FAQ/Walkthrough by Wolf4knowledge

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/30/08 | Printable Version

Kirby Super Star Ultra
General FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by: Wolf4knowledge
COPYWRITE 2008 Wolf4knowledge
9/29/08 Version 1.1

          = Content =

1.        Version History
2.        Introduction
3.        Game Info
4.        F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions
5.        Main Menu
6.        Controls
7.        Abilities
8.        Spring Breeze
		- Game Description
		- Secrets
9.        Dyna Blade
		- Game Description
		- Secrets
10.       The Great Cave Offensive 
		- Game Description
		- Treasure List
11.       Gourmet Race
		- Game Description
12.       Revenge of Meta Knight
		- Game Description
		- Secrets
13.       Milky Way Wishes
		- Game Description
		- Copy Ability Location
		- Ability List
14.       The Arena
		- Game Description
		- Boss List
15.       Revenge of the King
		- Game Description
16.       Meta Knightmare Ultra
		- Game Description
17.       Helper to Hero
		- Game Description
		- Boss List
18.       The True Arena
		- Game Description
		- Boss List
19        Sub Games
		- Touch Controlled Sub-Games
			- Kirby Card Swipe
			- Kirby on the Draw
			- Snack Track
		- Nostalgic Sub-Games
			- Megaton Punch
			- Samurai Kirby
20        Unlockables
21        Credits
22        Copywrite Info

1.      	   - Version History -

1.1  - 9/29/08 - Corrected some minor errors
                 Finished Sub-Games section

1.0  - 9/29/08 - Some Info on Gourmet Race
		 Revenge of Meta Knight Section Finished
                 Milky Way Wishes Section Finished
                 Some Info on The Arena/Helper to Hero/The True Arena
		 Revenge of the King Section Finished
		 Some Info on Meta Knightmare Ultra section 
                 Added more questions to the F.A.Q. section
                 NOTE: This is not the final version. I plan to update more

0.6  - 9/26/08 - Abilities Section finished. Added a treasure list in the
                 The Great Cave Offensive Section

0.5  - 9/25/08 - First version. Unlockable Info. Spring Breeze/Dyna Blade
                 Info. The Great Cave Offensive Walkthrough done.
                 Lots of stuff still yet to be done.

2.      	  - Introduction -

This FAQ is made to explain the basics and general concept to a few 
games. It will also explain where to find all the secrets to get a 100% 
complete game.

3.        - What is Kirby Super Star? (Deluxe/Fun Pak)

This game was originally made on the SNES (Super Famicom) back 
in 1996. It introduced the world to Kirby Platformer on a 16-bit 
console. This game included a total of 9 small games each bearing a 
different story and slight change in game mechanics. Also 
introducing the helper mode where a second play can jump in and 
play co-op to enjoy the game with friends.

         - What is Kirby Super Star Ultra?

This is the revamped version of the SNES game Kirby Super Star. 
Now on the DS this game features the original nine games found in 
Kirby Super Star while adding seven new ones (four adventure wise 
and three subgames) Now with revamped graphics, text and new 
challenges this game is almost superior to the original version in 
every way.

4.		- F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions -

Just some frequently asked questions. I'll probably add more later.

1. What's new in this game?

   Besides being on the DS this game features 7 games in addition to 
   the original 9 it has on the original Kirby Superstar.

2. What are the new games?

   The new four main games are Revenge of the King, Meta 
   Knightmare Ultra, Helper to Hero, and The TRUE Arena. The 3 new 
   sub games includes Kirby Card Swipe, Kirby of the Draw, and Snack 

3. Are the original games still here?

   Yes all nine original games are still here. However, Megaton Punch 
   and Samurai Kirby have to be unlocked. They are only one player 

4. In The Great Cave Offensive I can't get the Katana. The wind 
current is too strong and I can't find a way to reach it.

   Search for (Katana: Price 990,000G) I listed two ways to get it in the 

5. I'm missing a treasure! It's between the Katana and Xmas Tree.
   Search for (Charm: Price 8,000G) I explained how to get that 

6. What contributes to a 100% save file?

   - Complete Spring Breeze
   - Complete Dyna Blade and unlock the two trial rooms.
   - Complete The Great Cave Offensive with 60 treasures collected.
     (You MUST complete the game with 60 treasures, you can not continue
      after completing it and get your missing treasures and save, you
      would have to get the missing one AND COMPLETE THE GAME AGAIN)
   - Complete Gourmet Race
   - Complete Revenge of Meta Knight
   - Complete Milky Way Wishes with all 19 Copy Abilities obtained
   - Complete The Arena
   - Complete Revenge of The King
   - Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra
   - Complete Helper to Hero with at least one helper
   - Complete The True Arena

5.     - Main Menu -

Here is what's found in the main menu after you press a button on the 
title screen

File 1   \
File 2  -----------  1-P Adventure
File 3   /        -  2-P Adventure
Group Sub-Games
     - Create Room
     - Enter Room
2-P Spring Breeze

6.    			- Controls -

Here are the main controls for Kirby during an adventure game.
Note that these controls can NOT be changed.

Control pad -	Left and right to move
    		Double tap left or right to dash
    		Press Up to enter a door
    		Press Down to Crouch
   	    	Press Up and Down to use a ladder
		Press Down when Kirby inhaled an enemy to 

A or Y Button -	Press it once to jump
		Repeatedly to hover
		While underwater to float upwards
		While crouching to slide

B Button - 	Press it to inhale
		To exhale when theres something in your mouth
		Shoot Air when you're hovering
		Shoot Water while Underwater
		Use your copy ability

X Button - 	Press it to swallow (same as down)
		Or create a helper when you have an ability
		Shoot a normal beam to change your helper into an 
		ability item

L or R    - 	Press it to guard

Start      - 	Press it to pause the game

7. 			- Abilities -

Heres a list of all the abilities in the game. The description of the
ability is what appears on the pause menu. The helper can also
sometimes have extra moves compared to Kirby.

	- Beam -	Helper: Waddle Doo

Flail this beam like a whip. It has many useful attacks. Try to store
up a super shot!

B - Beam Whip

Dash + B - Cycle Beam

Dash + B in air - Beam Blast

Up/Down/Forward + B near foe Capture Beam

Hold B long + Release - Wave Beam

	- Bomb - 	Helper: Poppy Bros Jr.

Grab a bomb and hold the button to set the throw angle. Toss it and it'll
go Ka-BOOM!

B - Ready Bomb

Ready Bomb + B - Bomb Throw

Set throw angle by holding B

Dash + Bomb Throw - Straight Throw

B near foe - Bomb Drop

Down + B - Bomb Set

	- Cook -	Helper: None

What's on today's menu? Put all your fies in the pot and stew them up
to perfection!

B - Cook Pot

One time use only

	- Copy -	Helper: TAC

B - Analyze Beam

Copies a foe's ability

Helper TAC's moveset

B - Steal

Hold B and release - Cat Magnum

X - Discard Copy Ability

L or R - Tac Hide

	- Crash -	Helper: None

KO all foes with a big BOOM! But be careful. This Ultimate weapon
has only 1 charge. 

B - Crash Fireball

One time use only

	- Cutter -	Helper: Sir Kibble

Throw a boomerang all over! Slash! Jab! Strike!
You can even cut ropes!

B - Cutter Boomerang

Dash + B Cutter Dash

Hold B in air - Sweep Cutter

Down + B in air - Cutter Drop

B near foes - Cleaving Cutter

BBB near goes - Nonstop Cutter, Final Cutter

	- Fighter -	Helper: Knuckle Joe

Hi-yaa! Hold the B Button longer for a stronger blow! That punch is an 
instant KO!

Set blow strentgh by hold B

             Short            Long

B           Vulcan Jab      Smash Punch

Dash + B    Leg Sweep        Spin Kick

B in air    Down Kick       Double Kick

Up + B - Rising Break

Up/Down/Forward + B near foe - Grab foe

Grab + B - Arm Throw

Grab + Down/Back - Judo Throw

	- Fire -	Helper: Burning Leo

Burn bright with fire power! Light the fuse! Yow! Hot! You're on fire, 
man! Yoww!

