2

Zevio (beat the bartender at his game)
Enemonzo Bridge 1
Nasvigation Bridge 11
Sick Bay 5
Security Room 6
Studio 1
Stadium 1
Shield generator 4
Control unit 4

Orsino Bridge 1
Orsino Bridge2
Second Bridge 4
Fire Control Room 6
Antiship control Room 4
Engine Room 8
Crew cabin 6
Messhall 3
Shield Frame 5
Thruster Control Room 6

Zenito Bridge 1
Anti Air Control Room 3
Radar Room 6
Engine Room 7
Hangar 4
Messhal 4
Study Hall 2
Science Lab 3
Control Unit 4 (say “no way” to Minas’s request)
Control Unit 5 (say “go for it” to Minas’s request)
Anti Air control room 4
Analysis 3

Gunnitz (must visit General HQ after recruiting Beltrone).
Ovservation room 2
Simulation Room 2

Fire control Room 7
Maintenance 5
Crew’s Mess 2
War Room 3
Navigation Simulation Room 2
Nature Dome 2

Merylgild (must go into the Star Child office twice and remove the Garner
Twins from your crew)
Study Hall 3
Training Room 2 (must complete this merchant’s sidequest)
Shop 3 (must complete this merchant’s sidequest)

Libertas Bridge1
Libertas Bridge 2
Fire Control Room 8
AntiShip Control Room 4
Radar Room 8
Engine Room 9
Hangar 4
Crew Cabin 6
Briefing Room 4
Deflector 7
Thruster Control Room 7

Libertas Bridge 3
Anti Air Control Room 5
Mess hall 5
Sick Bay 7
Training Room 3
Stadium 3

Boulog (find the young man’s girlfriend and return her to him)
Enemonzo Bridge 2

Annon (in the pirates’ lair)
Battle Simulation Room 3
Captain’s Cabin 3

Area 6 leftmost ??? in Gibraltar sector
Zanetti BB (given by Gino)

Nemetona (must unlock the pirates’ lair with the wealthy man’s medallion)
Zenito Bridge 2
Studio level 2
Reference Room 3

Libertas Bridge 4
Navigation Bridge 12
Ani Ship Control Room 5
Engine room 10
Security Room 8
Shield Generator 5
Amplifier 4

Adis Bridge 2
Nasvigation Bridge 14
Radar Room 9
Engine Room 12
Sick Bay 8
Science Lab 4
Deflector 8
Shiled Frame 7
Thruster Control Room 8

Adis Bridge 1
Navigation Bridge 13
Fire Conrol Room 9
Security Room 9
Amplifier 5

Lugovalos Bridge 2
Lugovalos Bridge 3
Fire control Room 10
Radar Room 10
Engine Room 13
Maintenance Room 6


Top 100
Xeos Belt bridge 1
Navigation Bridge 5
Security Room 4

Top 90
Maintenance Room 4
Briefing Room 3
Gym 2

Top 80
Radar room 7
Shop 4
Thruster Control room 5

Top 70
Regeinland Bridge 2
Navigation Bridge 9
Sick Bay 6

Top 60
Regeinland Bridge 3
Navigation Bridge 15
Engine room 14

Top 50
Regeinland Bridge 4
Deflector 9
Control Unit 3

Top 40
Shield frame 8
Thruster Control Room 9
Kreusser BB

Top 30
Lykourgos BB
Deflector 10
Shield Generator 6

Top 20
Eleganta CV
Thruster Control Room 10
Amplifier 6

Top 10
Picaroon BB

Top zero-G dog
Corsair BB

Fighters [BFGHT]


Riveli (Needs Valso’s introduction letter)


Citadelo (must side with Nova Nacio)




Nizia (on 2nd playthrough, choose the blueprint over the new crewmember)
(refuse to recruit Etoso).
Escranto (on 2nd playthrough, recruit Glorinda)


Characters [RCHAR]

This guide is for all the characters that can be found in Infinite Space.
Any one with the word "EXTRA" is only obtainable in the Extra mode and is not
recruitable during the main game. The recruitment for the characters in the
main story do contain spoilers as the story is necessary in finding where and
when these characters can be found.

Also a nasty part about Extra mode is that some characters simply do not show
up. This is due to the new game+ file, where if on your last playthrough, you
choose a certain route, the characters on the other route don't show up at all.

So far, the only solution to this problem is to have multiple new game+ files
that have different routes from each other. Mind you, this is only if you plan
to use those characters in Extra mode. Database-wise, the characters will be
recorded and you can look up their bio at any time at the main menu.

Story branch
			One recomendation
			       /  \
			Galkin	  Zakhar
			       \  /
			       /  \
  			Recruit   Not recruit
			Katida	   Katida
		   (Nova Nacio)   (Kalymnos)
                       []		[]
			Rebels	   Government
			[]		[]
			Sombra	   Naturo
                       /    \      /    \
		Lavena	   Mesenzana	Zenito
	       /    \		[]	   []
       Teodore   Aria & Aldolfo []	   []
		               Kitson    Evstafi & Kyle
       		              	[]	   []
				Shildo	 Glorinda
				[]	   []
			     Normal      Starburst

			Another recommendation
			  Galkin  Zakhar
			       /  \
  			Recruit   Not recruit
			Katida	   Katida
		   (Nova Nacio)   (Kalymnos)
                       []	      []
			Government   Rebels
			[]	      []
			Sombra	   Naturo
                       /    \      /    \
		Lavena	   Mesenzana	Zenito
	       /    \		  []	   []
       Teodore   Aria & Aldolfo   []	   []
         []           []          []       []
       Kitson    Evstafi & Kyle   []       []
         []           []	  []	   []
	 []	      []	Shildo	 Glorinda
	 []	      []
       Normal      Starburst

It would take 4 New Game+ or before the final battle save files to retain
all characters. A lot of the decisions would be repeated, as choosing
Nova Nacio or Kalymnos constitute two choices, while choosing between
Lavena, Mesenzana, and Zenito counts as three. And because of recruiting
Teodore or Aria and Aldolfo, there are actually 4 branch paths.

Fortunately,there are 5 save files (well 6, but auto-save takes a painfully
long time so it is possible to have 4 save files and one Extra file.
Personally, I'd rather be missing a few characters in Extra mode, as you
have WAY more than you can possibly use. Database-wise, all your findings
are recorded so even if you have one new game+ file and play with that to see
all the branching points, it'll record all characters encountered, so you can
100% it with just one file.


Bio: An infamous pirate who is always at the top of the rankings. Michijo bears
a strong grudge against Nova Nacio, and when the Irvest war broke out, he
decided to side with Kalymnos.

Age: 58

Lvl 31

Leadership 40	Science 17
Control 41	Piloting 30
Navigation 45	Medicine 25
Artillery 41	Management 22
Maintenance 27	Combat 39

Special Abilities
Space Warrior Lvl 3
Final Roar lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: Prince of the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo and second in line for the throne.
Adolfo is also a fleet admiral who commands the Enemonzon fleets. he is a
bright and cheerful person, and has the dignity and grace of royalty.

Age: 26

Lvl 11

Leadership 24	Science 16
Control	16	Piloting 15
Navigation 19	Medicine 11
Artillery 21	Management 9
Maintenance 16	Combat 13

Special Abilities
Iron Wall lvl 2

Recruitment: First, you must choose to invade Lavena in Act two, chapter four.
Then, you must not recruit Teodore during that chapter. After completing the
invasion of Enemonzo, go to Gunnitz and accept Aldolfo's offer to join.


Bio: A boy who travels the sea of stars with Gen Nadiy. Gen took him in after
Alik's home planet was decimated, leaving him a refugee. Although only seven
years old, Alik already shows great promise as a tactician.

Age: 7

Lvl 2

Leadership 18	Science 13
Control 2	Piloting 4
Navigation 11	Medicine 15
Artillery 10	Management 14
Maintenance 11	Combat 2

Special Abilities
Formation Foe lvl 5 (can learn only in the story)

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The director of the Ludoviko Tani Observatory in Nova Nacio. Aminda is a
favorite former student of Professor Gavriil Minas, whom she helps with his
epitaph research.

Age: 37

Lvl 7

Leadership 9	Science 29
Control	9	Piloting 6
Navigation 7	Medicine 16
Artillery 8	Management 10
Maintenance 15	Combat 6

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A popular cartoonist who plies his craft in and around the Regeinland

Age: 29

Lvl 5

Leadership 3	Science 7
Control	4	Piloting 4
Navigation 4	Medicine 6
Artillery 3	Management 3
Maintenance 6	Combat 5

Special Abiliies
All-seeing lvl 2

Recruitment: First, do the first Mondschutz quest, then go to Cino and leave
port. He will be hanging around here.


Bio: A doctor in private practice on Zeippern. Anastasia is known throughout
the Federation for her impressive skill in medicine.

Age: 37

Lvl 5

Leadership 9	Science 10
Control	11	Piloting 6
Navigation 7	Medicine 25
Artillery 6	Management 20
Maintenance 10	Combat 6

Special Abilities
Scapel Star lvl 1

Recruitment: First, accept the second Zeippern quest where you must pick
Fioros flowers. Then go to Daiano's forest where she'll scold you. Then you'll
take her to Zeippern to complete the quest. After completing this Zeippern
quest, come back into the tavern to get her to join permanently.


Bio: An old pirate boss of the local Novgorod Pirate in central Elgava. From
his long years of experience, Argun has gained the cruel ability of finding
and exploiting his opponents' weaknesses.

Age: 76

Lvl 24

Leadership 26	Science 24
Control 12	Piloting 5
Navigation 18	Medicine 33
Artillery 20	Management 17
Maintenance 24	Combat 7

Special Skill
Cool & Calm lvl 3

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Lutsk sector.


