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Where can I find the colored gemstones (triple tech)?

I have the blue and black ones, but if I remember correctly, there were at least two more. Where are they exactly?

keenmans asked for clarification:

and to who have i give it to? i know:
Black Rock - Marle Lucca or Magus for Dark Eternal
Blue Rock - Robo Lucca or Magus for Omega Flare
but i dont know the others... well Gold Rock goes to Frog because it says it enables the Master Mune triple Tech...

Accepted Answer

RevenantThings answered:

Silver Gemstone - Laruba Ruins; Nu (I believe it's only after you get Crono back)
Golden Gemstone - Denadoro Mts. w/ Frog as leader (climb the mountain and he'll catch a rock thrown at you
White Gemstone - Black Omen (treasure chest, pretty hard to miss)

And for those who look at this and don't know where to get the other ones.

Black Gemstone - Kajar (open the hidden room using the elemental books)
Blue Gemstone - Giant's Claw treasure chest
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Kraleck answered:

The Golden Gemstone requires completion of Cyrus's Tomb (need Masamune Upgrade).

Here's who can equip them and the locations
Blue - Lucca, Robo, Magus - Giant's Claw chest (forget where, sorry)
Black - Marle, Lucca, Magus - Kajar (open books Water -> Wind -> Fire)
White - Marle, Lucca, Ayla - Black Omen chest (shortly after Tera Mutant)
Silver - Frog, Robo, Ayla - Laruba Ruins (talk to rename Nu after getting Epoch's wings)
Golden - Frog Only (Need Robo and Marle for Tech) - Denadoro Mountains (have Frog (leader) get hit by a rock)
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