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7th Dragon FAQ and Walkthrough
by eharper256

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Alpha version (0.60)


1. Getting Started 		[GETSTART]
2. Build me a Party 		[MYSEXYLEGOSET]
|-> 2a. What do I need? 	[TURNIPSOFCOURSE]
|-> 2b. Fighters 		[IHITTHINGS]
|-> 2c. Knights 		[SIRBLOCKALOT]
|-> 2d. Rogues 			[GARRETSKIDS]
|-> 2e. Magi 			[NUKEITFORLESS]
|-> 2f. Healers 		[IMNOTAMEDIC]
|-> 2g. Samurai 		[KATANASRUS]
|-> 2h. Princesses 		[MUSICALBDSM]
3. Walkthrough			[HANDHOLDINGISNICE]
|-> 3a. The Prologue		[LOOKITDABABYHEROES]
|-> 3b. Thar be Dragons!	[NOPIRATESHERE]
|-> 3d. Dead Black Aizen Antics	[EMPIREOFTHESUN]
|-> 3e. We have the Technology!	[ILLBESAILING]
|-> 3f. See the world, he said!	[JOINTHEARMYHESAID]
|-> 3g. Don't Rushe!		[TAKEYOURTIME!]
4. Strategy and Arrangement	[PLANITWITHSTYLE]
5. Individual Skill Analysis

If you like to skip to a section, press CTRL-F, and type the
unique shortcut phrase all in caps without spaces.
(Basically, as its presented in the [] brackets)

1. Getting Started [GETSTART]

After pressing New Game, you'll have a short intro.

Following that, you'll create yourself from the usual character classes. As far
as I can tell, you are the leader of the guild that you'll form, though it
actually doesn't make any difference (you never have to be in the party). You
may wish to therefore select someone who'll mesh well with a party (if you plan
in advance). Or, if you're like me, and want a marginal bit of character
insertion, you'll select the one that looks most like you (the blonde male
Knight, if you're interested, is me...)

Anyway, there are 7 classes, and 4 different images for each (2 male, 2 female,
except for princesses, whom are of course all females!). Allowing a total 28
unique characters (though you can have up 16 in your guild). If you're
interested, each class has one character whom is of the 'Rushe' race.

Rushe guys are dark skinned and have pointy ears and Rushe girls have cat ears
(yeah, figure out the biology on that one...). There are 3 Rushe guys (Knight,
Rogue, Healer) and 4 Rushe girls (Fighter, Samurai, Mage, Princess). The
Princess isn't obvious: her cat ears are folded down (the blue haired one who
always looks ill).

When naming characters, you can use the touch screen to type with the stylus.
The second tabbed page on the  keyboard switches the hiragana input to roman
letter input, so you can name your characters in English. Probably recommended.
SIX Letters maximum. Once named, select OK, then the left hand option (YES).

You character turns up in Kazan with the bright idea to form a Huntsman’s
You'll see a panorama of various places in Kazan. Most places should be obvious
by their icons, but I'll list them here anyway:
<Sword> = Weapons shop,
<Purse/Bag> = Item shop,
<Scroll> = The Guild Office (arrange party here),
<Letter> = Quest Office (get quests and missions here),
<Tankard> = The Pub (actually downstairs from the Inn in Kazan)
<Crescent Moon> = The Inn
<Jar> = Medical Centre (Resurrect here)

The Blue Diamond shows your current location on the map.

You go into the guild office and see Elan, the rather buxom guild master. At
this point, you also get to name your new guild. You can use up to EIGHT letters

After this, you're free to roam, but recruiting other characters for the party
is highly recommended.

To do this, talk to Elan again and press the first option (and proceed to 2 in
the FAQ!)

2. Build me a Party [MYSEXYLEGOSET]

You know if you'd played an Etrian Odyssey game that creating a good party
dynamic is very important for the game.
This is even moreso in 7th Dragon: synergies REALLY make your life easier in
fighting dragons and bosses. You CANNOT rely on certain strong characters or
abilities (like you could in Etrian II, where things like Gunners using Ricochet
were hideously broken).

To me, this is a great positive point of the game, to be honest. But anyway,
lets proceed.

By the way: LF = Life (aka. Hitpoints), and MN = Mana (aka. Magicpoints).

Don't confuse MN and SP (SP = SKILL Points, but some people might get confused
and think its Spell Points)

2a. What do I need? [TURNIPSOFCOURSE]

In truth, nothing!

Seriously, if the party has a sound strategy behind it, it doesn't really matter
which points you hit and which you miss. Usually, there are items to cover the
gaps anyway. However, you should think of the following considerations:

A) Who is going to kill stuff?
And how? Most important, really. Where is the main damage coming from?

=> Fighters, Rogues, and Samurai are the best Physical damage dealers.
=> Knights and Whipper-type Princesses are decent Physical damage dealers.
=> Mages hold the monopoly on extreme Magical damage.
=> Other Princesses and Healers* don't do much damage.

* = Unlike Etrian Odyssey, it is rather hard to make Healers into killing
machines until very late in the game since they are so squishy this time around,
meaning that putting them on the front row is a quick ticket to them dying.
Nevertheless, the fact that they can use Big Maces helps them alot over, say,
Mages in Physical combat, so they can be used as backup melee attackers against
weaker mobs.

At least two characters in the party should be able to kill stuff well. This
should be obvious.

B) Who goes in what row?
Very important. Only put tougher characters in front, as dying is not something
you can deal with easily.

=> If in the back, you take 1/2 damage, but also deal 1/2 damage with melee
skills and attacks. Bow Rogues and Princesses are considered to use projectile
attacks and are not affected by the loss of melee damage (but still get the 1/2
damage reduction).
=> Knights are the best on the front. They are meant to tank for the party.
=> Fighters are also quite meaty, though not actually specialised in holding the
=> Samurai, Princesses and Rogues are okay on the front. (but not ideal)
=> Mages and Healers are very squishy. They must stay in the back most of the

Having a Knight in the Front vastly boosts party survivability if they have the
right skills. Two Forward, Two Back seems like the obvious formation, but don't
feel constrained by something like that: it doesn't have to be that way. With
some parties, its possible to have everyone on the front. Sometimes, its better
to have one forward and three back, and so on and so forth.

My GUESS for what the targeting percentages are is:
===> If all in same row: 25% chance for each character
===> Otherwise: 60% is evenly distributed among front, and 40% among back

It could be 50/50, but my observations seem to suggest that:
===> In a 2 forward, 2 back form, the Back is generally targeted less often than
the front.
===> A 1 forward, 3 back form does seem to get the lone frontliner targeted
more. If you do this, make sure the frontliner is at least a Fighter, but
preferably a Knight (even better: A Provoke/Parry Knight).
===> However, a 3 Front, 1 Back form actually seems bad for the back liner. They
seem to get alot of flak.
===> Of course, this makes sense since they have a 40% chance of selection
whilst the others have 20%. I could be wrong (and Jelica the Princess could just
be very unlucky).

C) Who is supporting?
Also very important. Though items CAN cover you, support skills are nearly
always twice as good. More importantly, some items (resurrection items etc.) can
be very expensive, so without a support character, your wallet will contain
moths more often than gold pieces.

=> The Healer and the Princess are the best support with no real contest.
=> Orthodox-type Healers are the only ones able to use skills to resurrect and
cure status effects.
=> Lovely Voice-type Princesses offer lots of incredible status buffs (including
=> BOTH Orthodox-type Healers AND Lovely Voice-type Princesses can restore MN in
battle (VERY USEFUL!).
=> Other types of Healers (Poisoners, Bludgeoners) and Princesses (Evil Voice,
Whippers) can still heal.

=> Knights can also Heal, but have low MN, so won't be able to do it often.
Decent as backup though.
=> Fighters can cure Status effects on themselves.
=> Samurai can heal themselves.

I think it should be fairly clear that nearly every party, except some
specialised ones, should always contain either a Princess or a Healer. Both or
two is usually overkill, however.

D) What is your strategy for mobs?
7th dragon has a fairly high encounter rate, so the party needs to be able to
deal with mobs on a regular basis, preferably with as little expenditure of
resources as possible (i.e. LF, MN). There are few options for this:

=> If the entire party are decent physical attackers, you can just mash A, and
be fairly sure that encounters will go down without much of a problem. Very
economical if you can do it, as no MN is spent, and LF will only take minimal
=> Use someone with a multi-hit skill. Mages with hit-all spells are the most
likely candidates, but Sword-type fighters with Rush Edge or Grand Buster can
also clear the screen instantly, all for a fairly tame MN cost.
=> Avoid mobs. Healers can use Invisibility, and Samurai can use Demonic Visage.
Both of these help reduce the encounter rate, and preserve resources as a

Personally, I prefer the first two options, as you end up with more experience.
But avoiding excess encounters is certainly a valid strategy (especially in the
case the Samurai using Demonic Visage).

E) What is the parties Dragon Killing strategy?
Dragons are the FOE's (and Bosses) of this game. They are why you need to
preserve LF and MN in random encounters, because you need to pull out the stops
for these guys.
=> This is where actual Synergy kicks in! Think up your strategy!
=> Most importantly, you need to be able to survive long enough to kill the
enemy. Dragons typically have very high LF and can cause pretty nasty damage.
The classic idea of 'The best defence is a good offence' doesn't actually work
too well in this game. A team of Glass Cannons will break before they can deal
enough damage to drop a good dragon.
=> If its a tough fight, THIS is where you should use EX.

We shall now look at each class in turn.

2b. Fighters [IHITTHINGS]

"Natural-born warriors, using their finely honed bodies to manipulate gigantic
weapons with the sole purpose of fighting the enemy. Their job is to overwhelm
with brute force."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
38	11	12	6	7
2nd	7th	1st	5th	5th

They Equip:
1- Handed Swords
2- Handed Swords (various unique swords can only be used by fighters)
Axes (only fighters can use axes as well)
Nearly all Armour (just not Shields)

<> Sword-Type <>
<> Axe-Type <>
<> Mixed-Type <>
<> Spell Follow-Type <>
<> Arrow Follow-Type <>

Yes, these are the tough guys with the two handed big weapons. Fighters are
meant to deal the best amount of physical damage possible. They're also
moderately tough, so they can hold the Front Line pretty well. Most importantly,
they always play well with others, especially Mages and Rogues, with whom
obvious combos exist.

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Keen Slash		S.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Rush Edge		S.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Grand Buster	S.Master 8
__________________________________	__________________________________
Double Hit	S.Mst 5, A.Mst 5	Impaling Blade	S.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Sword Mastery		-		Weakening Slash	S.Master 3


__________________________________	__________________________________
Fang Blade	S.Mst 5, Off.Sw. 3	Balance Crush		A.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Element Follow  S.Mst 5, Def.Sw. 3	Shell Breaker		A.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Hexa Spike		S.Master 10	Purge			A.Master 8
__________________________________	__________________________________
Axe Mastery		-		Shield Axe	A.Mst 5, Def.Sw. 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Power Crash		A.Master 1	Stunning Swing		A.Master 5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Arrow Follow    A.Mst 5, Off.Sw. 3	?? Maxxing Shout	POWER + 10
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Tidal Axe		A.Master 10	Endorphins		INTEL + 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Berserker		POWER + 3	Genocide Task	    POW+3, INT + 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Offensive Switch	-		Killing React		SPEED + 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Defensive Switch	-		Meat Eater		INTEL + 3



All Fighters may well find a use for Endorphins. Considering how rare status
heals are and how pricey Somanel's are, you can save alot of time and aggro by
taking it to cure their own status effects. Berserker can also be used to a
somewhat similar effect, as it can overwrite some status with the Bleeding that
it imposes.

Killing React sounds easy: the fighter kills a foe, they get an extra turn, but
in practice, they have to be set up pretty carefully to benefit from it. If
anyone else takes the foe out, no benefit is gained. It pairs marginally well
with Double Hit, however.

Meat Eater allows you to actually do something with that Monster meat you get
other than sell it.

<> Sword-Type <>
Sword types have a natural predisposition to being able to deal with mobs of
enemies quite easily. This is because their skills Rush Edge and Grand Buster
hit multiple targets. However, they are also quite decent at single target
damage due to the fact that they can (and should) carry 2-handed swords for
their extra damage potential.

Sword types are easier to develop at the beginning of the game since all
fighters start with a Short Sword. You'll need to spend some dosh to equip a new
axe fighter.

Of special note is the Skill 'Weakening Slash' (aka. Attack Kill). It doesn't
deal alot of damage, but it de-buffs the enemy you hit with nearly 100% chance.
This reduction starts at 10%, and reaches as high as 32% when the skill is
maxxed out. This is amazing against dragons that like to slap you in the face
alot. Wouldn't you like them to crunch you for 2/3 the usual damage? I'm sure
you would.

Also useful for dragons is 'Impaling Blade' (aka. Blood Blade). It'll inflict
Bleeding on the target about 1/4 of the time (up to 1/2 if maxxed), which makes
them lose 3% of their LF each turn (similar to poisoning). Though useless vs.
mobs, this is again a fun skill to use on a dragon.

'Rush Edge' resembles the Landsknechts Whirlwind Sword from Etrian Odyssey. It
hits a central target for good damage and then the two to each side for moderate
damage. This is an optimal power for dealing with mobs. Grand Buster is a bigger
version that hits all on screen rather than 3, but its MN cost is very high,
making Rush Edge more economical and hence probably better in the long run.

Sword Types interested in Big damage vs. singles (without using element follow~
for that, see below) should pick up Offensive Switch and then 'Fang Blade'. This
has the potential to deal up to 195% damage for just 4 MN. Due to it requiring
Offensive Switch, it does take a turn to set up, however. As a bonus, though, it
might Paralyse too.

<> Axe-Type <>
Axe types are great at working with other members of the party and terminating
single enemies with extreme prejudice. Many of their powers ideally help others
by offering defence reduction. Axe types are also better at tanking than sword
types. They are also slower, unfortunately, as many axes impose a speed penalty.

You'll need to spend some dosh to equip a new axe fighter, but Hand Axe is
available at the game start.

Most interesting for an Axe Type is the Skill 'Balance Crush' (aka. Balance
Kill). Again, it doesn't deal alot of damage, but it increases enemy
vulnerability to status effects. This is an important combo skill for Rogues,
Evil Voice Princesses, Poisoner Healers, and Whipping Princesses, as it makes
their job a bit easier. It doesn't increase its effect vastly as it levels
though. (10% vulnerability increase at Lvl 1, 22% at Lvl 10)

'Shell Breaker' (aka. Defend Kill) is a different version of the Sword users
'Weakening Slash'. Naturally, it reduces the enemies DEF. When maxxed, this has
the net effect of increasing the damage your physical attacks deal by up to 1/4.
Therefore, its more important for physical parties than magic using parties
(unlike its sword compatriot, which is always useful). Its not useless in the
latter case, however, as magical damage still uses 1/2 of DEF in the equation.

'Purge' is the means for the Axe User to deal stupendous damage. Unlike a Sword
user trying Fang Blade, you don't need a Switch to use it, and it deals up to
180% per hit. As an extra bonus, there's a pretty decent chance for it to insta-
gib foes below a certain health threshold. It is, however, very slow to
activate. Especially since Axe users are slow already, you can probably
guarantee you're going last if you're using this.

Finally, 'Shield Axe' is a pretty great guard skill. Its basis is much less
reliable Knight's Parry. But, if that fails, it still applies damn good damage
reduction. Unfortunately, Fighters cannot Provoke. If they could, they'd quite
possibly give Knights a run for their money.

<> Mixed-Type <>
Mixes up Axe and Sword Skills. In a way, this is a bit counterproductive: you'll
probably not have enough SP to max all the skills you want and will have to
focus. But this is the case with any multi-type character.

However, it has three distinct benefits:
A) You can always get the newest, prettiest weapon, and guarantee you can use it
now. Versatile.
B) You can get Double Hit. This is a serious pain for other fighters, who may
not want to drop 5 Skill Points in their opposite weapon type. This makes this
fighter decent at dealing with mobs without having to spend MN, as if he drops a
foe when Double Attack activates, he'll just keep on cleaving and take down
another. Which is great.
C) You can make more use of Offensive/Defensive Switch, as you may have two
skills to use with it. You can therefore combine Fang Blade with Arrow Follow;
or Shield Axe with Element Follow, mixing this type with one of the two below.

You'll have to be picky on your skills to develop though.

<> Spell Follow-Type <>
This is a Sword Type fighter who ignores other Single Target damage skills in
order to partner up with a Mage and use Element Follow. This skill is perhaps
the most deadly in the Fighters entire arsenal, so this type is very desirable,
and creates a great synergy.

Element Follow works like the Elemental Chaser skills in Etrian Odyssey. The
Fighter takes up a stance, waits for the Mage to take their turn, then delivers
an attack directly after the Mage's Spell using the same element.

Why is it deadly? Well, maxxed out, it deals 165% base damage. However, it then
also adds 30% of what the spell just did on top. If the Mage used Concentrate
and/or EX'ed their spell, and selected a spell that matches the enemies’
weakness, this'll add a pretty obscene bonus. Ouch.

What’s more, if you somehow find a mage's hit all spell can't deal with mobs,
this'll also combo with one of those (hitting each enemy again!) to make sure
they stay the hell down.

The cost? Well, you have to go into Defensive Switch first, so you can't do this
on the first turn of a battle. However, this turn set up can allow the mage to
concentrate or set up a veil, so its not much of problem. Secondly, 10-11 MN is
a heck of alot for a fighter. They can't do this often unless an Orthodox Healer
or Lovely Voice Princess is on hand to restore their MN back.

