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Where can I find the fragments!?

Im trying to find the fragments for the legendary monsters,but do i have to beat the legendary racer first?and please help with the fragments!

Waryhornet asked for clarification:

I already got to The altars in Mt.Etna, Giza and Machu Pichu.

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webfootedfreak answered:

I am still figuring out the specific locations of the fragments, but I do know that you must beat the legendary racer before they will appear. I will give you the specific ones I know of:

Rainbow Fragment: Mt. Etna, Europe. Immediately before the shrine. Used in Oceania (Great Barrier Reef).
Blizzard Fragment: Taklamakan, Asia. In the Oasis. Used in Eurasia (North Pole).
Wisdom Fragment: Grand Canyon, North America. Behind the shrine. Used in South America (Macchu Picchu).
Flame Fragment: Macchu Picchu, South America. In a chest near the shrine. Used in Europe (Mt. Etna).
Mystic Fragment: Great Barrier Reef, Oceania. In a chest after leaving the shrine. Used in Asia (Taklamakan).

Hope this helps. The only one I am not positive of the location for is the Flame Fragment, but I am almost positive that it is in Macchu Picchu.
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webfootedfreak answered:

Updating with another location.

Earth Fragment: Giza, Africa. From the starting location, go down to a little 2x2 patch of sand. Go down from there. On the next patch, go along the left side until you see a stream going straight left, and take it, then go straight down to the next area. Go to the bottom of the first patch to find a stream going down, and take it straight to the third area. From this next patch, go up. You should land on a patch with a single racer and a treasure chest. Open the chest to get the Earth Fragment.

It is used in N. America (Grand Canyon).
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Waryhornet answered:

Can sombuddy tell me how to get to the altars ? (not Mt. Etna)

Any help is appreciated.
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