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Asked: 5 years ago

$3,744,000 the most that can be earned in the DS version?

In career mode, it looks like you're supposed to be able to replay levels and events to earn a fraction of the original income gained from beating the stage the first time around, but whenever I replay a level and win, I don't get any additional funds. Is there something I can do (aside from cheating with an action replay device) to earn more funds? That $3,744,000 isn't enough to buy all the cars, and then max out the performance on them as well, let alone any customizations you might want to do to them.

Accepted Answer

From: moktadir 5 years ago

In order to get the 10% extra cash from replaying a mission, you have to beat the original time that it took you to complete it. I advise you to restart the game and take a long time to complete the missions with no time limit, so that you can do them a little faster each time you do it again. ex.:last mission, I couldn't get the reward again for completing it in record time, so i did it in 2:30 minutes then about 5 seconds shorter each time i redid it ;]

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