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Is it 2 player?

And if so does it only require the one game card?

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SkaduBaas answered:

Well, it depends really. If you want to play the co-op adventure mode, you would need a game pak for each player. However, if you wanted to play the mini-games or play two-player Spring Breeze, then you'd only need one.
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shadowlinkds answered:

You can only play spring breeze with single card 2 player while looking on the owner's DS. With multi-card you can play all games and can look on your own DS.
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sith12345 answered:

Yes, but only for the first part of the game, "Spring breeze". You can also single card play the mini-games. Everything else requires 2 game cards
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MegamanRockz answered:

The game only require you 1 game card, but you can only play the 3 touch screen mini games, and Spring Breeze. Though in Spring Breeze you have to let the person that doesn't have the game look at your screen (Note: the person that has no game card is the helper). The rest of the games need 2 card cards.
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zero4561 answered:

Yes but with one card you can only play spring breeze and the mini games.
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Litbut answered:

2P Spring Breeze is two player, the subgames you start off with are both singlecard and multicard1-4P. The rest of the games, including Spring Breeze is singlecard 1P (except for 2P Spring Breeze) and multicard 2-4P.
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Gargomon251 answered:

or you could LOOK AT THE BOX. All the print ads say 2 player also. Isn't it obvious enough?
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