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Is there a cheat for sniper rife in gta ds?

Can u help.Is
there a cheat for sniper rifle?

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antiaverage answered:

There are no cheats to obtain the sniper rifle. You may only use it during special missions and in the Liberty City Gun club. I have obtained 100% completion in this game, and the sniper rifle is never unlocked. I have obtained all 5 gold medals in the gun club, and the sniper rifle is never unlocked. I have synced my stats with the Rockstar Social Club, and the sniper rifle has so far never been unlocked. I suppose it may be possible for Rockstar to unlock it with a future sync special similar to the Bulletproof Hellenbach, but I doubt it.
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_0blivion_ answered:

There is no sniper rifle in this
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Grimm560 answered:

There is a sniper rifle in this game. I've only been able to use it during a story mission when they give you one, but you don't get to keep it and you get one at the LIBERTY CITY GUN CLUB (located south-west of Francis Int Airport in the L shaped building surrounding by fencing) but you only get to use it at the gun club. I haven't seen cheats that give you a sniper rifle and its not available thru Ammunation on your PDA. Then again, I haven't gotten gold on all the Gun Club missions so maybe it will unlock after that. Or mayber Rockstar will unlock it for you when you sign up and sync your stats to their Social Club site. Who knows?

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_0blivion_ answered:

I meant there is no way to have the sniper rifle outside of missions and gun club.
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light_rock_zz answered:

I don't think there is any cheat for sniper rifle in-game. Not sure about Rockstar Social Club in the future. Maybe an action replay code for it, next time?
You can operate the sniper rifle in three occasions, Liberty Gun Club,

Possible SPOILERS!

Rudy's mission, Oversights and Hsin's mission, One shot, one kill.
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Dragons_Rock12 answered:

you can only get to use a sniper on missions or in the Lib. City gun club, but u cant get one during the middle of the game.
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Doomdome answered:

There's a sniper in two story missions, and you can use it in the gun club. you cannot keep it afterwards, and even if you could, you can't move while holding it.
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PatrickZ50 answered:

no you can't .there are two mission that use the sniper can practice using sniper rifle in Liberty city gun club.It's near the Francis International Airport
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