B - Fire Breath

Fire Breath + Direction - Aim Fire

Hold B + Hold Back - Fireball Inferno

Dash + B - Burn

B in air - Fireball Spin

B prior to landing - Fireball Roll

	- Hammer -	Helper: Bonkers

This hammer packs a wallop! Punish stakes and blocks! When it's on fire, 
fores beware!

B - Hammer

Dash + B - Hammer Swing

B in air - Giant Swing

Dash + B in air - Ultra Giant Swing

Up + B - Hammer Flip

Dash + X - Hammer Throw (Kirby Only)

	- Ice - 	Helper: Chilly

Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you dash, 
you skate!

Dash - Skate

B - Ice Breath

B in air - Ice Sprinkle

Dash + B in air - Super Ice Sprinkle

Dash + Hold B/ BBB - Ice Storm

Up/Down/Forward + B Near foe - Ice Suction

Ice Suction + B Ice Ejection

Tap frozen foe - Ice Kick

	- Jet - 	Helper: Capsule J2

Strap jet power to your back! Hold the B button to charge then let 
go to hit Mach 5!

Hold B - Store Power

After storing

Release B - Jet Kick

Release B in air - Jet Headbutt

Max power + Release B - Jet Dash

Jet Dash + B - Jet Cracker

Up/Down/Foward + Release B near Foe - Jet Blow

Max power + Jet Blow - Rocket Dive

Store Power + A/Y - Power save

A/Y in air - Hover

Max power+A/Y in air - Ultra Jet Jump

	- Mike -	Helper: None

Owowow! Ohh, yeah-ah! Yabba jabba yeah yeah yeah!
Sing 3 times to silence all...

B 1st - Megaphone

B 2nd - Desk Mike

B 3rd - Stand Mike

Noise defeats all goes, 3 uses

	- Mirror -	Helper: Simrror

This mirror has odd powers! Deflect projectiles or project doubles 
of yourself!

B - Mirror Cut

Hold B - Reflect Force

Dash + B  - Mirror Body

L/R - Reflect Guard

	- Ninja - 	Helper: Bio Spark

Hide in shadows and darkness. Use ninja skills on your mission. 
You're a ninja! A NINJA! Cool...

B - Knife Throw

Hold B - Quad Shock

Dash + B - Dash Attack

Up + B in air - Ninja Kick

Up/Down/Foward + B Near Foe - Air Drop

Take damage + B Hide Guard

Push on wall in air - Wall Cling

Wall Cling + A/Y Wall Jump

	-Paint -	Helper: None

Now's your change to use it! A special onetime Copy Ability!
Paint the town all of 7 colors!

B - Paint Out

Use on bosses for a surpise? Single use only

	- Parasol -	Helper: Parasol Waddle Dee

Guard against falling objects! Twirl to attack or just drift. 
Or do a parasol throw!

B - Parasol Swing

Hold B - parasol Shield

Dash + B - Parasol Drill

Down + B in air - Parasol Dive

Up/Down/Foward + B near foe - Circus Throw

Drop - Parasol Drift

Down while dropping - Drift Stall

B Underwater - Parasol Drill

Down + B - Underwater - Parasol Dive

	- Plasma -	Helper: Plasma Wisp

Tap the +Control Pad to make and store and electric charge! 
Plasma shots go through walls.

Rotate Control Pad to charge

No charge + B - Plasma Needle

Some charge + B - Plasma Arrow

More charge + B - Plasma Spark

Lots of charge + B - Plasma Laser

Tons of charge + B - Plasma Wave

Max charge + release - Plasma Barrier

	- Sleep -	Helper: None

Just a li'l while longer... ... Please. Let me sleep...

You can't do anything until Kirby wakes up. Good night...

	- Stone -	Helper: Rocky

Pound! Pound! CRUSH! Change into many heavy forms. When on a 
slope, you'll sliiiide.

B - Stone Change

B in air - Stone Smash

Dash + B - Turbo Stone

Stone = Invincible

	- Suplex -	Helper: Bugzzy

This burns with fighting spirit! Grab foes and throw'em! Learn 
all 8 throws to be a champ!

B - Dash Grab

Dash + B - Turbo Dash Grab

Down + B in air - Pinpoint Kick

B when grabbing - Fury Stomp

B near foe - Lift

After Lifting

Up - Back Breaker

Down - Body Slam

Foward - Pile Driver

Back - Big Suplex

B - Torrent Lariat

A/Y - Rock Drop

All but down in air - Air Body Slam

Down in air - Plunge Body Slam

	- Sword -	Helper: Blade Knight

You wield the king of blades! At full health, you shoot beams! S
how your sword mastery!

B - Chop

B with full health - Sword Beam

B after chop - Uppercut

BBB - Multisword Attack

Dash + B - Stab

Dash + B in air - Sword Spin

B in air - Chop and Thrust

Down + B in air - Down Thrust

	- Wheel -	Helper: Wheelie

Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware 
thorns and holes.

B - Dash/Stop Dash   Work on water

Dash + A/Y - Brake

Dash + Hold A/Y Go slow

Dash + Back - Turn

Dash + Repearedly turn - Turn Jump

Speed goes up after turn

	- Wheelie Rider -    Helper: Kirby on Wheelie

Hop on your bike, Wheelie Rider! Go for a drive with a friend.
Use team to roll ahead!

B - Rider Dash/Release

A/Y - Rider Jump

Rider Dash + Back - Turn

Dash + Repeatedly turn - Turn Jump

Up + A/X/Y - Dismount

You can slide or climp ladders while riding

NOTE: If Wheelie is controlled by a human player, Kirby can
shoot stars with the B button and aiming it with the directional

	- Wing -	Helper: Birdon

Midair spins and shuttle loops! Spread your wings and fly, 
little Kirby! Doesn't that feel good?

B - Feather Gun

Dash + B - Condor Head

Up + B in air - Bomber Head

Dash, Jump, Down + B - Condor Dive

Up/Down/Foward + B Near foe - Toss

B after Toss - Shuttle Loop

A/Y in air - Hover Flap

	- Yo-yo -	Helper: Gim

This isn't just any yo-yo! Swing up and down, or break-spin! 
Try'em all to look cool!

B - Yo-Yo Throw

Dash + B - Break Spin

Up + B - Yo-Yo Up

Down + B - Yo-Yo Down

Dash + B in air - Jump Spin

Up/Down/Foward + B near foe - Hammer Drop

Down, Up + B - Gazer Spiral

	- Starship -	Helper: Starship

The lights of the starry path cross and a Starship appears! 
Now stop Marx's mad plan!

Control Pad - Move (8 ways)

A/B/X/Y - Star Shot

8.    			- Spring Breeze -	Difficulty: One Star

At the start of the game Spring Breeze is the only adventure game 
available. This game
is a shorter version of Kirby Dreamland plus with the addition of copy 

 - Game Description -

All of the food in peaceful Dream Land has been stolen! This must be 
the work of King Dedede!

There isn't much to be said about this game, it's a very 
straightforward and linear game but
I'll provide some useful hints and tricks.

 - Secrets -

- Stage 1: Greens Greens -

Boss: Whispy Woods

A straightforward 4 room level, not much to be said here.

- Stage 2: Float Island -

Boss: Lololo & Lalala

In the second room, you can see a bunch of star blocks in the top 
right corner. If you destroy it there's a room hidden which leads to a 

In the third room there's an invincibility candy. If you rush with it to the 
fourth room you can easily defeat Mr. Frosty there by touching it 
three times.

In the fifth room, get the crash ability and then enter the boss room. 
Lololo and Lalala will both be defeated with just the use of crash.

- Stage 3: Bubbly Clouds -

Boss: Kracko

In the sixth room, don't enter the door you see there, instead keep 
flying upwards and enter the moon. You can get various food item 
and 1up in the secret room.

