Question from seith32

Asked: 4 years ago

How to get Zan?

Where can you get this one?In the volcano?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where are the yellow crystals located for the zan?

Accepted Answer

From: Setosora 4 years ago

Quoting apatheticwoot:
"If you want a Zan, it's pretty easy, just need lots of Life since you're pretty much chasing it all around the Kalaragi Jungle. 1 event in the upper left AND lower right corners, 1 on the upper area of the center pond, and 1 to the left of the waterfall. After that, go to the right of the waterfall for another event. Then head towards the left of the house icon for an event. Then the last event is back at the waterfall where you get the Ninja Sword. In total, you should run into 7 yellow crystals if you disregard the "clearing the path/getting rid of the log" ones."

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no the phoenix is in the volcano, the zen is the only one i haven't found yet. but the xenon is in the ruins , the Durham is is the mountains, and the joker is in the the forest with the bridges.

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Alright, i found zan . he is in the c rank jungle area in the errantry

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