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Why can't I enter the password at Arris Dome? (Have already caught rat)

I'm unable to enter the L+R then A password after catching the rat at Arris Dome. I had this problem on SNES9X, and switched the keys to Alt and Control to bypass it. However, I'm using desmume to play the DS version and I can't switch the keys to anything but letters, number, and punctuation. Is there any way around this?

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I own the game, I like my computer better. Easier to multi-task.

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Ninja789 answered:

There is a certain spot in the factory you need to type in the code. I think it's when your using the crane!
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protodude77 answered:

I played this on an emulator back for the SNES, now I bought the DS version. How I got past that part was by setting L and R to the same key. Hope that works for you.
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GamesAreArt answered:

OR you could buy the freaking game you pirate
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Jalyna answered:

I am also using an emulator to play this game and was having this problem. (I also own the game, but I left it out and my dog chewed on it, as well as my cell phone.) Anyway, I am using the No$GBA (No Cash GBA) emulator, but, like you did on SNES9X, I was able to set L and R to Alt and Ctrl on No$GBA. No$GBA plays GBA and DS games and the next-to-latest version available free for Windows and DOS at I am using Windows Vista, so I don't know if this works for DOS or not, but it's worth a try.
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