<> Arrow Follow-Type <>
This is an Axe Type fighter who ignores other Single Target damage skills in
order to partner up with a Rogue and use Arrow Follow. This is nearly as
powerful as Element Follow, but gives an interesting advantage: the Axe Fighter
is Slow. The Rogue is not. The Axe fighter using Arrow Follow will suddenly be
able to go fast by following the Rogue's Shot. What’s more, its slightly
than Element Follow to use in MN (8-9).

Again, maxxed out, it deals 165% base damage. Of course, it then also adds 30%
of what the arrow just did on top. If the Rogue is currently benefiting from
Casual Behaviour, Concealment, or just attacked using a Bow skill this damage
will be very decent.

You can also make it nastier if following a Knockout Shot, because if the foe
falls asleep from that arrow, they'll instantly take 30% extra damage from the
follow-up (talk about a rude awakening!).

What’s more, this can be set off twice in a turn if the Rogue's Falling Star
Shot hits in the same turn as them using a different bow skill. You can use this
to you advantage to hit two targets if you want.

Unfortunately, it doesn't trigger twice off a Rogue using Double Shot.

Again, you'll have to waste a turn going into Offensive Switch to use this. Keep
that in mind.

2c. Knights [SIRBLOCKALOT]

"Noble knights whose sworn duty is to protect others. Overwhelming defensive
power is the main feature of their equipment. When working in the Huntsman guild
together with a Princess, a unique power may be attained."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
40	12	11	6	7
1st	5th	2nd	5th	5th

They Equip:
1- Handed Swords
Shields (Only Knights can use Shields)
Basically all Armour (everything bar some boots and gloves)

<> Shield-Type <>
<> Provoke-Type <>
<> Parry & Riposte-Type <>
<> Guardian-Type <>
<> Defensive-Type <>
<> Yes Princess!-Type <>

These guys are the tanks. It should be pretty evident from the Plate Armour and
Tower Shields (though, ironically, they'll actually be equipping Small shields
for most of the game, LOL. Not that the sprite changes...). They can hold a
front line by themselves if need be, and specialise in defending the rest of the
party. Suffice to say, the survivability of the party takes a huge upturn if a
Knight is hanging around. They're also passable attackers, especially in certain

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Shield Mastery		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Front Shield		S.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Back Shield		S.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Clenching	  	C.Master 8	Fire Breaker		S.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Defensive Arts	  G.Mst 5, POW+5	Ice Breaker		S.Master 5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Thunder Breaker		S.Master 5	Parrying		G.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Shield Smite 	  S.Mst 8, POW+3	Magic Parrying		G.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Ultima Protect	S.Master 10	Serious Hearted		G.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Guard Mastery		-		Guardian	  	G.Mst 5, C.Mst 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Defensive Shift G.Mst 5, S.Heart 3	Heart of Toughness	G.Master 8


__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Ultima Parry  	G.Master 10	Cure I			INTEL + 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Chivalry Mastery	-		Cure II			INTEL + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Kishin Blade		C.Master 1	Provoking Stance       C.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Save the Queen!		C.Master 3	Guarding React		SPEED + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Knights Fury		C.Master 8	Walking Safely		INTEL + 3



Despite their obvious defensive leanings, don't underestimate the destructive
power of a Knight. What is especially interesting about Knights is that their
Chivalry Mastery also buffs the damage from 1-Handed Swords. By quite alot, in
fact (moreso than most other masteries~ they get a pretty nice 154% at the top

A knight does not benefit at all from being a Jack of All Trades. They really
should focus on a specific defensive type for maximum efficiency (at most 2).
<> Shield-Type <>
Shield Types focus on either the Front Shield or Back Shield skill. They are the
best knights to protect parties against multiple hit attacks, as the Shielding
skill protects everyone on the specified row from all and any damage they take.
However, their effectiveness is notably less if you have a 2 Front/2 Back
formation. These knights are best when either everyone is at the front (using
Front Shield) or the Knight is by himself in the front protecting a trio of
squishies (using Back Shield).

The reduction from Shielding starts at 20% at Level 1, and goes as high as 50%
when maxxed out. If you can combine this great damage reduction with defence
increasing skills (either this knight using Defensive Shift or a Lovely Voice
Princess using Solid Rhyme), you'll take a pretty laughable amount of damage.

This Knight can also continue developing shield mastery, and protect the entire
party from Elemental attacks just as well using the three Breaker skills. If you
select the correct element, even a Lvl 1 Breaker will reduce the elemental
damage by 50%. Maxxed Breakers pretty much nullify the entire hit.

Perhaps most useful to note is that Shield Types are probably the least MN
intensive of all knights. Hence, they are the most versatile in selecting
partners, as you may well be able to do without the Orthodox Healer or Lovely
Voice Princess.

You may have noticed Shield Smite as well. Unfortunately, its extremely MN
intensive (8-10!), and has a very poor cost/performance ratio. Even though your
DEF is added to the skills attack, Kishin Blade still deals only about 30% less
damage for much less cost (2-3 MN!). It does have a good chance to Stun as well,
but that’s perhaps a m00t point, as Knights are likely to be slower than
(Stun can prevent foes from taking an action, but only if it goes before them).
Of course, feel free to combo it with Rogue using Replace First.

A slight note, however: a Shield Knight obviously requires a Shield to work AND
you cannot buy a shield in Kazan at the start! If you want to raise a Shield
Knight, you might want to risk running straight to Miross to buy a Buckler (or
just do without their skills until you're about level 3 or 4 and more suited to
make the trip. Either way, you'll be okay by the time the first boss comes

Finally, this Knight has the easiest path to Ultima Protect, which basically
protects all members from 25% of all damage for 3 turns for 1 EX. (and is
probably better than Ultima Parry)

<> Provoke-Type <>
Provoke Types focus on Chivalry Mastery and Guard Mastery to use the combination
of Provoking Stance and Parry (or Magic Parry). Naturally, the former focuses
enemy attention on the Knight (35% more frequent at Lvl 1, up to 70% more
attention if maxxed), then Parry, if successful, completely and utterly negates
the damage they take.

What's more, Parry is very reliable at its max level (which is also just Lvl 5),
going off around 85% of the time. As a result, you can completely prevent all
damage the party takes with good frequency. (and even if you don't, the hit will
go to the Knight, who has the best ability to take it anyway...)

However, Parry is distinctly unhelpful against multi-target attacks unlike the
shield skills. Whilst the Knight may parry away their portion of the damage, it
won't prevent the others from getting pwned. This means dragons with hit all
elemental skills will completely negate this knights usefulness (its usually a
good idea to pick up some shield skills with this Knight as well as a result, so
I guess this a jack of all trades knight).

Also, Parry is rather MN intensive. 6 MN a turn is alot for a Knight, even if
they guarantee preventing all damage as a result. As a result, this type of
knight pretty much has to be placed in a party with an Orthodox Healer or Lovely
Voice Princess to restore their MN back. Else, they won't be doing it for too

Nevertheless, assuming you can get around those issues, against most dragons,
Provoke type knights are golden. They are also pretty much required if you want
a Musou-Switch type Samurai.

<> Parry & Riposte-Type <>
A subtype of the Provoke Type. Also uses Parry. However this Knight actually
sinks points into Speed +, and then takes Guarding React. Basically, if this
skill is used first, (so you have to sink a turn) then whenever the Knight
succeeds a Parry, he gets an extra turn. Which you'll then use with an attack.
Kishin Blade is the obvious choice, but you can also go balmy and use Save the
Queen! if you like (assuming a Princess has marked your target: though she can
also use her own Princess React to highlight your target for you).

The great thing about this type is that the Knight can BOTH protect everyone AND
then retaliate. Many other Knights are purely defensive, but not so here.

The issues of this type:
A) You'll have spend points that could go into Shield Skills levelling up your
speed, reducing your defensive versatility somewhat.
B) Its EVEN MORE MN intensive than a regular Provoke type. It MUST be used with
an Orthodox Healer or Lovely Voice Princess.
C) It takes a turn to set up. If you also want to Provoke, that’s yet another
turn. This Knight is therefore best in the front row by himself, as that makes
enemies more likely to attack him.
D) Guarding React only lasts 5 turns.

Technically speaking, Guarding React CAN also fire off an Elemental Breaker type
skill, so you could use this type with a Shield Knight also. However, enemies
using elemental skills doesn't happen until mid game where you could use such a
type against Dead Black etc.

<> Guardian-Type <>
Guardian types are the oddball ones. They mix Chivalry Mastery and Guard Mastery
to use Guardian. This skill is 7th Dragon's answer to a 'Defensive Support' type
skill from a Super Robot Wars game. In other words, the Knight literally leaps
in the way of attacks that target other party members, and takes the damage for
them (with a slight reduction).

This is obviously different from the reduction of shield skills and the
prevention of parrying skills. There's also a bit of catch. Guardian will ONLY
fire to protect another party member IF they are currently on 1/2 or less of
their maximum LF. A dragon that insta-gibs a Healer from 100% to 0% will still
insta-gib said healer. The knight will just look on confused, probably (sigh)...

However, interestingly, unlike a Parry, Guardian will even activate against
multi-hit attacks. The knight literally leaps in the way of one hit after
another if the conditions are met. (ouch...)

Hence, this bizarrely means you should go around with everyone except the Knight
wounded in order to use this type effectively (the Knight himself should always
be kept healthy, obviously).

This is ideal for Punishment-type Princesses, but for everyone else is pretty
risky, since if the Knight goes down, the others are left in a very nasty
situation. Naturally, someone should be watching the Knight's LF at all times;
preferably a skilled Healer.

This Knight needs ways to reduce damage to himself, so it favours him to pick up
Serious Hearted, Defensive Arts, and preferably team up with a Princess that
knows Solid Rhyme. He should also max Guardian ASAP, as the skill itself adds
damage reduction (a meaty 50% when at Lvl 10, which makes the job alot more

<> Defensive-Type <>
This Knight doesn't actually focus on a means to prevent damage in the same way
as other Knights. Rather, they get Guard Mastery and then Defensive Shift in
order to buff the parties Defence. Defensive Shift is a slightly better buff
than the Princesses' Solid Rhyme (up to 30% increase if maxxed), but it wears
off after ten turns, rather than being eternal for the battle.

This is pretty generic and boring, but it works (Parry and Shield Knights are
the flashy ones, LOL). More interestingly, the buff offered by Defensive Shift
~does~ seem to stack with a Solid Rhyme (normally, the most superior buff or
status always overwrites). Hence, even with Lvl 1 in both, the party is
instantly taking 20% less damage than usual (45% less if both Solid Rhyme and
Defensive Shift are maxxed). Combo that with the Fighter using Weakening slash
to reduce that amount by an additional 1/3 if you really want to be silly.

Nevertheless, this Knight can also dabble in another Protection type of your
choice (usually Provoke or Guardian, since they already have the Guard Mastery
and had to pick up Serious Hearted on the way), or perhaps go part attacker by
mixing with the Yes Princess! Type.

<> Yes Princess!-Type <>
This is an attacking Knight. All knights can usually spare a point or two to
place in Chivalry Mastery to get Kishin Blade for an above average attack~ it is
after all pretty cheap and cheerful.

Nevertheless, this Knight goes all out on Chivalry Mastery (which also increases
your base damage by up to 54%) and of course picks up Save the Queen!

Naturally, he has to pair with a Princess who knows Princesses Order, as Save
the Queen! only works if the princess first 'marks' the target with that skill.
However, if the foe is marked, using Save the Queen! instantly attacks for 200%
damage for just 3 MN! (which, if you think about it, means you are dealing 308%
the damage of a knight without any Chivalry Mastery)

Of course, since the princess needs to setup first, you may wish to ply your
time with a Defensive Shift, a Serious Hearted, or a Provoking Stance. Or maybe
just lay into them with Kishin blade whilst waiting.

The only issue with this type is that Princesses may have more important things
to do than mark your targets for you all the time. (a Mark wears off after 5
turns...but then, if its not dead in 5 turns, its probably worth another mark
anyway...LOL). It is possible therefore that this type is most effective with
multiple princesses. Two Knights, Two Princesses, perhaps? Well, experiment as
you wish.

2d. Rogues [GARRETSKIDS]

"Crafty individuals from the underworld, who obliterate their enemies by any
means necessary. A people hidden from the pages of history, inheriting battle
skills in a unique fighting style far more complex than simply dealing mere
blows to the enemy."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
35	17	10	8	10
4th	4th	3rd	3rd	1st

They Equip:
1- Handed Swords
Daggers (Only Rogues can use Daggers)
Bows (Similarly, only Rogues can use Bows)
Most Armour (not shields or certain heavy pieces)

<> Assassin-Type <>
<> Masked Pain-Type <>
<> Dagger Skills-Type <>
<> Bow-Type <>

Rogues are high damage dealers, but prefer to avoid damage themselves. They're
also ludicrously fast, and are also masters of imposing negative status effects
on the enemy regardless of type (like Evil Voice Princesses). They play
especially well with Fighters and Samurai, and occasionally Poisoner-type

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Casual Behaviou	      POW+3, INT+3
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Blade Mastery		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Tarantula Stab		B.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Rogues Eye	  	INTEL + 5	Scorpion Thrust		B.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Dagger Fetish (!)    	B.Master 5	Sword Trapping      B.Mst 5, POW+5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Vampire Blade		B.Master 3	Double Shot		A.Master 8
__________________________________	__________________________________
Masked Pain 	    	B.Master 8	Knockout Shot		A.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Triple Kiss		Msk.Pain 3	Panic Shot		A.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Ecstasy Kiss		Msk.Pain 5	Head Shot	  	A.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Archery Mastery	 	-		Seeker			A.Master 1


__________________________________	__________________________________
Sonic Shot	  	A.Master 5	Concealment		F.Master 8
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Falling Star Shot	A.Master 10	Escape Stance		F.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Footwork Mastery	-		?? Sacrifice       	-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Sand Kick		F.Master 3	Trick React		SPEED + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Replace First	    F.Mst 3, SPD+3	Killers Attraction	-



<> Assassin-Type <>
This Rogue focuses on Concealment and Trick React. Assassin Type rogues can use
either Bows or Daggers. Concealment makes the Rogue go into hiding status.
Whilst hiding, they are less likely to chosen as a target (ideal for the Rogue,
as he's only okay at taking damage).

Moreover, there’s a chance, based on the Concealment skill level (40% at Lvl 1,
70% if Maxxed at 10), that you'll execute a Sneak Attack when you do a regular
attack. This deals the same damage as a critical hit (about 130%).

Now, this may seem fairly poor, and it is, however, the point is for the Rogue
to also activate Trick React first. Trick React allows the Rogue to get an extra
turn if they get a Sneak Attack whilst it is active.

More importantly, this can happen MULTIPLE TIMES in a single turn. As long as
you keep Sneak Attacking, you keep getting extra attacks. If you're lucky, you
can let off a disturbingly long chain of hits and take down the enemy group
before the rest of the party even gets their turn. Which is pretty nice, moreso
even when you consider it has its use in both bosses and nasty mobs (though less
so with the latter, they might be dead already by turn 3)

Of course, there are a few disadvantages:
A) The Rogue can't Sneak Attack with a Skill. Must be a Regular Attack.
B) It takes two turns to set up. No way around that.
C) Trick React, like all reacts, only lasts 5 turns.
D) If targeted and hit whilst hiding, there's a 1 in 3 chance hiding status will
E) It relies on luck.

This Rogue takes awhile to develop. Probably Level 15 or so before they meet all
the prerequisites. If you want other skills in the meantime, go ahead.

<> Masked Pain-Type <>
This Rogue uses Masked Pain and Daggers. Masked Pain is a weak attack that
inflicts the Status Mask effect with a real high chance of going off (80% at Lvl
1, guaranteed in later levels). Whilst an Enemy has Status Mask, they cannot be
inflicted with other status effects.

But, if they would normally get one, they instead gain a Pain Counter.

When the Status Mask wears off (3-7 turns, depending on the enemies level in
relation to yours), they are then dealt damage depending on the Pain Counters
they have. Its pretty much (Normal Attack Power x Pain counters). You can have
up to 15 Pain Counters on one creature at any one time.

You can speed up the effect by using Triple Kiss. This attack converts three
pain counters into an attack. (250% power at lvl 1, so a slight loss, however
its 500% (!!) if maxxed, which is very efficient).

This allows insane amounts of damage to be dealt. However, it requires an
immense amount of setup and a degree of luck, as you're going to have to
'inflict' at least 3 pain counters on the foe to make it worthwhile. If you
manage to kill the enemy in the process before letting off a Triple Kiss, you're
doing it wrong.

Hence, this Rogue has to be combo with someone else to do this role. Sword
Fighters, Evil Voice Princesses, Whipping Princesses, and another Rogue (with a
Bow) are all candidates. Poisoner Healers are not too reliable, but they can
work as well. In the meantime, the Masked Pain Rogue should himself use
Tarantula Stab or Sand Kick (Sand Kick is more reliable for getting Pain
counters, but it doesn't deal extra damage in the process).

This Rogue needs about 10 levels to start his job.

<> Dagger Skills-Type <>
This Rogue also uses Daggers, but ignores Masked Pain entirely, instead
developing the Dagger Skills. Scorpion Thrust is the most likely early/mid game
candidate, followed by Vampire Blade, then probably developing Tarantula Stab
for the late game as the poison from Scorpion Thrust becomes less effective.