Bio: Anchorwoman of the "Wings of Freedom" program airing on an underground
station in Adis. Fajra opposes the tyranny of Adisism, which restricts
space travel.

Age: 23

Lvl 5

Leadership 9	Science 10
Control	24	Piloting 7
Navigation 6	Medicine 11
Artillery 6	Management 14
Maintenance 8	Combat 5

Recruitment: On the normal route during the invasion of Adis, visit the pirate
TV station on Zuudnutag. Answer “Dochin sent us” to get her on the team.


Bio: Lord Roth's aide. A capable officer, Nele has worked with him for eight
long years.

Age: 29

Lvl 12

Leadership 21	Science 14
Control 39	Piloting 9
Navigation 26	Medicine 16
Artillery 15	Management 30
Maintenance 9	Combat 15

Special Skills
Cool & Calm lvl 2
All Seeing lvl 2
Mr. Precise lvl 2.

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.


Bio: A boss within the Novgorod Pirates in the Lutsk Sector of Elgava. Balik
has close ties to some of the soldiers in Lutsk, and wreaks havoc throughout
the sector.

Age: 45

Lvl 16

Leadership 17	Science 5
Control 10	Piloting 15
Navigation 18	Medicine 9
Artillery 25	Management 21
Maintenance 6	combat 24

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 2

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Lutsk sector.


Bio: A highly skilled resource miner, Loukas has worked at virtually every
mine throught Kalymnos.

Age: 42

Lvl 5

Leadership 13	Science 6
Control	5	Piloting 13
Navigation 8	Medicine 10
Artillery 9	Management 14
Maintenance 15	Combat 19

Recruitment: Complete the sidequests on Volos and Chios. These are the
missions where you have to mine for ore. Once you’ve completed both, visit
the tavern and he’ll say that there’s no more work and he’ll join.


Bio: A lieutenant, junior grade, in the 283rd Fleet of the Enemonzon Central
Forces. He is a survivor of one of the fleets that was destroyed by the
Lugovalian Empire.

Age: 27

Lvl 5

Leadership 6	Science 14
Control	11	Piloting 16
Navigation 10	Medicine 15
Artillery 10	Management 10
Maintenance 14	Combat 9

Special Ability
AA Genius lvl 3

Recruitment: Pick him up at the Ancasta tavern before defeating Merril.


Bio: Born into the powerful Basadre clan, he is now the young head of state of
Escondido. Arturo is a passionate idealist who burns with the desire to
transform Escondido into a completely independent nation. Escondido
currently exists under the protection and exploitation of the major nations.

Age: 27

Lvl 11

Leadership 29	Science 5
Control	14	Piloting 13
Navigation 15	Medicine 15
Artillery 15	Management 26
Maintenance 9	Combat 19

Special Abilities
Iron Wall lvl 2

Recruitment: Must choose the rebels during the Escondido civil war. After
seizing Dorado, talking to Lozano ONCE to hear that Ochoa is at the tavern
drinking to calm his nerves. Ochoa will tell you to about his history with
Arturo. Then, complete the chapter and you will get the prisoners to join.

Bastian EXTRA

BiO: The captain of the Royal Fleet of the Republic of Regeinland. A proud
Regeinlandic military officer, Bastian has an extremely strong sense of duty.

Age: 28

Lvl 8

Leadership 25	Science 13
Control	18	Piloting 15
Navigation 23	Medicine 13
Artillery 32	Management 10
Maintenance 14	Combat 27

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 3
Mr Precise lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The third of the Four Hierarchs of Adis. Batdarga defends the fortress
planet Hadmuzh, the second line of dfeense against the Galatic Federation.

Age: 51

Lvl 15

Leadership 41	Science 34
Control	28	Piloting 8
Navigation 22	Medicine 29
Artillery 30	Management 26
Maintenance 28	Combat 8

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 3
Medic lvl 2

Recruitment: Must choose the normal route against Adis. You must also have
recruited Atlaso to get him.


Bio: A captain in the Regeinalndic Forces. In a military organization that
values ability, Helmine has distinguished herself as a fleet commander.

Age: 31

Lvl 9

Leadership 26	Science 9
Control 13	Piloting 11
Navigation 22	Medicine 15
Artillery 18	Management 8
Maintenance 11	Combat 22

Special skill
FTR Expert lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: Military adviser to Cadmus, the feudal lord of the Dominion of Spetses,
and admiral of his fleet. He owes his life to Cadmus the First, the previous
feudal lord, and so repays this debt to his son, the current Lord Cadmus.

Age: 41

Lvl 9

Leadership 24	Science 7
Control	12	Piloting 8
Navigation 20	Medicine 9
Artillery 21	Management 18
Maintenance 11	Combat 25

Special Abilities
As Genius lvl 1
Space Warrior lvl 2
Iron Wall lvl 2

Recruitment: During the campaign of Spetses, take out his other ships
and leave the flagship alone to set his recruitment flag. Then, just after
you decide to side with Nova Nacio or Kalymnos during the Irvest war, he will


Bio: Chief engineer of Shipyard No. 2 of the Orsino Foundation. Siro is in
charge of the unit control system of the control ship Impero for the
super weapon ZR.

Age: 52

Lvl 7

Leadership 7	Science 23
Control	7	Piloting 8
Navigation 18	Medicine 7
Artillery 11	Management 18
Maintenance 29	Combat 6

Special Abilities
Machine Geek lvl 3
Star Engineer lvl 2

Recruitment: Must choose the Mesenzana route. You can talk to him right after
he tells you about the ZR. Alternatively, you can finish up the chapter, go to
Gunnitz and pick up the reward there, and fly back to pick up Beltrone.

Bernard EXTRA

Bio: The fleet admiral commanding the Orders forces in the battle of Hinwald.
Douglas is an illustrious commander and is loyal in his service to Daniel
Evans, Chairman of Orders.

Age: 49

Leadership 66	Science 15
Control 28	Piloting 11
Navigation 32	Medicine 13
Artillery 46	Management 26
Maintenance 19	Combat 15

Special Skill
AS Genius lvl 4
Inciter lvl 4

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A rear admiral in the Regeinlandic Forces. One of Regeinland's top fleet

Age: 37

Lvl 24

Leadership 35	Science 10
Control	24	Piloting 9
Navigation 18	Medicine 6
Artillery 21	Management 15
Maintenance 14	Combat 23

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 2
Iron Wall lvl 3

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The patriarch and head of state of the Holy nation of Adis. He fears the
repercussions of mankind's spread into space.

Age: 99

Lvl 99

Leadership 79	Science 84
Control	7	Piloting 7
Navigation 10	Medicine 57
Artillery 9	Management 28
Maintenance 61	Combat 7

Special Abilities
Mad Scientist lvl 5
All-seeing lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Adis.

Borisova EXTRA

Bio: The captain of a probe ship that left the Small Magellanic cloud on an
Epitaph reserach expedition but then became lost. Lyudmila was also a scholar
and head of the Zvenigorod Academy. Niall Eremon saved her life, and she became
his aide.

Age: 27

Leadership 14	Science 28
Control 27	Piloting 13
Navigation 6	Medicine 18
Artillery 6	Management 30
Maintenance 13	Combat 3

Special Skill
Cool & Calm lvl 3

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The president of the Galactic Federation. Brian is caught in the
conflict between the Federation's two national assemblies: the Federation
Assembly, which consists almost entirely of Libertasian members, and the
Interplanetary Assembly, which also includes members from the surrounding
nations. Despite the difficulties, he still works to bring lasting peace
to the Federation.

Age: 58

Lvl 44

Leadership 44	Science 12
Control	15	Piloting 7
Navigation 10	Medicine 12
Artillery 7	Management 87
Maintenance 8	Combat 6

Special Abilities
Medic lvl 4

Recruitment: Automatic.

Cadmus EXTRA

Bio: The second-generation feudal lord of the dominion of Spetses. Cadmus stays
holed up in his own autonomous nation, and has never steeped a foot out into

Recruitment: Automatic.

Age: 49

Lvl 3

Leadership 3	Science 5
Control	2	Piloting 3
Navigation 2	Medicine 4
Artillery 2	Management 4
Maintenance 3	Combat 4

Carrol EXTRA

Bio: A fleet admiral of the Libertasian Forces. he commands a fleet that
defends the void gates in Libertas' border sectors.

Age: 46

Lvl 14

Leadership 20	Science 17
Control	17	Piloting 6
Navigation 15	Medicine 8
Artillery 20	Management 11
Maintenance 8	Combat 9

Recruitment: Automatic.

Celina EXTRA

Bio: A no-nonsense pirate who maintains her status at the top of the rainkings.
Celina is not one to be trifled with, and has no qualms with stamping out
anyone who gets in her way.

Age: 26

Lvl 77

Leadership 50	Science 20
Control 22	Piloting 48
Navigation 43	Medicine 15
Artillelry 71	Management 3
Maintenance 21	Combat 72

Special Skill
AS Genius lvl 5
Maneuver Ace lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos.


Bio: A boy traveling through the sea of stars alone. His single-minded quest is
to become stronger. Whenever Cico encounters a zero-G dogs with a high level of
Fame, he never misses the opportunity to challenge them to a battle.

Age: 16

Lvl 30

Leadership 56	Science 21
Control	23	Piloting 30
Navigation 48	Medicine 19
Artillery 40	Management 21
Maintenance 30	Combat 56

Special Abilities
Space Warrior lvl 3
Final Roar lvl 1


Bio: Head of the viceroyalty established by Lugovalos after it conquered most
of the Small Magellanc cloud. Kendrick has ruled many occupied territories
before this in his career.

