Question from darkalixz

Asked: 6 years ago

L and R buttons?

I just want to know if these 2 buttons are used for anything in this game =p

Additional details - 6 years ago

aww =\
So you need them to beat a certain part of the game?

Additional details - 6 years ago

...blowing into the buttons? o.o

uhm... I 'll try that tomorrow when I get home thanks =p

Additional details - 6 years ago

I fixed the R button by blowing into it...
L button is still dead though =\

oh well, thank you everyone anyway. ^^

Accepted Answer

From: Rai_of_Winds 6 years ago

Actually there's a pretty important part of the game that CAN'T be passed without the trigger buttons (I believe you have to press both trigger buttons and press A at the same time)...

So hopefully you'll be able to fix/clean/repair your trigger buttons, as the part that requires the triggers is relatively early on in the game.

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Submitted Answers


Hold them to run from a battle.

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Use them to run from enemies, though you can do so with the stylus.
Used in the doll/clone game at the fair. That part is important though.

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More or less.

If you fail to do it correctly, you can buy it off, it's a bit expensive IIRC.

But I'll take it your buttons are broken. Have you tried blowing in the buttons?

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I have never run from a battle in this, the SNES or PS version but you need to press L+R+A at a couple of points in 2300AD to actually progress in the game, otherwise you will be stuck I'm afraid!

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When you come to that point you can always re-assign the buttons.

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