Scorpion Thrust, as you might imagine, poisons with average regularity. Dealing
constant damage to bosses with poison is a decent enough early tactic. In fact,
a Maxxed Poison from Scorpion Thrust will deal 110 (!) damage per turn for five
turns. There's about a 75% chance of it happening when maxxed too.

Whilst a foe is poisoned, this Rogue then switches to Vampire Blade, which
drains LF from the foe. This is important as this Rogue has to be in the front
row and doesn't hide like an Assassin type.

If you find in the late game that the poison no longer cuts it, fall back and
redevelop Tarantula Stab. Paralysis works with surprisingly regularity, and
though it deals less damage than Scorpion Thrust, there’s the chance it might
prevent the enemy taking their turn, which is nice.

Naturally, this Rogue also wants Dagger Fetish as soon as possible. They're also
an effective type from the very beginning, which is a nice bonus.

<> Bow-Type <>
This Rogue uses Bow Skills. They naturally combine with an Arrow Follower Axe
Fighter to cause massive damage, or alternatively, if you don't have a fighter
partner, they just cause general chaos with status effects and instant death

With a partner, their skill of choice is Knockout Shot, as sleeping a foe allows
the Fighter to get a Coup de grace immediately after for bonus damage on the
Arrow Follow. They should also pick up Double Shot, as this will allow them to
deal with mobs better (similar to a fighter using Double Hit, but reliable for a
MN cost).

Eventually, a Bow rogue with a Fighter Partner will want their EX skill, Falling
Star Shot. It fires a shot that comes back down two turns later. In the
meantime, the fighter can use their offensive switch. If then shoot your bow
again on the turn it comes back, the Fighter will arrow follow twice that turn.

Without a partner, Head Shot, Panic Shot and Double Shot are your choices.

Panic Shot might be useful: it confuses a foe with decent regularity, and a
confused foe doesn't use skills, just physical attacks. This will help a
Parry/Provoke Knight a fair bit, and also give you breathing room from dragons
with nasty multi-hit skills.

Head Shot, on the other hand, has a good chance of instant death attached.
Naturally, this is usually highly resisted by most dragons and bosses, but its
good against regular encounters (like Dual Shot).

These Rogues also MUST take the Seeker skill. Bows are powerful, but have the
strange property of having their accuracy drop with each shot they take. Using
Seeker wastes a turn, but returns accuracy to 100%. So, Bow Rogues have to drop
turns occasionally in long battles (do they have to re-string it all the time?
Who knows...)

You'll need to sink some money to buy this Rogue a Bow in the start, as they'll
begin with a Short Sword.


"Scholars who manipulate the worldly forces of nature. Using a ceremonial gem
and the appropriate incantation, their specialty interrupts nature to produce
supernatural disturbances."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
23	20	7	12	7
7th	1st	6th	1st	5th

They Equip:
Limited Armour (only coats & clothing type pieces)

<> Pure Mana-Type <>
<> Element/Mana-Type <>
<> Tri-Elemental-Type <>
<> Abjuration-Type <>

Magi are the powerful artillery with the endurance and melee combat skills of a
dead fish. They're very good at dealing with mobs for a low MN cost, and also
effective at bombarding bosses with single target spells (preferably exploiting
weaknesses in the process). They work well with Knights, who protect them best,
and Healers/Princesses, who give them more MN to keep firing.

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Fire Mastery	      	-
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Flame			F.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Eruption	  F.Mst 3, Flame 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Discerning Gaze	  	INTEL + 5	Burning Veil		F.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Pharmaceuticals   	INTEL + 3	?? Purgatory Flame  F.Mst5,Flm5,Erpt5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Ice Mastery		-		Thunder Mastery		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Freeze		    	I.Master 3	Shock			T.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Blizzard	 I.Mst 3, Freeze 3	Volt Storm	  T.Mst 3, Shock 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Frozen Veil		I.Master 3	Shocking Veil	  	T.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Absolute Zero  I.Mst5,Frz5,Bliz5	?? Divine Roar  T.Mst5,Shk5,V.Stm5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Mana Mastery		-		Spacial Mastery		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Mana Bullet	    	M.Master 1	Spacial Shield		S.Master 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Heaven Press     M.Mst 3, M.Bllt 3	?? Armageddon   S.Mst 5, Hvn Prs 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Meditation		M.Master 4	Portal Jump	  	S.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Concentration	    	M.Master 5	Dungeon Exit	 	S.Master 3



<> Pure Mana-Type <>
Unlike Etrian Odysseys fairly awful Non-Elemental spells, 7th Dragons 'Mana'
type skills are actually rather potent, as they're only reduced to about 85/90%
of the power. In exchange, of course, you don't have to worry about resistances
at all. In other words, this is the best beginners’ mage and also possibly the
one that works best against mobs (which may have mixed weaknesses/resistances).

More importantly, Concentration lies at the end of the Mana Mastery skill tree.
This spends some MN and wastes a turn in order to maximise the next magic
attack. It'll deal 2.5 times the usual damage, which is usually a worthy trade-
off unless concerned with speed. Keep in mind that Concentration costs 5 (!)
skill points to buy, however.

As already noted, this mage can totally sweep random encounters by using Heaven
Press (oddly named, if you ask me: its more like a prismatic light barrage~ I
don't see any angelic journalists in the attack LOL). It is effective to leave
at Level 1 to begin with, as you can clear the screen for just 3 MN. Upgrade it
only when it no longer works.

Also, this mage can have a full skill set by Lvl 25 or so. After that, they
should probably pick up the Spacial spells. Armageddon (aka. The End of World)
requires Heaven Press and Mana Bullet at Level 5 (sorry I couldn't adequately
fit all the prerequisites in there). Make sure you can stomach Heaven Press
costing 7 MN a shot at that level. Its probably worth it, though, as Armageddon
is one of only two ways of inflicting Silence/Skill Seal in the game (Iai
Samurai can also do this).

<> Element/Mana-Type <>
Combines the best of both worlds. Select one element other than Mana to increase
at the same time.

Thunder is the safest choice. It is often effective against dragons.
Ice is great vs. some bosses, but alot of mobs resist it.
Fire is inverse to that. Many bosses resist it, but not too many mobs.

This mage will get Concentration later in the game. However, they can pick up a
Veil skill instead, which is great thing to place on a Knight or Fighter
(especially a Provoke and Parry type Knight). They'll likely not have the time
for Spacial Skills and/or Armageddon until very late in the game.

<> Tri-Elemental-Type <>
Only for players who like doing their research. This Mage has the advantage of
always being able to deal the most raw damage, if the enemies’ weakness can be
figured out.

Of course, they won't be able to pick up Concentrate, so overall it probably
ends fairly equal (2x turns of correct weakness hit == Concentrated Mana

The main advantage is also being able to apply the correct Veil to the Knight, I
suppose. Because then it could theoretically be 3x or more hits in 2 turns at
correct weakness. Which is brutal, especially if its a dragon that uses multiple
basic attacks. (Or one that has been confused)

My best guess for optimization of this type would be:
* All the Thunder stuff at Lvl 5 and Creation of a Divine Roar EX.
* Having only Freeze and Freeze Veil from the Ice Tree. Its to have a cheap
single target spell?
* Volcano as your cheap mob killer (leaving it Lvl 1 for the 3MN cost until its
no longer effective).
* Obviously all of the Veils.
* Pharmaceuticals or Space Spells if/when you can afford them.

<> Abjuration-Type <>
This if for an insane Mage who thinks he's a Knight. He picks up 1 element and
then Spacial skills. Specifically, Spacial Shield and a Veil of choice (again,
Thunder is a safe pick). He then does the crazy thing of sitting in the front
row with his Spacial Shield up. Once its up, he casts a Veil on himself, and
then re-enforces the Spacial Shield each and every turn.

Spacial Shield basically gives the Mage a barrier of Temporary LF points. As
long as you keep restoring this amount to the maximum, you gain a kind of
temporary invulnerability of sorts. Of course, you're screwed if you find
enemies that can out damage your shield in a single attack or barrage. (i.e.
More than 100 DMG in 1 turn, assuming Spacial Shield is maxxed). In the
meantime, the Veil will continually counterattack anyone foolish enough to try
to hit you.

Since the Mage has a naturally low Defence, you might want an ally who can
increase that for you, like a Lovely Voice Princess. Recasting your shield all
the time will also be MN intensive, so its even better if that Princess knows
Aria of Moonlight.

It'll be awhile before you can get your Shield up the usable level enough to
actually step into the Front Row, so until then behave yourself and act like a
normal mage with your element.

2f. Healers [IMNOTAMEDIC]

"Those who specialize in curing wounds. From the shadows, they have always
supported the Huntmen. In addition to healing all of a party’s wounds, they are
capable of defending themselves from the enemy."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
24	20	7	12	8
6th	1st	6th	1st	3rd

They Equip:
Big Maces (only healers can use big bludgeoning devices)
Limited Armour (only coats & clothing type pieces)

<> Orthodox-Type <>
<> Poisoner-Type <>
<> Bludgeoning-Type <>

Healers are naturally the best at recovery, and are one of the main supporter
type characters (the other being Princesses). They can also, in a pinch, work as
melee fighters, though their low endurance makes them at odds with the task of
survival in the process. Rogues, Fighters, and Mages love them for their various

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Large Foe Anatomy       INTEL + 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Recovery Mastery	-
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Cure I			R.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Ambush Sense	    INT+1, SPD+1	Cure II			R.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Small Foe Anatomy    	INTEL + 1	Recovery I	    	R.Master 3


__________________________________	__________________________________
Cure All	    R.Mst 8, INT+5	Poison Mastery		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Resurrection   Recovery I and II 5	Venom			P.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Recovery II		R.Master 5	Infection Mist    P.Mst 3, Venom 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Mana Crafting	   R.Mst 10, INT+5	Venomous Veil	  	P.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Miracle Vessel   Resurrection 5	Poison Amplifier  P.Mst 8, Venom 5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Mana Mastery	  	-		Swinging Crush		POWER + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Elemental Barrier	M.Master 3	?? Earth Breaker	POWER + 10
__________________________________	__________________________________
Auto Salvation   M.Mst 5, Resrct 3	Dead Mans React       	SPEED + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Meditation		M.Master 8	Dedicated Worker	POWER + 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Concentration	    	M.Master 5	Invisibility    INT+3, Amb.Sense 3



<> Orthodox-Type <>
The most typical healer type, hence Orthodoxy. Basically, when you think of what
a healer does well, you most likely think of what an Orthodox Healer does. Along
the tree of Recovery Mastery are alot of useful skills. These healers are the
only ones whom can actively end status effects for other party members using the
Recover I and Recover II skills. They are the only ones who can resurrect dead
allies. And best of all, at the far end of the Recovery Mastery tree lies the
skill of Craft Mana, which can vastly increase the longevity of a party.

Finally, Orthodox Healers have a very desirable EX skill, the Vessel of
Miracles. This resurrects and heals the entire party for the use of 1 EX, which
is rather nice. What's more, its available pretty early, assuming you can meet
the prerequisites.
<> Poisoner-Type <>
If there was ever a questionable type of character build (besides the insane
Abjuration type mage), it would probably be a poisoner type healer. Why? Simply
because it requires alot of dedication to the poison cause for comparatively
questionable output. Admittedly, at maximum level with maxxed Poison Mastery,
the healers Venom can deal 145 poison damage a turn, which is certainly
respectable if looked at by itself. But then again, the Rogue hitting with
Scorpion Stab can also infect a foe with 110 damage a turn poison. This is
paired with the fact that Scorpion Stab deals damage on the attack AND has a
slightly higher chance of successfully inflicting its effect. Now, a Rogue needs
16 skill points to obtain and max Scorpion Stab. A Poisoner needs 26 Skill
points to max Poison Mastery and Venom.

Now, you'd be silly to do that, of course. You probably shouldn't even raise
Venom past level 3 (or 5, see below) on a Poisoner Healer. Their main appeal is
instead Infection Mist: which hits all targets (something the Rogue CAN'T do),
and has the same chance of hitting as its lesser brother at an equivalent level.
Dealing 145 poison damage to an entire mob is a better prospect. Though still
only with a 70% of connection at best: and its a pretty atrocious 25% at level
1. Still, its only 3 extra skill points down the chute for a more decent (if
also more MN intensive) damage solution.

To be honest though, Mages and Sword Fighters deal with mobs with far better
potency. 10MN to take out the mob ~at the end of the turn~ is not efficient when
a mage can nuke them instantly for 3-6 MN or a Fighter can slash them down
instantly for 5-6 MN. If the chance of poison was higher and the prerequisites
not so costly in SP, I'd have more to recommend here, but as an individual
there’s not much.

Nevertheless, Poison does work with some regularity on bosses, so if you want
your healer to have a means to deal damage that doesn't involve them putting
their life on the line by sitting in the front row, then by all means try out a

Finally, there is another thing you can do: Poison Amplifier. If you work
together with a Rogue, this can be quite interesting. Using the Amplifier
increases the turn by turn damage of the enemies current poison effect to 130%
of what it was before (its always 130% of what it was before, so two uses become
169%, and five times is 370%!) and extends the duration. This amount doesn't go
up if you level Poison Amplifier (I believe the duration increases though). Even
so, this can be quite effective against bosses, assuming your team can then
survive whilst the poison smacks down the enemies health (so, a Provoking or
Guardian Knight would be also useful). This does require you to level Venom to
<> Bludgeoning-Type <>
Another somewhat risky Healer build. If they had the same equipping options as
Princesses, I could more heartily say that they could work in the front row.
Unfortunately, they don't, which makes them especially vulnerable. To make their
survivability more acceptable, they will invariably have to work with a Knight
of some description (most likely a Provoke or perhaps a Shield knight). Which is
fine, but the Knight might be able to do more damage if they actually attack
rather than cover the healers attack.

What's more, there is no 'Bludgeoning Mastery' skill for a Healer, so they don't
get to have a generic buff to all their damage like the more martial classes do.

Basically, in order to keep up with your normal physical damage dealers, Healers
will have to use 'Swinging Crush' in each and every turn. Now, this isn't
actually a problem: its fairly low cost and they have the MN to get away with it
(though they'll still be outpaced if the others use skills). But again, its a
question of efficiency.

It goes without saying that this healer type should always have the biggest mace
or hammer or club they can get their hands on. They'll need the boost (whereas
Orthodoxy Healers might want Mage staves instead for the MN boost that they can
sometimes offer).

Interestingly, though, this type becomes especially viable in the end game if
you can grab the ultimate hammer, which gives a ludicrous 170 ATK, +50 LF and
+15 Power. Of course, this is a long way off for a short benefit, sadly.

2g. Samurai [KATANASRUS]

"Swordsmen who wield the ancient blades known as ‘katana’. Using their
power, anything will fall in a single stroke. By taking up a certain stance,
phantasmagoric techniques can be unleashed."

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power Int	Speed
36	10	10	6	8
3rd	6th	3rd	5th	3rd

They Equip:
1- Handed Swords
Katana (Only Samurai can use Katana)
Most Armour (not shields or certain heavy pieces)

<> Zamba-Type <>
<> Iai-Type <>
<> Unarmed-Type <>
<> Musou-Type <>

Samurai have possibly the highest physical damage potential as an individual,
when in the right skill set. They have some unique and rather useful sword
moves, including a valuable skill sealing attack, elemental blade slicers, and
chances to insta-gib foes. They have a fairly low defence though, so work best
with Knights and Princesses.

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Tate-Ichimonji    	Zamba 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Rai-Rai			Zamba 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Blade Throw		Zamba 4
__________________________________	__________________________________
Katana Mastery	      -			Sakaba-Uchi		Zamba 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Zamba Stance (overhead)	K.Mst 3		?? Tsubame Gaeshi 	Zamba 5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Iai Stance (fastdraw)	K.Mst 3		?? Roku-Shaku		Iai 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Sente-Dachi   		Iai 1		Unarmed Stance		-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Fubuki			Iai 3		Myou Punch	  	Unarmed 3
__________________________________	__________________________________
Zeppa-Uchi	   	Iai 4		Slash Counter	  	Unarmed 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Kubi-Otoshi   		Iai 5		Blunt Counter	  	Unarmed 5


__________________________________	__________________________________
Piercing Counter  	Unarmed 5	Shishi Funjin no Seme	POWER + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Asura Fist		Unarmed 10	Tettou Tetsubi no Mamori  POW + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Yoroi Dooshi		POWER + 1	Musou Stance   Zmba, Iai, Unarm 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Rentan (self-heal)	INTEL + 3	Jinka no React		SPEED + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Nuki-Kate (sheath-bash)	K.Master 1	Demonic Visage        POW+1, INT+1



First of all, THERE ARE NO Katana available in the Prologue. You'll get your
first (and only, for a while) Wakizashi in the recapturing Kazan incident. This
is important, because although Samurai can use any 1-handed sword, they can't
actually use Zamba or Iai stance with them, and they do not apply katana mastery
to their damage.

Because of this, you may wish to use an Unarmed Samurai to begin with, or just
retrain them later.
<> Zamba-Type <>
A Samurai using Zamba is one of the contenders for the most damaging physical
character in the game. This is because switching to Zamba stance gives a decent
bonus to your ATK (up to 30% if maxxed out), which then stacks with up to
another 30% from your Katana Mastery, and can also stack with you using Tate-
Ichimonji or another skill for an even higher damage potential (potentially 288%
without any significant conditions besides a stance switch). This is compounded
with the fact that Katana are usually statistically ahead of other weapons and
Samurai have naturally high Power.