Age: 52

Lvl 21

Leadership 30	Science 18
Control 37	Piloting 5
Navigation 8	Medicine 22
Artillery 12	Management 71
Maintenance 10	Combat 11

Special Skill
Abacus lvl 3
Medic lvl 3

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Andalucia sector.

Dardanos EXTRA

Bio: The warden of the prison planet Skantzoura in Kalymnos.

Age: 46

Lvl 5

Leadership 15	Science 4
Control	6	Piloting 14
Navigation 6	Medicine 4
Artillery 10	Management 15
Maintenance 8	Combat 12

Recruitment: Automatic.

Deimos EXTRA

Bio: The warden of the prison planet Lari. Deimos is the younger brother of
Dardanos Glaucus, and bears a bitter grudge against Yuri for defeating his
older brother.

Age: 42

Lvl 5

Leadership 15	Science 7
Control	6	Piloting 4
Navigation 5	Medicine 6
Artillery 8	Management 16
Maintenance 7	Combat 17

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: An ensign in the Kalymnos Sector Security Agency. Vlasis is involved in
trying to rid the sector of pirates.

Age: 28

Lvl 5

Leadership 7	Science 11
Control	17	Piloting 15
Navigation 14	Medicine 13
Artillery 11	Management 14
Maintenance 13	Combat 10

Recruitment: Must choose to side with Kalymnos during the Irvest war. He is a
temporary crewmember in the story.

Desmond EXTRA

Bio: A soldier of the Lugovalian vanguard Fleet. He is proud of being a
natural-born citizen of Lugovalos proper. Trevor is Eremon's adjuntant, but
can't hide his dissatisfaction with having a foreigner from a conquered planet
as his superior.

Age: 28

Lvl 11

Leadership 14	Science 24
Control	17	Piloting 18
Navigation 5	Medicine 16
Artillery 11	Management 31
Maintenance 6	Combat 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Andalucia sector.


Bio: A commander in the Regeinlandic Space Armored Fleet, he's an honest and
reliable career soldier. Dietrich gives his all for the sake of his homeland
and the Large Magellanic Cloud as a whole.

Age: 30

Lvl 7

Leadership 23	Science 15
Control	25	Piloting 10
Navigation 23	Medicine 10
Artillery 24	Management 14
Maintenance 11	Combat 28

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 1
AA Genius lvl 1
Inciter lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.

Dodungo EXTRA

Bio: The top dog of the West prison block on the prison planet Lari, and Yuri's
rival there. A former boxer, Dodungo has complete confidence in his fighting

Age: 29

Lvl 5

Leadership 12	Science 4
Control	5	Piloting 9
Navigation 7	Medicine 5
Artillery 11	Management 13
Maintenance 4	Combat 12

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A freelance zero-Gdog who uses the Xeos Belt Union as his base of
operations. Emiliano is good friends with Jovani Taglienti.

Age: 22

Lvl 5

Leadership 11	Science 11
Control 17	Piloting 13
Navigation 16	Medicine 12
Artillery 12	Management 18
Maintenance 14	Combat 17

Special Abilities
Ace Helmsman lvl 1

Recruitment: Go to the Guadalajara tavern and “Talk to the laborer” He’ll
charge 3000G for some technology that sets a flag for a new type of ship.
Then, go to Labico’s Union HQ to recruit him.

Eremon EXTRA

Bio: The commander of the Lugovalian vanguard Fleet.Niall's forces invaded the
Small Magellanic Cloud and conquered it with amazing speed.

Age: 26

Lvl 35

Leadership 60	Science 14
Control 47	Piloting 25
Navigation 50	Medicine 13
Artillery 39	Management 14
Maintenance 20	Combat 40

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 5
Inciter Lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Andalucia sector.


Bio: The captain of the Zenitonian seventh Fleet, Abrahamo served under Admiral
Mikelo Rubriko. After Mikelo was defeated, Abrahamo was sent to the
Interplanetary Assembly as a visiting officer.

Age: 50

Lvl 7

Leadership 19	Science 16
Control 27	Piloting 10
Navigation 18	Medicine 15
Artillery 22	Management 8
Maintenance 17	Combat 9

Special Abilities
AA Genius lvl 3

Recruitment: Must have chosen the Zenito route. Choose “let’s accept their
offer” to get him at Gunnitz.

Ettore EXTRA

Bio: Sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo. Ettore the 235th's nation is
officially aligned with the Interplanetary Assembly, but, along with Chairman
Zanetti of the Orsino Foundation, he privately supports the Federation

Age: 53

Lvl 17

Leadership 25	Science 14
Control 11	Piloting 8
Navigation 4	Medicine 10
Artillery 6	Management 20
Maintenance 8	Combat 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Enemonzo.


Bio: Chairman of the Federation Assembly as well as chairman of Orders, a
military organization. Daniel's goal is to unify the Galactic Federation under
the leadership of Libertas.

Age: 52

Lvl 41

Leadership 72	Science 15
Control 20	Piloting 7
Navigation 23	Medicine 8
Artillery 15	Management 54
Maintenance 9	Combat 10

Special Abilities
Medic lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Hinwald sector.


Bio: The prime minister and king of Nacio. Micchaelo belongs to the
Interplanetary Assemblly, and maintains cordial relations with Regeinland.

Age: 59

Lvl 6

Leadership 31	Science 13
Control 18	Piloting 7
Navigation 7	Medicine 14
Artillery 6	Management 19
Maintenance 9	Combat 6

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A member of the Medic Organization, an Elgavan group of medical
volunteers. He values human life beyond all else.

Age: 36

Lvl 5

Leadership 8	Science 14
Control 7	Piloting 7
Navigation 15	Medicine 21
Artillery 4	Management 11
Maintenance 10	Combat 9

Special Abilities
Scalpel Star lvl 2

Recruitment: After dealing with Argun and Balik, go to Nerekhta’s Medic
Organization to find the people who saved Yuri’s life. This will set the flag
to recruit both Feodor and Larissa. After you speak to Feodor, enter the Medic
Organization again to hear that they are in trouble on Ruza. Head there and
check in the tavern. After they tell you their story, they’ll join your party.


Bio: A mercenary officially registered with Kallas & Company. Mihijo is a
veteran spacefarer.

Age: 62

Lvl 6

Leadership 21	Science 26
Control 22	Piloting 11
Navigation 17	Medicine 20
Artillery 16	Management 27
Maintenance 19	Combat 7

Special Abilities
AA Genius lvl 1

Recruitment: In Kallas & Co.’s office on Hydrus, talk to him three times but
don’t recruit until he drops his price to 2000G. Alternatively, you could pay
him his initial asking price.


Bio: Elgava's defense minister. A shrewd man, Rudak is asked for his opinions
by President Saburov on a daily basis. Rudak acts as a mediator between
government and military, and doesn't take sides on the Conservative versus
Reform Faction issue.

Age: 49

Lvl 5

Leadership 28	Science 11
Control 26	Piloting 7
Navigation 9	Medicine 11
Artillery 9	Management 30
Maintenance 13	Combat 8

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 2
Medic lvl 2

Recruitment: First order of business is visit the Sector Security Agency in
act 2, then talk to the soldier in the tavern. He’ll point out a wanderer in
the bar. Talk to the wanderer and tell him “the name’s Yuri” to get him to


Bio: Born on the Libertasian frontier planet of Morien, Franny is an excellent
engineer with a cheerful yet rough disposition. When imprisioned on the
prison asteroid Lari, Franny became friends with Yuri and helped plan their

Age: 18

Lvl 3

Leadership 6	Science 14
Control 14	Piloting 9
Navigation 8	Medicine 7
Artillery 5	Management 12
Maintenance 14	Combat 7

Special Abilities
Machine Geek lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.


Bio: The second in command of the Trump Mercenary Squadron, a gropu whose
activities center mainly in and around Elgava. Along with Poplo, Gadina has
been seraching for a ship captain with a high level of Fame.

Age: 35

Lvl 3

Leadership 9	Science 2
Control 6	Piloting 15
Navigation 9	Medicine 8
Artillery 15	Management 7
Maintenance 7	Combat 17

Special Abilities
Ace Pilot lvl 1
Marksman 1

Recruitment: In the Lutzk guild, if you have 200 fame and 300G, she will join.


Bio: A mercenary officially registered with Kallas & Company. Theodore is
well-versed in all aspects of operating a ship.

Age: 32

Lvl 6

Leadership 11	Science 6
Control 11	Piloting 18
Navigation 17	Medicine 7
Artillery 20	Management 13
Maintenance 9	Combat 19

Special Abilities
Star Engineer lvl 4

Recruitment: Must unlock Kallas & Co. on Noldau. Visit the staff assignment
room to hire him for 8000G.


Bio: Balik's right-hand man and second in command of Balik's division of the
Novgorod Pirates.

Age: 52

Lvl 4

Leadership 12	Science 8
Control 9	Piloting 14
Navigation 17	Medicine 13
Artillery 14	Management 15
Maintenance 9	Combat 13

Recruitment: First, before you begin your assault on the Novigorod pirates in
Lutsk, tell Vladykin that you want to take the indirect route. Then, when you
get to Volos, visit the Defense post 3 times for him to appear.


Bio: Twin teenage sisteres Callie and Briana are the stars of a hot pop music
duo, called the GG Girls, based in the Libertas Sector.

