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Is there really a secret in the museum? 3
How do I get to last treasure chest in the london sewers? 1
How is battle rank determined? 6
Where to find the ring in the pyramid? 6
How do I complete the Jewel of Siberia mission? 1
how do I outrun the boulder? 2
Plans? 1
How to defeat overlord at Tower of the Moon? 2
How do I get to the entance to el dorado? 1
What is the best strategy for action replay codes? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Where can I find treasure in eterna mines pt 2? 0
Get to the ladder? [London Sewers] 0
Where can I find all equipment white parts for the airship? 0
Appearance changing armor? 0
How do I find Mu? 1
How do I beat Paracelsus ? 2
  • Total Open Questions: 8

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