Zamba stance also allows you to use the Thunder Attack Rai Rai, which is useful
if a foe would take more damage from a Thunder attack than from a Tate-Ichimonji
(especially true of several dragons). Those two attacks are probably the
mainstay of the Zamba stance. Sakaba-Uchi might inflict Sleep (and deals
Bludgeoning damage) so you may wish to choose it over Rai Rai if you'd prefer a
status effect to an elemental strike.

Blade Throw (aka. Gou) is probably not worth it. It does do an exceptional
amount of damage, but the loss of your blade for three turns afterwards is not
fun. However, you could theoretically combine this with an immediate switch to
Unarmed Stance if you want to try it. Keep in mind, though, that this means at
least two turns are drained by changing stance (once to Zamba to use Blade
Throw, and again to Unarmed, to make up for the weapon loss).
<> Iai-Type <>
A Samurai using Iai ends up resembling a Rogue statistically, as adopting the
stance gives a significant Speed Boost. Probably because you attack with your
quick draws. You won't quite measure up to Zamba in damage using this stance,
but instead get to benefit from a bunch of interesting attacks.

Most notable is Zeppa-Uchi. This attack is the only one in the game besides the
Mage's Armageddon that can inflict Skill Seal, which is very valuable against
certain skill-happy dragons (and also helps ensure Parry type knights remain
effective in such circumstances). In addition to this is Kubi-Otoshi; which has
a good chance of causing instant death against random critters (dragons and
bosses are not likely to be affected).

If this Samurai type still has spare SP, they can also pick up the Ice blade
attack, Fubuki, and perhaps Sente-Dachi, which is a 'Quickattack', like the
Pokemon ones that always goes first (on the other hand, Iai stance gives a big
speed boost, so being able to use a quickattack might well be a m00t point since
you'll always go first anyway. However, it might still find use if a certain
enemy REALLY must die now!).
<> Unarmed-Type <>
Unarmed stance differs somewhat to the others. It has 10 levels rather than 5,
and gives you ever increasing POW bonuses to your attack when unarmed and in the
stance. (the second part is important: you can't just stroll into a fight not
including a weapon and expect to benefit! The Samurai still has to change stance
to the Unarmed type).

If you continually buff the unarmed stance, this type of Samurai can be very
effective in the early game as the bonus to damage is quite substantial. Later
on, however, when the ATK from weapons becomes higher, the Unarmed Samurai
begins to lag behind somewhat. Unarmed Attacks rely heavily on POW bonuses, so
giving this Samurai equipment that buffs their POW is advisable. If they can
benefit from POW bonuses from each piece of equipment, they barely lag behind
Iai Samurai in the later game damage front. Without the bonuses, they are
notably less strong.

Unarmed type Samurai should probably be most interested in Yoroi-Dooshi (armour
piercing chop) or Myou Punch. The latter deals slightly better damage, but is
fire elemental, which may cause issues against resistant creatures. (like
several bosses and dragons).

Unarmed Samurai also have the three Counter type skills (Cloud Body). Unlike
Parrying or Veils, however, these are very subjective in their usage, only
activating with a specific type of physical damage. Unless you can guess well
which one to use, they're a bit dubious (although if they do work, you get the
effect a Parry's complete damage reduction combined with a decent

<> Musou-Type <>
This Samurai can't decide which stance he wants, so picks them all! Musou Switch
allows you to use any skill from any stance whilst in it. So if you want to use
both Skill Seal from Iai, and the Sleep from Zamba, then use Musou.

However, Musou stance only stays on IF the Samurai stays above 90% health. This
makes this Samurai type rather hard to use unless they are covered by a Provoke
type knight, as you can pretty much guarantee a random hit will otherwise cause
you to drop below 90%. It has been observed, however, that the drop of stance
only occurs at the end of a turn, so if you're dropped below 90% but heal back
above it before the end of turn, then you're fine.

The other problem for a Musou type is that the prerequisites are quite high. At
least 20 SP must be spent before being able to select Musou, so its not
available at the beginning of the game.

2h. Princesses [MUSICALBDSM]

"Descendants of the singing princesses who live in the southern seas. Their
singing voices give their friends encouragement, and steal away the strength of
their foes. With enough time, they can even control the thoughts of all around

Starting stats:
HP 	MP	Power 	Int	Speed
25	18	10	8	9
5th	3rd	3rd	3rd	2nd

They Equip:
Whips (Only princesses can use whips)
Some Armour (they can use 'medium armour', like breastplates etc.)

<> Lovely Voice-Type <>
<> Evil Voice-Type <>
<> Whipping-Type <>
<> Punishment-Type <>

Princesses are great support characters. They specialise in helping the party in
different ways, either through buffing, applying bad status to the enemy, or by
ordering enemies around with their training whips (!). Oddly enough, they make
for above average physical attackers and are the second fastest character too.
So, you could say they are well rounded, if not great at any one thing. They
love Fighters and Knights to protect them and help with their skills. In return,
Magi and Samurai like them for the mana and buffs they provide.

-> This table shows how the Skills are actually organised in the Custom Screen,
so please use it for reference!
-> The Translations are not necessarily 100% accurate to the original Japanese.
However, I imagine if translated into English, they would be given slightly more
descriptive titles, so I have done so, primarily where the name of the skill
might not evoke what it actually does. During the actual skill description, if
there was a name change, I will also make this clear.
-> A '??' in a skill entry below shows one that is filled with ??????'s at the
start. This is an EX Skill. These have to be taught to you by NPC's before you
can learn them. They are usually pretty powerful.

__________________________________	__________________________________
POWER +			-		Song of Wind & Trees   	S.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
SPEED +			-		Aria of Moonlight	S.Master 10
__________________________________	__________________________________
INTELLIGENCE +		-		Scorching Rhyme	  	S.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Queens Teachings  	INTEL + 8	Solid Rhyme		S.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Singing Mastery   	-		Rippling Water Lullaby 	S.Master 3


__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Angelica Cage	S.Master 10	Piercing Screech	EV.Mast 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Evil Voice Mastery   	 	-	Falling Leaves Shriek	EV.Mast 8
__________________________________	__________________________________
Voice of Nod	 	EV.Mast 3	?? Demonica Cage	EV.Mast 10
__________________________________	__________________________________
Voice of Lunacy		EV.Mast 3	Whip Mastery	  	-
__________________________________	__________________________________
Accursed Voice	 	EV.Mast 5	Training Whipping 	W.Master 1


__________________________________	__________________________________
Punishment W.Mst 3, EvM 3, T.whp 3	Provoking Stance	S.Master 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Please Protect Me    	W.Master 8	Princesses Order	S.Master 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
Please Betray Allies 	W.Master 5	Cure I			INTEL + 1
__________________________________	__________________________________
Please Kill Yourself	W.Master 3	Cure II		  	INTEL + 5
__________________________________	__________________________________
?? Nine Tailed Lash    	W.Master 10	Princess React	 	SPEED + 5



<> Lovely Voice-Type <>
Lovely Voice Type princesses use their beautiful singing capabilities to
encourage their allies with their pseudo magical songs. A bard, but much sexier,
basically (LOL). They have some crazy nice abilities for support, including
regeneration of LF and MN, as well as DEF and ATK buffs.

Of special note is the Aria of the Moonlight, the top level song for Singing
Mastery. This fire and forget regeneration song restores mana every turn, making
it a ludicrous help for long and tough battles, as you can be guaranteed to be
able to fire your skills off every turn. What’s more, the Princess only needs
sing it once (unlike an Orthodox Healer using Craft Mana) and then can continue
to heal or help in other ways.

The same applies to the Song of Wind and Trees, which does the same for LF. If
you have a way to also reduce the damage that you take from attacks (via a Solid
Rhyme or Defensive Shift etc.), this life regeneration can make you fairly
ridiculously resilient.

On top of this is the dual pair of Solid and Scorching Rhyme. These are generic,
but reasonably solid DEF and ATK boosts. You probably won't notice the
difference in the early game, but as your numbers go up, they really do help
alot, even if you were to never raise them past 1st level for the 10% boost.

Finally, Rippling Water Lullaby is...odd. It makes your ally fall asleep and
whilst asleep they'll regain LF and MN at a decent rate. This amount becomes
especially palatable once the skill is maxxed at 5th level, whereby you'll
restore 50 LF and 8 MN a turn! Of course, the trade-off is of course that the
sleeping person can do nothing, and if they are hit, they'll of course be
criticalled and given a rude awakening. This can also be used to override a
nastier status effect like Confuse on your beefy fighter.

<> Evil Voice-Type <>
Evil Voice Type princesses have 'The Voice' (like the Bene Gesserit from Dune,
I'd imagine), which has immense discordant abilities. So much so that foes
hearing it feel pain or weakness in some form. They are masters of applying
status effects en masse to enemies.

Of special note in their repertoire is the Voice of Nod (aka. Temptation to
Feinting) and the Falling Leaves Shriek. Being able to inflict Sleep or Bleeding
on all enemies is quite decent. The former can make your life against mobs a bit
easier, and the latter is fun to use on a boss (though for the latter, you may
wish to consider a Fighter with Impaling Blade).

Voice of Lunacy also works, since inflicting Confusion makes an opponent forget
its usual skills and merely use basic attacks on a random target (perhaps one of
its allies!) until they snap out of it. I guess its somewhat like a slightly
less reliable version of Skill Seal.

Unfortunately, the Evil Voice Princess has trouble with bosses and dragons.
These quite often have resistance to her status effects. Teaming up with an Axe
Fighter using Balance Crush or cultivating alternative means of aid for bosses
(like some Lovely Voice songs) generally aids her in the long run.
<> Whipping-Type <>
Whipping Type princesses literally force their enemies into submission, then use
their hold over said foes (probably a psychic component in there, if the
description is anything to go by) to execute special orders: forcing them to
kill themselves, betray their allies, or protect the princess.

Before this type of Princess can do anything, she must first utilise Training
Whipping to instil Terror in her desired target. Hence, levelling Training
Whipping up to the best level possible is basically required before she can
become effective (and having an Axe Fighters aid with Balance Crush is also

'Please Betray Allies' is usually the skill of choice for this princess. It
causes basically the same effect as Confusion, except that enemies cannot choose
players as valid targets, so they'll only twonk their own allies or themselves.
This makes it probably superior than 'Please Kill Yourself' for causing general
havoc among enemy forces.

'Please Protect Me' is generally not worth it, on the other hand, as it requires
that the Princess takes a hit in order for the enemy to leap in the way. In
other words, the Princess needs to be at the Front in a Provoking Stance. That's
alot of setup for something this conditional.

In case you were wondering, the 'Please' type commands always go off first in a
round, so if you've caused terror in a foe, you can guarantee its subservience
this turn. 'Please' type commands also start at a rather pricey 8 MN. Levelling
them up only reduces that cost (8 > 6 > 4 > 2 > 0) but this is still worthwhile,
as otherwise you won't get to use them many times.

Whilst this Princess is developing her Whipping Talents, make sure you give her
Cure I so she can still be useful. This is probably the best type for a
frontline princess, if you feel the need to have one.

<> Punishment-Type <>
A Combination of the Whipping/Evil Voice Princess, but focuses specifically on
the Punishment skill. To do this, they basically must team up with a Guardian
Knight to be effective.

Punishment deals damage based upon the remaining Life of the Princess. In other
words, the worse off the princess currently is, the more damage she deals.
Naturally having her close to death makes Punishment all the more deadly
(ideally, she has to be on 1 LF). This is why having a Guardian Knight is
required to take all the Princesses damage.


Right, so you have 4 characters (at least?) created.

Make sure you talk again to Elan the Guild master, and select the third option.
This allows you to actually put those characters you made into the party. Select
from the grid on the bottom screen, then assign them front or back rows with up
and down on the d-pad, with A to confirm. If you want less than 4 in a party
(not recommended) you can end the party selection prematurely as soon as you
have at least 1 member by pressing START.

Done that? Now open the menu with Y and go to the CUSTOM option, and assign your
first three skill points to each character. Hopefully, you have a certain type
and plan in mind when you begin assignment as you can't get your SP back (you
can get an item that allows a character skills reset for the loss of five levels
in the mid-game, but that's a while off yet.)

Ready? On with the walkthrough.

AA: Welcome to Kazan!

Exit the guild office and get a feel for town if you like.

However, first order of business is to wander into the Mission Office. After the
scene there, speak to all.

Left hand guy: Quests guy
Middle Guy with glasses: Menas: A loyal aide to President Doris, he becomes
important later.
Right hand guy: Missions guy

You're basically told there are no missions at the moment, but you'll have to go
and look for clients yourself. Be disgruntled all you want and leave the office.

Conveniently, the game will point out the three clients you should talk to for
Quests at this point. They are:
=> Girl standing by Guild Office.
=> Man (courier) standing by East Exit.
=> Girl in the far western house who loves her brother far too much.

Chat to each of these people. As you do, you'll get a 'New Quest!' notification.

Feel free to also equip up everyone at the weapon store as you see fit. I would
recommend a Glove for everyone (but if you need to re-equip someone's weapon,
you may not have the dosh to give everyone gloves) since it improves POW by 1,
and DEF by 2. Bargain.

Shops Menu:
=> BUY

You could buy Paro Nuts from the Item store if you want some health recovery,
but hopefully your party includes someone who knows Cure I. If so, you don't
need any nuts.

Now return to the Mission Office. You can actually accept the quests you just
found now, so chat to the Left hand guy to open the Quests Menu.

Quests/Missions Menu
=> CURRENT QUESTS (Use this to Report a Finished Quest, or Cancel an Unfinished

Accept all three. You have to do all of them to proceed with the plot. Sorry.

Now, finally, you can zoom off into the wilderness and get the crap beaten out
of you.

AB: Arrrgh, my spleen!

For now, don't worry about the actual quests. You need some experience. So go
and wonder around, filling in the map a bit and fighting the random encounters
that pop up. Rabi rabbits and Masked Nuts will accost you. Though a joke later
in the game, they can beat the snot out of your level 1 characters if you're not

Use this time to get used to the interface. Fortunately, the combat menu is in
English with accompanying icons. The only thing that may confuse you is the
skills listing. Try to memorize certain hiragana or kanji or something in each
of your skills. You shouldn't have more than 2 per character at the moment

Don't wander too far from Kazan, and don't head over the bridge towards Miross
yet. You need to be able to limp back to the inn if things are looking sour.

Oh, by the way, the Inn doesn't have a menu. The woman at the left desk instead
asks three consecutive questions:

1. Do you wish to sleep for X Gold?  YES  /  NO

Regardless of answer, you'll still get:

2. Do you want to SAVE?   YES  /  NO

Then, if you choose yes:

3. Is it okay to overwrite the data?  YES  /  NO

If yes again, 'Data Saving, please don't switch off.' appears for a few seconds.

Obviously, you want to become acquainted with the saving function. LOL. You can
only save at the inn (and later at another location). Remember you don't have to
stay at the inn in order to save.

Oh yeah, if you manage to get someone killed, the pharmacy is in the same
building as the Inn, on the right hand counter. Choose the second option on the
menu to resurrect dead people. It'll cost you some dosh, though.

Anyway, continue battling. You might immediately be able to tell your selected
parties early effectiveness depending on how many rest stops you need. Ideally,
1 or 2 should get you to level 5. More if you have MN intensive characters like
Mages. Hopefully, though, you should already be learning how to ration your

Sensibly enough, monsters don't hold any gold. (no silliness of 'Where does a
shark keep 49 GP?' in this game, no siree!) However, you can sell fangs and
tails and other monster bits that they drop for cash. Who buys that crap? No
idea, but apparently its worth something.

More importantly, selling X amounts of monster bits often unlocks new weapons or
armours for you to buy (i.e. you sell some awesome sinew: someone realises that
they can make a great bow from it, etc.). This is similar to Etrian Odyssey, but
7th Dragon isn't entirely reliant on it for new stuff like Etrian was: various
towns still just stock new items.

Once you can afford it, getting a set of boots for everyone is also a good plan.

Anyway, as soon as you're about level 5-6, you can start those quests! (don't
forget to keep updating your skills with the new 1-2 SP you get per level!)

AC: The lost idiot guild

Talk to the girl outside the guild house again, now you've accepted her quest.
You'll NEED to do this with a majority of quests: Talk to the client BEFORE AND
AFTER accepting their quest, then again once you've met the finishing
requirements. Then, and only then, should you report the quest finished using
the Mission office menu.

She'll tell you that her mates have got lost (or something) and you need to find

If you've explored a bit during training, you might have noticed a cave to the
north and a giant red tree to the south. Conveniently, the lost people are here.
There's a dozy girl by the giant tree, first of all.

This tree is actually a portal tree (yeah figure that one out). You'll begin to
use these alot later. For now, though, just talk to the girl. She'll wander back
to Kazan.

Now head up to the cave and go inside. Wander around a bit and find the guy with
the cowboy hat standing by the underground lake. He'll also return to Kazan.

The encounter rate in the cave is fairly low, BUT be careful, as there are giant
Autumn Tortoises in here. They have a high defence, so can prove a little

There is also a horrible little glitch in this cave during the Prologue. A
dragon might suddenly appear. You're supposed to come back later through this
cave and fight said dragon. But you'll be 15th level with better equipment by
that time, so as you stand right now, it is very likely that the dragon will
just insta-gib your party with a hit all attack and cause a game over. You may
not even get the opportunity to run away. Shucks.

If this happens (I've confirmed it happening once myself), you can curse your
bad luck. Try again and don't mess around too much in this cave.

