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Is there any logic to the amounts that the stats go up by?

...Because honestly, the amount that the stats go up by seems arbitrary.

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hanks, I meant specifically though - sometimes a stat will be 2, sometimes 5 on the same character. I was trying to calculate the attributes that a character would have at level 99 if they never had any bonus attributes added.

Additional details - 4 years ago

So the lower the other side is, the higher one's stats go? Does anyone know if this is the same case for PiT?

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It appears to be based on their archetypes. Mario seems to be fast and a great attacker with high SP and low defense, Luigi is slow and a decent defender with a well-groomed 'stache, and Bowser is a frickin' tank - High HP, Defense, Attack, and Horn while being slow and low on ammo (SP).

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Ah. In that case I think that might depend on what stat you boosted last level and by how much. It is incredibly hard to tell that properly, though.

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People on GameSpot seem to have deduced that level ups bonuses are based on who's ahead.
Bowser leveling up to 23 when the Bros are 27 will net a happy 2/1/1/1/1/1.
Bowser leveling up to 23 when the Bros are 17 will net a better 10/2/6/4/2/3.

That's also what usually happens to me.

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