Age: 13

Lvl 1

Leadership 5	Science 1
Control 9	Piloting 2
Navigation 1	Medicine 3
Artillery 1	Management 5
Maintenance 1	Combat 1

Special Abilities
Angel Voice lvl 5

Recruitment: Right after destroying the ZR 2 but before destroying the Taurus,
find Rastaban in the Hinwald sector. These two are doing a show. Talk to them
to set the first flag. They’ll bug you to get on your ship, but Yuri will tell
them that he’ll pick them up later when the Taurus has been destroyed. Then,
you must drop them off on Merylgild and visit them at Star Child studios and
enter their office ONCE. Enter twice, and it turns out they tricked you and
will leave your crew.


Lvl 4

Leadership 13	Science 12
Control 15	piloting 15
Navigation 15	Medicine 14
Artillery 16	Management 24
Maintenance 13	Combat 14

Special Skill
Abacus lvl 2
Ace Helmsman lvl 1

Recruitment: During chapter 4, the Sector Security agency will be under attack.
You’ll be presented two choices. Choose “defend the passenger ship” to set his
flag. He will temporarily join in act 1 during your invasion of Spetses. To get
this character to join permanently, Katida must not have been recruited earlier
and talk to him on Nemetona during act two.


Bio: A legendary tactician who once worked for the General Staff Headquarters
of the Central Elgavan Forces. Gennadiy Alabyshev disliked being fettered,
howerever, and now spends his days traveling under the assumed name of
"Gen Nadiy."

Age: 72

Lvl 10

Leadership 31	Science 13
Control 14	Piloting 4
Navigation 13	Medicine 13
Artillery 9	Management 17
Maintenance 14	Combat 6

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 4
AS Genius lvl 2
Formation Foe lvl 5

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.


Bio: A Zenitonian technology officer. Georgo has the deep trust of
Queen Safira, and can command fleets using neural operationg system
(NOS) technology.

Age: 23

Lvl 5
Leadership 4	Science 18
Control 5	Piloting 17
Navigation 21	Medicine 20
Artillery 19	Management 6
Maintenance 21	Combat 4

Special Abilities
Star Engineer lvl 1
Scalpel Star lvl 1

Recruitment: You must choose to invade Zenito and say that you trust him when
Baum asks.


Bio: The son of Saverio Zanetti. Per his father's wishes, Gino heads up the
Orino Foundation, but he is plagued by an indecisive nature.

Age: 41

Lvl 6

Leadership 11	Science 19
Control 14	Piloting 6
Navigation 16	Medicine 12
Artillery 6	Management 8
Maintenance 15	Combat 6

Recruitment: Must choose the Mesenzana route. You’ll get him after you defeat

Glavanis EXTRA

Bio: A lieutenant in the Kalymnian defense forces that guard the border against
their potential enemy, Nova Nacio. Jacen seems to have a feeling of antagonism
toward the Sector Security Agency, which is in charge of ridding the area of

Age: 29

Lvl 9

Leadership 21	Sciencee 9
Control 18	Piloting 14
Navigation 22	Medicine 11
Artillery 25	Management 12
Maintenance 13	Combat 16

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 1
AS Genius lvl 1


Bio: Fleet admiral of the Nacion Space Force and daughter of Prime Minister
Michaelo Falko. An intelligent woman, Glorinda knows that, although she is an
admiral, she serves more as a figurehead to boost morale.

Age: 28

Lvl 2

Leadership 17	Science 15
Control 12	Piloting 16
Navigation 9	Medicine 8
Artillery 7	Management 5
Maintenance 6	Combat 8

Special Abilities
FTR Expert lvl 2

Recruitment: Go to the Nacio embassy after you’ve been told to invade Adis.
When Falko asks you if there’s a special someone in Yuri’s life, answer “yes.”
Then talk to him again and choose her over Shildo.


Bio: A zero-G dog who used to work for the Federation Security Network.
Balthasar is currently registered as a freelancer with Kallas & Comapny.

Age: 49

Lvl 5

Leadership 3	Science 8
Control 5	Piloting 1
Navigation 2	Medicine 3
Artillery 6	Management 23
Maintenance 5	Combat 3

Special Abilities
Abacus lvl 3

Recruitment: Must unlock Kallas & Co. on Noldau. Visit the staff assignment
room to hire him for 4000G.


Bio: An android. After the old HELP broke down, Professor Gavriil Minas
revamped it into a combat droid with a female appearance.

Lvl 1

Leadership 1	Science 1
Control 12	Piloting 1
Navigation 1	Medicine 20
Artillery 1	Management 1
Maintenance 20	Combat 27

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 5
Space Warrior lvl 2
Medic lvl 2

Recruitment: Must have Minas in your party. Use the Help robot and keep
searching through topics. Search through about 20 to 30 topics and when you
leave, it’ll break down. Oddly enough, you can still consult HELP anyway.
Anyways, after this event, Minas will make you the android HELP.

Horton EXTRA

Bio: Kevin Norton's adjuntant. William uses his expert skills at analyzing
information to advise Kevin Norton.

Age: 34

Lvl 6

Leadership 17	Science 15
Control 24	Piloting 15
Navigation 22	Medicine 13
Artillery 14	Management 8
Maintenance 16	Combat 20

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A boy born on the frontier planet of Gorodok in the Interplanetary Union
of Elgava. Ian's intelligence impressed Dedon Galkin so much that Dedon
recommended that Ian join Yuri in his travels.

Age: 15

Lvl 3

Leadership 14	Science 12
Control 12	Piloting 5
Navigation 8	medicine 8
Artillery 5	Management 8
Maintenance 7	Combat 2

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 1
Mr. Precise lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.

Ioannov EXTRA

Bio: A lieutenant commander in the Kalymnos Sector Security Agency, and Belen
Pappas and Vlasis Delis's commanding officer. Silas is a rational military man
capable of making calm, reasoned decisions.

Age: 43

Lvl 12

Leadership 21	Science 7
Control 18	Piloting 16
Navigation 18	Medicine 14
Artillery 14	Management 21
Maintenance 16	Combat 20

Special Abilities
All-seeing lvl 2


Bio: Aide to Arturo Basadre. Rogelio is highly trusted by Arturo as a
political advisor on internal affairs.

Age: 41
Lvl 6

Leadership 14	Science 8
Control 18	Piloting 11
Navigation 8	Medicine 19
Artillery 13	Management 21
Maintenance 13	Combat 18

Recruitment: Same as Basadre

Jovani EXTRA

Bio: Jovani represents the Xeos Belt Union, and is very accommodating to zero-G

Age: 37

Lvl 16

Leadership 16	Science 33
Control 16	Piloting 12
Navigation 20	Medicine 33
Artillery 8	Management 28
Maintenance 29	Combat 9

Special Abilities
Star Engineer lvl 3
Scalpel Star lvl 1
Medic lvl 3

Kallas EXTRA

Bio: The president of Kallas & Company, a private military company that spreads
throught every nation in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Age: 55

Lvl 10

Leadership 29	Science 21
Control 11	Piloting 7
Navigation 9	Medicine 5
Artillery 10	Management 35
Maintenance 14	Combat 7


Bio: The son of the former president of the weapons company, Efimov, Inc., on
the planet Perekop. The company was acquired by the Novgorod Pirates in a
hostile takeover, and now Karlo hides away on the planet Klaipeda. He was in
the middle of developing weapons and modules to get his revenge on the Novgorod
Pirates when he first met Yuri.

Age: 34

Lvl 3
Leadership 7	Science 11
Control 11	Piloting 10
Navigation 10	Medicine 7
Artillery 11	Management 7
Maintenance 16	Combat 9


Bio: The granddaughter of Jozefo Lanco. Perhaps due to her wealthy upbringing,
Katida is a carefree, cheerful and somewhat naive girl with an adventurous

Age: 15

Lvl 1

Leadership 6	Science 9
Control 7	Piloting 7
Navigation 4	Medicine 4
Artillery 4	Management 2
Maintenance 6	Combat 2

Recruitment: First, visit her on the hospital on Strategio. “Yell at her” to
set the first flag. Then, go buy the real flowers for 300G. Then when
Lanco asks you which side to take during the Irvest war, choose Nova Nacio.


Bio: Yuri's little sister and only living relative. Kira is very attached to
Yuri. She wants to be by his side, no matter what it takes, and she'll do
absolutely anything for him.

Age: 14

Lvl 1

Leadership 1	Science 5
Control 10	Piloting 1
Navigation 2	Medicine 11
Artillery 1	Management 11
Maintenance 5	Combat 1

Special Abilities
Amateur Chef lvl 1
Medic Lvl 1 (upgrades to Mercy Angel in the story)

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.


Bio: An Orders captain and aide to Admiral Douglas Bernard. Carl has great
faith in Orders chairman Daniel Evans as well. Even after the Battle of
Hinwald, Carl opposes the Interplanetary Assembly out of loyalty to Chairman

Age: 38

Lvl 8

Leadership 21	Science 10
Control 38	Piloting 8
Navigation 29	Medicine 10
Artillery 26	Management 12
Maintenance 14	combat 16

Special Abilities
Iron Wall lvl 1

Recruitment: On your first visit to the Libertasian embassy, when Bernard
wants to join your ship to convince the rebels to stand down, say “Sorry,
but…” to set his flag.

Kompaso EXTRA

Bio: The president of Kompaso corporation, a warship manufacturer in Nacio.

Age: 52

Lvl 6

Leadership 20	Science 22
Control 9	Piloting 13
Navigation 14	Medicine 8
Artillery 8	Management 23
Maintenance 25	Combat 5

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The president of Lanco Warship Manufacturing, a large Nova Nacion company.
With a strong desire for economic growth in the Small Magellanic Cloud,
Jozefo pursues peace negotiations with Kalymnos.

Age: 68

Lvl 11

Leadership 23	Science 27
Control 13	Piloting 6
Navigation 14	Medicine 10
Artillery 7	Management 31
Maintenance 32	Combat 5

Special Skill
Abacus lvl 3

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Nova Nacio.