- Stage 4: Mt. Dedede -

Boss: King Dedede

Last Stage, just beat Dedede and you've completed Spring Breeze.

9.  			- Dyna Blade -		Difficulty: Three Stars

This game is unlocked after you completed Spring Breeze at least 

 - Game Description -

Dyna Blade has disrupted the crops. There mst be a reason. But first, 
this has to stop!

Once again this is a pretty straight forward game so I won't go deep 
into it. I'll just tell you what is needed to complete this game that
will contribute to a 100% file

- Secrets -

Stage 2: Mallow Castle

In the second room progress to the right until you reach the first 
ladder. Climb up the ladder then proceed to the left. You should see a 
bomb block within a bunch of unbreakable blocks. Get the mirror 
ability on the left and stand as close to the bomb block as possible. 
Press and hold B to use the Reflect Force to hit the bomb block thus 
revealing a door. Instead the door is a switch. Hit it to unlock Trial 
Room 1.

Stage 4: Candy Mountain

In about room 5-6 (the room right after the one with the fuse and the 
cannon) head left once you enter the room. You should see a door 
there and inside there is switch. Hitting it will unlock Trial Room 2.

After unlocking these two maps you can complete the game. The two 
levels is part of the

10.		- The Great Cave Offensive - 	Difficulty: Four Stars

This game is unlocked after you completed Spring Breeze at least 

Game Description 

Kirby finds himself lost in a deep cave full of peril and treasure!

This game is actually relatively short but the main object is to 
complete the game with as much treasure as possible. Sixty 
treasures is scattered throughout the game and it's up to you to find 
all of it.


This is the only game I'll be writing a walkthrough for since it's hard to 
explain how to get all the treasures. This is the way I pick up the 
treasure you don't have to follow my way exactly. NOTE: All chests 
are possible to obtain with just one player. Whoever says otherwise 
is lying.

In the first room there's nothing so head to the right and enter to door 
to arrive at..

Stage 1: Sub Tree

Head right pass the Knuckle Joe and Waddle Dee and you'll see a 
chest. Press up on it to obtain the item inside which is (Gold Medal: 
Price 10,000G). Navigate to the right
and you'll see two flowers surrounding a pillar. You can destroy the 
top part of the pillar with ability or air bubble and it will reveal a door. 
Inside the room is a treasure containing
(Gold Coin: Price 1,000G). Leave the room and head right again until 
you see three bomb
blocks. Destroy the first one and the third one then fall down the 
newly found hole and head left. Destroy the bomb block to reveal a 
chest containing (Whip: 6,800G). Head to the right and exit through 
the door.

As you enter this room you should obtain the wing ability (if you don't 
already have an ability with a projectile) Move to the right and go 
down the ladder. Hit the switch and enter left. Here you'll see two 
switches. Hit the one on the left and quickly hit the one on the right 
with a projectile then jump up to the left and run through the two open 
gates. Hit the switch here and climb up the ladder and keep dashing 
towards the right while hitting the lat switch. Once you reach the end 
there's a chest containing (Crystal Ball: Price 200,000G) Destroy the 
bomb block and head down the ladder.
Head right, drop through the platform and go for a swim. Once you 
jump out of the water for the
first time destroy the two star blocks by jumping below it. Instead the 
small room contains a chest
and within it is the (Lucky Cat: Price 500G). Go back in the water to 
the right and exit through the door.

Once you enter, be sure not land on the block found in the middle of 
the lava. Fly over it then go pass the two platform then head left. You 
should see another one of those pillars you can destroy. Head back 
down the two platform and obtain the newly released chest 
containing the (Seiryu Sword: 142,000G) Jump out of that area again 
and head right. Fall down the first platform you see and destroy the 
bomb block found on the bottom (Beam or Wing works) Inside the 
little room contains a chest containing the (Screw Attack: 80,000G) 
Fly out of that little area and keep flying up until you see that face you 
can destroy again. Destroying it and you will be able to enter the little 
room that's above. Destroy all the blocks on the right side until you 
reveal a chest containing the (Echigo Candy: 8,000G) You can enter 
the door on the bottom to save and recover your health. Head right, 
down the ladder and you'll see two star blocks. Destroy it along with 
that face block on the bottom. Jump out and head right until you see 
another face block. Destroy that one as well and then move back to 
the left. Under the save point door there are two platforms you can 
drop through.Head to the right until you can reach the chest 
containing the (Phanto Mask: 278,000G) Destroy the bomb block on 
the right and go up and exit through the door. 

Head right and defeat the Bonkers mini-boss (you can just destroy 
the blocks on the floor before it appears)  Head up the ladder then 
navigate left and go up that ladder. You should be able to see a 
cannon. Enter it and shoot straight up to obtain a chest containing 
(Star Stone: 82,100G) Drop down and go down the ladder then head 
right and go up that ladder. You should see another ladder on the 
right, go down two floors on this and head right. Destroy the star 
block and wait for the two Gordo to leave before entering to obtain 
the chest containing (Beast's Fang: 7,300G) Go back to the left up 
the ladder and head right. There should be another ladder so head 
up this one and go left. There will be another ladder so go up and 
head right. There will be a sir kibble here make sure you get the 
cutter ability. Once you get it enter the door. Navigate to the right until 
you see a pit. Head a bit more to the right and you should be able to 
see some bomb blocks. There will be two on the left side of the huge 
piece of land and one on the right side. Destroy all three to drop a 
chest containing the (Bandanna: Price 1,990G) Fly upwards to the 
right and you should see a platform with a rope holding it up. Use the 
cutter ability to cut the rope and fall down to a room. On the right 
there's a chest containing the (Seasons Heart: 250,000G) Also look 
at your bottom screen of your DS. If you see a spinning gold coin next 
to Sub-Tree it means you've obtained every chest in that area. If 
you've been following this guide you should have it all now. (Total 
1,067,690G) Fly back and navigate right and enter the door.

Rest room here, you can get any of the three abilities there's a boss 
coming up. Next room you have to battle against the boss Fatty 
Whale. A relatively easy boss that should be no trouble to defeat. 
Once you defeat it head right and enter the door.

End of Sub-Tree

Mine Cart area here. Ride the Cart all the way to the right and exit to 
the door to arrive at..

Stage 2: Crystal

Head left or right and fall through the platform and enter the water. 
Go pass the door and you should see a chest on the bottom 
containing (Dime: Price 10G) Destroy the blocks on the bottom until 
you see a 1up and another chest containing the (Glass Slipper: Price 
120,000G) Go back up and enter the door in the water.

Drop down and you can enter this door to save and recover health. 
Ok you should see three doors on the bottom, head to the one on the 
left first. Head left and press the switch which will reveal a chest 
containing the (Goblet: Price 800G). Follow down the water path until 
you see a pit and a switch. Go on top of the pit and shoot a water gun 
to hit the switch. A chest will fall so get it before it falls down the pit. 
Inside the chest contains a (Saucepan: 10G). Now swim towards the 
right and inhale the bomb monster to get the crash ability. Head left 
and use the crash ability next to the gate. The switch will be pressed 
and the gate will open. There's a chest here which contains (Brass 
Knuckle: 20,000G) Head left and fly up. You should see a chest 
behind on the left and it will contain the (Amber Rose: Price 22,100G) 
Go up a little and you should see a bomb block. Destroy it and head 
through the narrow path which should reveal a door. Inside that room 
contains two chest (Fish Fossil: 8,250G)(Beast Fossil: Price 24,220) 
Go back and head back to the left. Fly up and head to the right and 
there will be a Poppy Bros Sr. miniboss. Defeat it and a chest will 
appearing containing a (Machine Parts: Price 121,300G) Go to the 
right and exit through the door which you came from. You can go 
back up to save and restore health if you need but if you don't enter 
the middle door.