Return to Kazan. You'll see the three re-united people outside the guild office.
Chat to them to complete the quest. There will also be a silly scene where the
dozy girl from before nearly wanders off in the wrong direction again.

Now report your success to the guy in the Mission office. Done! You'll get a
medicine bottle and the ability to make slightly better maps as a reward.

AD: The girl with the brother complex

Talk to the girl thinking about her brother in the far left house. She suddenly
decides she has a craving for nuts because they remind her of him. Or something.
Go fetch.

If you've not sold any of the monster bits you've collected so far, you may
already have 3 nuts in your inventory to instantly finish the quest. Otherwise,
go out and fight the Masked Nut enemy (looks like a walking bush). There's a
good chance said enemy will drop a nut. They seem to appear slightly more in
forested areas.

Once you have three nuts (木の実), give them to the girl. And then report in.

You'll get 8 gold (whee, thanks, I could have sold them for 30g) but at least
you'll also get a Travellers Charm, which is worth 50 (and gives: Mana + 5, POW
+ 1). It might be wise to equip this to your Mage, Princess or Healer. Every
little bit of MN counts.

AE: The lazy courier

You should do this one last since it requires you to visit Miross. As usual,
chat to the courier by the east exit after accepting the quest. He'll give you a
mystery package to deliver to the knight Momote in Miross.

By now you should probably be level 6-8, so you can cross the bridge. The
enemies there aren't vastly tougher, but they are more likely to appear in
groups of 4 or 5 to give you a harder time. The slimes are also notably
resistant to bashing damage, and the dodoes might be faster than you at this

Anyway, follow the path in a north easterly direction. Miross has blue roofs.
Its not too hard as long as you can endure about 12-20 battles (see what I mean
about rationing resources, though?).

Get to know Miross. There’s some new equipment here if there’s some money
burning a hole in your wallet. Don't forget to chat to everyone you can see. Its
generally a much bigger town than Kazan. Also check all the barrels and things.
If I remember rightly, there's like 500G lying around in one of them!!

Of course, your actual objective is to go into the left hand hedge maze by the
palace. The knight Momote is hanging around in there (avoiding duty? Or is he
really guarding the shrubbery!?). Regardless, drop off the package, stop at the
marginally more expensive inn if exhausted, then return to Kazan.

Chat to the courier again, and report the quests completion.

You'll get 300 G (riches!) and the 'Quick Travel' skill. At last, you can hold B
to run!

What's more, that’s all the introduction quests done. Good job.

AF: The fearsome beastie
Now, after reporting the final introduction quests end, any time you wander
towards the South Exit from Kazan, you'll hear some chaps talking about a
fearsome beastie that is causing trouble in the Nameless Small Cavern.

After hearing this conversation, you can take the first mission from the Mission
Office! You should do so. Then go back and chat with all of the guys who were
talking about the beastie before. One should hopefully give you a map.

You should hopefully be approaching Level 9 or so by now. This beastie is your
first boss, so you'll need to have a bit of coherent teamwork in the bag by now.

You'll need to go to the Small Nameless Cave. To get there, cross the bridge
towards Miross, then immediately go north. You should be able to see it pretty
soon. Skirt the mountains.

Make sure you explore all of the cave and get the couple of treasure chests
lying about. You don't need to worry too much about health preservation. Near
the boss on the east hand side of the cavern is a rejuvenating spring. You can
identify these as fonts of sparkly water with beanstalks growing out of them.
Drinking from a spring (you'll get a YES/NO dialogue) will restore all of your
LF and MN (but your EX will not be refilled like at an Inn, and you can't

The boss is waiting in the underground lake room. If you're of a decent level
and have a sufficient party synergy, he shouldn't be too bad. He'll try to pound
you with fairly strong physical attacks, has more LF than all the critters
you've seen so far, and also has a hit all strike. Be careful!

Once the beast is successfully disposed of, you'll see a scene with President
Doris and his Aide, Menas. Looks like they've come along to assess the
situation. Only to find your party has cleared the cave!

After the Scene, you'll be back at the cave entrance. Return to Kazan and accept
your 1,000 G reward! *

* = You may have to speak with some people before claiming the reward. If you
can't seem to progress, visit the Mission Office, the Guild, and speak to
everyone you can.

AG: Working for the President!
After accepting the reward, you're asked to attend the president. No point
keeping him waiting. With a little luck, you should be able to wander into the
Palace now (the guards will dutifully say 'Guild X is permitted entry' or
something along those lines. Chat to everyone in the palace.

When you're ready, visit the throne room. You'll be congratulated for your
efforts and offered a new task (an even more hideous beastie!). Since you'll
have to accept to proceed in the game, you may as well go ahead and say yes.

You're told that this new threat has created some odd flowers in the Rolakka
Woods near Miross, and Miross has requested some aid and backup for the
situation. You're also told to visit the Miross palace and get more information
from them.

After this, you can leave. You'll automatically have the new mission added~ you
don't need to go to the mission office for this one.

AH: Time for something completely different.
Of course, accepting this mission opens up a new bunch of side quests which
automatically end if you finish the mission, so lets ignore the presidents
request for now.

If you'd like to start cultivating a second team, now would be a nice time to
start thinking about it: you have the excess dosh (presumably) to equip them up
and it won't take too long to grind them up to a level equivalent to your
primary team.

AI: Who spilt my pint!?
Your first port of call is the bar in Kazan. This is underground from the Inn.
Chat to everyone there and you'll get a new quest at some point.

As usual, go and accept it from the Office, then return to the drinking
establishment. Talk to the guy who gave you the quest. I'd assume something was
stolen. Probably. Everyone in the bar is a suspect.

Talk to everyone in the bar to hear their alibi
Return to the client, hear his story.
Talk to him again, you'll be asked if you're ready to choose the culprit. Say

You now need to 'tag' everyone in the bar, I believe. Talk to each person in
turn. Start with those you think are not guilty (say NO [Right] when the
dialogue comes up). Now say YES to the guilty party. Return to the client. Say
YES again.

At least, I think that’s how this works. You may have to experiment a bit
getting it right. I've noticed some people panic if you think they're guilty and
give you further evidence and etc.

Of course, since all the alibis are actually sound (well, maybe...we don't know
without a full translation, now do we?) you may as well be a very bad person and
accuse someone arbitrarily.

Whom you pick determines your reward, by the way. You always gain 100 G
regardless, but the client also doles out another item from the picks:

Fire Glyph (sleeping guy 居眠り客),
Freeze Glyph (patron 常連客),
Stonal (Kariyu カリユ),
Survival Belt (man in couple カップル男),
Sapphio (woman in couple カップル女),
Heal Aerosol (Bartender マスター),
Shock Glyph (Timid Man 気弱な旅人).

Survival Belt is undeniably the best selection: its an accessory that gives the
wearer +10 Max LF and MN. This is amazing for a Mage, Princess or Healer at this
stage of the game (a Healer/Princess could get 5 extra heals out of it, a Mage
3~ish extra shots). Also makes them marginally less squishy; though you do lose
a slot that could add extra DEF.

It could be argued that Heal Aerosol is also okay. You're not likely to want to
use it this early in the game, but it is pretty valuable (1000 G to buy one).
The other picks aren't really worth the effort.

Once you're done, you'll get a cut scene, and client will thank you for your
investigation. Return to the Office and get your 100 G from reporting the quests

AJ: New quests in Miross
Now head back to Miross. There are 3 new quests for you to do here now. Talk to
the following:

-->The Gardener who is sat at the east end hedge maze.
-->The Florist Girl, who hangs around by the South-eastern Flower Bed.
-->The Fortune Teller, whom is in her little house.

Go to the mission office in Miross, and accept the these three quests.

AK: Finding the 1 petaled flower
If you want, you can do this one last, as its a combat one, but then again you
don't need to even leave Miross for the others, so I doubt it'll make any

Anyway, return to the Florist Girl and chat to her. She wants some kind of rare
phantom flower that only has 1 petal, I believe.

Leave Miross and head southwest, following the road. You'll see a signpost.
Stand directly south of it.

Now move 20 grid steps south and press A. If you got a dialogue, you did it
right (if not, try 19 and 21). Say yes to the dialogue. Two consecutive groups
of enemies will now attack you. Deal with them with as much extreme prejudice as
you wish. You'll get another dialogue. Pick yes again, and you'll pick the
flower for good this time.

Return to the girl and give it to her. Then report in as usual.

You'll get a Dagger for your troubles. This would probably be a good thing to
give to your Knife using Rogue, if you have one.

(Since the option is there to not pick the flower, one wonders whether this
quest can be completed without picking it? I'd assume not, but you're welcome to

AL: Round and Round the Garden
Talk to the Gardener who is sat at the east end hedge maze again. He'll say his
hedge clippers have become blunt and useless and you need to get him a new set,
but they apparently can't be purchased from his local B&Q, so it feels like its
time for a Fed-Ex quest. And yes, it is... (sigh)

You'll then be given a Watering Can to start the trade sequence.
Fortunately, you don't need to aimlessly wonder around. The trade sequence you
need to follow is:

1--> Give the Watering Can to the Flower Loving girl (Not the Florist). She's by
the South West Flower Bed.
2--> You'll receive a big seed in return.
3--> Give the Seed to the Travelling Rushe, whom is on the 2nd Floor of the Inn.
4--> You'll get an aromatic herb in return.
5--> Give the Herb to the Female Apprentice Chef. She is cooking in the kitchen
of her house.
6--> You'll get a delicious biscuit in return.
7--> Give the Biscuit to the Apprentice Knight. He is in the Knights Barracks in
the North West.
8--> You'll get some sharp hedge clippers in return!
9--> Give them to the Gardener. Done.

Talk to the Gardener, then report as usual. You'll get 300G.

AM: The Fortune Tellers Fake Tools

To be completed

AN: Follow the plot?!
Now we can actually proceed with the main mission a little better off, yes?

First, head into the palace and then to the Throne Room. The two ministers
should be there (there might be a scene, can't remember). Talk to both of them a
couple of times. You'll eventually get a Map of the Rolakka Woods. Apparently
this odd beastie is a member of a rare species called Dragons. (Uh oh!)

Well, anyway, head to Rolakka Forest. It’s North-West of Miross. You can easily
find it because it has big red flowers around the entrance (which the President
was talking about).

In the First Clearing of Rolakka Forest, there are several panicking Knight
Corps whom are distressed (probably about the flowers). Talk to them all, and
then head North to enter the Forest proper.


To note this now: THIS is your FIRST Dragon Furowaro (flower) encounter.

Be prepared to see a HELL of alot of these kinds of 2x2 square flower patches in
the rest of the game. It’s because there are so many that the Knights skill:
Walk Safe, actually becomes rather useful. Why?

Because each step on a Flower drains 2% of the LF of EVERY character in the
party. 50 steps and you're dead. So watch it!

If you don't have a Walk Safe Knight, be prepared to have constant life drain in
many of the dungeons of the game.

Of course, Furowaro aren't all bad.

Sometimes, they can give you XP, or if you're lucky, a lucrative encounter with
a Flower Seed.

Most of the time, Furowaro disappear after you've taken two steps on one 2x2
patch. However, if you hear a strange crunching sound, this patch will not
disappear as usual. I believe subsequent steps past the 2nd on crunchy patches
don't actually drain health, so dance around on it until it falls all you want.
They'll then give you one of the following:

=> If it takes 8 steps for them to disappear, then your party characters will
gain 1% of the Exp. needed to go from the start of their current level to the
end of it. (Though the Exp. gained will stop just short of a level up.)

=> If it takes 12 steps, then your party will gain 2% of the Exp. they needed to
level up from the beginning of their current level. (Again, you'll stop just 1
Exp. short of a level up no matter how much Exp. you gain.)

=> If it takes 20 steps, then you'll get into battle with a Flower Seed, which
will usually run away as fast as it can (and they're very fast!). They only have
about 10 LF, and hence can usually be taken out in a single hit by anybody.
Flower Seeds are amazing for XP: they give 50% of the experience needed for your
party to go from the start of your current level to the end of it!!!! (also,
this bonus doesn't stop short, like the others: it’s a battle encounter so it
can level you up immediately!) Make EVERYONE USE EX so that you go first (as
using EX gives you a big speed boost) and beat them up.

AP: The Dragon of the Forest

Rolakka Forest is probably your biggest, baddest dungeon yet. That is to say,
things actually get a bit serious here. It’s a bit of a winding path, and
more the whole place is filled with Furowaro, making it one huge endurance test
(hope your team has got it together by now!).

Despite the continual drain to your health offered by those lovely Furowaro,
make sure you explore every nook and cranny to grab chests. Annoyingly, several
are hard to see underneath the Furowaro (whomever decided to build all chests
out of redwood evidently didn't imagine they'd be buried under crimson dragon

Basically, don't be afraid to retreat if things look a bit touchy. However, if
you do need to retreat, you probably need to level up more. The goal is to make
it to the far left hand part of the forest, where there is another rejuvenating
spring. You can then use that as a basis for operations if you feel the need to

You should be level 12 around about now, at least.

Once you're ready, head up from the spring. Clear all the furowaro on the path
and then return for another LF top up before actually stepping into the large
clearing to face that huge chomp-happy dragon icon. When a prompt comes up, say
yes (its 'do you wish to engage the beast?' or something like that).

AQ: Angry Dragons are Angry

And this one particularly so. It’s stronger than the random wild beastie from
before (with about 1/3 as much LF again) and also really likes to use a party
wide strike. This is where a Knight comes in REALLY handy (if they can Shield or
Provoke its attention away), as else your squishies will be turned into a gloopy

It can also blind your entire party by using its tail to swash a tsunami of dirt
in your face. This will seriously annoy the physical attackers of your team.
There's little you can do about it, unfortunately, unless you've got an
Orthodoxy healer with you.

With alot of effort, you should be able to take it down.

Whew, the beast goes down. And wonder behold! All those poisonous Furowaro also
kick the bucket, leaving Miross free from their corrupting influence. Good job!

You automatically return to Kazan, where you are congratulated for your efforts
by the President. You also get 2000 G as a reward. Jolly good...

AR: President vs. Emperor

But then, Suddenly, a rumble shakes the palace of Kazan!

What the heck is going on now? An Earthquake?

More like a Sky quake. The blue of the sky is blocked out by swarms upon swarms
of dragons! They start attacking Kazan, apparently in retaliation for your
slaying of one of their kin.

Everything looks screwed. Menas says something to the effect of "Well you're the
dragon slayers, why not go and slay them lot as well!?"

There's a pan across Kazan with the approaching Dragons, and your party gets
cold feet and huge sweat drops. You defeated one before...but against that lot?
No way! Especially with that huge emperor dragon at the head of them!

The president realises this and doesn't blame you at all. He orders an immediate

People flee, and you go to join them, when President Doris pulls out a large
sword and stands his ground.

Menas panics. What is he doing? But the order is given for Menas to leave and
make sure he re-takes Kazan. Doris will not yield, no matter what, as this is
his town to protect. You leave with Menas in tow reluctantly, and there is a
fade out as Doris prepares to make his last stand against the huge invader on
the approach to palace.

So ends the Prologue.

3b. Thar be dragons! [NOPIRATESHERE]

But the dragons, furious with human kind, don't just stop with annihilating
Kazan. They spread across the world, dropping Furowaro, which is anathema to
humankind, everywhere, accosting all the world's countries and spreading their
remaining 665 across the land (at last, that counter on your touch screen should
make sense).

You'll see a montage of the various countries rulers reacting the sudden dragon
invasion that threatens the Human and Rushe races. This includes a cut to seeing
President Doris face down on the steps, dying.

This is true start of the game.

BA: The Retreat to Miross

During the montage, you'll return to Miross, where Menas pleas with the Queen to
allow refuge for the Kazanites temporarily. She agrees, but says that no forces
can be provided to retake the town.

Some time later, whilst your party is sleeping in the Miross Palace guest rooms,
Elan and Menas talk about you and how your presence has completed changed the
world. If no one had thought to challenge the dragon and defeat it, perhaps this
disaster could have been averted. Nevertheless, what’s done is done.

BB: Elan's Plan

Amazingly, your entire party wakes up at exactly the same time. LOL.

Anyway, once you regain control, go talk to everyone in the palace, including
the ministers in the throne room, and the bystanders etc.

Then, return to the guest bedroom where you woke up. You'll find Elan and the
Menas there. More discussion will occur and stuff will happen. Following the
fact that the Kazanites have very little military power left (some of the guards
of Kazan probably didn't make it), only yourselves and one other huntsman’s
guild are actually available to potentially retake Kazan. Looks like you've got
another tough situation, eh?

Considering its kind of your fault, you should really accept, eh? (I can't
actually remember if there's a choice at this point...)

You should now be able to leave the palace, but before you do, go back to the
throne room and speak again to the ministers. Apparently, one of them was a
great knight in his youth, and gives your knights some pointers on the secrets
that they learnt. This unlocks Ultima Parry and Ultima Guard for the Knight. Its
unlikely you'll meet the prerequisites for them yet, however.

Go to the Mission Office. Here, Elan and Menas outline their plan. Obviously,
attacking directly is not possible for a small force. In any case, the bridge
across the river has been destroyed. However, it is still possible to reach
Kazan via the caves that start in the deepest depths of Rolakka Forest.

So, a sneak attack is in order!

You'll automatically be given the mission to Free Kazan. There are no other
quests available at this time.

You can also finally change your party now if you like. Elan continues to hang
around here in the Mission Office if you need to do this again at any point.