Bio: Feodor Kuchin's daughter. Always by her father's side, Larissa is
thoroughly devoted to her life as a medical volunteer.

Age: 16

Lvl 4

Leadership 7	Science 10
Control 8	Piloting 9
Navigation 6	Medicine 15
Artillery 6	Management 13
Maintenance 9	Combat 5

Special Abilities
Medic lvl 1

Recruitment: Same as Feodor.


Bio: Captain of the Beta Sector Fleet of the Galactic Federation. Kyle
attempted to apprehend Yuri as Yuri was carrying out his pirate activities
in the Xeos Belt Union.

Age: 38

Lvl 6

Leadership 21	Science 18
Control 10	Piloting 16
Navigation 20	Medicine 17
Artillery 18	Management 14
Maintenance 14	Combat 13

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 2

Recruitment: You must not have recruited Kitson. Go to Orders HQ after
Sankt orders you to attack Adis. Then go to the Libertasian embassy to
recruit him.

Lennox EXTRA

Bio: The director of the Galactic Federation's Federation Security Network

Age: 42

Lvl 13

Leadership 29	Science 16
Control 35	Piloting 15
Navigation 29	Medicine 15
Artillery 18	Management 20
Maintenance 14	Combat 28

Special Abilities
All-Seeing lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Galaxy Federation Central.


Bio: A civilian scientist. He was confined to the prison planet Skantzoura for
some time. Leo took part in the development of the defensive Oort Interception

Age: 35

Lvl 4

Leadership 3	Science 15
Control 4	Piloting 12
Navigation 7	Medicine 4
Artillery 13	Management 2
Maintenance 17	Combat 6

Special Abilities
Machine Geek lvl 2

Recruitment: Must recruit Rhea first. You’ll pick him up automatically at


Bio: A technical ensign of the Nova Nacion Space Force. During the Irvest War,
Antono boarded Yuri's ship as a temporary crew member.

Age: 28

Lvl 5

Leadership 5	Science 15
Control 10	Piloting 5
Navigation 9	Medicine 11
Artillery 7	Management 10
Maintenance 22	Combat 5

Special Abilities
Machine Geek lvl 1

Recruitment: Must choose Nova Nacio during the Irvest war. After they fire
the giant laser, come back to Najbaro and dig them out of the wreckage.


Bio: A zero-G dog who can always be found at the guild on Subpremi. An
artillery expert, Nichjo is always ready to dole out lessons on artillery
skills if the price is right.

Age: 35

Lvl 5

Leadership 10	Science 7
Control 12	Piloting 10
Navigation 9	Medicine 6
Artillery 22	Management 10
Maintenance 10	Combat 22

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 1

Recruitment: Talk to the man with the upturned chin, as he raises the
artillery skill +1 to Yuri, Torlo, or Nia for 100G. Talk to him again to
recruit him for 1000G.


Bio: Aide to Osvaldo Ochoa. Sandalio's strong suit is internal affairs, and
he acts as Osvaldo's advisor.

Age: 32

Lvl 4

Leadership 10	Science 14
Control 19	Piloting 11
Navigation 12	Medicine 22
Artillery 8	Management 18
Maintenance 14	Combat 9

Recruitment: Same as Ochoa.


Bio: An ace pilot in the First Fleet Aglo Squad of the Nova Nacion Space Force.
Mihhaelo reacted strongly against the Lugovalian Empire when it took over his

Age: 28

Lvl 5

Leadership 15	Science 8
Control 4	Piloting 31
Navigation 13	Medicine 8
Artillery 12	Management 6
Maintenance 13	Combat 8

Special Abilities
Ace Pilot lvl 3

Recruitment: Must choose Nova Nacio during the Irvest war and must volunteer
to rescue Nikitas. He is one of the prisoners in Fort Cadmus.

Macklin EXTRA

Bio: Admiral of the Macklin Fleet, the most powerful fleet of the Lugovalian
Empire. A reticent older man, but a seasoned commander. Even the emperor
consults him on military strategy from time to time.

Age: 75

Lvl 87

Leadership 90	Science 23
Control 77	Piloting 15
Navigation 93	Medicine 29
Artillery 57	Management 24
Maintenance 27	Combat 17

Special Abilities
Cool & Calm lvl 3
Formation Foe lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos.


Bio: She runs a clothing sore on the planet Acerenza in the Xeos Belt Union.
Mariana is Pipra's granddaughter.

Age: 28

Lvl 3

Leadership 8	Science 9
Control 11	Piloting 12
Navigation 13	Medicine 13
Artillery 8	Management 15
Maintenance 9	Combat 7

Special Abilities
Abacus lvl 1

Recruitment: After freeing your crew on Beligrate, talk to the Acerenza
bartender to hear that she’s disappeared. Go to the clothier and ask Pipra
what happened to her. Mariana stormed out after her grandmother made some bad
investments with her granddaughter’s money. She will now be on Retinen and you
can pick her up.


Bio: A trader born in Nova Nacio. Paulo went to Kalymnos looking for business,
but ended up being persecuted for being a Nova Nacion.

Age: 22

Lvl 4

Leadershp 6	Science 9
Control 11	Piloting 6
Navigation 10	Medicine 11
Artilllery 6	Management 20
Maintenance 8	Combat 5

Special Abilities
Abacus lvl 1

Recruitment: When you first meet him on Dodecanese, save him from being beaten
up. Then, he will offer to give you 100G. Decline to accept 3 times. Then,
when you get to Strategio, buy all his wares to get him to join.


Bio: A mercenary officially registered with Kallas & Company. Aleksandro is
well-versed in all aspects of operation a ship.

Age: 45

Lvl 7
Leadership 15	Science 17
Control 11	Piloting 18
Navigation 16	Medicine 24
Artillery 21	Management 12
Maintenance 25	Combat 21

Special Abilities
AS Genius lvl 1

Recruitment: In Kallas & Co.’s office on Hydrus, hire him for 6000G.

Martiro EXTRA

Bio: An admiral that leads the main fleet of the Nova Nacion Space Force.
Tajlero keeps the enemy in check in order to bring the Irvest Sector under

Age: 51

Lvl 18

Leadership 47	Science 12
Control 8	Piloting 12
Navigation 22	Medicine 9
Artillery 16	Management 18
Maintenance 10	Combat 5

Special Skill
AS Genius lvl 3
Cool & Calm lvl 2
Maneuver Ace lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Nova Nacio sector.

Melania EXTRA

Bio: A young girl who works at the tavern on the planet Gorodok. She loves to

Age: 15

Lvl 1

Leadership 1	Science 2
Control 6	Piloting 1
Navigation 2	Medicine 4
Artillery 2	Management 11
Maintenance 1	Combat 1

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A technical ensign who was sent to the planet Najbaro as a controller for
Project Stelalumo.

Age: 24

Lvl 5

Leadership 9	Science 11
Control 20	Piloting 8
Navigation 6	Medicine 11
Artillery 7	Management 10
Maintenance 6	Combat 8

Special skill
Cool & Calm lvl 1

Recruitment: Same as Letero.

Merril EXTRA

Bio: An ensign of the Lugovalian Forces. He was born in Lugovalos-conquered
territory but became Ursula Macklin's adjutant after she discovered his genius
as a tactician.

Age: 30

Lvl 21

Leadership 49	Science 23
Control 59	Piloting 10
Navigation 33	Medicine 20
Artillery 31	Management 23
Maintenance 18	Combat 10

Special Skill
Cool & Calm lvl 5
AS Genius lvl 3
Formation Foe lvl 2

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Andalucia sector.


Bio: A genius scientist with a lab in Kalymnos. Professor Minas is known
throughout the Large and Small Magelanic Clouds as a leading authority on
Epitaph research.

Age: 74

Lvl 5

Leadership 7	Science 32
Control 5	Piloting 4
Navigation 9	medicine 14
Artillery 6	Management 8
Maintenance 14	Combat 4

Special Skill
Mad Scientist lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic.

Mudakov EXTRA

Bio: Commander of the regional Lutsk Forces division of the Elgavan military.

Age: 35

Lvl 4

Leadership 16	Science 7
Control 7	Piloting 7
Navigation 14	Medicine 7
Artillery 18	Management 7
Maintenance 7	Combat 8

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Central Elgava.


Bio: A scientist who devotes herself to resarching rare metals at the National
Science Research Lab on the planet Alatyr.

Age: 26

Lvl 3

Leadership 3	Science 17
Control 5	Piloting 3
Navigation 3	Medicine 9
Artillery 4	Management 5
Maintenance 12	Combat 3

Special Skill
Cool @ Calm lvl 3

Recruitment: Take the quest the bartender offers on Ostrog. He wants you to
pick up Nadja Musin on Alatyr. But she won’t leave work unless you help her
with her work. Go to Buzhsk and select “the magnetic field value.” Selecting
the others will result in an annoyed Nadja, but she’ll let you try again. Take
her to Ostrog and someone will take a shot at her. She’ll ask for you to take
her in. If you don’t, the next time you visit the lab, you’ll find out she
had committed suicide.


Bio: The first of the Four Hiearchs of Adis. Myagmar devotes his outstanding
skills as a fleet commander to serving and protecting Patriarch Bogd.

Age: 37

Lvl 12

Leadership 39	Science 23
Control 17	piloting 15
Navigation 32	Medicine 15
Artillery 29	Management 17
Maintenance 11	Combat 21

Special Skill
AS Genius lvl 3
Inciter lvl 3

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A lieutenant, junior grade, in Nacio's 1094th Fighter Unit. Volo is one of
the top ace pilots in Nacio's Forces.

