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Did they fix lilties?

In the original ffcc lilties were my favorite race, but in RoF they butchered them, have they finally reverted to warrior status?

NorseFenrir provided additional details:

so, more like RoF, having to wait until 50s and up to be melee appropraite class?

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Tahngarthor answered:

Lilties are once again the hardest hitters and weakest casters. Clavats are more balanced;
Selkies are similar to lilties but they specilaize in different weapons.

Unlike ring of fates, every race can use most of the weapons- but each race learns charge attacks only for a specific weapon, so usually you'll want to stick to that unless you don't use the charge attacks or you got a really powerful weapon of a different type.
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MitchAssassin answered:

...Not sure what you mean, but lilties in EoT are sort of a cross between the orginal CC ones, and RoF versions. They only start out with a 1-hit combo, but specialise in spears and hammers.
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MaChaoShu answered:

Their more fixed now, no forever stun anymore
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