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Where can I find the ALL upgrades? 1
How do I beat MashTooth 2 ? 4
Where are the heart gems? 3
Where can I find the starpedo upgrade? 1
Toys? 4
Star door on level 4-2? 1
Pwese help me? 3
CLAKKlTY!!!? 1
Can you swim through...? 1
Storyline theater, the final installment? 1
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Treasure in 6-7? 2
Treasure Chest, Where to find ? 3
How do i unlock story no,24? 3
Starfy 6-7...? 2
How do you make through the big lap on 8-1? 2
Where can I find the secrect door in 8-4? 5
Mashtooths planetary bash? 2
How do I solve it? 1
Pearls? 2
Where can I find the 2 chests? 1

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