Age: 31

Lvl 7

Leadership 12	Science 9
Control 9	Piloting 36
Navigation 8	Medicine 10
Artillery 12	Management 13
Maintenance 12	Combat 11

Special Skill
Ace Pilot lvl 3

Recruitment: After your first visit to Royal Fleet HQ, come back in again.
Roth will say that he envies the fact that our crew women don’t have to wear
uniforms. Say “You think so?” to set his flag. Then, go to the Regeinland
embassy on Nizia after speaking to the president. Then, talk to Nele to have
him join.


Bio: A crackerjack civilian engineer. with her ambiguous looks and rough way of
speaking, Nerissa is often mistaken for a young boy.

Age: 24

Lvl 3

Leadership 7	Science 10
Control 13	Piloting 13
Navigation 17	Medicine 5
Artillery 8	Management 11
Maintenance 17	Combat 8

Special Skill
Machine Geek lvl 2

Recruitment: Go to one of the ??? in area 1’s Kalymnos Junction sector. The
ship will suffer engine trouble. Basically, space barnacles clogged the
engine. A passing ship will see you and Nerissa will punch her captain and
come over to repair the engine. Then go to Thira to see her there. She’s
unemployed due to her punching out aforementioned captain and will join.


Bio: A female launcher. For a fee, she helps people leave their home planet to
journey into space. Nia is the one who first brought Yuri out to the sea of

Age: 23

Lvl 4

Leadership 16	Science 9
Control 12	Piloting 11
Navigation 11	Medicine 12
Artillery 18	Management 10
Maintenance 9	Combat 18

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 1
Death Blow lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic, but temporary in the main story.

Nikitas EXTRA

Bio: A member of the pirate crew led by Celina Sioufas. Gilles is solely
responsible for maintaining and servicing her pirate ship.

Age: 37
Lvl 48

Leadership 17	Science 28
Control 48	Piloting 38
Navigation 59	Medicine 28
Artillery 38	Management 53
Maintenance 49	Combat 32

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 3
Star Engineer lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos Belt.


Bio: The secretarial office manager at Lanco warship Manufacturing. Adorinda
strives to support the Lanco family in every way, both in her professional
capacity, and on a more personal level, too.

Age: 27

Lvl 4

Leadership 14	Science 16
Control 14	Piloting 9
Navigation 6	Medicine 15
Artillery 13	Management 21
Maintenance 12	Combat 7

Special Skill
All-seeing lvl 1
Amateur Chef lvl 3

Recruitment: During chapter 4, the sector security agency will be under attack.
You’ll be presented two choices. Choose “attack the pirates” to set her flag.
She will temporarily join in act 1 during your invasion of Spetses. To get this
character to join permanently, Katida must not have been recruited earlier
and talk to her on Nemetona during act two.

Norton EXTRA

Bio: Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet. But it is rumored that Daniel
Evans, the chairman of Orders, is the one who truly controls the military, and
that Kevin Norton actually has very little effective authority.

Age: 60

Lvl 56

Leadership 82	Science 13
Control 53	Piloting 6
Navigation 24	Medicine 16
Artillery 22	Management 72
Maintenance 8	Combat 14

Special skill
AS Genius lvl 4
AA Genius lvl 4
Iron Wall lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Galaxy Federation Central.

Novikov EXTRA

Bio: A captain in the Central Elgavan Forces, Mogilek is Oleg Vladykin's

Age: 43

Lvl 5

Leadership 18	Science 7
Control 14	Piloting 8
Navigation 14	Medicine 6
Artillery 13	Management 17
Maintenance 9	Combat 11

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Central Elgava.


Bio: The young head of the famous Ochoa clan, rivals of the Basadre clan.
Osvaldo's goal is to build a nation free from all influence and interference
from other nations.

Age: 34

Lvl 11

Leadership 23	Science 6
Control 8	Piloting 16
Navigation 19	Medicine 5
Artillery 19	Management 24
Maintenance 16	Combat 22

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 2
Commander lvl 5

Recruitment: Must side with the government in the Escondido civil war. After
finding out about Ochoa’s cloaked ship, go back to Dorado and talk to Jimenez
FIRST. He’ll tell you that Basadre likes to go out to the meadow to think. Go
to the meadow and talk to him to set his recruitment flag. Once that flag’s
been set, finish your business in Escondido and you’ll get them to serve you.


Bio: A freelance zero-G dog wh travels the cosmos. Oisin's manner of speech is
a bit odd, but he is very skiled at combat. For his own mysterious reasons,he
tenaciously attempts to hunt Cico down, with the clear intention to kill him.

Age: 20

Lvl 5

Leadership 26	Science 15
Control 6	Piloting 29
Navigation 30	Medicine 15
Artillery 29	Management 14
Maintenance 22	Combat 39

Special Skill
Final Roar lvl 3

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A former emploee of Lanco warship Manufacturing and a member of the guild
on the planet Hermeta. A verteran engineer, Palmo joined the guild in a quest
to find a better ship.

Age: 45

Lvl 4

Leadership 15	Science 10
Control 7	Piloting 12
Navigation 18	Medicine 6
Artillery 8	Management 16
Maintenance 14	Combat 9

Special Skill
Star Engineer lvl 1

Recruitment: First, pay the bartender on Hermeta to unlock the guild. He will
want you to quote a figure. Say 800G or he’ll be insulted and demand 1000G.

Panfilov EXTRA

Bio: Once a famous adventurer, he discovered and developed the planet of
Ropesk, which later became an autonomous dominion of Elgava. But fearing the
exodus of his people from Ropesk, he issued a ban on space travel, making them
virtual prisoners on the ground.

Age: 71

Lvl 17

Leadership 20	Science 21
Control 11	Piloting 16
Navigation 20	Medicine 12
Artiller 21	Management 19
Maintenance 20	Combat 10

Special Skill
AA Genius lvl 3

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Lutsk sector.


Bio: An ensign who hunts down pirates for the Kalymnos Sector Security Agency.
He entered the agency at the same time as vlasis Delis. Belen is afffable and
almost too easygoing at times, but he has his own code of principles that he
rigidly follows.

Age: 29

Lvl 5

Leadership 9	Science 5
Control 13	Piloting 16
Navigation 20	Medicine 5
Artillery 17	Management 9
Maintenance 14	Combat 17

Special Skill
Marksman lvl 1

Recruitment: After choosing to side with Kalymnos during the Irvest war, go to
Byzantium after the truce is declared and talk to him to get him to join.

Pavlis EXTRA

Bio: The fleet admiral of the main Kalymnian Forces during the Irvest war.
A true career soldier, Ptolemy feels a sense of pride every time he stands
on the battlefield.

Age: 59

Lvl 19

Leadership 49	Science 9
Control 13	Piloting 7
Navigation 22	Medicine 13
Artillery 39	Management 16
Maintenance 12	Combat 18

Special Skill
AS Genius lvl 3
Iron Wall lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Kalymnos.


Bio: A surviving boss of the Kreios Pirates. A frank and open-hearted man,
Yianni doesn't get hung up on the past. His passion is to build and fly fast

Age: 28

Lvl 5

Leadership 16	Science 8
Control 9	Piloting 17
Navigation 22	Medicine 11
Artillery 14	Management 14
Maintenance 13	Combat 20

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 2
Maneuver Ace lvl 1

Recruitment: Must choose Nova Nacio durin the Irvest war. Letero will order us
to destroy 4 transports around CL-617. Pavlov will race off. Go after him to
find that his ship was wrecked by a group led by a battleship. If you have at
least 5000 fame, he will join you.


Bio: A young girl who spends all her time at the Kallas & Company branches on
Noldau and Hydrus. Even though Phyllis is young, she has surprisingly good
piloting skills.

Age: 15

Lvl 1

Leadership 2	Science 3
Control 4	Piloting 19
Navigation 13	Medicine 2
Artillery 7	Management 4
Maintenance 7	Combat 3

Special Skill
Ace Pilot lvl 1

Recruitment: Now this character is difficult and expensive to recruit. Use
stat enhancement rooms in any Kallas & Co. to increase the skill of anyone
assigned to those positions. It starts off at 1000G for the first 4 times,
4000G the next 3 times. After that, it permanently increases to 8000G.
Leave and reenter BEFORE you pay 8000G to meet her. Never-ever-pay 8000G
before she joins or she won’t show up at all.


Bio: The leader of the Trader's Guild on Kashtano, a key planet in the
Magellanic Stream. Well-versed in the space routes in both the Large and Small
Magellanic Clouds, she can get her hands on almost anything.

Age: 58

Lvl 19

Leadership 13	Science 15
Control 7	Piloting 4
Navigation 9	Medicine 14
Artillery 4	Management 49
Maintenance 17	Combat 5

Special Skill
Abacus lvl 5

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The leader of the Trump Mercenary Squadron, a group whose activities
center mainly in and around Elgava. At the guild on Ltsk, Poplo has been
searching for a ship captain with a high enough level of Fame.

Age: 38

Lvl 4
Leadership 12	Science 4
Control 8	Piloting 10
Navigation 15	Medicine 8
Artillery 11	Management 8
Maintenance 6	Combat 14

Special Skill
All-seeing lvl 1
Commander lvl 2

Recruitment: In the Lutzk guild, if you have 200 fame and 500G, he will join.


Bio: The proprietor of a tavern on Hapsal. Radimir is a glib talker, and can
come across as being rather superficial.

Age: 49

Lvl 2

Leadership 4	Science 4
Control 8	Piloting 5
Navigation 4	Medicine 5
Artillery 4	Management 4
Maintenance 10	Combat 4

Recruitment: Talk to him in his bar on Hapsal after completing the job he
offers you. He will talk about how his bar is going under. After that, go to
Lutzk and talk to Rufina after getting Tatiana. She will complain about her
no-good ex-husband mooching her for money. Now, go back to Hapsal and talk to
Radamir again to get him to join.