The first thing you'll notice upon leaving Miross is that FUROWARO are

You also may have noticed that the shops are vastly more expensive now. Do not
buy anything at the moment. If you don't understand why this is, proceed to
section BY [Flower Stomping]. Once you've done that a bit, you can pick up some
new equipment that has become available.

As a side note: EXporters (エクスポータ) should be available in shops by now.
They're a bit like Warp Wires from Etrian, allowing you to make a prompt exit
from the dungeon (or forest, or whatever) you're in back to the last entrance
you walked in. Considering how your endurance can be sapped remarkably quickly,
make sure you invest in a couple and have one available at all times.

Now, you can charge on with the main quest or do a couple of things first. If
you'd like to grab some experience, dosh and such like, proceed to BX.
Otherwise, carry on to BC.

BC: Clearing Rolakka Forest

If you're ready to continue, you need to return once more to the Rolakka Forest.

Your hard work from before has been completely undone, and again, there are
Furowaro all over the forest.

This is also the first time you encounter actual wandering dragons. These are
like the FOE's from an Etrian Odyssey game. They're typically somewhat weaker
than the boss of an area, but still vastly tougher than the surrounding random

Now, most wandering dragons follow a set path. It's in your best interest to
monitor their movements carefully, and if you can, attack them from the rear. If
you do, you can guarantee yourself a pre-emptive strike against the dragon,
which can seriously help you if you need to set up stances or switches before it
starts laying the smackdown on your party.

Similarly, if a wandering dragon touches a party member other than your leader,
you'll be surpise attacked. Which is typically extremely bad when we're talking
about Dragons.

The ones around here are Serpentus. They're weak to Thunder attacks if you have
any. There's also a small chance for them to drop Silk Whip for your Princess.

Another thing: you'll obviously notice that the dragon counter on your touch
screen will diminish as you defeat dragons of all varieties. Its kinda like a
reverse progress meter. Also, dragons and furowaro are very much linked to one
another. When you kill all the dragons in a dungeon, the furowaro will

Until you do, however, dead dragons will eventually resurrect after about 5 days
or so (a day = whenever you sleep at the inn).

There's not really alot else to say here, since you've already been to Rolakka
Forest. Clear out all of the wandering dragons, then proceed to the clearing
where you fought the last boss. Proceed north from there to reach the Rolakka

After you've discovered the cave and cleared the dragons, you can then access it
directly from the World Map without having to go through the forest each time.

BD: Sneaking through the Cave

You'll see some new enemies in here, mostly new bird varieties. Owls can Sleep
the party, so be careful of those.

Again, the place is chock full of furowaro and a few wandering dragons. You'll
start seeing Grifinus instead of Serpentus. They're weak to Piercing, if you
have a Bow Rogue around. Again, there's a chance for them to drop Battle Knife
for your Dagger Rogue.

Make sure you check out all of the new chests as usual. Most notable is the one
containing a Wakizashi. This is the VERY FIRST Katana type weapon that your
Samurai can use. (and also the only one for quite some time, so don't miss
picking it up!) With this, your Samurai can at last actually use their Zamba
AND/OR Iai skills and benefit from Katana Mastery. If you didn't have one
already, I guess now would be time to grind a Samurai up for use if you ignored
them before.

The cave goes on for two screens, so be prepared for the long haul. At the far
end, a Trikeros Dragon is waiting for you to arrive.

BE: Defeating the Trikeros

He looks mightily like a Triceratops if you ask me, but whatever.

As usual, he has a hit all attack and has roughly similar LF to the last dragon
you fought.

I've not got alot to say about him, really. You'll actually fight his kind quite
commonly as a Wandering Dragon later in the game.

BF: Approach to Kazan, T-Minus 1

What, you didn't think just that passage was the end, right?

Fortunately, with the Trikeros defeated, you can now enter the Kazan side of the
Cave, where you found that guy from the idiot guild way back when you were level
5 or so. Push the obvious rock into the water stream to make an impromptu
bridge. Shortly after you do, the other guild shows up in the cave (What!? They
heard you defeat the dragon all the way from the forest clearing? Lunacy...)

Nevertheless, we won't argue, because they'll actually provide some services for
you now. The Healer girl acts as a Rejuvenating Spring for you, and one of the
guys sells a very small selection of items. You'll probably come back and use
them a few times in the process of breaking through to Kazan.

Anyway, leave the cave, and cruise your way through the Furowaro to Kazan.

Before you can actually access the town, though, you'll have to clear the
runway, so to speak. When you press A to enter Kazan from the world map, you'll
actually be deposited a couple of screens away. Your guild has the sense not to
trudge directly in, but finds a way through a semi-forested (and typically;
maze-like) approach.

Of course, Furowaro are everywhere and so are dragons. But you should be used to
this type by now.

The Approach to Kazan CAN be a bit hairier than before, though, as several
dragons stick close to one another. Hopefully, you've got a strategy to take
them down with relative alacrity. Multiple Dragons joining a single fight can
REALLY ruin your day.

So, nevertheless, this is without doubt another endurance course of the highest
order. Don't be afraid to retreat to back to the Rolakka cave for healing and
selling. Sadly, if you also want to change parties or save, you'll have to
backtrack all the way to Miross again to see Elan or the Inn. Oh well.

The wandering dragons around here are called Dracohammard. They're not too much
of a bother unless they gang up on you, but be careful anyway.

BG: Approach to Kazan, T-Minus 0

As usual, don't forget to grab the chests on the run-up. Of special note is a
Claymore, the first two-handed sword for a Sword Fighter to use. This is a very
decent weapon for them (Gives Attack + 32, Life + 3, POW + 3!) at least until
you can swap for a +1 Broadsword (and a Zweihander much later).

Eventually, after two screens of dragon and furowaro mayhem, you'll actually
reach Kazan itself, which is eerily beautiful when covered in silvery furowaro
light (in my opinion).

Bizarrely enough, a Rejuvenating Spring has popped up out of no-where in the
South West of the town (and it dissapears again later, even more strangely!).
You may have to smash down some dragons to reach it, but once you can, you
shouldn't have any problem disposing of the rest of them. Be prepared to fight
multiples at once, however, as they're basically next to each other all the time
due to the narrow streets.

Don't forget to grab the chests again. And no, you can't enter the buildings at
the moment.

BF: The Wounded Emperor

The Emperor Dragon is at the far north by the palace, as you might anticipate.
Make sure you heal again at the spring after clearing the way of Furowaro.

Go for it. Hope you're ready, (level 18-20) because the Trikeros had NOTHING on
the Emperor Dragon. He has more than double the LF of his predecessor boss and
has some seriously nasty physical attacks.

Nevertheless, he looks hideously wounded, doesn't he? Looks like President Doris
didn't go down without some serious screaming and kicking. You have to wonder
what his LF would be if Doris hadn't sacrificed himself for the cause, eh? So
like, be thankful, or something.

Also, do not use Fire on him. He laughs at it. However, as you might expect, Ice
magic does more damage than usual.

As for myself, this was where my Parry/Provoke knight finally got her limelight.
She parried every single attack the sod made, responding each time with a
vicious Ice Veil activation, and her provoke was apparently enough to stop him
using his skills on the back row. Shocking. (though everyone was nearly out of
MN by the end since the Healer had only just learnt Craft Mana and was hence
only restoring 2 MN a turn).

BG: Remigration to Kazan

And at last, the Emperor Dragon is defeated! Yeah!

A cutscene engages at this point as all Kazanites return victoriously to their
hometown. Or something. I have no idea who the hell re-built the bridge all of a
sudden, but whatever.

You are thanked profusely by Elan (not like that, you perv) and Menas when the
scene switches to the Palace once more. And your reward is...

A House!

Specifically, that giant house in the bottom right of Kazan. Whee!

It should be noted that your house can henceforce be used as a free sleepover,
saving you on Inn costs if you're around the Kazan area. To use this, simply go
inside and press A whilst facing one of the four beds.

You can also grab the items in the chests (if you didn't loot them already in
the Prologue). One has nothing in it, though, and automatically closes (contains
dirty socks maybe?).

Now that Kazan is repopulated, don't forget to talk to all the residents. Some
of them will thank you. You should, among various things, obtain a Gate Key.
This allows you to use the portal trees as soon as you've inspected the strange
stacks of boxes next to them (and said yes), presumably to add that location to
your keys list. You should have already seen the tree south of Kazan and the one
north of Miross, so carry on and activate them if you like.

Secondly, talking to the doctor (he's in the middle house on the right half)
unlocks the Healers EX skill, Vessel of Miracles. If you have an Orthodoxy
Healer dedicated to picking up the prerequisites, they might not be far off from
getting this, which is great since its a pretty amazing EX skill for them.

Finally, a bunch of new equipment has become available in Kazan. Make sure you
complete your usual furowaro stomping before trying to buy it. Clearing the
screen around it and the road to Miross seems sufficient to reduce the inflation
cost to under 110% in most circumstances.

Of special interest is the new Chrome Dagger for your Knife Rogue (they'll have
this for quite a long time until you can find a Stilleto), Broad Axe for your
Axe Fighter, Oak Rod for your Mage, Hunter Coats for your squishies (Fighters
and Knights should already have Plate Armour from Miross), a new Shield for your
Knights, Warrior Rings (+3 POW is handy for martial types), and Hunter Amulets
(amazing choices for Mages and Healers for their treble LF/MN/SPEED benefit,
though Princesses are already fast and should stick with Survival Belts).

Now, if you've not cleared Barolian Large Woods (below) do that now, before
proceeding onwards, then proceed to section C.

BX: [side-quest] Barolian Woods

Yeah, I know I said there are no quests at this point. There aren't. However, if
you feel the need to train people up a bit more before making the plunge towards
Kazan, you can visit the Barolian Large Woods, which are south of Miross. This
area is also infested with a few dragons.

There's not really alot to say about this area. There's not much treasure or
anything: consider it a training ground to test your endurance or something. Its
a smaller place than Rolakka woods, but it has slightly nastier set of random
encounters, so be careful. Especially of note are the mushrooms that can poison
your entire party at once, which is horrible if combined with the LF loss from

By and the by, as soon as you defeat all the dragons here, all the Furowaro will
disappear from the dungeon and a small radius surrounding it on the world map.

P.S. There are 'Great Beast's' here, which look like Green Boars. Getting fangs
from them is a requirement to unlock Rogue's Daggers in the shop. This is only
important if you want a second dagger rogue, though, since you already got one
Dagger from the prologue.

BY: [side-quest] Flower Stomping

You might have noticed that shops have a percentage meter with some strange red
blips on it now.

The percentage is literally how much the goods cost at the moment. If its 180%
then goods are being sold for 4/5 more than usual, and so on. In other words,
you're being ripped off.

This is because the Furowaro inhibit trade among the local regions. Considering
you take some nasty damage from their pestilent miasma, I'd imagine random
untrained NPCs would just cough and die or something.

In order to put prices on a more reasonable standing, you're going to have to
deal with the Furowaro.

This is the case with every new town that you come across, sadly. Take your best
mob destruction party out (preferably including a Knight with Safe Walking) and
go run around like a lunatic stomping on all the Furowaro.

Fortunately, the prices of Inns are not affected so you'll at least be making
some money and gaining some experience each time you go out on a flower stomping
escapade. Its most important to clear the screen surrounding the town, but
clearing the obvious 'trade route' type squares like roads is also probably a
good plan. Deep forests don't seem to matter as much as plains in the price
calculation. Once you've got costs to 110% or less, you can probably think about
buying stuff from that place at last.

Of most interest right now are Broadswords and Longbows, which have just become


Having freed Kazan and Miross from the immediate threats, you at last have some
more choices available to you. If you'd like to do a couple of side quests
again, pop along and look at section CU and onwards.

Its also a good plan to start your third team about now if you wish to do so, as
you have a couple of decent areas for them to grind up in (hanging around the
Rolakka Forest spring is probably a good idea...)

CA: Grand 'ol Duke of York

Unfortunately, you don't have 10,000 men. Nevertheless, you're marching to the
top of the hill anyway.

Your next stop, now that you're richer and have entered the property market
(LOL) is Todowa Mountains. This place can be a little difficult to spot. Its the
path leading up the mountain to the South-West-West of Barolian Large Woods.

If you came here before re-capturing Kazan, the Knight at the entrance turns you

Also, this is first dungeon where you don't have a map pre-prepared for you. In
a style akin to a Zelda game, you'll first have to find the Dungeon Map from a
Treasure Chest. Bear in mind this means you can't use the map on the touch
screen to monitor the movements of the wandering dragons, and have no idea how
many turns are left until they join the fight. You'll be wandering around blind
unless you have a good memory. So make finding it a priority: its ~usually~ in
the most accessable chest.

CB: Dinosaurs are Dragons too!

Your old friend the Trikeros is back in force here. This is the first time you
can start to identify which type of Wandering Dragon awaits you based upon its
movement pattern. Trikeros charge backwards and forwards in a line at high
speed. They can come suddenly at you, so beware that you don't get Surprise

If they don't exhibit this charging pattern, you can probably safely say that
its not a Trikeros, but rather a Tower Drake, which looks long and spindly, like
a stick insect dragon. These are possibly more dangerous, as they like to give
you a full party poison and seem to slightly resist physical attacks (though
they have about 1/3 less LF than Trikeros).

As usual, don't miss the chests. Of special note here is a Steel Breastplate.
This is a unique and rather strong piece of armour for this part of the game
(you're probably wearing something that's somewhere between +7 to +11, but this
offers +15, and reduces all physical damage by 3%). What's more, it can be used
by your Princess, if you like, which can seriously help upgrade her

Once you reach the mountain peak, you'll see the local area boss.

CC: Pterodactyl of the Peak

Which is indeed a Pterodactyl.

Actually, he's not too bad. He's fast, certainly, but his main claim to strength
is the fact that he can impose a party wide defence down by screeching at you
(must be the saliva). Taking his 3-hit attack after recieving a defence down is
most likely the thing that can kill one of your party members. If you have a
Lovely Voice Princess with Solid Rhyme, now's a good time to use her, as she can
negate this.

Being a flyer and a scaly, both Piercing attacks from Arrows and Thunder attacks
from Mages deal extra damage to the Pterodactyl, so those can also come in

When he goes down, you'll notice something different. The Furowaro don't
dissapear as usual for you killing off a boss!

That's because there are still dragons on the mountain...on the other side. Time
to return to earth, eh?

CD: Back to Ground Zero

Leave the mountaintop from the left hand exit (you came in the right hand one).

At least, this time, you actually have a map of this side, so you can see the
path down. As usual, pick up the chests and deal with the remaining Tower Drakes
and Trikeros. When the last one goes down, the Furowaro will finally be cleared
from the mountain.

There may also be Sphere Drake's on your descent of the mountain. These can be
distinguished by the fact that they are VERY slow moving (and hence, quite easy
to get pre-emptive attacks on). Personally, I never saw one of these here
myself. In fact I didn't see them until looking into Zenda Bamboo Forest; but
I've heard that they can be here. If you do see one, please proceed to section
DB if you'd like information on them.

Don't be afraid to retreat back to Miross if resources become low, however.

Once you're done, you've successfully crossed the mountain!

CE: Rural Saimon

So you've finally dealt with that mountain passage?

Good stuff. Head directly south, cutting through Furowaro if need be. You'll
come across a small town nestled in this area. This is Saimon, and it shall
likely be your base of operations for awhile.

If you wish to amuse yourself, you can talk to the cows. Also as usual in a new
town, don't forget to poke all of the trees and pots to grab the random stuff
that’s lying around.

It should be noted that Saimon has NO Weapon store. However, its item shop sells
Mana Water for the first time AND is the first place you can actually BUY a
Wakizashi for your Samurai to use (hopefully you got the one from the Rolakka
Cave before, though). Hence, now you can actually begin to effectively use a
second Samurai if you want.

Annoyingly, however, Saimon's item store does not sell EXporters (エクスポータ).
This is a pain as the next dungeon you'll be doing is pretty draining. Make sure
you stock up in Kazan or Miross before proceeding.

CF: The Secret Passage [optional, but highly recommended]

If you want, you can go and do some Furowaro stomping first of all to make the
prices go down. When you're done, go back to the Todawa Mountains. Head up to
the lonesome tree. If you already did the Rolakka Passageway optional quest,
you'll see a familiar pop up along the lines of 'a wind is blowing strangely

This obviously means a secret passage is around this location. Press A when
facing the cliff directly behind (North) of the tree, and you'll find a secret
passage. Press Yes to travel it. You'll come out on the other side of the
mountains adjacent to another tree. It benefits you to remember this place, as
you can skip the tedium of walking all the way up and then down the mountain
each time you want to go back to Miross or Kazan from Saimon. Later on, after
breaking through the Gouga Bamboo forest, this passage becomes obsolete as
you'll find another portal tree, but until then, you might find this shortcut a
godsend (I did).

CG: Never-ending bamboo

Now that you've crossed the mountain, a small amount of exploration will net you
two Bamboo Forests, Zenda and Gouga (Zenda is the one the West of Saimon, Gouga
to the South East).

The one you should be interested in first is the south eastern one, Gouga, as
this is the path to the city of Aizen, where we are trying to get to. Of course,
the bamboo jungle is not to be trifled with. There are several really long
passages over the course of three screens filled with Furowaro just waiting to
sap your endurance away.

Again, you can tell the species of dragon here by the movement. First up, there
are more Pterodactyls. They have an obvious flying patrol route with high speed.
You've seen them before as the boss of the peak.

