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Derelict Factory doors?

I'm in the Derelict factory right now and I've gone through the right side and gotten the pass code for the security system thing. Then I went through the left side of the factory and I eventually came across a dead end where there doors blocking the way. Is there a switch i'm supposed to hit to open them or...?

It's the part right here in the FAQ
If you take the elevator up, you'll come back to the area where you went down
the hatch, and the save point. Then, go down the elevator to the bottom. Go
east, and then north up the large path. At the end is a chest with a Plasma
Gun. Go to the computer and press A. It will ask you to enter the code for the
ZABIE system. So, press A to make the text to away, and then press X A B and Y.
The door on the right will open. Go east and north through the door.


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Kraleck answered:

Inspect the computer monitors to create passages.

1st floor
Take the left elevator down

2nd floor
You have to fight before you can inspect the computer (Acid/Alkali monsters in the machines). Climb down the hatch.

3rd floor
Work around to the central room. The lasers block both the escape hatch (blocked on the 4th floor) and elevator (blocked on the 3rd floor). This double security is created by a nearby monitor by 4 vertical lasers. Inspect it and you'll fight 0-5 Acid + 0-5 Alkali (a 5 monster enemy party composed of random amounts of either). You can now access the elevator or exit the hatch. Go down.

4th floor
Inspect the monitor. Disable the ZABIE system at the monitor (listen for two chimes, enter X, A, B, Y). A chime should happen with each button press. Go in the door, flip the switch, escape through the 3rd-4th floor escape hatch. Boss fight when you try to reach the 2nd-3rd floor escape hatch.
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