Swim upwards until you're out of the water and head right. Head back 
in the water then go left, then down, the right and you should be able 
to see a star block on the upper side. Destroy it and swim upward to 
get the chest containing the (Bucket: Price 200G) Back into the water 
and head right and upwards until you're out of the water. Head right 
and fall through the platform and you will see some spikes and two 
movable platforms. Go to the one on the left fall down. Then head 
right and fall down again. Down here you'll see destroyable blocks on 
the left so go destroy them. Behind all of it there is a chest containing 
the (Power Paintbrush: Price 222,000G) Then head right and back 
into the water. Keep going left, avoiding the Gordos. Near the end 
you'll see a chest so you have to carefully get it since the current is 
pushing you to the left. Inside that chest contains the (100-Dollar 
Coin: Price 10,000G) Swim upwards and go through the door. Once 
again you can go back up to save and heal and once that's done 
enter the door on the right. 

Go right and head upward to hit a switch. It will reveal a chest on the 
left side containing the (Ancient Gem: Price 68,000G) Go right and 
fall down and down the ladder. On the right you'll see a lot of 
destroyable blocks. Destroy them until you come across a chest 
containing the (Falcon Helmet: Price 41,000G) Head back up the 
ladder and navigate right ward up another ladder. Fall through the 
platform and go down the ladder and navigate right until you see a 
bomb block. Destroy it and head right to get the chest containing the 
(Cell Phone: Price 40,210G) Go back up and head rightward and fall 
through the narrow path. You should see two ways now, up and 
down. Go down (get the maxim tomato if you want) and head right. 
There's strong winds here and some spikes but once you get through 
all of it there will be a chest containing the (Truth Mirror: Price 
500,000G) Once again check the bottom screen to see if there's a 
spinning coin next to Crystal. All the chest should've been obtained in 
this level (29/60 chests 2,265,790G) Destroy the bomb block, head 
up then left through the door.

Another rest room, pick an ability and prepare to face another boss. 
In the next room you'll face off against the computer virus. Another 
simple boss just remember to guard when it's attacking and attack 
only when it comes down. Once you defeat it head to the right and 
enter the door.

Another Mine Cart area, ride the cart all the way to the right and enter 
the door at the end to arrive at..

Stage 3: Old Tower

Keep falling straight down and enter the door on the far right to save. 

NOTE: For this part I will not be following the treasure order found in 
the menu. I will walkthrough you the way I believe is the fastest so if 
you see a huge space of treasure missing in the menu don't worry, in 
the end you'll have it all. Also notice entrance to the old tower. There 
is one on the group and one slightly above it. I will refer to these two 
as "Upper entrance" and "Lower entrance" Also this entire tower is 
OPTIONAL you can just leave by going to the far left exit but you'll be 
missing a whole lot of treasure.

Outside the tower enter the Upper Entrance Door. Move to the right 
and destroy the bomb block seen here. Drop down and open the 
chest to obtain (Tut's Mask: Price 160,000G) Continue further to the 
right and enter the door that's found there.

You should see a GIM here. Inhale it and get the Yoyo ability. Press 
down+B to destroy the bomb block that was unreachable. Fall down 
and ride the accelerator through the spikes. You'll end up at a chest 
containing the (Broken Bowl: Price 50G) Continue left and enter the 

In this room you just have to fight a few Meta Knights. Defeat them all 
and then enter the room on the left. 

Press the switch and move to the left. You should be able to get a 
chest containing the (Three-Star Cane: Price 222,000) After you 
obtain the chest, defeat Bonkers or just destroy the bomb block. 
Head left and enter the door there.

Destroy the bomb block at the beginning of this room and navigate 
through the narrow corridor (Guard to avoid damage from the 
cannons). At the end there will be a chest containing the (Unicorn's 
Horn: Price 80,300G) Navigate back out through the corridor and 
enter the door on the far right. 

Head down all the ladders and enter the door.

From where you enter jump through the platform on the left and keep 
going left. Jump onto the third spring and there will be a door at the 
top. Enter it.

In this room there will be a chest containing the (Star Tiara: Price 
Get it and exit the room. Fall down and enter the big door on the 
bottom. You'll be back outside the tower. Enter the Upper Entrance 

This time head left and enter the door at the end.

Navigate through this room until you see the third moving platform. 
Instead of going up head to the right and there should be a door. 
Enter it.

In here just head right while avoiding the sleep ability and you'll get to 
a chest containing (Mr. Saturn: Price 120,000G) Go back to the left 
and exit.

In here keep going up until you see a door on a platform in the middle. 
Before entering it head to the left and you should be able to see a 
chest in a narrow path. Open it to obtain (Armor: Price 212,000G) 
Now head back to the right and enter the door on the middle platform. 
Jump up the two spring to get to a chest containing (Treasure Box: 
Price 100,000G) Go back down and exit the room.

Back in this room head up until you can't go any further. Head to the 
left and enter the door here.

In here quickly jump to the left and open the chest to get the 
(Mannequin: Price 3,000G) After obtaining it quickly exit the room.

Move right and enter the door there.

Navigate up the three ladders and enter the first door you see.

Rest room, grab any ability and get ready for a boss.

In this next room you battle against Chameleo Arm. He's one of the 
two bosses that you can actually obtain the Paint ability from. Just 
copy the blob that he spits out. After defeating it head to the right and 
enter the door. 

Go through all the cannons and enter the door on the upper left.

In this room I will label each part as "floors" to make it simpler. A 
different floor will be determined by platforms. On the second floor 
you should be able to see a switch. Hit it and quickly climb up to the 
7th floor. If you did it fast enough the gate will still be up and you 
should be able to see a door. If the gate is covering the door then try 
again. Inside the door there will be a lone chest containing the (Model 
Ship: Price 800,000G) Go back through the door and climb up the 
rest of this room until you reach the door. Enter it.

This room you will just keep falling. Enter the door on the bottom. 
(Carefully the door is in the middle and if you go off to the side you'll 
fall down the pit)

You'll be back in the cannon room, this time head to the upper right 

Once again I'll be labeling each sections here as floors. Climb 
upwards until you reach the 6th floor. Stand in the middle and press 
up. (There should be an invisible door, or visible if you light the 
candle) There's another lone chest here containing the (Sun Ring: 
Price 800,000G) Exit the room. Climb up to the top and enter the 

Once again fall all the way down and enter the door at the bottom.

You'll be back in the cannon room again. Time to backtrack a bit. 
Head to the door on the bottom. 

In here just head to the door on the left.

Back in the rest room grab the plasma ability and exit to the door on 
the left.

Go left and head down the three ladder and face against the right wall. 
Shoot a fully charge plasma laser and you should destroy a bomb 
block (you'll be able to hear it) Climb back up the three ladder and 
destroy the blocks and jump into the water. Go downwards then right 
then up and enter the door. (Keep the plasma ability for now)

In this room just go towards the right. Careful the bridge does break if 
you stand on it. Enter the door on the right.

In this room, enter the door on the upper left or upper right. (You 
should see a chest in the water forget about it for now)

Navigate upwards in this room and enter the door.

You should see a stake, platform with a rope and a bomb block. 
Shoot a fully charged plasma laser at the bomb block to open a path. 
Enter the door in the middle.

You should see a chest in the upper part of this room. Open it to 
obtain the (King's Cape: Price 508,000G). Exit the room.

In this room exit to the door on the right.

Grab the stone ability in this room and then exit to the door on the 

Go left a bit and break the bomb block. Use the stone ability to grab 
the chest on the bottom of the pool to get the (Gold Crown: Price 
528,000G) Exit this room through the big door at the bottom of this 
room. (Be sure to keep the stone ability)

Once again you'll be back at outside the old tower. Enter the Lower 
Head to the far left and enter the door you see there.

Destroy the stake with the stone ability and enter the door on the 

Go down the two elevators and enter the door at the bottom.

Grab the Fire ability here and enter the door on the upper right.

Head right and you'll face off against Jukid. Defeat it and a chest will 
fall down containing (Koopa Shell: Price 800G) Exit to the door on the 

Go right and destroy the bomb block. Before entering the water 
create the helper with the fire ability. It should automatically light the 
fuse if it gets close to it. Enter the cannon and you'll be blasted off. 
You'll fall right into a chest containing the (Falchion: Price 325,000) 
Head left and go to the lower left door.

