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Where can I find somebody to upgrade my weapons?

Ok this is my problem, i've been searching a person to upgrade my characters weapons as a guide said but the thing is i can't findy any one!

And i really need to increase my attack, so if you could tell where and how to upgrade weapons i would really appreciate it.

Regards and ty for ur time! :)

Accepted Answer

SevenStorm answered:

You can't upgrade your weapons. There are weapon shops in the towns, though. The further you progress in the game, the more towns you can go to, and the stronger the weapons and armor you can buy.
Hope this helps. :)
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chaoyun2k answered:

If you are wanting to open the weapon shop in your HQ then you will need to get Gadburg after you start the quest to meet the porpos-kin. After you start that mission and leave the HQ, he will greet you and join when you return to the HQ (you don't have to complete the mission before getting Gadburn, you just need to have accepted the mission and left the HQ). You will get better weapons as you trade items (it doesn't matter where you trade the items). For instance if you trade enough iris stones you can unlock some new armor and weapons. Just to be clear, you trade the items with traders, but when you trade enough of certain items you will unlock new equipment at Gadburg 's shop.
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