Question from spongeaud

How many times do I actually run around the Spekkio?

I'm at the End of Time place and he says run around clockwise three times but it's just not working for me. Do you have to go in and out if you mess up the first time?
Do have to stay exactly next to the wall?
Thanks for the help.

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pakxenon answered:

Go to the door. Don't open the door. Run AGAINST THE WALL (press LEFT). At the corner, press until you can get no further, then run AGAINST THE NEXT WALL (press up). Press right. Press Down. Press left to the door. Repeat 3 times. Repeat one more time just to be sure.
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Prost1278 answered:

You have to stay exactly near the wall.
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Kainync answered:

And start from the door also.
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likecnsnnts answered:

I recommend starting on the right side of the door along the wall, then you have to run absolutely against the wall until you pass the door three times.

That should do it.

I had trouble with this at first, and this worked for me after I messed up twice.
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corruptshin1990 answered:

Hug the wall and do four laps just for good measures, he can get VERY anal about the laps so you gatta be careful near the door.
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Locke_Cole084 answered:

You start at the doorway and head clockwise but, remember to hold down the walk button (you can't be running).
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_Trojan_Tuvai_ answered:

Don't use diagonals, just stick with the four cardinal directions and you'll do fine. He is quite anal about it like Shin said.
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olderschool answered:

You will not have to leave, you pass the door three times, and the roon design is perfect for this.
Start at the bottom corner, and press left. you will stay on the wall, and bypass the door.
Then up and around at least three times, then talk to him again.
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