In here you should see water in the middle but careful there's strong 
Go into the water until you reach the middle of the room. There will be 
a chest at the bottom. Inside it contains the (Warrior Shield: Price 
50,000) That's it! you're done with the Old Tower. Backtrack all the 
way to the outside of the Old Tower or if you're lazy you can just fall 
into the pit here to quickly go back outside. (45/60 Chests 

Once you're outside of the old tower head to the door on the far left.

Mine Cart area, ride the cart all the way to the left and enter the door 
to arrive at..

Stage 4: Garden

In this first room head right and press the switch. A door will appear 
and a bunch of enemies will comes out from it. You can enter that 
door so do so.

Inside theres a bunch of enemies and one chest containing the (Gold 
Watering Can: Price 200,000G) Exit the room

Head to the left and exit through the door.

In here drop down and you should see three abilities and apparently 
one of the chest people have the hardest time obtaining. Here's what 
I did to obtain it. Grab the Jet ability, hold B to charge it up fully and 
then jump to save your charge. Hug the right wall and the drop 
through the platform. While holding down press the B button and you 
should boost yourself towards the wind at a downwards angle. 
Enough for you to drop on the right side to get a chest containing the 
(Katana: Price 990,000G) If you can't do it with the jet you can use 
the ninja ability. Just hug the right wall and once you drop through the 
platform, immediately press down B and you should reach the other 
side. Once you get the chest exit through the door at the bottom.

Theres a save point here, enter it if you need to save and recover 
Enter the door on the bottom left. Run towards the left until you see a 
waterfall under you. Drop through this platform and there will be a 
chest on the bottom containing the (Charm: Price 8,000G) Go back 
up and be sure to pick up the Jet ability. Lite up the middle fuse and 
quickly enter the cannon in the middle.

In this room destroy all the bomb blocks except the bottom one. You'll 
be able to reach the chest containing the (Xmas Tree: Price 
40,000G) Exit the room.

Go to the left and destroy the three star blocks and the bomb block. 
Now light the fuse on the right and quickly enter the cannon on the far 

In this room you'll be able to go through certain parts of the cloud. If 
you need help finding it look for the star patterns found on the cloud. 
Those are the parts you can go through. Fly up a little bit and you'll 
see a wing ability. Under it you can go through that part of the cloud 
to enter the door. Inside that room hit the switch on the right to make 
the chest drop. Inside that chest contains the (Kong's Barrel: Price 
1,500G) Exit the room. Now go to the upper right and look for a star 
pattern in the clouds. Go through it and there will be a door. Insides 
there will be a platform and a bunch of spikes and electric balls. At 
the top there's a chest containing the (Ramia's Scale: Price 12,800G) 
Exit the room. Go through the cloud on the left (above the wing ability, 
be sure to grab it too) Then fall through the cloud that's below the 
plasma ability. You'll see a door here, enter it (look for the patterns in 
the cloud) In this room fly upwards and the wing ability should 
automatically destroy the star block. Inside the chest here contains 
(Shiny Bamboo: Price 600,000G) Exit the room. Go left and go 
upwards. Hug the left wall and you should be able to go through a 
part of the cloud (it will appear on the left of the plasma ability. Enter 
the door here.
Grab the wheel ability and create the wheelie helper. Ride it and 
move towards the right and stop right next to the switch. Now press B 
and keep moving right. Jump over the one bump and if you're quick 
enough you'll get to the chest before the gate closes. Inside the chest 
contains a (Tire: Price 1,100G) Exit the room. Head to the left through 
the cloud but be sure not to touch the star. Fall downwards and you'll 
see the sleep and parasol ability. Navigate through that little area 
until you reach to the door. Enter it. In this room there's a chest at the 
bottom. Inside it contains the (Spirit Charm: Price 78,500G) Exit the 
room. Fly upwards and touch the star.

You're back in the main Garden Room. Head to the save room if you 
wish to save otherwise head to the bottom right door.

Go right and enter the cannon. Shoot yourself right, then down, the 
right. There will be a chest here containing the (Pegasus Wing: Price 
Go into the cannon then shoot left, left, down, down-left, and then 
enter the door.

Head right and you should face off against Bugzzy. Defeating it will 
reveal a chest containing the (Raccoon Doll: Price 8,150) Keep going 
towards the left and enter the door.

In this room keep heading left until you see a Bomb block. Destroy it 
and enter the water there. There will be a chest here containing the 
(Shell Whistle: Price 82,000G) Head left a bit more and grab the 
crash ability from the bomb. Use the crash ability and quickly enter 
the water and through the opened gate. There will be a chest in here 
containing the (Orichalcum: Price 512,000G) Destroy the bomb block 
and ride the star on the top left. 

Once again you'll be back at the main room. Save if you need to then 
enter the bottom middle door. 

Head right, pass the chilly and inhale the Sir Kibble to get the cutter 
ability. Now head back to the left and go down the ladder. Cut the 
rope on the left and ONLY cut that one. Head down and then drop 
through the platform on the right. Head right and drop through 
another platform to find a chest containing the (Platinum Ring: Price 
40,000G) Go back up the ladder then exit through the door on the 
bottom right. 

Navigate down through the spring until you see the door. Don't enter 
it yet, drop down through the platform and destroy the two star blocks 
on either side. Down here will be the final chest and it will contain the 
(Triforce: Price 800,000G) Good job you've obtained all 60 chests, 
time to finish the game.
Go back up and enter the door you passed. 

Rest room, pick up any ability you wish and prepare for the boss. 
Enter the door on the right.

Head left and you'll face against Wham Bam Rock. A fairly easy boss, 
just watch its pattern and you'll see that you shouldn't stay under the 
hand when it attacks. Once you defeat it enter the door on the left.

Mine Cart room. Ride the cart all the way to the left and enter the 

In this room go up the two elevator and enter the door.

Wooo back in the first room head up then to the left and ride the warp 

Congratulations! You complete The Great Cave Offensive with all 60 

(60/60 Chests 9,999,990G)

		- Treasure List -

Here's a list of all the treasure in order as they appear
on the menu (Not according to my walkthrough)

Stage 1 Sub-Tree

1.  Gold Medal: Price 10,000G
2.  Gold Coin: Price 1,000G
3.  Whip: 6,800G
4.  Crystal Ball: Price 200,000G
5.  Lucky Cat: Price 500G
6.  Seiryu Sword: 142,000G
7.  Screw Attack: 80,000G
8.  Echigo Candy: 8,000G
9.  Phanto Mask: 278,000G
10. Star Stone: 82,100G
11. Beast's Fang: 7,300G
12. Bandanna: Price 1,990G
13. Seasons Heart: 250,000G

Stage 2 Crystal

14. Dime: Price 10G
15. Glass Slipper: Price 120,000G
16. Goblet: Price 800G
17. Saucepan: 10G
18. Brass Knuckle: 20,000G
19. Amber Rose: Price 22,100G
20. Fish Fossil: 8,250G
21. Beast Fossil: Price 24,220
22. Machine Parts: Price 121,300G
23. Bucket: Price 200G
24. Power Paintbrush: Price 222,000G
25. 100-Dollar Coin: Price 10,000G
26. Ancient Gem: Price 68,000G
27. Falcon Helmet: Price 41,000G
28. Cell Phone: Price 40,210G
29. Truth Mirror: Price 500,000G

Stage 3 Old Tower

30. Star Tiara: Price 408,200G
31. Koopa Shell: Price 800G
32. Falchion: Price 325,000G
33. Warrior Shield: Price 50,000G
34. Unicorn's Horn: Price 80,300G
35. Three-Star Cane: Price 222,000G
36. Broken Bowl: Price 50G
37. Tut's Mask: Price 160,000G
38. Mr. Saturn: Price 120,000G
39. Armor: Price  212,000G
40. Treasure Box: Price 100,000G
41. Mannequin: Price 3,000G
42. Gold Crown: Price 528,000G
43. King's Cape: Price  508,000G
44. Model Ship: Price  800,000G
45. Sun Ring: Price  800,000

Stage 4 Garden

46. Gold Watering Can: Price 200,000G
47. Katana: Price 990,000G
48. Charm: Price 8,000G
49. Xmas Tree: Price 40,000G
50. Kong's Barrel: Price 1,500G
51. Ramia's Scale: Price 12,800G
52. Shiny Bamboo: Price 600,000G
53. Tire: Price 1,100G
54. Spirit Charm: Price 78,500G
55. Pegasus Wing: Price 42,800G
56. Raccoon Doll: Price 8,150
57. Shell Whistle: Price 82,000G
58. Orichalcum: Price 512,000G
59. Platinum Ring: Price 40,000G
60. Triforce: Price 800,000G

Chest: 60/60   Total:9,999,990G

11.      		- Gourmet Race -	Difficulty: Two Stars

This game is unlocked once you beat Spring Breeze.

