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Does the SNES glitch exist in the DS version as well?

For those who have played it, does the glitch that prevents you from reviving Crono exist in the DS version like it did in the SNES one?

sonicking2004 asked for clarification:

It's been a while since I played the original, so I gotta ask: What glitch are we talking about?

GoeTeeks asked for clarification:

You can still get the clone from Norstein Beckler if you missed it before hand. He just charges a hefty price unless you succeed in beating the mini-game.

I'm not sure if this "famed" glitch I tried searching for is about the clone... I think the glitch is if you destroy the shell of the final Lavos Spawn, there won't be a shell to push up the cliff. As to whether it exists in this version or not, I don't know... yet.

alexnobody asked for clarification:

It seems we're all stumped: what glitch are you talking about? Why would you be unable to revive Chrono? You can get the clone anytime, you can't destroy the shell, so what's this "glitch?"

Accepted Answer

keenmans answered:

I doubt it, seeing as i have almost completed the game and revived chrono... And Square Enix has also customized the game by adding tha arena, the infitie warp portal and other stuff, so i think that that well-known glitch has been removed by them.
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agumike answered:

I am unaware of any "glitch" that prevents you from reviving Crono, but if you never get the clone at the Millenium Fair, then you will be unable to revive him. Even IF you have it, just don't go to the Mountain of Woe and continue on.
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Greaterthan3 answered:

Destroy the shell? Thats funny considering there is a protection in the game to prevent this kind of stuff.

Once I wanted to see if you could kill Ozzie instead of making him fall in the sidequest at the end of the game. When he was in his ice shell, I attacked him (for like 20 damage a hit or something) until he was no longer available as a target and was forced to hit the switch as normal.

Maybe you can destroy the shell. I've never tried. I doupt it thought.
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GoeTeeks answered:

The easiest way to destroy the shell is to use either Robo's Apocalypse Arm or Ayla's Bronze fit to do the 9999 strike. Albeit, in the SNES version, all you really have is Ayla's 9999 strike (the shell has 10,000 HP).

It's not likely to happen your first time through, and while the shell is protected, it's not unkillable.

And for the record, I tested it out in the DS version. The shell won't disappear, though it will "die" (become untargetable).

But I'm still not sure if it's the actual glitch the asker is talking about.
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_Trojan_Tuvai_ answered:

Okay, on not reviving Crono...

1: You can get the doppel doll from the fair at any point before and after his death.
2: Killing the Lavos Spawn shell will not destroy it, meaning you can proceed up the mountain.
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Muteki_623 answered:

Im wondering that ,too. I've played the PS virsion to and its not there ether.
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