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What happens when you equip a different weapon to recruits?

For example marica comes first with bows. What happens if you give her a staff or a sword.
Jale starts with fists. Equip him with swords?
Hotupa has an axe. What about a spear?

Accepted Answer

zappa_slave answered:

Not every character can equip every weapon. There are undesignated 'character types' (such as fighter, mage, heavy warrior) which limit characters to certain types of weapons. Just because anchors are a fist type weapon, doesn't mean Jale can equip them.
'Fighters' are able to equip MOST weapons types, save for rather rare categories
'Mages' are prone to ranged weapons (bow, staff, throwing knives) and some can equip swords or scythes.
Heavy Warriors use the heavier, 2 handed weapons (axes, 2h swords, hammers).

Really, you can pick characters who appeal to you, or the usefulness of spells (attack/healing) and equip them how you please.

It does end up being slightly story-wise that you should switch the hero over to swords (pref. dual wield)
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thaicecube answered:

Doesn't matther at all.

Every char can equip every weapon no penalty.
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