 - Game Description -

King Dedede challenge Kirby to see who's the hungriest gourmet!
Who will reach the goal first? Speed up to eat, eat to win!

In this game you don't inhale or beat up enemies. Instead you race!
You race King Dedede in three different levels to see who can reach
the goal first and eat as much as you can along the way.

The three courses are

Level 1: Pumpkin Grand
Level 2: Corn Hall
Level 3: Onion Garden

All food items are worth 1 pt while the maxim tomato is worth
3 pts. Finishing first in the race is worth 30 pts. Whoever has
the most points at the end of the three courses will be the winner
of the Grand Prix.

12.      	- Revenge of Meta Knight -	Difficulty: Four Stars

This game is unlocked once you complete Gourmet Race, Dyna 
Blade, and saved at least once in The Great Cave Offensive.

  - Game Description -

The Masked swordsman Meta Knight disrupted the pace of Dream Land!
Take down his airship, the Halberd!

This game you inflitrate the Halberd and defeat Meta Knight.
The only difference about this game is that there's text for
story and a timer so you can't dwindle in a level forever. Besides
that, it's a straight foward game that once completed, it already
contributes to a 100% file without any secrets needed to be found.

  - Secrets -

Here is a list of a few secrets in some levels. (It doesn't 
contribute to a 100% file)

	- Chapter 1 -

Boss: Heavy Lobster

There is only three rooms here so it's nothing special. You fight 
Heavy Lobster at the end of room three but it's been asked many 
times if it is possible to defeat it before the Halberd takes off. 
The answer is yes you can defeat it before it takes off but nothing 
special happens. It will still takes off as if you didn't beat it 
in time.

	- Chapter 2 -

Boss: Twin Woods

Nothing really special in this chapter

	- Chapter 3 -

Boss: None

In the second room, once you enter you'll see a 1up on the side. 
To get it just inhale it.

In the third room try getting the Hammer ability for the Bonkers 
miniboss. After you defeat it, destroy the bomb blocks and head 
to the upper right. You'll see some stakes you can destroy. It 
will lead to a maxim tomato, 1up, and a Mirror/Parasol/Ninja copy 

In the fourth room you can just fly straight up from where you 
start to skip half of this room.

	- Chapter 4 -

Boss: Twin Cannon #2

In the second room, you'll fight a bunch of the Meta Knight. You 
can easily defeat them by just inhaling them.

In the fourth room, after you defeat the Jukid and Poppy Bros 
Sr. head right and destroy the star blocks. Head down and to 
the right and destroy the bomb block. I will reveal a secret 
room containing several food items and an invinvible candy.

	- Chapter 5 -

Boss: Heavy Lobster

In the third room(not counting the left wing where you go onto the 
star and appear back in the same place which is after the CG) 
Navigate  through the  room until you see the door. Don't enter it, 
instead fly upwards and there will be another exit. This will lead 
to the Armory  which contains a huge selection of abilities.

	- Chapter 6 -

Boss: Reactor

In the first room, keep falling and pass the first two cannons. 
You should see a cloud surrounded by various food items. You can 
enter  this cloud. Inside contains an invincible candy and a 
mini-boss fight.

In the third room (or fourth if you could the above cloud room) 
You'll see a bomb block and a door at the bottom of the elevator. 
You can destroy the block using the Yoyo found at the first stop 
at the first elevator. Inside the room contain various food items 
and a 1up.

	- Chapter 7 -

Boss: Meta Knight

When facing Meta Knight he'll give you a sword before the battle. 
However, if you don't pick it up for a while he'll just start the 
battle without you getting the sword ability. It's useful if you 
don't wish to use the sword ability for this battle.

13.      		- Milky Way Wishes -	Difficulty: Five Stars

This game is unlocked after you complete The Great Cave Offensive 
and Revenge of Meta Knight.

 - Game Description -

The moon and the sun are fighting and you must settle it! Help us,
cpmet at galaxy's end.

This game is slightly different from the other games due to the 
fact that you cannot copy abilities from inhaling (with the 
exception of the one-time use abilities/sleep/mike) Instead you 
find these Copy Essences Deluxe and you can access that ability 
anytime you wish. You travel through seven planets in order to get 
the sun and moon to stop fighting.

	- Copy Abilities Location -

There are a total of 19 Copy Essences Deluxe to find and finding 
it all will contribute to a 100% save file. In this section I will
refer to room (number) a lot. I never count the room where the ability
is found towards the room number.

	- Stage ?: ??? -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Copy
Boss: None

First before you start anything you can get the Copy abilities. In 
the level select screen, look between the planet Cavius and Sky High. 
You should see a blinking star. It's a secret planet known as ???. 
Enter it and navigate through the two rooms. The copy ability will 
be in room three. Careful though theres no floor on room three so
start flying once you enter.

	- Stage 1: Grass Planet FLORIA -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Ice, Fighter, Cutter
Boss: Twin Woods

Just a note this level consist of 4 identical rooms, each one 
representing a different season of the year. Also it's hard to
explain how to get all the ability in this planet so I'll do
a walkthrough for just this one.

Once you enter the planet head to the right and enter the door 
above the ladder. Enter the door again, and then again. You should 
be in winter season now, head to the left and enter the door. 
In here there will be the Ice copy ability. Exit the room. Head 
right and enter the door on top of the ladder three times. Head
right and keep going and enter the first door you see which
should be above a body of water. The water will be frozen now
so use your ice ability and destroy the ice to enter the door.
In this room will be the fighter ability. Exit the room.

Now head right again and go to the second door that you pass by.
(should be right after a tree) Enter the door again. Now head
left and enter the door in the tree. In here will be the Cutter
ability. Thats all three abilties. Exit the room. Enter the first
door you see twice. Now keep going to the right and go through the
final door.

	- Stage 2: Water Planet AQUARIUS -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Parasol, Sword, Beam
Boss: Fatty Whale

In room two look for a bomb block thats underwater near the end 
of this room (in the body of water before the cannon/fuse) Destroy
it and a door will appear on the platform above. Enter it and
there will be a parasol ability inside.
Note: In room two don't worry about the fuse and the cannon it
does not lead to a Copy Essences Deluxe.

In room four go to the door found in the last platform from the
bottom. In here there will be a Jukid. Defeat it to get the sword

In room five, once you get into the water follow these directions.
Right, down, right, down, right, up. You should find the Beam
ability here.

	- Stage 3: Wind Planet SKYHIGH -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Jet, Wheel, Wing
Boss: Kracko

In room two, head right until you see wind blowing towards the right.
You should see a star block above you. Destroy it and enter the door.
Inside will be the Jet ability.

In room two (right after the part with the Jet ability) you should
see a fuse. Charge up the Jet ability and dash through the fuse, it
should light it. Quickly run to the right and enter the cannon.
It will blast you into the room with the Wheel ability.

Once you enter room three go to the door in this order. Left, left,
right, middle OR right, middle, left, middle. There will be the 
Wing ability in this room.

