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Where's Dark Bowser?

I beat the Dark Star in Bowser, and both it and Fawful ran, breaking down the castle door. I followed, but I lost them, and now I have no idea where to go. Are they still in the palace area?

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Kraleck answered:

Use this as a checklist based on the info you gave us:
--Go to the Meeting Room. From the broken castle door, Spike Ball roll through the 5 statues blocking the central courtyard door (straight up) then move up through the central courtyard, use the right door (the Throne Room is straight up)).
--Boss Fight
--Exit the room and watch a scene.
--Use the new door and go up one screen.
--Mash the X Button and move the Mario Bros. to the Chest Station for a minigame.
--From here, head down both side rooms afterwards for items and a Chakroad or up to the Final Boss.
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The_Titan99 answered:

I believe, if Fawful and Dark Bowser have met in the story, you have to head North within the final dungeon.
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SuperiorAlex answered:

They are still in the castle. Continue to chase him until you reach the top of Peach's Castle.
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