Secondly, there Dragonflies (they're really pushing the definition of Dragon,
eh?) with a quite literally random movement pattern (as far as I can tell). Thes
have fairly low LF, but seem to resist alot of damage types and as usual can
poison everyone.

Due to the long corridor nature of this jungle, I hope you've really got a party
with good long term endurance, because you'll totally need it here. You should
ideally be brushing close to Level 20 to stand a good chance of making it. In
any case, be sure to bring EXporters (エクスポータ) as per usual in case you
to make a quick getaway.

On the first screen, there is only a chest in the bottom right clearing (saves
you wasting LF looking through the Furowaro).

CH: Even more bamboo

The second screen has a terrifying looking spiral. Don't worry about trying to
reach the end if you want to save your energy (if I remember rightly, though,
there's a decent axe in the chest at the end of it).

Instead, make haste towards the south western exit. Unfortunately, this leads to
a third screen without reprive. There are, however, quite a few chests on this
third screen (each of the little clearings at the bottom has one, as well as the
top left. Also, finally, the middle left clearing has a Rejuvenating Spring.
However, it's close proximity to that huge clearing at the bottom left should
clue you into the fact that there's a boss waiting for you down there.

He's called Oulg Draconis, and...let's be frank, you shouldn't take him on
unless level 20-22, at least. He has half as much LF again as the Wounded
Emperor you fought a while ago. What's more, this guy has NO weaknesses. So it
is just a long, drawn out battle to the death. Even my specific anti-boss party
took 8 turns with him.

He can attack the entire front row with his claws or use thunderblasts on single

Additionally, if he gets low on life, he'll summon Wisp-like minions. If he
does, kill these right away, as they'll start to HEAL him (just what you
need...not). Fortunately, the Wisps are pretty weak (I killed them with a single
Heaven Press from my Mana Mage).

CI: The breakthrough to Aizen

As Oulg Draconis bites the dust, the Furowaro in the Bamboo Forest will finally
clear away.

Immediately go back and use the Rejuvenating Spring again, as you still have a
short trek ahead to get to Aizen. Follow the road to the South West. Aizen is in
the middle of the forest you eventually find.

It should also be noted that to the North West from Aizen is FINALLY another
Portal Tree. This allows you skip the entire Saimon and mountain route to just
get straight back to Kazan. Handy.

To add insult to injury, you no longer need to pass through the Gouga Bamboo
forest in order to pass this area on the world map. You can just ignore the
place from now on, and walk straight through to Saimon when heading North.

If you've not yet done the three sidequests that you can do at this point, I
recommend doing them now. Otherwise, carry on to section D.

CS: Sidequests you can do in this bit

Now you've freed Kazan, various side quests become available. However, you can't
actually do some of them yet due to
requirements and suchlike.

NAME (Japanese Name)				Where?		Who?
Collect Fireball Cores! (火球の核を集めて!)		Kazan		The Fencer (さわやか
剣士) in house
Shortcut Search Squad (探せ!抜け道調査隊)		Miross		Corps Girl (調
査隊の女性) on central road
Where's That Letter? (その手紙の行方は)		Saimon		Young Poet? (
つづる青年) in house

Funeral Sake and Toast (弔い酒と祝い酒)		Kazan		The Bartender (マスタ
Become a Top Chef! (一流料理人への第一歩)		Miross		Cooking
Student (料理研究家の女性)
Find "That Item"! (「あの商品」を求めて)			Miross
	Apprentice Knight (見習い騎士)

There's not real point you accepting the quests that cannot be done at this
point. 'Funeral Sake and Toast' requires you to be able to use a ship, you can't
get the monster parts for 'Becoming a First Class Chef' until later, and 'Find
That Item' requires several party skills (and lots of money) you won't have for
a while.

Obviously, you can't do 'Where's that letter?' until you've reached Saimon. You
also need to trudge all the way back to Miross or Kazan to actually accept the
quest since there's no mission office in Saimon. (sigh)

CT: Collect Fireball Cores! (火球の核を集めて!)

Whee, its another Fed-Ex quest. Wisps. They drop Fireball Cores. Go Fetch.

If you forgot, they're in Small Nameless Cave (名もなき小洞), where you fought
beast (1st boss).

You need three. Bring them back to the fencer and collect your 500 G.

Oddly enough, I never seemed to find any Cores when the quest was active (fought
over 30!). I cancelled it and later fought them again to find plenty. -_-'
Perhaps just extreme unluckiness on my part. Who knows?

CU: Shortcut Search Squad (探せ! 抜け道調査隊)

This is really an extended/advanced tutorial that tells you that you can often
find shortcuts in dungeons you've cleared.

Talk to the client after accepting the quest, before going to Rolakka Forest
(you can't find the shortcut if you haven't!). In Rolakka Forest (ロラッカ森林),
go to the southwest area (not far from the spring). A message should appear,
"There is a breeze coming from somewhere…", check the southwest corner of that
area and say yes to take the path back to the entrance. If you ever get this
message in dungeons, that means there is a shortcut nearby. This is very useful
to know for the Todawa Mountains and the Zenda Bamboo Forest.

As usual, report back to the client, then to the mission office for an extra 300

CV: Where's That Letter? (その手紙の行方は)

He asks you to find his letter which blew away in the wind or something. It's in
the tree in Saimon on the lower right. You'll get a choice of whether to open it
and read it, I think. Say whatever you like.

Also, he'll ask if you opened it when you return it. Probably best to say No.

You'll get a Hunter's Charm for your troubles (though you'll have to stomp all
the way back to Kazan or Miross to collect it and report the quest). These are
actually very useful in my opinion (you can also buy them from Kazan after
liberating it) as they give +5 LF/MN and +3 Spd. Though Princesses are plenty
fast already and should stick with Survival Belts, Healers and Mages get huge
mileage out of these little accessories, as speed is one of their weaknesses.

3d. Dead Black Aizen Antics [EMPIREOFTHESUN]

DA: The City of Contrasts

Aizen is actually split into two seperate districts, Noble Aizen (where you
enter initially) and the Aizen Slums, which are reachable via the checkpoint in
to the southeast of Noble Aizen.

There's quite a disparity between the two sides of the city. The slums are
almost ruins, in fact, so shoddy are they. All of the item stores and such like
are in the Noble side of the city, but as usual, check out all of the barrels
and suchlike and chat to everyone you see. (I feel rather bad, taking 8G from
one of the barrels in the slums...)

You may also notice that some people talk gibberish. This is because you don't
understand the Aizo language yet, so only those talking your language make
sense. Certain books are also locked off from your prying eyes (specifically,
you cannot get the Samurai EX skills without learning Aizo).

If you want to rectify this situation, kill more dragons, and gain more XP and
cool stuff, proceed below to DB. If you want to skip it (not really recommended)
then carry on to the palace and section DC.

DB: Bamboo: The 2nd Sortie [OPTIONAL]

Remember before that there was a second bamboo forest?

Its time to pay that place, Zenda, a visit now. There are alot of Sphere Drakes
here. These are big, bulbous dragons that seem to be hunch-backed or something.
They are rather slow moving and easy to get Pre-emptive attacks on. They're very
slow, but can knock the snot out of your party with some hit alls. More
annoying, they've got an attack that can inflict Terror on your entire lineup.
This can be bad news, as it gives a chance you lose your turn because you're
cowering in fear.

There's quite alot of these guys around, and the random encounters are slightly
more dangerous than Gouga Bamboo Forest, so deal with this at your own pace.

Something else new here: the bamboo actually seems alive in places, and shoots
up to impede your progress. If it looks like there's a chest in an easily
accessible location, you can be sure that you'll have take a longer way around
due to the bamboo interfering. It doesn't deal any damage or anything; but it
can be irritating.

Anyway, this Bamboo Forest is only two screens and isn't quite so draining, but
be careful anyway. Also, of special note in the chests around here is a Stilleto
Dagger for your Dagger Rogue, which is twice as powerful if you're still stuck
using Chrome Knife from Kazan.

Once you've cleared out all of the Sphere Drake's, head to the top right corner
of the left hand passageways (also leads to the final chest of the area). You
should get the message as usual for a shortcut. Its on the Right side, so
activate it. It leads directly to the entrance and makes your life easier.

Next, return to Noble Aizen, heal up if needed, and then go into the North
Eastern house. Speak to the old man in there (Jiji) and you'll hear of a
sidequest called Worlds Three Great Delicacies. (You may have already activated
the quest if you went around and spoke to everyone in Aizen already).

Go to the Aizen Mission Office and accept the quest (世界三大珍味を追え1). Go
and speak to Jiji again. You'll find out that apparently, Zenda forest has some
special really tasty bamboo that he wants to make into a nice cooking dish.

See why we just cleared out the place and found the shortcut? Saves alot of
effort, eh?

More importantly, you'll have to fight a nasty boss for it (just for some
bamboo!!) and theres no spring in the forest, so if you'd have tried to do it at
the end of fighting several dragons, your chances wouldn't be as good, right?

Anyway, return to Zenda, take the Shortcut. The Bamboo is just marginally to the
southwest of where you came out on the second screen, saving you alot of time
(you'll still have to go the long way around due to the living bamboo walls
popping up, however). You can tell which bamboo you need, as its sparkly.

As soon as you touch it, your party members are sent flying by a huge tremour,
and the boss appears. He's got huge scything arm attacks that can put the hurt
on you, but shouldn't be too bad for you.

Once he goes down, pick up the Bamboo and return to the shortcut. Rest up at
Saimon if you're looking worse for wear, then return to Aizen. Upon giving the
bamboo to Jiji, he promptly has it cooked up by his chef. There's a funny scene
where he thinks the taste is so orgasm worthy, he starts to hallucinate and your
party and his servants all turn into bamboo (LOL).

Anyway, in gratitude, you learn Aizo, the language. Also, go back to the mission
office and report its completion to also cash in on a sweet 1K. Now head to the

DC: Speaking with the Emperor

As you approach the throne room, you'll see Rikken, one the Emperor's advisors,
leaving. He's important if you do a certain sub-event later. He'll chat to you
briefly then leave for Hiyoron Holy Water Cave.

Continue into the throne room to have an audience with the Emperor. Much like
the problems at Kazan, this area is plagued with Dragon attacks that are causing
chaos. Specifically, here, a shadow dragon called DeadBlack has inhabited one of
the Aizo holy places, the Hiyoron Holy Water Cave, polluting the stream of
crystal clear holy water that is sacred and turning it black.

Since you have proven yourself already in slaying the Emperor Dragon of Kazan
(among other things), the Emperor asks you deal with DeadBlack. Say Yes twice
when given the options.

If you've learnt Aizo, make sure you check the bookshelves in the palace before
you go, as one of them (the one at the north end of the palace, top left)
contains an ancient book of Samurai stance teachings. This gives you Roku-Shaku
Kubi-Otoshi (six-shaku neck severing), the EX skill for the Iai Samurai. (it is
just called Roku-Shaku in my character descriptions for Samurai above, as I
didn't have the room for the full title). If you care, this skill is the classic
pop-culture samurai skill.

As a skill, its only ok, though, as it requires an EX. It then hits all on
screen foes with a high chance of instant death and a 150% damage hit. Since
using EX is a bit of a waste for random encounters, and Instant Death never
works on Bosses or Dragons, this is really just a skill for when you want to
show off.

Now you can leave if you want. However, DeadBlack is a pretty nasty boss. If you
think you should have all the help you can get against him, proceed to DD, to do
a quest to get yourself an Orb.

If you think you're hardcore, then ignore getting help and just head straight to
Hiyoron Holy Water Cave (south-south-east of Aizen) and proceed straight to DE.

DD: Get yourself an Orb [OPTIONAL]

Actually, there are two options for grabbing an Orb.

If you're feeling lazy and want a moderate difficulty fight against DeadBlack,
you can just use a Giant Glass Jade  (大きなグラス玉). The woman in the furthest
southwest observation platform in Noble Aizen is selling such an item for 1,000
G. This is not as effective as using the True Orb (真球) for the following
fight, but its really easy to get.

Alternatively, if you want the most help possible, you'll need to do a
sidequest, The Empress of Grief (嘆きの皇妃).

To start this, return to the throne room in Aizen Palace, and go to the left
hand side. There is a hidden passageway here. Keep trying to go left on all of
the walls until you find it. Once you do, follow it west to a room, then go
south through another hidden passage to find the Emperor's harem (!). There are
three empresses in here. Talk to them all. One of them (the top-most one) will
activate a new quest.

Go back to the mission office, and accept this quest (嘆きの皇妃). Now return
speak again with the Empress. I believe she wants to cheer the emperor up (?) by
giving him a reminder of his home (which I believe is Saimon). Go to the house
of the gourmet Jiji (where you got the Bamboo Delicacies quest from if you did
section DB. If not, its the top right house in Noble Aizen). Speak with the Chef
here. He talks about a unique dish of Saimon.

Talk with the old lady (肝っ玉かあちゃん) in Saimon village (standing outside
northern house). She wants you to bring her:
4x Gutsy Bird's Foot (鳥の肢) (Dropped by Dodos in world map near Miross),
6x Frog Skin (カエルの皮) (Dropped by Jumping Frogs in world map near Miross),
and 3x Mushroom Tips (キノコの石突き) (Dropped by Mushrooms in Barolian Large

You may have to grind a bit to get the desired items. Don't sell them...

Anyway, once you have ALL 13 required drops in your inventory, take them back to
the old woman in Saimon.

Lord knows what terrifying dish she creates from this stuff, but you lose all
those items and instead gain a single "Mommy's Home Cooking"
Take this scary cuisine to the Emperor, Sougen.

Now talk to the Empress again. Something is still bugging her, or something, and
it has to do with a woman who lost her child (子を失った母親). She now wants you
to bring this woman to the palace. She's in the Easternmost house in the Aizen
Slums. Go there and talk to this woman, and she'll automatically be brought to
the palace.

The situation is resolved with this. Speak one last time with the Empress, and
then finally collect your reward from the Mission Office, which is the True Orb

Now, with you orb in hand, you can go to Hiyoron Holy Water Cave, which is
south-south-east of Aizen.

DE: Hiyoron Holy Water Cave

If you entered here before accepting the quest from the Emperor, you'll be
denied entry, presumably because its a holy cavern or something. The guy you saw
before, Rikken, intervenes, however.

This place has something new: chains of dragons. Specifically, an Enschentus
which is often followed with several Fairy Drakes. They literally move around in
a caterpillar/train like formation at a fairly high speed. It is important, as
usual, to monitor their movements and then charge them from the back. If you
can, you can pick off Fairy Drakes one by one and then leave the Enschentus for
last. Assuming, of course, that you can kill the Fairy Drake in 3-4 turns or
less. If you can't the fight will soon be filled with all of its partner dragons
(well, actually, in this case they look a bit like fish dragons).

Being water based, you'd be right to assume both Enschentus and Fairy Drakes are
weak to thunder. Feel free to let rip with your Mage or Zamba Samurai.

Also, this is another dungeon that lacks a map. It's in the only chest available
on the ground floor. Once you've cleared all of the dragons on the ground floor,
find the stairs in the top left corner and descend to the basement level.

DF: Dead Black Supression

There are more dragon chains waiting for you, as you might imagine. Also of
importance on this level is the stairs to the top right which return up a level
to a hidden area with a Shoko Sword. This gives a Whopping +10 Defence and hence
is bloody amazing for a Knight (esp. a Parry or Guardian one). There is a usual
refreshing spring guarded by several dragons in the south.

Once you've cleared all of the dragons, you can find a shortcut in the bottom
right hand corner of the basement that leads to a similar position upstairs.

If you have an Orb to use, go and take the shortcut now, and return to the
entrance. You may have already noticed a rather large pillar near the stream of
water near the entrance. As you might imagine, you can interact with this to
place an orb on it. Once you've put one there, it shoots a beam of light

Return now to the spring, healing up, before heading north at the junction to
where the beam of light is (or isn't, if no orb used). Dead Black will be angry
and attacks.

If you were wondering, using an Orb locks away Dead Black's true form for a
short while. The glass jade prevents his form for 5 turns, the True Orb prevents
it for 9 turns. Once he transforms into the true form, all of his statistics
shoot up and he becomes far nastier. You CAN defeat him without an orb, but
you'll have a very rough time of it.

To be honest, he's on a totally different league to the other dragons and bosses
if in his true form.

His favourite attack is stabbing one party member for about 70 damage and making
them fall asleep in the process, but he can also drop ice on the entire party.
Finally, if you manage to kill him before he pulls out his true form, he'll
regenerate about 10% of his health and assume the true form. (so you can kill
him again next turn, LOL)

Interestingly, however, he is weak to all magical elements except Mana, so your
mages will love this fight.

As for myself, I used the Artillery Bastion team, provoked him as usual and set
to bombardment. Since Parry doesn't block status, the knight would often prevent
all damage, set off a veil counterattack and then fall over snoring. Comical, I
suppose. Nevertheless, I defeated him in 10 turns.

After taking out the wicked shadow dragon and his minions, all the furowaro
clear away as usual, and the water in the cave finally runs clean and clear and
beautiful. Whee!

DS: Sidequests you can do in this bit

Upon reaching Aizen, you can speak to everyone to find more sidequests.

