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How do I beat (Midbus)?

I am at the part where I'm in the steel cage match but i can't get through

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speedymcspeedy answered:

Midbus Attacks:
Stomach bounce: when he flys up watch if he goes all the way left(above bowser) use shell def, if he doesn't time, a punch just as he reaches bowsers head height to counter.

Inflation: He gets big simply punch him repeatedly(don't stop punching until he flinches)

wreaking ball spin: he'll spin just in front of bowser before making contact use shell defense when the ball just misses bowsers face to avoided, when he pulls back watch wether the ball is pointing upwards or straight at bowser(straight use punch def, Up use shell def) he spins 3-4 times before throwing it.

Us your punch for your main attacks(you can use your specials, I didn't though).
When food is thrown on stage(happens after Midbus lands a hit on you), use fire(or group special) if your health is near full(if you only took a couple hits) this lets you get rid of the food so Midbus can't use it and lets you inflict damage on Midbus as well(were as the punch only lets you attack one of them).

You'll win easily, he isn't that hard of a boss when you figure out his attack counter points.
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yodog35 answered:

When fighting him use the punch move at all attacks and eat food when nessisary. Dodge his attacks which are repetitive and easy to figure out. Do this continuasly until he is dead.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

Whenever possible, use your best special (not the most powerful, the one you're best at). If you cannot, do as yodog35 says - punch! When food is on the field, Vacuum it for health and boosts, or flame it so Midbus cannot use it himself.
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LordBillyBlue answered:

This one took me several times to figure it out, and my findings were on par with most answers.
Recommended specials:
Bomb-omb Blitz
Shyguy Squad

When food appears on the stage, use fire breath to take them out.
When Midbus braces up and walks next to Bowser, punch him fast (8-9 hits) to prevent him from punching you.
All other attacks should be quite easy to spot.
Use items when necessary.

Note: I was using a lvl 18 Bowser and won.
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mewmewinchgo answered:

I used a cheat to give me 999 power.
But my bowser was around lvl 20 and i used my vacume to eat the food midbus gets and i punch it when i can. also i use the gomba squad to hit misbud cause im good at it but if your not good at it do what your good at.
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ike730 answered:

speedymcspeedy's explanation is good, but there's one more thing.
When the food appears on the stage, you want to vacuum it in.
It'll heal you and give you a stat booster.
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Arkmenhah answered:

By the time you get to fight him, you should be able to deal about 70 damage with a Great! punch attack. When he starts spinning an iron ball, dodge with the shell. Then, he will throw it. If he throws upwards, defend with the shell. If he throws directly at you, punch it. If he stuffs himself, punch him until he stops the attack. If he roll at you by ground, punch him. If he drops on you while rolling, block with the shell. Now, sometimes, the crowd will throw food at Midbus. When they throw Meat, inhale it to recover 50 hp and get an attack bonus. A cake heals 20 hp, and a donut heals 10.
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FireCharizard answered:

To beat Midbus, I recommand you to use shy guy squad and punching him. Either level up to 20 or increase power to 60.
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