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What lvl does naruto need to be to get nine tailed fox chakra and cant learn where do i get it withno summoning sheet?

I need to know because i am getting really mad because i keep losing to the catfish thing and i already tried every thing everyone told me how to beat him and none of them.

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avatarius101 answered:

Get jonin rank in "I'm gonna bring you back" mission. only problem, its accessible at end game i think. I did beat the game at level 65 average. used Tenten, Naruto, Sakura, and Lee. honestly, this battle took a lot of patience and a lot of items. keep Naruto and Lee on the front lines and Sakura and Tenten for boosting and healing. that's the best advice i can give. good luck
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powerofemo answered:

U BEAT IM GOING TO BRIND U BACK jonin rank kumite . U should be lv 90 range.
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uchihalord answered:

Ok avatarious101 is a bad liar because you can only use Naruto for that mission and it is in limited kumite and that is basically the regular anime storyline battles. Avatarious101 is a liar listen to me and powerofemo or dislike them both cuz avatarious is a liar and other one is emo.
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kingofnaruto answered:

Nvm i beat the game but thx for the info.
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avatarius101 answered:

Wow, pent up aggression there uchihalord. eh, whatever...
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lightsaction204 answered:

You can get his info card or, after saske turns into major evil and the 2nd to boss i really like the 2nd to last and the last bosses music its awsome!
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lightsaction204 answered:

Im a lv 70,72,73 and I'm still losing, my edvise, DON'T LV UP THE GUY YOU FIGHT IN I Chalenge this guy. But his puppet summuning is awsome, but he dosn't do good damage. But lv up sakura becuse on 1 of my game play she's in the 40's and knows heal all lv 3 and heal lv 4!
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chaos10901 answered:

Ok I am hear to help c all u got to do is beat cms2 in joinin rank.

You must be in the 90 lvl rank and u hv to beat him within 6-8 turns or else ur going to get the genin rank. I would sugest useing instant shadow clones and rasengan and naruto up front this way ur going to do more dmg and cream him faster
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