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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you creat a sea port?

I placed it next 2 the sea like the instructions said and made it 5*5 tiles but it just isn't developing. help

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Make sure it is right next to wide, open water.

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Like Skipper said make sure it is next to wide and open water
Also it takes sweet time to let it build,count on several tens of uears

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There are 4 things you need to do-
Put it next to the sea 5*5.
Make sure roads touch it.
Put commerce next to it- the point of a seaport is to transport items, right?
Make sure you have roads next to those too.

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Does the seaport need power?

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@ dracthel33t

dude...i can get a seaport in less than 10 months...

all you need to do is give it the basic supplies it needs, such as water, electricity (or food if your not in global warming) and put roads around it WHILE its next to the wide open water.


you dont need it to be 5*5 i can do it at 5*1 or 5*2 just make sure 5 panels touch the water...another thing, seaport increases industrial demand, not commerce.

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