	- Stage 4: Flame Planet HOTBEAT -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Fire, Suplex
Boss: Chameleo Arm

In room one navigate through the room until you reach a cannon. It
will blast you to the left. Go back a bit and destroy the bomb block
which will drop a lavafall down. Remember this place, navigate forward
until you see a invincible candy. Get it and quickly return to the 
lavafall. You can go through the lava with the invincible candy so 
fly inside the lavafall upwards and enter the door. Go upward through
this room and enter the door. There will be a fire ability here. Exit
this room and you'll be back in room one.

In room two, head right until you see a bunch of food item (hot dog, 
candy and a drink) with a maxim tomato being on top. From here
head right a little bit pass some lava and you should notice
breakable blocks above you. Destroy it (beam will work) and enter
the door at the top. You will fight Bugzzy here and defeating it
will win you the Suplex Ability.

	- Stage 5: Cave Planet CAVIUS -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Bomb, Hammer, Rock
Boss: Wham Bam Rock

In room two after you defeat Chef Kawasaki keep heading right, 
ignoring the two ladders. You should come into a small area with 
a Poppy Bros Sr. miniboss. Defeating it will get you the Bomb 

After getting the bomb ability head right and fall through the two 
platform, then head left and fall through those two. Head right 
and fall down the first pit you see. Head right to fight the
Bonkers miniboss. Defeat it to get the Hammer ability.

In room three, go upwards and destroy the bomb block. Swim upwards
and press the switch found on the right side. Now quickly swim
downwards all the way to the bottom and enter the door on the right.
The rock ability will be in this room.

	- Stage 6: Machine Planet MEKKAI -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Yo-Yo, Plasma
Boss: Heavy Lobster

In room three, stay on the upper area of the map and keep heading
right until you see an arena covered with high winds. There will
be a door at the top so enter that door. In this room go down the
elevator and enter the door on the bottom. This room will contain
the Yo-Yo ability.

In room four there will be an elevator. Head all the way to the top
and exit through the left. There will be an Iron Mam miniboss here.
Defeat her to get the Plasma ability.

	- Stage 7: Eternal Planet HALFMOON -

Copy Essences Deluxe: Mirror, Ninja
Boss: Computer Virus

In the second room, ride the first trolley into you hit the first
wall. After that fly up a little and head to the right. You should
be able to see a small area where you can drop through and there
will be a star block on the bottom. Destroy it and there will be 
a door found at the bottom. Enter it but be careful, there is no
floor down here. Inside the room contains the Mirror ability.

In the fourth room just keep flying up and enter the first door
you see. It will be blocked by a bomb block so destroy that first
before you can enter. Inside the room will contain the Ninja ability.

	- Ability List -

Here's the list of ability of how it appears in the Menu Screen.

|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |       |       |
|					|       |
|          TOUCH TO CHOOSE		|  COPY |
|					|       |

14.      		- The Arena -	Difficulty: Six Stars

This game is unlocked after you complete Milky Way Wishes

  - Game Description -

Why can't people stop fighting? When the pink terror raises his fist,
even the strong tremble in fear.

In this mode you fight all the bosses in 19 different rounds. You
can start out with one of 20 abilities (well probably not sleep)
and face off each boss round by round. After each round you'll
be in the rest room which contains 5 maxim tomatos and two
random abilities. The tomatos will disappear and be replaced
by a normal tomato in the next round and a normal tomato will
disappear after eaten. You get a total of 5 maxim tomato and
5 regular tomato to defeat all 19 bosses.

	- Boss List -

Heres the list of bosses you will have to face in no particular
order. (Exception is Marx will ALWAYS be the final round)

1.  Waddle Dee
2.  Mid-Boss All Stars 1: Chef Kawasaki, Bonkers, Bugzzy
3.  Mid-Boss All Stars 2: Poppy Bros Sr., Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam, Jukid
4.  Whispy Woods
5.  Lololo & Lalala
6.  Kracko
7.  King Dedede
8.  Dyna Blade
9.  Fatty Whale
10. Computer Virus
11. Chameleo Arm
12. Wham Bam Rock
13. Twin Woods
14. Main Cannon #2
15. Heavy Lobster
16. Reactor
17. Meta Knight
18. Galactic Nova Nucleus
19. Marx

15.      		- Revenge of the King -	Difficulty - Five Stars

This game is unlocked once you complete Milky Way Wishes

 - Game Description -

King Dedede demands revenge! Will he finally reign victorious over
his age-old nemesis?

This game is a revamped version of Spring Breeze. The levels are 
slighty longer and tougher while the enemies become stronger too.
This doesn't exclude the bosses either, there are also new bosses
and a whole extra level. There is no secret in this game so completing
it will automatically contribute to your 100% file.

	- Secrets -

 - Stage 1: Purple Plants -

Boss: Whispy's Revenge

In the fifth room, before entering the door to the boss destroy the
star block on the left side and go outside the tree. Fly up and there
will be a 1up there.

 - Stage 2: Illusion Islands -

Boss: Lololo & Lalala's Revenge

In the fourth room, one you fall down and move up to the right side
you'll see a bunch of star blocks. Destroying it will reveal a door
and inside that room will contain a 1up.

 - Stage 3: Crash Clouds -

Boss: Kracko's Revenge

In the sixth room keep flying up and pass the door. Go to the moon
and press up. You'll enter a secret door. In this room

 - Stage 4: Mt. Dedede Sky -

Boss: Kabula

No secrets here, all you do is fight Kabula.

 - Stage 5: The Revenge -

Boss: Masked Dedede

In the fifth room, when you see the second set of star blocks fall
down towards the right. There will be a 1up there.

In the ninth room you'll be navigating upwards. There will also be parts
where wind will be pushing down against you. On the second part keep 
flying against the wind and up the narrow passage. To the left there
will be a 1up and a maxim tomato.

16.      	- Meta Knightmare Ultra - 	Difficulty - Five Stars

This game is unlocked once you complete Revenge of the King

 - Game Description -

That cool knight's reappeared! Defeat foes to store power, then
touch the screen to use abilities! He trains as he journeys...

You play as Meta Knight and you play through five different levels.
Each level will be one of the previous game you played as Kirby.

Level 1 is Spring Breeze
Level 2 is Dyna Blade
Level 3 is The Great Cave Offensive
Level 4 is Revenge of Meta Knight
Level 5 is Milky Way Wishes

Meta Knight is similar to Kirby's Sword ability with just a few tweaks
Heres the description of his pause menu.

Unlimited pwoer in your blade. Command your called knight. Train
and journey the cosmos!

B - Meta Chop
B at full health - Knight Beam
B after Meta Chop - Meta Upper
BBB - Meta Multithrust
Dash + B - Lunging Slice
Dash + B in air - Knight Spin
B in air - Meta Chop and Thrust

Meta Knight can also use abilities but it differs from how it works
for Kirby. As Meta Knight defeat more enemies, he gain these spheres
to increase his power (he can have a max of 50 pt) By tapping the
an ability on the bottom screen he will execute it if he has sufficient
points. Here are his four abilities.

Mach Tornado (30 pts)
Damages all foes on the screen

Heal (10 pts)
Recovers health (Recovers helper's health as well)

Meta Quick (8 pts)
Increase Speed (Increases helper's speed as well)

Knight Call (2pts)
Call a friend to fight by your side

Remember you are timed to finish as quickly as possible. You can only
save inbtween levels so it might be a long run.

NOTE: In The Great Cave Offensive, in those two areas with three doors
two of them will be missing thus you can only go the correct way. Also
the Old Tower will be completely blocked off.

Yes, in Revenge of Meta Knight you still destroy the Halbard but you
don't battle Meta Knight. Chapter seven is actually missing completely.

At the end of Milky Way wishes you do not battle Marx. You battle a new
boss known as the Galacta Knight

17.      		- Helper to Hero -	Difficulty: Six Stars

This game is unlocked once you complete The Arena

  - Game Description -

Kirby's not the only hero! Helpers can be heroes, too!
We'll prove it in an all-star battle!