NAME (Japanese Name)				Where?		Who?
Listen t'ma Story!* (俺の話をきいてくれ)			Aizen Slums	Long Winded
Guy (長話のおじさん)
3 Great Delicacies Pt. One (世界三大珍味を追え1)	Noble Aizen	Jijii
in North East House
Collect Slime Jelly! (スライムゼリーを集めて!)		Aizen Slums	Hungry Man (ハ
ラヘリ男) in street
Empress of Grief** (嘆きの皇妃)			Aizen Palace	Third Empress in
hidden harem chamber

* = Its highly recommended that you do this quest: you can sell stuff for more
money afterwards!
** = You REALLY should do this quest if you want help with the local boss
dragon, Dead Black.

DT: Listen t'ma Story! (俺の話をきいてくれ)

In quite possibly the most unbalanced effort vs. reward ratio ever, to complete
this quest you simply need to talk to the client and let him chew your ear off
for a little while.

Presumably, he was once a famous merchant, or something, as following this, you
learn the 'Selling Negotiation' skill. This is tremendously valuable in the long
run, as EVERY item you sell from now on gives you a nice additional 10% profit.
Also, you can (FINALLY) sell items in bulk by pressing Y on the shop selling

DU: Delicacies Pt. One (世界三大珍味を追え1)

This quest is detailed in section DB, as its recommended (though not

DV: Collect Slime! (スライムゼリーを集めて!)

The hungry man standing around in the middle of the slums wants to eat slime
jelly for some reason.

Yep, its another fed-ex quest. Go fetch. It should be noted that he wants normal
slime jelly (from the ones near Miross), NOT ice slime jelly (from the ones in
the Bamboo Forest), so I imagine you'll have to grind crappy enemies for awhile.

DW: Empress of Grief (嘆きの皇妃)

This quest is detailed in section DD, as its recommended if you need help with

3e. We have the Technology! [ILLBESAILING]

EA: Time to unite the World!

You might have noticed that there is nothing else apparent for you to do on this
continent. You've gone as far south as you can, and now sea is your only wall.

Therefore, you can assume that its time to leave the continent, yeah?

And you'd be right.

However, defeating Dead Black also opens up a chunk more quests to do, and also
Sub-Events. Since you'll be stuck overseas for a little while due to an event,
you may wish to look into doing some of these now.

To give you a briefing, Sub-Events are not proper quests. They are backwards and
forwards talking and trading sequences that will last a good chunk of the rest
of the game, and probably won't make a huge amount of sense to you. However, the
result at the end will be several legendary pieces of equipment. Not at all
neccessary, but required if you're a completionist or just want to cause serious

If you want to start activating some sub-events now, read sections EB-ED. If
you'd like to engage in a few more normal side quests, skip to ES. If not, skip
straight to EE.

EB: Rivals and the Sword of Kings!

You'll probably activate this one without realising. After defeating DeadBlack,
the next time you enter the Guild Office in Kazan, you'll see that Elan is
facing the wall for some reason.

To be Completed

EC: The Naive Queen of Miross

To be Completed

ED: In the jungle! The mighty jungle!

...the lion sleeps tonight...Ahem.

To be Completed

EE: Lets fly!

To be Completed

EF: The Escher-esq Town: Pleroma

Fortunately for you, the airship crash leaves you completely unharmed and rather
close to your destination. Must have had damn good safety features! Anyway,
you're on the new continent, so mosey slightly to the north west to that strange
looking sculpture thing on the world map. This is actually the town you're
looking for, Pleroma.

You can marvel at its strange obsidian architecture and design that looks like
it fell out of the works of M.C. Escher. Make sure you walk behind it for the
lulz and appreciation.

Once you've finished playing around and marvelling at the pretty graphics,
you'll notice Pleroma is mainly about that central alien like structure. There
is an inn out the front to the right; and there is also a storehouse to left.
Make sure you check out the storehouse and loot all the crates and jars in it;
there's some good stuff in there, though it is very confusing (and maze-like) to
navigate due to your perspective. Keep in mind YOU CAN reach everything in the
room. In fact, at the very back is a door to an empty dungeon. Creepy. Wonder if
you'll visit there later?

Anyway, if you've done that, go into the central tower. It has very futuristic
interior decorating, with a reception desk that also acts as a mission office,
and two shop counters to either side. Don't buy anything yet, as usual, until
you've gone and done your Furowaro stomping to get the economy in order. You can
do that later, but can drool at the new equipment in the meantime (especially at
all the amazing stuff for Mages).

Oh yeah, and it should be noted that there is an extra guy hanging around at the
Item Shop desk. He sells a package of three 'gathering' skills for 3,000 gold.

EG: Run, Fero, Run!

To be Completed

3f. See the world, he said! [JOINTHEARMYHESAID]

FA: Sailing to warmer waters

Now you have boat, you can leave the isle that Pleroma is on, finally, and start
to explore. Your first stop is just slightly to the northwest. The desert area
begins around here, and there is also the town of Zesa.

To be Completed

FB: Visiting the Feminists [OPTIONAL]

This is a little risky, but can be done at this stage.

If you buy the 'Southern Sea Navigation' skill from the pirate in Zesa, you can
go and visit the tropical islands to the south west. Amongst that archipelago is
the tropical island community of Malliare. Most of the monsters in the tropical
southern sea are very nasty and can put serious hurt into a poorly designed

However, its probably worth the risk (and dent in your wallet), because Malliare
sells amazing equipment and more importantly, also sells the Skill Reset item,
the Black Pearls of Oblivion. If you've regretted some choices made with a
character and want to change them, now is the time where you can finally do so.

THERE's A CATCH, However.

As you might have guessed from the title, Malliare is a town made up of entirely
women. They WILL NOT permit you to enter the town at all if you visit with a guy
in the party. Eventually, if you accept the Queen of Malliare's request to
defeat their dragon problem, you can ~then~ actually bring men with her special
permission, but until then only girls are allowed.

Fortunately for me, I had just assembled my Tsundere team at this point, so used
them to cross the dangerous seas and enter the city of women, as I wanted a
couple of skill reset items. You can also do a couple of quests whilst here and
possibly obtain a very powerful (for this point of the game) whip for you

FC: Other places to sea [OPTIONAL]

FD: Yoba Slippery Sands

3g. Don't Rushe! [TAKEYOURTIME!]

To be Completed

4. Strategy and Arrangement [PLANITWITHSTYLE]

Not interested in making a party design by yourself? That's what this section is

My Parties

Because I'm nuts and love party design, I actually played through the game with
the maximum guild size of 16 (continually keeping them without 3-4 levels of
each other too!). Therefore, since I have most experience with these parties,
I'll list them first with their positives and negatives.

Iron Vanguard

Consists of:
Knight, Samurai, Rogue, Princess [ALL FRONT]

This was my first party and also my primary exploration party. I completed the
Prologue section with these guys before creating the next one. The idea of this
one was to make something where everyone could stand on the front row and
deliver decent melee damage.

Survivability: High
Economy: High
Against Bosses: Decent
Damage Output: Mediocre
Difficulty to Raise: None

Knight: Defensive Type / Yes Princess Type
Samurai: Unarmed/ Iai Type mix
Rogue: Dagger Skills Type
Princess: Evil Voice and Lovely Voice Type mix

+ Great at the start. I didn't even need the inn once whilst training up to
level 5.
+ Fabulous Melee damage output: Breezes through random encounters without MN
+ High Endurance. Great against roaming dragons and for dungeon exploration.
+ No problem with Furowaro.
+ Amazing Defensive Prowess. Song of Wind & Trees + Defensive Shift + Solid
+ Knight can Front Shield everyone at once.
+ Samurai and Rogue work well together with Casual Behaviour.
- No Magical damage. Can prove a problem vs. bosses.
- The strategy is to endure and persist with attrition damage. Sometimes, this
is not enough.
- Has alot of status effects that don't always connect.
- Perhaps a little unsure of itself: needs a more unified theme?

This party is truly excellent at dealing with mobs, and is very survivable. The
Knight dropped some combat prowess to pick up Walk Safe too, so these are my
flower stomping specialists.

Against bosses, they have a great defence, due to the joint Solid Rhyme and
Defensive Shift. Unfortunately they lack somewhat in actually dealing out enough
damage, as the Samurai and Rogue have to provide all of it in boss fights (the
Knight does not become a decent attacker for awhile). This wasn't a problem
against early bosses, but they had a notably harsh encounter with the Gouga
Bamboo Forest boss, where they only got through half of its LF before having to
retreat (despite being level 22 at the time).

In fact, the fifth party (Adamantium Vanguard) is adaptation of this one,
changing certain aspects based upon what I learnt. I then proceeded to move the
other members into creating Axe from the Shadows and Crazy Tsunderes.

Artillery Bastion

Consists of:
Knight				[FRONT]
Healer, Mage, Mage		[BACK]

This was my second party, created shortly after the prologue when I noticed that
their damage output could be slow vs. bosses and dragons. They have a
considerable theme and focus where the other team had many looser bonds rather
than a single solid one. As you might imagine, the Knight is there to grab all
attention whilst the Mages blow stuff away. At the same time, the Knight is
veiled and continually punishes those that attack. The Healer rushes to get
Craft Mana due to this team sucking it dry fast.

Survivability: Medium-High
Economy: Awful
Against Bosses: Damn Amazing
Damage Output: Extreme
Difficulty to Raise: Medium

Knight: Provoke & Parry Type
Healer: Orthodox Type
Mage: Pure Mana Type
Mage: Tri-Elemental Type

+ Parry & Provoke & Veil & Barrage = Bosses Cry
+ Still great at terminating mobs with extreme magical prejudice.
+ Ridiculous damage output.
+ Versatile due to Tri-Elemental/Mana mage combo.
+ Survivability okay due to cheap anti-mob spells and craft mana.
+ Can sometimes end fights better off than they started. Used carefully, never
needs inn rests.
+ The most survivable member attracts most of the hits. Doesn't get affected as
much by status effects.
- If the Knight dies, everyone else follows.
- Eats MN like candy. Endurance is low until Craft Mana obtained and maxxed.
- Takes at least 16 levels before it clicks into place. Longer if the healer
pauses to become a better healer.
- Does not do melee. Basic attacks make monsters laugh most of the time.
- If provoke is not enough to prevent hit-all attacks, they can cause a huge

This party took awhile to actually come together. They become actually viable
about level 17-18 when the Healer picks up Craft Mana (which was rushed towards;
with only Cure I picked up in the meantime). Ironically this meant that the
healer was fairly crappy at actually healing (and a bit of a dead weight) until
about level 21.

Of course, its worth it. This party makes bosses CRY. The Knight's high level
provoke often makes even skill happy dragons get sufficiently annoyed enough to
forsake them in favour of melee hits.

Which, of course, is a deadly mistake, as there's an 85% chance that that this
attack gets parried and the enemy then gets a veil activating in its face.
Followed by a deadly barrage of magic. Each turn. Where my first party had
trouble with the Gouga Bamboo Forest Boss, these guys (at 2 levels lower!) took
him down with barely a sliver of damage in about 12 turns.

Of course they do have an obvious issue: If the Knight dies, so do the rest of
them (as one dragon kindly pointed out to me). In the mid-late game, the Healer
will likely finally be able to pick up Resurrection, but even so, the single
turn left without defence might still be one too many. So: Don't let the Knight

Exiled Princess Guard

Consists of:
Fighter, Fighter		[FRONT]
Princess, Princess		[BACK]

My third party; created mainly because I didn't have any Fighters at all in the
guild. Its members eventually switched around a bit. The idea was to be that the
sword fighter dealt with mobs, the axe fighter supported the rest of the team,
the one princess caused chaos with whipping skills, and the final one maxxed out
holy voice skills.

Survivability: Medium
Economy: Decent
Against Bosses: Good
Damage Output: Decent
Difficulty to Raise: Low

Fighter: Sword Type
Fighter: Axe Type
Princess: Whipping Type
Princess: Lovely Voice Type

The Random Select Team

Consists of:
Knight, Samurai			[FRONT]
Healer, Rogue			[BACK]

My fourth party, and the one whose members finally pushed me up to the maximum
limit. I was pretty much bored, and literally chose these members by rolling an
eight sided dice (!) with the choices being Mixed Fighter, Shield Knight,
Assasin Bow Rogue, Masked Pain Rogue, Bludgeon Healer, Poison Healer, Zamba
Samurai and Punishment Princess. Basically, all of the types I didn't have. As
you might imagine, I rolled 2/5/3/7, creating this set. Of course, with this
randomness, there was basically no synergy, lol. So I simply grinded them up to
an appropriate level and then distributed them among the other teams, so I won't
really discuss them.

Survivability: High
Economy: Decent
Against Bosses: Good
Damage Output: Decent
Difficulty to Raise: Low

Knight: Shield [Front] Type
Samurai: Zamba Type
Healer: Bludgeon/Orthodoxy Type
Rogue: Assassin [Bow] Type

Adamantium Vanguard

Consists of:
Knight, Knight, Fighter, Princess [ALL FRONT]

Taking the Iron Vanguard, I strengthened its defensive qualities a bit by moving
the Samurai and Rogue out (they went on to captain other teams, being senior
members) and putting in the Sword Fighter from the Exiled Princess team and the
Knight from the Random Select. This allows Weakening Slash + Defensive Shift +
Solid Rhyme + Front Shield for absolutely balmy damage reduction. Mobs are dealt
with using Rush Edge if just tapping A is not sufficient. Also, Princess was
given a skill reset and learnt Aria of the Moonlight and Princess Order. Ideally
both Knights then use Save the Queen for big damage simultaneously, but Knight B
can continue to Front Shield if required (which is of course highly effective
due to everyone standing on the front!).

Survivability: Ludicrously High
Economy: High
Against Bosses: Good
Damage Output: Medium-High
Difficulty to Raise: Medium

Knight: Defensive/Yes Princess! Type
Knight: Shield [Front] Type
Fighter: Sword Type
Princess: Evil/Lovely Voice Type

+ Crazy insane damage reduction. No really: they take about 70-80% less damage
than other parties!
+ Due to the above, ususally laughs at hit-all attacks, which are the bane of
many parties.
+ Everyone has a decent basic attack: mobs are not much trouble. If they are,
they meet Rush Edge anyway.
+ Save the Queen + Bleeding/Fang Blade for decent boss damage output.
+ They fight wars of attrition with bosses; and win.
+ Often ends fights better off than they started. Used carefully, never needs
inn rests.
+ No single member is the focus, so you aren't crippled heavily by nasty status.
- This is only for patient players: boss fights can drag on...but you will win.
- Requires items to deal with Status effects. Especially hates Curse.

Axe From the Shadows

Consists of:
Samurai, Fighter 		[FRONT]
Rogue, Princess			[BACK]

Naturally, I had an Assassin Bow Rogue from Random Select and my Axe Fighter
from Princess guard ready to go into their obvious combo here. For a short time,
I had the Whipping Princess instead of the Samurai, but found that the Fighter
had trouble holding the front by herself, so the Samurai from my old Iron
Vanguard was slotted in to support her as a new team leader, moving that
Princess into the Crazy Tsunderes, and the Lovely Voice Princess joining them to
make the support aspect. As might be imagined by the team name, a good majority
of the damage comes from the Rogue in Hiding triggering the Axe Fighters Arrow
Follow. Since the former ususally crits, it adds decent damage to the follow
from the latter. Since the Princess also knows Aria of the Moonlight, the pair
can continually use this for pretty silly damage.

When the Rogue finally picks up Trick React, I have to wonder whether this could
trigger multiple arrow follows? If so, that would be pretty insane...

Survivability: Good
Economy: Good
Against Bosses: Very Good
Damage Output: High
Difficulty to Raise: Medium

Samurai: Unarmed/Iai Type
Fighter: Arrow Follow [Axe] Type
Rogue: Assassin [Bow] Type
Princess: Lovely Voice Type

Crazy Tsunderes

Consists of:
Rogue, Samurai			[FRONT]
Princess, Healer		[BACK]

So called because this is a team of entirely girls [The Blue haired Rogue, the
Black haired Samurai, the Black/Purple Princess and the Redhead Healer] whom
look like they're entirely too tsundere for their own good.

Anyway, the Rogue from the Iron Vanguard moved here to command the remaining
leftovers. Nevertheless, she still benefits from her casual behavior due to the
Zamba Samurai whos here. The Whipping Princess also causes chaos from the back
line whilst the Healer keeps everyone standing. The three together make a pretty
damaging set with Scorpion Stab + Tate-Ichimonji + Training Whipping/Orders.
There's a slight sensation of this is a bit of glass cannon party because, hey,
it really is. Nevertheless, it still works pretty well. (oh, and the Healer has
given up her aspirations of bludgeoning, at least in the short term~ she's
ironically a better healer than the other one now, but then that's because the
other has maxxed Craft Mana.)

Survivability: Okay
Economy: Decent
Against Bosses: Very Good
Damage Output: Very High
Difficulty to Raise: Medium

Rogue: Dagger Skills Type
Samurai: Zamba Type
Princess: Whipping Type
Healer: Orthodoxy Type

5. Individual Skill Analysis

Thanks to the Japanese site at http://kumicyou.sakura.ne.jp/7thdr/ for the
detailed information on skills, without which this section would not be

To be completed


Katana Mastery
10% ATK boost at 1st Level, then 2% extra per level, until 10th level when 4%
boost (total 30%)
Zamba Switch
10% ATK boost at 1st Level, then 5% extra per level, ending with 30% at level 5.
Tate Ichimonji
130% at 1st, 4% boost at levels 2-4, 8% boost at 5th level, 5% boost at levels
6-9, 10% boost at level 10.
Rai Rai
120% at 1st, 2% boost at level 2-3, 3% at 4th, 6% at 5th level, and 3% at level
6-9, 5% at level 10.