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Asked: 4 years ago

How does The Vault work?

I'm in the Greek mythology level and have tried using The Vault, but am not seeing increases in gold or food production. If I recall, the direction is to place it beside the town centre.

Is this where it needs to go? Is there a specific building I should place it next to? Can I place it ON a gold mine or mill? How or when will I know that my production has gone up?

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You place it on the map, and your production will increase. If you knew what you got from production before you put it down and then saw a higher number next turn, then it's working.

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Basically, place it somewhere next to your town center (not on an already occupied tile) and it will continue to produce extra food and gold for your culture until it is destroyed (yes it can be destroyed). production increase should take effect on the next turn. if this doesn't happen, then it's probably a glitch, or your opponent used some sort of god power.

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