This mode is fairly similar to the arena where you battle
through 13 bosses through different rounds. The only difference
is that instead of using Kirby you'll be using one of the
helpers. Choose from 20 different helpers and defeat all
the bosses. Also instead of having five tomatos like in the
arena you're only limited to three in this one.

  - Boss List -

This is the order in which you'll be facing the bosses.

1.  Whispy Wood
2.  Mid-Boss All Stars 1: Chef Kawasaki, Bonkers, Bugzzy
3.  Kracko
4.  King Dedede
5.  Dyna Blade
6.  Fatty Whale
7.  Chameleo Arm
8.  Mid-Boss All Stars 2: Poppy Bros Sr., Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam, Jukid
9.  Twin Woods
10. Heavy Lobster
11. Computer Virus
12. Meta Knight
13. Wham Bam Rock & Wham Bam Jewel

18.      		- The True Arena -	Difficult: SEVEN STARS

This game is unlocked once you complete Metaknightmare Ultra, Helper
to hero, and The Arena

 - Game Description -

The last battle, without a doubt! Beat 10 tough foes, including the
final four!

The final version of the arena. The same rules applies as of the regular
arena except you only face ten bosses. You are limited to only five
regular tomatoes this time around though.

	- Boss List-

Heres the list of the 10 bosses you will need to face. The first
six is in a random order while the last four will always be in the
same order.

1.  True Mid-Boss All Stars: Mr. Tick-Tock, Grand Wheelie, Phan Phan, Fire Lion
2.  Whispy's Revenge
3.  Lololo & Lalala's Revenge
4.  Kracko Jr.'s Revenge
5.  Kracko's Revenge
6.  Kabula
7.  Masked Dedede
8.  Wham Bam Jewel
9.  Galacta Knight
10. Marx Soul

19      		- Sub Games -

 - Description -

There are a total of 5 Sub-games with only three being available
at the beginning. These games are just for fun and doesn't
contribute to a 100% file. There are special rules for each game
that is different from the normal Kirby adventures.

	- Touch Controlled Sub-Games -

Compete in three simple but deep sub-games. Everything is touch

- Kirby Card Swipe -	Players: 1-4 Multi and Single Cart Play

Observe the cards on the top screen. Touch the same card on the 
touch screen! Be the first to get 3 cards right!

There will be several cards with a picture shown on the bottom
screen. Remember their locations because in a few section a card
on the top screen will be shown. The first person who touches the
same card on the bottom screen will score a point. First one
to score three points is the winner.

Level 1 will have slow computers and at most three cards on the
bottom screen.

Level 2 computers will be slighty faster and there will be more
cards on the bottom screen.

Level 3 computer will be slight faster and there might be a whole
lot of cards on the bottom screen. (Sometimes even 8) Also, the
card maybe upside down on the bottom screen to cause some confusion.

- Kirby on the Draw - 	Players: 1-4 Multi and Single Cart Play

Tap targets as they appear. To reload tap the bar on the bottom. Watch
out for bombs!

In this game there will be panels that appears on the bottom screen and
the person who touches it first will earn points depending on which
panel it was. However, if you shoot a bomb panel you will lose points.
Also you only get eight bullets so once that's gone you'll have to reload
by touching the bar on the bottom. The person who has the most points 
after sixty seconds is the winner.

Here's how much each panel is worth.

Waddle Dee    +10 pts
Cappy         +10 pts
Bronto Burt   +10 pts
Knuckle Joe   +20 pts
Waddle Doo    +20 pts
Bonkers       +40 pts
Chef Kawasaki +40 pts
King Dedede  +100 pts
Bomb          -50 pts

The difference in the level will be the setting and also the
speed of the computers.

- Snack Tracks -	Players: 1-4 Multi and Single Cart Play

Tap rocks and bugs to get rid of them. Beware bombs on your track.
Tap rocks twice!

You'll have sixty seconds to eat as much food as you can. Pay
attention to what items are on your treadmill and tap away all
the non food items on it. Tapping a bug once or a rock twice will
destroy it while tapping a bomb will throw it to another player's
treadmill. After thirty seconds, you will swap tracks with the other

Eating any food will get you three points. A maxim tomato will score
you five points. Destroying a rock or bug or moving a bomb will score
you one point. Eating a bug or rock will lose you two points. While
eating a bomb will destroy everything on your treadmill and you'll lose
ten points.

Whoever has the most points after sixty seconds will win.

Level 1 will have only bugs and bombs and little amount of food

Level 2 will include stones to level 1 and contaim more food

Level 3 will be the same as level 2 but more food will appear.

	- Nostalgic Sub-Games

Those nostalgic sub-games are back, ready for you to play here! You can
play with just one button.

NOTE: These games are only one player now.

- Megaton Punch -	Players: 1

This game is unlocked after you completed The Arena

Mind the power gauge and water the pendulum!

In this game it's all about timing. You'll have three parts to
do in this game. First is your power, press A when the bar reaches
to the top. Part two is the aim, wait for the two crosshair to be
aligned in the middle and press A. Last is the timing, wait for
the pendulum to be inside the green circle and press A. Whoever did
the best in these three sections will be considered the winner. If
you get all three perfect your score will be 201 mt.

Heres the strength of the computers

Level 1 

Character     Power

Waddle Dee -  151 mt
Knuckle Joe - 163 mt
Iron Mam -    168 mt

Level 2 

Character     Power

Waddle Dee -  160 mt
Knuckle Joe - 168 mt
Iron Mam -    175 mt

Level 3 

Character     Power

Waddle Dee -  167 mt
Knuckle Joe - 175 mt
Iron Mam -    186 mt

- Samurai Kirby -	Players: 1

This game is unlocked after you completed Revenge of the King

Press any button immediately when you see "!"

Self explaintory from the game description. The first person
to hit a button when the ! appears is considered the winner.
If you hit it before the ! appears you'll get a strike. You'll
lose after two stikes.

Here are the enemies' time


Character      Time

Waddle Doo -    82
Wheelie -       50
Chef Kawasaki - 21
King Dedede -   16
Meta Knight -   11


Character      Time

Waddle Doo -    63
Wheelie -       41
Chef Kawasaki - 17
King Dedede -   13
Meta Knight -   10


Character      Time

Waddle Doo -    18
Wheelie -       14
Chef Kawasaki - 12
King Dedede -   10
Meta Knight -   08

20.			- Unlockables -

Here are some of the requirements required for the unlockables in 
this game.

- Games -

Unlockable                  	 	Requirements

Dyna Blade			Complete Spring Breeze

The Great Cave Offensive	Complete Spring Breeze

Gourmet Race			Complete Spring Breeze

Revenge of Meta Knight		Complete Gourmet Race, Dyna 
				Blade, and saved once in The Great 
				Cave Offensive

Milky Way Wishes		Complete The Great Cave 
				Offensive and Revenge of
				Meta Knight

The Arena			Complete Milky Way Wishes

Revenge of the King		Complete Milky Way Wishes

Helper to Hero			Complete The Arena

Metaknightmare Ultra		Complete Revenge of the King

The True Arena			Complete Metaknightmare Ultra, 
				The Arena, and Helper to Hero

Megaton Punch			Complete The Arena

Samurai Kirby			Complete Metaknightmare Ultra

- Special Videos -

Unlockable                  	 	Requirements

Video 00			Complete Helper to Hero with all 20 

Video 34			Complete The True Arena

Video 35			Complete the game with 100%

- Others -

Unlockable                  	 	Requirements

Sound Test			Complete Milky Way Wishes

21.   			  - Credits - 

I would like to thank

Gamefaqs - For making this FAQ possible

Nintendo and HAL - For making this game possible

And me! Wolf4knowledge - for writing the FAQ 

22.    			 - Copywrite Info -

This FAQ is copyrighted 2008 to 
Kenneth Yeung  A.K.A. Wolf4knowledge

This is for personal use only, you may not put this  in your site or use 
it to make a profit. Do not distribute this document, or alter it in any 
way shape or form. It can be printed  out for personal use only. You 
can NOT use this document without my permission.

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