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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you change the camera view?

I want to change the camera view from the top, and dont know how is their a way to do so?

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From: light_rock_zz 5 years ago

There's two, top-down view and cinematic view.

I suggest the top-down view, it is easier to see stuff and see your movements correctly.
Cinematic view is no good at all, only good when you are watching the computer driving you around in a taxi. Looks nice... (Oh, BTW, in this view, the camera sometimes changes the angle, so that's why it is hard to see your movements)
But it is ultimately up to you.

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No. No. No.

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Well theres two camera options. The top down view, and a cenimatic view. You can only change to the cenimatic view when your in a vehicle.

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