Question from kaushikani1994

How do I get past (2-1 )?

Pzzz help
I am stuck where there is a door and behind it a switch
And Iam not able to get past it
Plzzz help

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TheAlanEdgeHead answered:

Go down from that door then go left. There should be some water. Wait for the raft to get close enough, then jump to it. Ride it to the other side, jump off, and find a switch. Push the switch to open a door. Follow that path and it'll lead you to that switch you saw earlier. Push it and then Bulma can go through that door.
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itachipower answered:

Go around to the water and wait for the raft then jump on and there will be a door and a switch near it
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maande80 answered:

Go to the bottom-left side of the screen where you can find a lake and a moving platform. Jump onto the platform to cross to the other side. Shortly you will find a door and a button on the wall. Push the button to open the door. Continue upwards and you'll find the desired button on the ground to open the first door. Voila!
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ImperialPM answered:

I completed this part, but then it is necessary to cross a bridge. How do I cross it?
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