Bio: A former Nova Nacion soldier and a member of the guild on Acerenza.

Age: 49

Lvl 5

Leadership 11	Science 16
Control 11	Piloting 12
Navigation 16	Medicine 11
Artillery 10	Management 8
Maintenance 23	Combat 13

Special Skill
Star Engineer lvl 3

Recruitment: Visit the Acerenza guild and talk to the tall man. He’ll join for


Bio: A student of astronomy originally from the planet Volodarev. The party
discovered Ratai illegally loitering at the Zvenigorod spaceport trying to
measure cosmic radiation.

Age: 21

Lvl 2

Leadership 5	Science 13
Control 4	Piloting 4
Navigation 4	Medicine 7
Artillery 4	Management 8
Maintenance 9	Combat 3

Special Skill
All Seeing lvl 1

Recruitment: Go to Volodarev’s meadow after talking to Semias Alastar. A
farmer will talk about his son who’s doing research. Then, go to Zvenigorod to
meet with Ratai, who’s doing some research before the guard gives him the
business. He will then ask to join your crew.


Bio: A former communications operator on a transport ship.

Age: 30

Lvl 3

Leadership 8	Science 10
Control 16	Piloting 11
Navigation 6	Medicine 8
Artillery 12	Management 14
Maintenance 10	Combat 9

AA Genius lvl 1

Recruitment: First, when the Sector Security Agency commander asks you if
you’re confident to travel to Mytilene. Answer “I’m confident” to gain access
to the Spider Web. Go there to pick her up in a derelict ship.


Bio: The first mate of the Bad-to-the-Bone Pirates. Rocco has surpisingly good
combat skills in spite of his wispy frame.

Age: 33

Lvl 66

Leadership 22	Science 26
Control 59	Piloting 72
Navigation 82	Medicine 40
Artillery 46	Management 41
Maintenance 53	Combat 38

Special Skill
All Seeing lvl 2
Abacus lvl 3
FTR Expert lvl 5

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: Commander of the Royal Fleet of the Republic of Regeinland, also know as
"Hartwig." "Roth" is not his birth name, but rather a title bestowed upon the
most outstanding of the nation's military officers. Lord Roth is a tactican
with some of the greatest leadership skils in the Galactic Federation.

Age: 34

Lvl 27

Leadership 39	Science 11
Control 33	Piloting 22
Navigation 59	Medicine 11
Artillery 42	Management 7
Maintenance 16	Combat 62

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 5
AS Genius lvl 5
Inciter Lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Regeinland.

Rubriko EXTRA

Bio: commander of Zenito's Core Fleet, Mikelo learned of the Lugovalian threat
from Orders. In an attempt to save the Zenitonian race, Mikelo created his own
separate network.

Age: 49

Lvl 28

Leadership 44	Science 34
Control 36	Piloting 15
Navigation 29	Medicine 61
Artillery 23	Management 11
Maintenance 39	Combat 10

Special Skil
AA Genius lvl 4
Mr. Precise lvl 4

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Zenito.


Bio: The propietress of a tavern on the planet Lutsk.

Age: 52

Lvl 2

Leadership 7	Science 6
Control 12	Piloting 5
Navigation 3	Medicine 10
Artillery 5	Management 17
Maintenance 4	Combat 5

Special Skill
Amateur Chef lvl 1

Recruitment: Must have recruited Radamir. She will join in act two.

Saburov EXTRA

Bio: The president of the Interplanetary Union of Elgava. He knows very well
how to use the clout of his superpower nation, and is crafty when it comes to
international negotiations.

Age: 67

Lvl 11

Leadership 14	Science 5
Control 7	Piloting 3
Navigation 5	Medicine 3
Artillery 5	Management 16
Maintenance 4	Combat 3

Recruitment: Automatic.

Safira EXTRA

Bio: The queen of Zenito. In the interest of universal peace and the ultimate
fate of mankind, Queen Safira maintains neutrality at all times.

Age: 72

Lvl 66

Leadership 47	Science 62
Control 63	Piloting 5
Navigation 5	Medicine 88
Artillery 7	Management 7
Maintenance 36	Combat 3

Special Skill
Scalpel Star lvl 4
Mercy Angel lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all the sector bosses in Zenito.


Bio: The commander of the ALpha Quadrant Fleet of the Republic of Regeinland.
Luitger hopes to take steps to thwart the Lugovalian threat independently of
the Galatic Federation.

Age: 57

Lvl 21

Leadership 48	Science 11
Control 28	Piloting 9
Navigation 20	Medicine 13
Artillery 25	Management 11
Maintenance 19	Combat 19

Special Skill
Inciter lvl 3

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Regeinland.


Bio: A hard-drinking zero-G dog who hangs out at the guild on Subpremi. An
expert fighter pilot, Johano will teach his piloting skills to anybody who will
buy him a drink.

Age: 25

Lvl 5

Leadership 4	Science 6
Control 15	Piloting 19
Navigation 14	Medicine 9
Artillery 10	Management 10
Maintenance 13	Combat 13

Recruitment: talk to the man with wild hairstyle as he raises the piloting
skill +1 to Yuri, Torlo, or Nia which costs 100G. Talk to him again to recruit
him for 1200G.


Bio: A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, he wanders far and wide throught the
Small Magellanic Cloud. Semias is well informed on what's happening in every
sector of the galaxy at any given time.

Age: 49

Lvl 6

Leadership 15	Science 12
Control 15	Piloting 13
Navigation 25	Medicine 8
Artillery 16	Management 14
Maintenance 14	Combat 24

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 1
Death Blow lvl 2

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A lieutenant commander in the Enemonzon Sector 248 Patrol Fleet, Aria has
excellent knowledge of fleet operation.

Age: 32

Lvl 6

Leadership 17	Science 13
Control 22	Piloting 13
Navigation 22	Medicine 14
Artillery 18	Management 13
Maintenance 18	Combat 20

Recruitment: Must choose to invade Lavena and not recruit Teodore. During the
attack on the ZR 2, send her fleet to intercept the Taurus. Then pick her up
at the embassy on Doleway.


Bio: A captain in the Nacion Space Force. Advisor to Admiral Glorinda Falko and
commander of the entire Nacion Force, Jochjo is a reliable and loyal officer.

Age: 52

Lvl 7

Leadership 14	Science 13
Control 27	Piloting 17
Navigation 25	Medicine 8
Artillery 28	Management 16
Maintenance 16	Combat 18

Recruitment: Go to the Nacio embassy after you’ve been told to invade Adis.
Falko will want to give you a new crewmember. Choose him over Glorinda to get


Bio: An employee of Kompaso corporation who works as a test pilot.

Age: 35

Lvl 7

Leadership 10	Sciecne 15
Control 11	Piloting 25
Navigation 14	Medicine 13
Artillery 10	Management 11
Maintenance 21	Combat 10

Special Skill
Star Engineer lvl 1
AA Genius lvl 2

Recruitment: You must accept the sidequest on Garlen to rescue him.
After completing the Garlen sidequest, come to the Trade Hall on Escranto.
Talk to Kompaso twice and Sincera will join.


Bio: An ensign in the Nacio National Defense Space Force, Sector 2. Marajha
graduated from the Nacion National Defense Academy with high honors.

Age: 24

Lvl 2

Leadership 6	Science 5
Control 6	Piloting 18
Navigation 8	Medicine 4
Artillery 12	Management 6
Maintenance 9	Combat 4

Special Skill
Ace Pilot lvl 1

Recruitment: After your first visit to Royal Fleet HQ, come back in again.
Roth will say that he envies the fact that our crew women don’t have to wear
uniforms. Say “maybe you’re right” to set her flag. Then, visit the Regeinland
embassy on Nizia and talk to Nele to have her join.


Bio: A rookie engineer and a member of the guild on the planet Hermeta. Brava
has excellent navigation skills and is looking for a captain with a suitably
high lvel of Fame.

Age: 22

Lvl 3

Leadership 4	Science 11
Control 15	Piloting 15
Navigation 10	Medicine 7
Artillery 10	Management 13
Maintenance 17	Combat 4

Recruitment: In the Hermeta guild. She will charge a total of 600G.

Taranis EXTRA

Bio: The 117th Emperor of Lugovalos. Hailed as the greatest ruler since the
nation switched to an imperial regime, emperor Taranis continues his conquest
of space with unrivaled leadership.

Age: 38

Lvl 99

Leadership 98	Science 48
Control 43	Piloting 44
Navigation 84	Medicine 43
Artillery 95	Management 46
Maintenance 43	Combat 95

Special Skill
Space Warrior Lvl 5
Inciter lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos.


Bio: A childhood friend of Torlo Adkin. Tatiana has a frank, outspoken nature,
and seems to be unaware of her natural beauty.

Age: 18

Lvl 1

Leadership 4	Science 5
Control 9	Piloting 5
Navigation 8	Medicine 8
Artillery 8	Management 10
Maintenance 4	Combat 6

Special Skill
Cool & Calm lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: Prince of the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo and first in line for the throne.
Teodore is especially good at making surpirse attacks, and enjoys employing
sneaky tactics whenever possible. Feared by his enemies, he has earned the
nickname "the bloody Prince."

Age: 29

Lvl 5

Leadership: 18	Science 8
Control 4	Piloting 16
Navigatin 24	Medicine 3
Artillery 26	Management 11
Maintenance 5	Combat 30

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 2
Inciter lvl 3

Recruitment:Must choose to invade the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo during act 2,
and then choose to go on the Lavena route. Then, you must defeat Teodore in
melee combat (you are allowed multiple tries and he does not replenish his
troop numbers).


