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I already passed both noodle run missons with gold medal. Why doesnt my health regenerate?

Please help me, i passed both mission with gold medan an still my health does not regenerate

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antiaverage answered:

After passing both Noodle Run missions and obtaining the two gold medals, you health will regenerate when it drops below 25%. So, if it is at 26% or higher, it won't regenerate.
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Mario_Bones answered:

I'm pretty sure it ony regenerates when your health is below 25%.
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CTWarsROCKS answered:

it only regens if you're 25% or Lower, sorry man
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AuraStryker answered:

The Health Regeneration the Noodle Run missions give only work if your Health drops below 25% so you won't be able regenerate any Health if you have 26% or more Health left.
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