Bio:A mid-level leader of the Kreios Pirates. Terzi comes across as arrogant,
but he is actually quite cowardly when cornered.

Age: 33

Lvl 4

Leadership 15	Science 8
Control 6	Piloting 16
Navigation 16	Medicine 13
Artillery 17	Management 18
Maintenance 8	Combat 15

Special Skill
AA Genius lvl 2

Recruitment: Must choose Kalymnos during the Irvest war. Delis will tell you
to escort a transport ship. Yes, another NPC ship. Unlike Cico, this ship can’t
fight worth a damn. You’ll have to take it to CL 617 and then come back. To
recruit Terzi, go to the ??? next to you before making the delivery. If you
finish your mission before investigating, you’ll be too late to save him from
Pavlov. You will then get him after dealing with the resistance on Skantzoura
in act 2, same as Zakhar.


Bio: A man imprisoned on the prison planet Lari. Thomas seems well-informed
about a variety of things. Although he can sometimes appear to be a bit
shallow, his navigation skills are top-notch.

Age: 28

Lvl 5

Leadership 9	Science 7
Control 16	Piloting 16
Navigation 25	Medicine 11
Artillery 16	Management 18
Mintenance 15	Combat 15

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A boy born on the planet of Bagut in the Dominion of Ropesk. Torlo is the
leader of a transport gang.

Age: 16
Lvl 2

Leadership 9	Science 3
Control 6	Piloting 6
Navigation 11	Medicine 3
Artillery 11	Management 10
Maintenance 7	Combat 10

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 1
Marksman lvl 1

Recruitment: Automatic.

Ulgiati EXTRA

Bio: Danilo became the COO of the Orsino Foundation after Saverio and Gino
Zanetti left.

Age: 46

Lvl 3

Leadership 15	Scienc 17
Control 6	Piloting 3
Navigation 4	Medicine 4
Artillery 6	Management 19
Maintenance 3	Combat 5

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Nova Nacio. Luchjo is the man
responsible for moving Project Stalalumo forward during the Irvest War.

Age: 44

Lvl 3

Leadership 23	Science 14
Control 40	Piloting 8
Navigation 13	Medicine 5
Artillery 11	Management 21
Maintenance 22	Combat 6

Special Skill
AA Genius lvl 4

Recruitment: Automatic.

Ursula EXTRA

Bio: Galvin Macklin's only daughter. Ursula's current fleet commander position
is due not to her illustrious family, but to her impressive leadership

Age: 33

Lvl 26

Leadership 40	Science 16
Control 31	Piloting 21
Navigation 23	Medicine 9
Artillery 48	Management 6
Maintenance 14	Combat 28

Special Skill
Space warrior lvl 3
Inciter lvl 2

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Andalucia sector.

Valantin EXTRA

Bio: An infamous pirate who travels far and wide across the cosmos. his very
name strikes fear into the hearts of the masses. Valantin's ship, the Corsair,
is said to be the greatest in the universe.

Age: 33

Lvl 22

Leadership 89	Science 52
Control 44	Piloting 46
Navigation 94	Medicine 34
Artillery 98	Management 49
Maintenance 56	Combat 99

Special Skill
Space warrior lvl 5
Final Roar lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos.


Bio: A captain in the Nova Nacion Space Force Joint Command. Vilchjo firmly
believes that the purpose of having a military force is to prevent wars from

Age: 39

Lvl 11
Leadership 24	Science 15
Control 15	Piloting 13
Navigation 21	Medicine 11
Artillery 15	Management 15
Maintenance 13	Combat 13

Special Skill
AA Genius lvl 3

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: The second of the Four Hiearachs of Adis. Vanbeleg defense the Wolf-Rayet
Line, the first line of defense against the Galactic Federation.

Age: 43

Lvl 13

Leadership 33	Sciecne 16
Control 8	Piloting 13
Navigation 29	Medicine 8
Artillery 30	Management 7
Maintenance 17	Combat 28

Special Skill
Final Roar lvl 3

Recruitment: During the battle at the Wolf-Rayet line, you must take out his
escorts first before destroying his ship to set his flag.


Bio: A political counselor and member of the People's Committee in the Kalymnos
Cluster. During the Irvest war, Deacon took on the role of monitoring the
military's movements.

Age: 54

Lvl 20

Leadership 21	Science 11
Control 17	Piloting 6
Navigation 5	Medicine 11
Artillery 6	Management 38
Maintenance 10	Combat 5

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: A technical ensign of the 205th Nova Nacion Technical Support Unit.
he's one of the technical experts who knows about the starlight power
generaing plan in the Irvest Sector, project Stelalumo.

Age: 29

Lvl 6

Leadership 14	Science 13
Control 7	Piloting 11
Navigation 11	Medicine 12
Artillery 12	Management 16
Maintenance 20	Combat 15

Recruitment: Automatic.

vladykin EXTRA

Bio: A commander in the Central Elgavan Forces. Even in military circles, he
is known as a staunch Reform Faction supporter. he is on a campaign to rid the
nation of pirates.

Age: 32

Lvl 8

Leadership 21	Science 6
Control 13	Piloting 8
Navigation 16	Medicine 7
Artillery 18	Management 12
Maintenance 10	Combat 13

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Central Elgava

Weimar EXTRA

Bio: A member of the Interplanetary Assembly of the Galactic Federation.
Originally from Regeinland, Norbert hopes for the unification of the Large
Magellanic Cloud through the use of a council system.

Age: 48

Lvl 8

Leadership 14	Science 10
Control 14	Piloting 6
Navigation 8	Medicine 8
Artillery 6	Management 40
Maintenance 7	Combat 7

Recruitment: Automatic.


Bio: chief navigator of Task Force 823 of the Kalymnian Second Fleet. Leandro
opposes the Lugovalian Empire and started his own resistance campaign.

Age: 36

Lvl 5

Leadership 8	Science 14
Control 9	Piloting 14
Navigation 21	Medicine 8
Artillery 13	Management 8
Maintenance 12	Combat 12

Special Skill
Ace Helmsman lvl 1

Recruitment: Must choose Kalymnos during the Irvest war and must volunteer to
rescue Nikitas. He is one of the prisoners in Fort Cadmus.


Bio: A boy who travels out into the sea of stars to solve themysteries of the
Epitaph that his father left to him. Yuri has a strong sense of adventure and
curiosity about the unknown, as well as a fierce, competitive streak.

Age: 16

Lvl 1

Leadership 8	Science 7
Control 4	Piloting 6
Navigation 8	Medicine 2
Artillery 8	Management 9
Maintenance 11	Combat 6

Special Skill
Fleet Commander lvl 1(upgrades in story)
Commander lvl 1
Final Roar 1 (taught by Gen)

Recruitment: So automatic that he’s assigned a permanent post.


Bio: The fourth of the Four Hierarchs of Adis. Zaazhad leads the Zone Security
Force in patrolling his nation's territory against intruders.

Age: 36

Lvl 10

Leadership 19	Science 22
Control 26	Piloting 20
Navigation 36	Medicine 23
Artillery 19	Management 12
Maintenance 18	Combat 7

Special Skill
All Seeing lvl 2
Maneuver Ace lvl 3

Recruitment: Must choose the starburst route and defeat him at Suronzon.

Zachman EXTRA

Bio: The captain of the Bad-to-the-Bone Pirates, the most infamous and cruel
pirates in the known universe. He is skilled at strategizing, and has an
uncanny ability to survive even the worst-case scenarios.

Age: 44

Lvl 90

Leadership 52	Science 22
Control 42	Piloting 70
Navigation 58	Medicine 28
Artillery 91	Management 34
Maintenance 27	Combat 61

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 3
FTR Expert Lvl 5

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in Xeos.


Bio: Originally from the planet Bagut, he is now a lieutenant, junior grade,
in the Central Elgavan Forces. As Commander Vladykin's subordinate, Zakhar
infiltrated the Novgorod Pirates as a spy. He is Tatiana's beloved older

Age: 31

Lvl 5

Leadership 17	Science 7
Control 11	Piloting 17
Navigation 12	Medicine 11
Artillery 17	Management 12
Maintenance 17	Combat 22

Special Skill
Space Warrior lvl 2

Recruitment: During the pirate operation in act 1 chapter 2, choose the direct
route. Then, when you get to Zvenigorod, visit the hospital to check in on
him. The doctor should say that they don't have the means to cure him, but the
LMC might have what they need. Then, during act 2 chapter 3, he will join
after dealing with the resistance forces on Skantzoura.

Zanetti EXTRA

Bio: The chairman of the Orsino Foundation and a prominent figure in the
business world. Saverio is originally from the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo,
but is currently based on his own mega-corporation's planet.

Age: 65

Lvl 13

Leadership 38	Science 29
Control 10	Piloting 18
Navigation 33	medicine 9
Artillery 28	Management 60
Maintenance 39	Combat 8

Special Skill
Machine Geek lvl 3
Star Engineer lvl 2

Recruitment: Defeat all sector bosses in the Hinwald sector.


Bio: A former Kalymnia zero-G dog and a member of the guild on Acerenza.

Lvl 6
Leadership 5	Science 12
Control 20	Piloting 11
Navigation 20	Medicine 8
Artillery 10	Management 16
Maintenance 18	Combat 15

Recruitment: Visit the Acerenza guild and talk to the pale man and he’ll join
for 1500G

Unlisted characters


Bio: An AI information android provided by the Cosmic Trade Authority to help
zero-G dogs along in their travels.

Age: 99

No stats and no recruitment.